Clean Green Mumbai Project #cleangreenmumbai


Mumbai – A  city of dream, no one know when he came here for livelihood, but he remained as #MUMBAIKAR. Mumbai, Bombay or Bumbai what ever we says it remains same for everyone. It is said, “Mumbai never let you hungry as no one sleep empty stomach here.”  Those who plan to return to their hometown are returned to Mumbai always, as Mumbai  Magic recall them. Every year more than one lakh people come to Mumbai for their Livelihood. A city which grows like anything.

As I said Mumbai give everything to Mumbaikar, than its our turn, let’s give something to return back.

Every day I saw many Mumbaikar throw their trashes on road, spitting on road and pissing on roadside or railway track. This is something very annoying to me and my love Mumbai.

SO join the #cleangreenmumbai project – A campaign.

What You have to DO actually ??

When ever you find person who is littering or throwing bin just give this card to them and smile. A card will pass message to them and ask them to do so….

Card Design - cleangreenmumbaiI am not sure how successful go this campaign but sure I can make some impact on them.

You can order this from for free. Just fill the form with detail I will mail your card to your home or office. But in return I need a good deed photo or story to share here. So Mumbaikar please help us to make this campaign big…


So quickly fill bellow form and grab the opportunity to give back to Mumbai – I dream to Clean and Green Mumbai…..



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