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Yashwant in Traditional wear !!!Hi Folks,

I am Yashwant Naik, a SEO as professional. It was my dream to create online space dedicate to my personal stuffs, where I can share my life, my hobbies and my talents. It is true that many online portfolio managers are available even a social networking site like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus or Yahoo, and much more. But here my Identity is merged with these service provider which is not accepting for me as a MYSELF –  a identity and uniqueness is merged and missing……..

So, what to do???? It is not million dollar  to think much and the idea of YASHWANTNAIK.com born in brain  and just one year ago the seed is planted and its growing now like anything….

Here at Yashwantnaik.com I am sharing my my thoughts, ideas, travel experience  and Snaps, which is public and easy to share. And at sametime I am creating my name or you can say “A creation of my BRAND – YASHWANT…. ” so the birth of yashwantnaik.com is fullfilled.

The visitor will find the my personal stuff here including some of the pull content from internet, which is shared here because I like it or it impress me or a good thought to share. Please feel free to share this but don’t miss use it, as this all connected to many personal life. And I don’t want to disturb those life because of me.

The snaps you see here are mostly take form MOBILE – MOTO RAZR V3I phone or Canon DSLR 500 or Sony Cybershot. The picture is so fine that never look like it is mobile camera image ot shaky or flutter or noisy image. Yes buddy photography is one of the hobby to me.

Even I like to talk, make friends, playing with kids, having fun in kitchen, I love paint, embroidery, sometime shayari, making faces, fishing, and anything which I love to do.

Guys you can also contribute to me and share your thoughts and even do Guest Post here. You need to follow some very basic rules to get live your post. Just click here for guest post on Hobby, Travel or Personal Life. I appreciate your interest for Guest Post.

Bingo Lets  explore >> explore >> and explore the website… and feel free to drop suggestion in comment box…!!

Happy Browsing …

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