Happy Gudi Padwa and Happy Ugadi

Many faces many celebration. No time to fight and gossip….all are busy as each day is festival of someone…

Yashwant Naik is wishing you a very happy and prosperous Gudi Padwa and Ugadi. Lets celebrate together ….


9 thoughts on “Happy Gudi Padwa and Happy Ugadi

    1. Hi Meghana,

      Thanks for comment. Sorry for late in reply was away.

      their is several tips to make flowerhorn active. The best and easiest way to make flowerhorn active is keep mirror in front of him so he can sees himself and try to attack that image.

      Other than that feed him high protein foods and keep tank cleaned and hygine for flowerhorn.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  1. Dear Mr, Nail
    Good day to you.I love FH.I am from Mumbai. Thanks for your tips about flower horns.can I contact you on phone .and can I come to your shop.

    1. Hi Tommy,

      Thanks for appreciating me. My blog is mission to help all Aquarium owner.

      Let me know why you wish to meet me? Mostly I am always in field away from my home.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

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