Happy Mothers Day

happy mothers day by yashwantnaik.com

 -:Happy Mothers Day Guys:-

Mother or Mom…but I use AMMA….whatever we use to call – the word still have same sweetness and respect and love in each language. Amma is foundation of family, kid and yes society. Amma is  so pure that their is no term called BAD MOTHER…..It is bank which withdraw the Love 24/7 and keep open 365 days.

Amma played special roll in my life. She is my ideal and inspiration. Amma thought me how to make life easy. Amma was so strong that she face all up and down – but never bend down accept the defeat. She keep fighting with all odds. And here I got occasion to celebrate Mothers Day – or Amma’s Day to say – Mom I love you yaar……!!!!

It is not matter how educated Amma, but she always smart. She don’t know how to fight but she know how to protect. She is not teacher but she never miss-guide. She is not doctor but she cure almost all. And I never see god…but I know Amma is God.

Amma please be with me for all Strength and Happiness…as you care for me I  will also care for you forever.

Happy Mother’s Day…

Guys Please feel free to share your thoughts here about Amma…

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