How Change Flowerhorn Water? – A Flower Horn Fish Care

Since many days I am getting complaint about sudden change in behaviour of Flowerhorn from its owner. Initially I thought its happening due to sudden change in environment of tank or weather. But when I cross examine the owner than I found one common reason for all Flower horn fish diseases.

The frequent questions are arises, they are –

  1. My Flower horn fish is not active
  2. My Flower horn fish not eating
  3. Flower horn fish hidden behind filter
  4. Flower horn fish sitting beside heater
  5. My Flower horn fish staring up side
  6. My Flowerhorn fish seems stress
  7. Flowerhorn fish scratching body
  8. Flower horn fish doing unusual act
  9. Flowerhorn yawning
  10. Flower horn fish not moving

Etc etc …..

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These questions are popping up in owners mind. To find the solution they always worried for their favourite pet – Flower horn fish.

This post will help them to reduce their worries for the flower horn fish. Through this post I will guide you HOW TO DO FLOWER HORN CARE? and WHY FLOWER HORN FISH FELL ILL?

So, let understand why Flower horn fish change its behaviour all if sudden? What happen to them suddenly they fell ill? Which medicine will cure them?

Yes, in this post we are going to resolve these questions.

After talking to all flower horn fish owner I found one common reason to this. They all did one similar act that they Flowerhorn change in its behaviour.

The reason is –

“They change the water as I suggested them to change 10%-20% water in week.”

Yes this is main reason for Flower horn fish diseases.

Why water change create problem to Flowerhorn?

  1. Water change cause change in temperature
  2. Change in temperature cause eliminating good bacteria and increase in bad bacteria
  3. Flower horn Fish feel stress because of this
  4. Increase in stress level
  5. Leads to eating disorder
  6. Poor Tank environment causing to Fungus, Itching or Hole in Flower horn Head

Water change is one of the crucial processes. It looks very simple process but a small error can cause to all above flower horn issues and flowerhorn complaints. So in this post I am covering how to change Flowerhorn Aquarium water is mention in below steps-

The entire process is divided into two part

  • Precaution

Precaution is need to do maintained the same or improve the aquarium condition so flower horn fish won’t feel any adverse effect. Here we talking about the partial water change like 20% or 30% water change

  • Changing the flowerhorn aquarium water

A complete process for aquarium water change for flower horn fish


  1. Temperature of new water and old water in aquarium should match
  2. Use fresh water for change only, bore well water may be cause more problem in aquarium tank
  3. Chlorine of water must removed by adding de-chlorine solution to it. This depends on size of tank and its % of water change
  4. Balancing the eco-system of tank by adding heater or lights
  5. Cleaning Filter n Glass

Changing Flowerhorn Aquarium Water

  1. check the temperature of Flowerhorn aquarium tank with temperature measuring devices and recorded it
  2. Now take a bucket of water and take estimate water to change from tank in bucket.
  3. Add aquarium heater and turn to same temperature and kept for 20 mins
  4. Add De-chlorine solution to water and mix well
  5. Now remove the water from tank with Siphon slowly
  6. While this process don’t make flowerhorn scared
  7. Also remove all waste he made throughout the time
  8. Once you removed desired water from tank now remove the filter
  9. Clean the pump of filter, sponge of filter and its other parts
  10. If you have Biological filter than clean that too
  11. Now add two spoon aquarium salt to tank
  12. Check the water temperature kept in bucket
  13. If it reach to same temperature in tank than remove heater from bucket and reinstall in tank
  14. Clean the siphon with warm water and now use this to pull water to aquarium tank
  15. After changing water it look very dilute but through filter it will go away.
  16. Now add two drop of OceanFree Gill Fungus and Parasite Special
  17. Turn on the heater

Note –

Please check flowerhorn behavior. He might do some unusual turns or show irritation faces. If he do so than you have to judge that there might be something wrong happen when water change.

But not happen anything than you can feed him after twenty mins. And after one hours you start power filter if any you have.


Flower horn fish Aquarium care and maintenance FAQ

  1. How frequent water can change?

Ans – I suggested 10% water change once a week in day time

  1. Do I need to clean Biological filter or sponge of filter?

Ans – Yes, you have to

  1. First step to do if water change goes wrong!!

Ans – The first step when you realize water change goes wrong is to on heater and remove the power filter.

  1. Any Medicine to prevent the water change disaster

Ans – No.

  1. When can do complete water change?

Ans – Once in six or three month you can clean entire tank or else when flowerhorn fell ill.


I tried to cover all points which help to prevent any water change disaster. In case any problem arise than do comment on below comment box, Immediately I can do reply via comment.

249 thoughts on “How Change Flowerhorn Water? – A Flower Horn Fish Care

  1. Hi Yashwant Naik sir.

    I have 4 inch flowerhorn and my tank size is 19 inches by 9 inch, i have only power filter and heater in tank.

    My problem is we are totally depended on borewell water, can u suggest a solution to keep my fish happy and healthy in the water available in our area.

    Awaiting your valuable reply.

    1. Hello Mohammed Hussain,

      Well some flowerhorn adjust with Borewell. I would recommend to you that :
      1) Before changing water of tank always store water in bucket or drum for 48 hours. You can add 1 table spoon Rock Salt (raw salt) in same bucket.
      2) Avoid frequent change in water
      3) Check for pH level of water before adding to tank
      4) Never change 100% water
      5) Weekly change or clean the filter sponge.

      For any further query you can reply to this.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  2. Hi Sir, My FH right eye is covered with a white layer, he is not that active from last 2 days, i have changed 50% water and added 10 drops of Rid All anti ich in tank as suggested by my vendor, will this help and how much time will he take to recover Kindly suggest

    1. Hello Amey,

      Thanks for asking question here.

      Your fish is suffering from Cloud Eye Diseases.We can cure him. Medicine you need is –

      1) Ocean Free Gill Fungus Parasite special.
      2) Ocean Free Anti Chlorine Special
      3) Epsom Salt
      4) Tetracyline 400mg

      Process –
      1) Remove the flowerhorn from tank and keep in bucket of water of same tank
      2) Clean entire tank with Warm Water
      3) Now clean filter and heater and air stone
      4) Refill tank with fresh water. If you’re using bore well water than you need to use special process to clean metal from water
      5) Now install Heater and Air Stone bubble
      6) Turn heater to 30’C and make it on, left tank for twenty mins
      7) If your tank is less than 3 feet than add 10 drops of Ocean Free Antichlorine Special and 5 drops of Ocean Free Gill Fungus Parasite Special. For more than 3 feet tank increase drops for both medicine by 5 drops as Size increase by 1 feet.
      8) Transfer the fish into Tank again.
      9) Second Day you need to do 20% water change and add 5 drop of Ocean Free Antichlorine Specia and 3 drops of Gill Fungus special.

      In two weeks time you can see improvement.

      The Eposm Salt and Tetracyline is for precaution and will use later.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  3. My last fish died because of bloated stomach and worms in stomach with white poops…. So i don’t want to take any risk with these new one. So before he gets white poop disease or bloated stomach what precaution should i take and even after precaution if he gets then at earlier stage what should i do…. What medicine should i use and how can u use…… Can u explain it briefly

    1. Hello Akshay Gharat,

      I have replied to your comment.

      White Poop can be happen any stage. SO I cant sure you that your fish wont fell sick. Below are few tips from which you can avoid such conditions –
      1) Dont feed him Live fish
      2) Dont feed him flesh or meat
      3) Feed him in limited quantity in three times in day
      4) Put pallet which he can finish in 30 second
      5) Keep water hygiene – Change water in once in week on day time, Dont change water too frequently in Monsoon and Winter
      6) Water change means 20% Water changes
      7) Use Niterate Filter method to keep water flowerhorn friendly.
      8) Keep Air Bubble in medium
      9) Dont use filter all time
      10) Use heater at night and 24 hours when it is cold ourside

      Let me know if do you have any further query,

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  4. Hi ,

    I need your help badly ,

    My flower fish is not eating and when im reaching to his tank.. it is hiding backside of the filter

    I don’t know what to do please help me with this

    1. Hello Pavani,

      I need few details before I suggest any treatment process.

      1) How old is your flowerhonr ? Since when you own this flowerhorn?
      2) What is size of your tank?
      3) Which water are you using for flowerhorn ?
      4) Have you used any medicine?

      I also emailed you my phone number so please reply.
      Thank you,
      Yashwant Naik

  5. Hello yashwant
    I have brought flower horn on sept 19 …. And he is approx 10cm in length and he is very active and healthy, i just want to know can i use deworming as a precaution method or not.. If yes then when should i used it…. And which medication should i used for deworming….

    1. Hello Akshay,

      Deworming Process is not so mandatory. Deworming process includes cleaning of stomach and bad bacteria.

      Their are many process are use for deworming fish.

      Actually it is not important to do so.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

      1. My last fish died because of bloated stomach and worms in stomach with white poops…. So i don’t want to take any risk with these new one. So before he gets white poop disease or bloated stomach what precaution should i take and even after precaution if he gets then at earlier stage what should i do…. What medicine should i use and how can u use…… Can u explain it briefly

        1. Hello Akshay Gharat,

          Bloated Stomach and White Poops are very dangerous diseases.
          The main reason for this is –
          1) Over Feeding
          2) Feeding Flesh, Meat or Live Fish
          3) Bad water condition in tank
          4) Wrong filtration
          5) No maintenance of tank

          Paraclear is only solution to get rid of that disease, but no preventing medicine available in market.

          TO keep fish healthy you need to follow some steps , so let me know if you want to know them

          Thank you,

          Yashwant Naik

    1. Hello Debasis,

      Due to bad water your fish is suffering from POP Eye.

      TO get rid of Pop Eye you need to follow this treatment –

      Medicine Required –

      1) Epsom Salt – Click to buy –
      2) Ocean Free Gill Fungus Parasite Special – click to buy –
      3) Ocean Free Anti Chlorine Special – click to buy –

      Treatment Process –

      1) Clean entire tank with warm water
      2) now add fresh water in to tank
      3) Install Air Bubble and Heater (Turn heater to 28 Degree)
      4) Now add 2 table spoon Epsom salt, Half Cap Gil Fungus Parasite Special and Half Cap Anti Chlorine Special to tank.
      5) After ten mins add fish to tank
      6) Dont use filter while treatment goes
      7) Feed him normally
      8) After three days you need to change 20% water and add Half Spoon Epsom salt and 5 drops of both medicine.
      9) Keep doing repeatedly till he recover.

      Thank you,
      Yashwant Naik

  6. hi Yashwant… can I get your whatsapp number please? I want to talk with you about my flowerhorn who sitting at bottom of the tank for this last week. his belly is a bit bigger although I starving him.. I wait for your reply dude.. Thank you so much 🙂

  7. Hi this is akshay
    Recently i purchased flowerhorn and before adding it to aquarium i completed water cycle and i added dechlorinator white bottle and blue bottle and with that i added ocean free fungus parasite special so i want to know for prevention of unwanted diseases should i add ocean free flowerhorn special diseases away or ocean free fungus and parasites special is enough….. It’s an active flowerhorn so for prevention i want to know….
    Thank you

    1. Hello Akshay.

      If you’re using Ocean Free Product than I recommend you should not use any other medicine, as it may contradict to each other.

      To keep fish healthy you need to follow certain process. The Ocean Free Medicine you wont help to keep protected from Diseases.

      Please follow below process –

      1) Do 20% water change once in week but avoid frequent water change in Monsoon. Increase gap of water change. During this gap you need to clean filter sponge and surface of tank.

      2) Use Ocean Free DeChlorinate Special as Anti Chlorine Solutions (can buy from here – ) instead of local anti chlorine

      3) Each time Use Ocean Free Gill Fungus Parasite Special

      4) Dont use Power filter as source of air, use separate pump with medium speed.

      5) Use Heater during night

      6) Use Filter few hours in day, if possible use Slow filter

      7) Dont use decoration

      8) Feed him on specific time – dont feed all time

      9) If possible avoid direct light on fish

      In case any issue or difficulties you can communicate via just commenting here.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

      1. thank you sir for your guidance…… I didnt use any decoration only 1 hiding decoration i have added and 1 sponge filter and air stone with bio filter with ceramic rings

          1. Hello Shouib,

            Normal Tap water is best for flowerhorn. If you don’t have access for municipal water then you need to use water conditioner for water.

            Thank you,

            Yashwant Naik

      2. Sir after 2 days i saw some white thing is growing on his face slowly slowly it covered his whole mouth first i thought he got cut from somewhere but later after searching i came to know its fungal or bacterial infection….. Please tell me what to do how to make it normal what medicine should i used…. Reply me soon…. Slowly his colour is fading

        1. Hey Akshay,

          Your aquarium water is not good for flowerhorn. You need water conditioner and treatment.

          Thank you,

          Yashwant Naik

  8. Hi , please flowerhorn fish, he is covered totally with fungs suddenly.

    Let mw know the medicine.

    1. Hi Dev,

      Thant’s nice your Flowerhorn recovered from Fungus.

      You can buy Flowerhorn First Aid Kit by Myself.

      Let me know if your interested for same.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

    2. Good evening sir I have 4inchflowerhorn and from 2days he is not eating also and some time i have seen him at once he start miss behavior he hit the tank aslo and i have used the medicine that you tell i have put 5 at once time in the tank there is so sucker fish also i have heard that sucker fish has desieas so please give me a advice what to do

      1. Hello Pawasker,

        Firstly dont keep Flowerhorn with any other fish. Flowerhorn is territory lover fish. Immediately remove flowerhorn from tank.

        Secondly what treatment u following please provide details. Because I remember that I shared White Spot treatment that is on Jan. So before come to conclusion I want to know which treatment ur following.

        Awaiting for reply.

        Thank you,

        Yashwant Naik

        1. Ocean free gill fungus and parasite special as you tell he also not eating pellets so iam giveing he small amount of goat heart he eats slowly but it’s starting jumping up and down and always sitting on the bottom so will you please send me your WhatsApp number i will send you the video of it this compelsary between you and me to juge the problem and please reply soon sir

          1. Hello Pawasker,

            You should not feed him any meat or fish during illness.

            Please provide some details like where do stay which water you using for aquarium.

            What is condition of fish etc.

            I will email you my whatsapp number.

            Thank you,
            Yashwant Naik

          2. Hello good afternoon sir I am staying at mumbra Thane sir and i am using 1 week staying tap water and i have pellets also sir but he is not eating meat also he takes in the mouth and slowly slowly eat sir by sitting at the bottom he eats but he starts jumping up and down i don’t know what problem he has i had two flowerhorn séance 1 year but big ones has died i have given you comments also now second one is doing like this and this my hobby but now I am nervous please send me your WhatsApp number soon

          3. Hello Pawasker,

            One Week Staying water means what? Do it mean you store water for week and than use. If yes you no need to do this.

            Dont feed him meat, that may kill your flowerhorn.

            I will email u my whatsapp number.

            Thank you,

            Yashwant Naik

  9. hello sir
    my fowerhorn scratch on head ball form the bottom of the tank . 5 or 6 day doiny this act what i can do sir? please suggest me and please give me contact no on email sir..

          1. Hello Kim,

            You will learn many thing about flowerhorn here. You only need to follow our blog and latest posts.

            Thank you,

            Yashwant Naik

  10. sir
    which kind of fish food give to fowerhorn and head ball and colour gorwth faster and health please recommeded me one simple doudts when flower horn deworm should be need & how to identy

    1. Hi Ankit,

      You can give any food which has protein higher than 55%.

      Or else u can try my homemade food for flowerhoirn.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

        1. Hello Mani,

          You cannt use Mineral Water. Use Tap Water.
          If it is borewell water use Some Water Conditioner for that.

          Thank you,

          Yashwant Naik

  11. hello sir
    i have flowerhorn fish 4inch
    i have one doudts Can i use borrring water during the proces of changing water because i have no tap water and fresh water
    my tank size arround 3feet long and 18inch high
    i live in varanasi
    during the water change what kind of medicine use
    please suggest me sir

  12. I bought a new flowerhorn .. Wen I saw him in d store he was very active and agresive.. He is 4inches I size.. Wen I put him in d homie tank .. He became dull.. Is it normal for Flowerhorn to be in stress in new tanks for 2-3 days.. What can I do to make him active again.. Plz suggest

    1. Hi Shashi Kiran,

      Yes, for a week he may be shy & adjusting with new tank.

      But his color n head won’t go.

      Check for color n head. See if his belly is boalted or not.

      Also describe tank in detail.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

      1. Tank is pretty large in size 3.5 feet/1.5 feet n height is 1.8 feet.. Tank widot background running on filter and imersable pink light.. And partial gravel in low quantity .. He is cuming close by but getting scared wen v put d finger.. He wants to sit near d filter all d time.. Feeding x0 humpy head pelets.. Eats 2-3 n den he l b back to his place near d filter

        1. Hello Kiran,

          I suggest to add plain background, may because non background can be distributing him.

          Try to add a plain background.


          Yashwant Naik

          1. Rid all anti chlorine suitable for tap water..!! Is it safe to use ??
            Ppl say 26-30° is suitable for flowerhorn.. What is d right temperature for flowerhorn in new tank?

          2. Hi Shashi,

            Yes , 28° is ideal temperature.
            You can use Rid All Anti Chlorine for Flowerhorn.


            Yashwant Naik

  13. Dear yash,

    I have one query need your help here

    My friends flowerhorn is normal but when food is dropped inside the tank it is not looking at it properly and eating it .
    I think it is not able to see the food , it just comes up and waits for the food even after the food is floating near it

    Like before it doesnt plays with the finger movement now

    i feel the flower has become blind .

    How do we find what exactly the issues is ?
    Please advice me here!!!


    1. Or may be the fish is sick .

      Can i send u the video of the fish and if yes share me your mail id or watsaap number

      9920xxxxxx is my number

      1. I have 4 Inc Short body Flowerhorn but From 2 days I seeing 2 white spots on her near Gill fins so what’s problem he has and what’s to do which treatment

          1. And explain me how to keep the water clean and the PH I am waiting for your answer sir yashwantnaik

          2. Hi Esmail Pawaskar,

            Regular water change can maintain pH of water.

            Use Ablock to maintain pH in water.

            You can use pH testing tool for same.

            Thank you,

            Yashwant Naik

        1. Hi Esmail,

          White spot is clear indication of bad water condition in tank.

          Medicine Required :

          1) Oceanfree Free Gill Fungus parasites special
          2) Oceanfree Anti Chlorine Special
          3) EPSOM Salt

          Treatment Steps:

          1) remove all decorative item from tank

          We are first cleaning tank –

          2) remove Flowerhorn and keep in Bucket of water

          3) remove all water from tank

          4) clean all surface of tank

          5) put some warm water in tank n wash tank

          6) clean heater, filter and bubble stone

          7) now fill the fresh water- Not bore well or lake water.

          8) add half cap Oceanfree gill fungus parasites special

          9) add half cap Oceanfree Anti Chlorine Special

          10) install heater and put temperature at 30° (on it)

          11) Install filter and air stone(oxygen)

          12) after 20 mins add fish to tank

          13) every week 20% water change and half cup AntiChlorine n half cup Gill, fungus parasites special

          14) in two days we have to give him ESPON Salt treatment

          The EPSOM treatment are below –

          1) take a bucket and fill 20 ltr fresh water

          2) add four spoon EPSOM Salt to Bucket

          3) now keep Flowerhorn to Bucket for 15 mins.

          4) remove immediately if you see Flowerhorn is uneasy

          This is process we need to follow.

          Feel free to write back to me for any doubts or questions.

          You can also buy medicine from my website too.

          Thank you,

          Yashwant Naik

    2. Hi Vinod,

      In very rare case Flowerhorn loose his eye sight.

      We have already shared my contacts with you.

      Please reply on this in case any doubts.


      Yashwant Naik

  14. Dear yash,

    You said not to use RID and ocean free fungus parasite spec

    But i would like to say that i have RID all anti chlorine!!!

    So i should use RID ALL Anti chlorine right with ocean free fungus parasite spec right?


      1. Dear yash,

        Let me finish this bottle nxt time ill buy ovean free anti chlorine !!!

        So now after how many days shld i change the water


        1. Dear yash,

          Let me finish this bottle nxt time ill buy ovean free anti chlorine !!!

          So now after how many days shld i change the water and feed my fish.

          I think the fish looks fine and and rotten away part has grown or reduced rottening .

          Thank you


        2. Hi Vinod,

          Every week 30% water need to change.

          Yes, no worries, later you can get AntiChlorine from oceanfree .

          Keep visiting the blog.

          Thank you,

          Yashwant Naik

          1. Hi Bharath,

            You can use Aquaria Clear to remove algae.
            Water change is important task to do. So, if you do weekly water change than you no need to use such product.
            Also flowerhorn do lots of waste so aquaria clear wont work.

            So, you decide.

            Thank you,

            Yashwant Naik

  15. Dear Yash,

    This is Ram

    My FH having loss of Apatite and stay on the top of the tank. Last week before the week an small pimple on the fore head which is having minimum and disappeared. Last Sunday I thoroughly cleaned the tank including stones, filters, etc which dried in the sunlight.

    Still my FH is in same scenario

    Pls suggest something ASAP.

    Ramanathan K

    1. Hi Ram,

      This indicate your flowerrorn is stressed. We need to do treatment for Stress.

      Will touch with via phone.

      Thanks for comment and appreciation.

      Yashwant Naik

  16. Dear Yash,

    While changing the water why do we have to add two drop of OceanFree Gill Fungus and Parasite Special

    Because this will make the fish immune to fungus and parasite .

    But later when we will actually need this OceanFree Gill Fungus and Parasite Special and at that time there will be no effect and this will not work

    So instead of OceanFree Gill Fungus and Parasite Special why shouldnt we use Bacto-active ??

    Please we need some suggestion on this ??


    1. Hi Vinod,

      Thanks for commenting n asking query.

      We use Ocean free gill fungus parasites special while Changing water so it remains protected from bacterial infection.

      We use AntiChlorine which reduce the hardness of water and with chemical reaction clean water too. But every AntiChlorine do same..

      Even using AntiChlorine won’t reduce or fight to some bad Bacteria.

      Fish are very sensitive to water change and due to some bacteria leads to stress, White spot or other diseases.

      Using Ocean free gill fungus parasites special few drops can be helpful. So, we are protecting fish and not making use to it.

      So, you won’t face such fish dullness, sick or stress.

      I hope this will fullfil your doubt.

      Happy to help you.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

      1. Dear Yash,
        I really appreciate all your help and support
        I have one query-
        I took a bucket and poured the amount of water which had to be replaced and i kept a heater to match my tank water tempeature for entire night and then the next day 20 th august 2016 before replacing the water i poured Anti chloring and kept it for 20 minutes and after replacing 30 %water from 104 litre tank ie 25 gallon tank and the next day i saw the fish’s tale was slightly torn or eaten away

        So today ie 22nd august the very next day i desscided to add 2 spoon of aquarium salt and one cap ocean free fungus parasite spec with temprature 28 and air pump and external bio filter.

        Just to remind that after replacing the water i had not used the aquarium salt and ocean free fungus special
        I have not fed my fish since yesterday

        Need your advice here!!!


        1. Hi Vinod,

          Few mistakes you did while changing water.

          You no need to keep on heater whole night.

          This indicate you need faster heater.

          The rotten fin can be because of water change. A new water may contain heavy metal which cause to this.

          Please specify which AntiChlorine are you using?

          Yes, Vinod I always recommend to use :-
          1) AntiChlorine
          2) ocean free gill fungus parasites special
          3) Rock salt or Epsom salt

          on every water change.

          This will protect fish from side effects of water change.

          Thanks for commenting,

          Yashwant Naik

          1. Hi Yash,

            I had to use a normal anti chlorine white bottle 10 rs , because i had ordered RID All Anti chlorine which arrived today
            The salt which i usd is Lagoon Aqua Ocean free Treated aquarium salt.

            Now what shld i do ??

            I havent fed my fish !!

            Should i wait and change the water this coming sunday or change it now

            Will it effect the tail or should i quarantine the fish for treatment and treat the tank if yes then how should i do that ?

          2. Hi Vinod,

            Dont wait till Sunday for water change.

            Kindly Do 30% water change with Salt and Anti Chlorine.

            Please make note that you should not use Rid All and Oceanfree brand together.

            I personally trust Oceanfree for all type of treatment.

            Thank you,

            Yashwant Naik


    1. Hi Goutham,

      I suggest you get bigger tank atleast more than 3 feet.

      So, Flowerhorn can move easily. And remain happy.

      Swelling Stomach can be dangerous.

      I suggest you to use paraclear treatment.

      Let me know if you’re looking for further information.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  18. hello sir
    I have a four feet tank with gravel bottom with only f h in it
    I changed 20% of water every week
    my fh is sitting in the bottom for last 4 days with swelled stomach which is increasing with every day
    I used tummy wash but it did not worked
    I lived in utter pradesh,India
    pls give suggestions for the cure..
    thank you

    1. Hi Abhishek,

      You need paraclear for that.
      The treatment is below :-

      A. Medicine Required –

      1. Ocean Free Paraclear
      2. OCEAN free AntiChlorine Special
      3. Tetracycline 250mg

      Process –

      Step 1 – remove the fish from tank n keep in Bucket if same tank water.

      Step 2 – now clean entire tank with warm water – don’t use soap…

      Step 3 – clean filter n air buble stone

      Step 4 – now clean the filter n sponge with warm water..

      Step 5 – now fill tank with fresh water

      Step 6 – now add ten drops of Oceanfree AntiChlorine special

      Step 7 – tetracycline 1 full capsule, remove capsule cover only add yellow powder

      Step 8 – add 1/3 of oceanfree paraclear

      Step 9 – mix them well

      Step 10 – install heater to tank

      Step 11 – keep heater at lowest temp 26 or 28 n put it on

      Step 12 – make air pump fast

      Step 13 – after ten mins add Flowerhorn to tank, n throw it out the Bucket water

      Step 14 – now cover the tank well

      Important precautions –

      1) while treatment never use filter

      2) no feeding for three days

      3) no stairing or disturbing fish

      4) no stone no decorative items in your tank

      5) no direct sunlight

      This treatment goes for three days… Keep checking in middle. Do let me know about his progress.

      Also please check your email for my personal email.

      You can get medicine online from this link –


      2) Oceanfree AntiChlorine special –

      Tetracycline can available at local store.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  19. hello sir
    I have a flower horn in a 55 g tank
    he is about 5 inc long
    from last two days he is just sitting near the filter and only come upwards for the food…his stomach is little bit swelled…and he is not closing his mouth…what can I do for that

    1. Hi Abhishek,

      I guess you have 4 foot tank. Before I suggest anything to you, I would like to know few details –

      1) did you change water recently?

      2) what type of water are you using

      3) any Medicine are you using?

      4) is tank is decorative or bare?

      Also provide information like where you stay?

      Awaiting for your reply.


      Yashwant Naik

      1. hello sir,
        I lived in utter Pradesh,Allahabad,India
        I have a 4 ft tank with gravels…withonly flower horn
        I changed 20% water every week
        now my flower horn sitting in the bottom for last 4 days with swollen stomach
        I used tummy wash but its not working
        pls give some suggestions to cure him
        thank you

  20. I have one flower horn aged near about one year & have no experience of flower horn though
    I am keeping different type of aquarium fish for last ten years. Now I have observed that my fish
    is not eating properly for few days after changing 30% water of my tank. My tank size is near about five feet. As per advice of my friend I have used one antibacterial tablet& did not give any food for one day still then I found not eating properly so I used another antibacterial tablet since capacity of tank water huge. No batter result I observed.Yesterday I observed white mucus type sticky jel in the stool. Then I tried to know in the internet in your side and came to know this is known as white popping and today morning I purchased your recommended medicine Oceanfree (Paraclear) & mixed half of the pack to tank water and stopped feeding for three day as you have recommend and then I shall repeat the process after three days.
    Now I want to know after three days shall I give the fish little amount of food. I use dry food (humpy head, Quicker, Platinum & Wild flower horn food).
    I shall be waiting for a line in reply.

    1. Hi Pradeep,

      It’s pleasure to know that you referring my blog information for Flowerhorn Treatment.

      For Paraclear treatment, it’s not recomemend to feed Flowerhorn during course of treatment.

      The Paraclear treatment need to follow till you don’t see WHITEPOOP discharging from Flowerhorn.

      Check Flowerhorn at third day, if he is recover from white poop than you no need to continue.

      But feed him one days gap. And dot deed live food for one month keep him at pallet.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

      1. Your reply is very helpful to me and also I am grateful to you. Now I find my flower horn is very hungry always indicating to feed him. I find no WHITEPOOP in the aquarium after I have cleaned on 15/7/16..As per your instruction whole day I shall watch then tomorrow morning I shall feed him.Now you tell me before feeding shall I reduce 30% water & clean the tank.Shall I start the power filter on or not. You also advise me what are the medicine required for emergence. Is there any expiry date of medicine for use.
        Reg. vegetable live food i.e. peas I want to know where shall I get. Is it available in a pouch. Just guide me.

        Thanking you,

        1. Hi Pradeep,

          It is nice your Flowerhorn recovering fast.

          Well change 30% water and fell fresh water o tNk

          The expire date for medicine are viable depending on medicine.

          You can feed him after two days.

          You can give him green pea.

          Also please take care while water change. Use water conditioner too.

          Thank you

          Yashwant e

  21. hi there, I am getting electric shock when I put hands in my FH tank…I get shock where I have got cut on my finger. Then I called an electrician, he took one copper wire. He inserted one end of wire in Fish tank water and other end to the ground outlet in standard 3-Pin plug. so I want to know is fish is getting shocked???

    and whatever that electrician did is correct??

    1. Good Evening Ganesh,

      This is totally worng method.

      You suppose to do house earthing instead of doing this.

      Also it won’t work as your home don’t have earthing outlet.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  22. Hello sir…i have fh in 170litre tank with power ,top filter & air pump..temp of tank is 36 C.. i tried to decrease but i can’t..but nthng defects in activity & food consumption..Is high temp make fh to ill or any health prblem..

    1. yes Prabhu,

      Unstable temperature can cause several health problem.

      Let me know what is Tank Position?

      Thank you,

      Yashwant naik

  23. Hello sir..i have fh in 170litre tank capacity with power filter ,top filter & air pump..the problem is my tank temp increased in day time upto 36 C i take several steps to reduce the temp but i can’t..nthng defect in activity & anythng…Is high temp make fh to ill or any health problem..

    1. Hello Prabhu,

      Why it happening ? I guess your Tank is located near to window. You need to keep tank some where direct Sun light enter to Home or dark place where temperature remain same.

      Sudden change in Temperature can cause stress and irritation.

      How you top filter function?

      Also let me know where do live? So i can provide some best solution for you!!

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  24. Hlo sir..i hav fh with some fish ystrday while my fh putting wastes the other fishes in the tank are bite in that place aftr that the leakage of blood fh gets stayed in bottom and not eat slow moving & swelling of stomach is seen..

    Other things :

    Recently i change the food from wildnature to oceanfree redsyn..

    Temp in tank 34¤ more than 20 day..the problem arise from yesterday only.. .hlp me sir.. Tq

    1. Hi Vivek,

      Which fish you have with Flowerhorn.

      Ideally this won’t happen as aggressive Flowerhorn either eat them or kill them.

      Since it happened you need immediate action , they are –

      Note – take Flowerhorn from tank to Bucket with same Aquarium water.

      1) remove other fish from tank

      2) clean entire tank with warm water

      3) clean filter n oxygen stone

      4) now fill water to tank

      5) add heater and make it 28° , use only at night.

      6) put ten drops of Ocean free gill fungus parasites special.

      7) five drops of dechlorinate

      6) now add Flowerhorn to tank

      Every day you need to change 10% of water n add two drops of Medicine OCEAN FREE GILL FUNGUS AND PARASITE n dechlorinate.

      Keep me posted.

      Thank you

      Yashwant Naik

      1. Swelling of stomach is seen in one side only..nothing defect in fish. suddenly after that incident only it happen..i don’t knw the reason why it swell sudenly and slow activity

          1. Tq..sir but yesterday i went to near aqua shop he gave me a tablet – tetracycline to mix with activity somewhat better but not cure the swell..i hav paracure can i use it..but til fh is in tetracycline mixed water..Tq

          2. Hi Vivek,

            We need Oceanfree Paraclear for treatment. I m not sure with paracure.

            Please get it ASAP.

            Thank you,

            Yashwant Naik

  25. Sir my flower horn fish horn size has been decreased and not eating food and also it is not active how would I get rif of it

    1. Babu rao,

      Have you noticed any diseases or fungus or boalted stomach?

      Please provide more details o understand his condition.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  26. Hi sir…my fh can’t eat well it eat 2-3 pellet remining are bite & spit & it like to eat dried foods only..previous sunday i partially change the water in aftrnoon…while changing i add stress heal (water conditioner and external parasites for prevention) the fh looks black colour & stay near to filter..whether i don’t the problem arise for water change in aftrnoon or due to new medicine added ( stress heal water conditioner).aftr changing water temp goes to 36¤…hlp me sir….tq

    1. Hello Vivek,

      The water change goes worng.

      The medicine was not work, I would like to know brand and name of Medicine.

      Now quickly do this,

      Do partial water change of 20%

      Clean water filter with warm water

      Add one spoon of sea salt.

      Once I understand the medicine I can suggest u more.

      Also reduce the heater temp to 28 and use only nights


      1. 1. Brand – stress heal.. thats for removing toxic gases and it contain aloevera.. first time using this medicine in previous water change..
        2. Brand – Ocean free T2…thats for external parasite..i use medicine more than two month for prevention & i can’t see any defects in this 2mnth..

        Water temp is in 36¤ how i decrease this..u told that to set heater at 28¤ if i set that the heater doesn’t on bcoz water temp is 36¤ na

        1. Vivek,

          Okay, I have no experience with those medicine.

          Instead of ocean free T2, I recommend to use OCEAN FREE GILL FUNGUS AND PARASITE SPECIAL. it have great result out come.

          also, you can’t use two medicine other than water conditioner. As water conditioner I recommend OCEAN FREE ANTICHLORINE.

          As for now you follow what I recommend in earlier comments.

          For heater stop using now.

          You can use heater at night

          Or don’t use it if room temperature is more.

          Where do you live ?



          1. Okay tq sir.. I’m from my question is how to reduce water temp..adding ice cubes is good to reduce temp

          2. Hello Vivek,

            No don’t add ice cube.

            You stop using heater.

            Fast air pump and keep ON power filter.

            Your Flowerhorn is not eating foods for that you have to do this trick –

            Keep in dry shrimp in your Flowerhorn food box. Slowly the smell of dry shrimp mjx with food and this will help to eating food.

            Thank you


    1. Rajan,

      Deworming is lenghty process, need expert supervision.

      Let me understand why you think so?

      What exactly happening to your Flowerhorn?

      After that I can suggest something best for you.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

      1. Few days he don’t eat well..when i feed he eat 2-3 pellet remaining pellet are bite & spit..suppose if i feed dried food like shirmp he eat superb… nthng defects in activity & appearance..

        1. Hi Rajan,


          Keep dry shrimp with pallet. It will eat.

          You don’t need deworming for Flowerhorn.
          Your Flowerhorn is fine enough.

          Thank you,


    1. Hello Rajan

      Don’t mix direct water conditioner with Medicine.

      Better first add water conditioner and after five mins add Medicine.

      Thank you,


  27. Hi frnd have fh…that can’t eat more a week & become too slim & standing back to filter..colour also gets black

    1. Hi Vivek,

      Due to high temperature I see same problem among Flowerhorn owners.

      Before I suggest u anything I want to know more about your friends’ Flowerhorn like –

      1) what is size of Flowerhorn
      2) what size of tank
      3) where tank located in home
      4) which water do u used
      5) any Medicine have you tried…

      Looking for those information

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

      1. 1 .Fh size 15cm approx
        2 .Tank size 130 lit
        3 .It located in good environmental place..
        4 .he use borewell water.
        5.No..only they change the food (local manufacturing)

        The problem arise from the fh is
        1 . It can’t eat and it becomes tooo slim..
        2. Always stay near the filter..
        3. It can’t close the mouth..always in open..
        4. Apprearance also dull & black..

  28. Hello sir,
    my flower horn fish is still young and not developed a flower head still that is not the problem but it is very dull it had developed fungal infection and developed white accumulations at the eye which appeared swelled .
    But after treating it with the medicine it was cured, it is not active not eating please provide me with the tips i am using a fish tank which as a filterate sponge

    1. Hello Vivek,

      The water is reason for that. Fungus problem is aise because of bad Bacteria and water has some issues . use water conditions.

      To treatment you get

      Ocean free gill fungus parasites special.

      Change thirty percent water and add dechlorinate and ten drops of this medicine.

      Repeat treatment untill it recover.

      Keep updating me about the progress.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  29. For my fh..In half of head looks smooth & half of head looks lite dot-dot swelling..before its not like that.. i have image of his head..but i don’t have ur email id… me.

    1. Hi Vivek,

      This is very strange query. Sharing you my email id.

      Please send image their.

      Thanks for reaching to blog and finding information valuable.

      Thank you,


        1. Vivek your Flowerhorn is healthy and fine. No worry about it.

          Thanks for finding blog informative and useful. Keep reading about Flowerhorn through my blog.

          Thank you,

          Yashwant Naik

        1. Hi Darnell,

          Yes you can mail me his photo. I am sending a mail to you. Please reply me on this email.

          Thank you,

          Yashwant Naik

  30. Hello sir, i feed wildnature fh fish food for my fh…which food is good for colour,shape,head growth… etc.suggest me plz…

    1. Hi Vivek,

      A food which have high protein % is good food for fish.

      You can try two three food together like –

      Morning type A food to feed

      Afternoon type B food to feed

      Evening type C food to feed

      But don’t try to over feed.

      You can try homemade food too.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  31. hi, may i know how long it will take to fully heal a flowerhorn which is down with velvet disease? appreciated with thanks

    1. Hello John,

      It will take two weeks to get heal.

      This is totally depends on medicine you use and water hygiene.

      Do let me know about the process..

      Thanks you,

      Yashwant Naik

  32. Hlo sir. I have fh and i installed overhead filter with sponge in that the black colour worms are produced..i cleaned my sponge with salt and aqua antiseptic lot of time but it prouced again in few days.. i dnt where it produced from.. pls help for this problem..
    And using of table salt is good for fh and howmuch i use .. tq sir

    1. Hi Vivek,

      This time when you need to change sponges.

      Also clean sponges with warm water

      Also, rock or sea salt is best to use

      .have a Flowerhorn medicine kit for all safety

  33. Hi,sir before a month i buy a FH.aftr the day i feed more amount of live fish.aftr some days several problem are appear
    1. In fin there is a appearance of white dot like pimple..
    2. He open & close his mouth rapidly.
    3. Half of the Fin & tail appear white in colour
    4. It change his colour time to time (black to normal)

    Nowadays it reduce the food intake also i feed wild nature pellet sometimes dried shrimp.but it eat shrimp very well..i use bore well water & i installed overhead ,bilological filter also & air pump. Tank capacity 180ltr.. fish size 4inch.please help to clear my doubt sir.

    1. Hello Vivek,

      Your fish problem arise because of two reason –

      1) bad water
      2) live feeding parasites

      Every live feeding consist some bad bacteria which harm Flowerhorn.

      Also borewell water need to be conditioner before you use to Aquarium.

      Flowerhorn fish is very delicate and has low immunity.

      You need two medicine –

      1) grand fish clear water safe
      2) ocean free gill fungua parasites special

      You need to do 10% water change in five days and use 5 drops of this medicine.

      Install heater and turn to 30°

      Stop using power filter untill treatment.

      You can buy product from –

      Thank you,


  34. hi sir I bought my flower horn 1 month ago he had a good head then.but stressed from the day I brought him and his head completely gone like bone head flower horn and dark lies at bottom rarely moves and hides when I go near him pls help sir I uses 7 in 1 fish Dr but dono wat to do I use UV water

    1. Hello Rahul,

      Sorry for late reply.

      Before I start with any treatment let me explain why this is happening.

      UV water or RO water can damage the Flowerhorn health. Flowerhorn needs fresh water so at cities tap water with chlorine is usable and ideal.

      But at same time chlorine is not good for Flowerhorn.

      So you need to use water conditioner such as –

      1) grand fish water safe for fresh water.

      2) while changing water – first make solution of this medicine. Take a water bucket and put Grand fish water safe and mix well and than put the water to tank.

      The head can be recover if you follow diet plan and hygiene water conditions.

      For now you get Grand Fish clear water safe for fresh water and start using.

      Do once a week 10% water change

      Add medicine


      Keep temperature balance.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  35. Hi sir,
    U dont know me but i have read ur blogs about flowerhorn and it helped me know the fish…i really need your help..i bought FH on 20th dec and he is 3 inches long and i noticed he was scratching his body on the rocks on the bottom yest i bought malachite green medicine for ich and added 1 ml to my 55 litres tank and today he is not moving and pooping red with stringy white poop hanging from his anus…what should i do? I have fed him humpy head 2-3 pellets twice for the two days he was with me…plz help me! Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Rishi,

      Thank man. I am very much happy that you find my blog worth. my blog

      The link for photo is not working.

      I am mailing you from my official E-mail Id please reply me with attached photo of Flowerhorn.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  36. my flowerhorn suddenly lost his black spot belt aftr sme he looked aggresive ,not moving from place and got a dark color and again came to his color but still black belt is missin

    1. Hi Hemansh Soni,

      Color can sustain, but black spot line is difficult to get back. As he grow it disappeared.

      You can regain color.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  37. Hi ji, Thanks for ur help now my floran looking good these blog useful for everyone post more PIC and treatments thanku…… 🙂 🙂

    1. Hello Krish,

      I feel worth to have blog now for Flowerhorn. I feel very happy that my blog help to recover your Flowerhorn.

      Keep reading my blog for more exciting tips about Flowerhorn.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  38. Dear Sir,Read your article exactly the same back from my three day vacation came home today my Flowerhorn was dark,I added 3 spoon of Rock salt when I left,So I changed my water 30%..Now the colour lightened..But at present I am in Crisis..FH is settling at bottom,lethargic..Is it pH/temp problem?Kindly help me out..Can I add some salt

    1. Hello Sir,

      It’s seems your Flowerhorn because of change in water conditions due to course of time.

      A per your information your Flowerhorn turn dark which happened due to bad water.

      Water change reduce the stress but their is something in your tank n filter which causing problems.

      So you need water treatment liquid such as water care and general medicine like Ocean free Gill fungus parasites special.

      Cleaning process –

      Clean the filter n stones with warm water. Filter sponge n pipes need to be kept for Mins in warm water and the motor need to be clean with running water.

      Clear the tank glass with wiping sponge.

      Now add ten drops (3ft tank) of ocean free Gill fungus and parasites.

      After three days do 20% water and that time use water treatment liquid mention above.

      Do let me know if you need any further assistance.


      Yashwant Naik

  39. I am in india mp bhopal i have a fader Flowerhorn do should i start the filter scnce it’s a tramped zone my Flowerhorn also use to sit and put the stone hear and ther ……
    My second Flowerhorn si normal Flowerhorn it is of 3.5 Inch and it has a very very small hump is it ill and one more que did food effects Flowerhorn’s head…….???

    1. Hi Abhishu,

      Flowerhorn usually love to dig so he pull stones or pebble. But make sure you should not use sharpen stone at tank that hurt him.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  40. Hi Sir,
    I have two Fl 4” & the other is 3′. Both Are doing Well and m happy that someone from India( Yashwant Naik) is here to help me when i have a Problem(hopefully never willing to face Any).

  41. hello bro, I bought a new 3″ flowerhorn 20days before he had good KOK and good color I put it with my another 5″FH he had ICH and I treated it with high temp 30’C it is now seperated to New tank. now its alright there is no white spots he is active good eating and friendly.prblm is humpY head got decreased so much and dimmed color.he is scary of himself in mirror..pls help me Bro.

  42. hello bro, I bought a new 3″ flowerhorn 20days before he had good KOK and good color I put it with my another 5″FH with partition glas after 2days.smal fish had ICH and I treated it with high temp 30’C it is now seperated to New tank. now its alright there is no white spots he is active good eating and friendly after ICH prblm its humpY head got decreased so much and dimmed color.he is scary of himself in mirror..pls help me Bro.

  43. hello bro, I bought a new 3″ flowerhorn 20days before he had good KOK and good color I put it with my another 5″FH with partition glas.smal fish had ICH and I treated it with high temp 30’C it is now seperated to New tank. now its alright there is no white spots he is active good eating and friendly.prblm is humpY head got decreased so much and dimmed color.he is scary of himself in mirror..pls help me Bro.

  44. hello bro, I bought a new 3″ flowerhorn 20days before he had good KOK and good color I put it with my another 5″FH he had ICH and I treated it with high temp 30’C it is now seperated to New tank. now its alright there is no white spots he is active good eating and friendly.prblm is humpY head got decreased so much and dimmed color.he is scary of himself in mirror..pls help me Bro.

    1. when my 2 FHs are in same tank big FH sent its body waste to my smal FH side by swinging its fins I noticed it..there was a small gap in partition glas both FH bited both are in difrent tanks.there is no improvement in my smal FHs head it is shrinked so s scared of its own reflection in mirrorWHAT IS THE PROBLEM? its been me Bro

      1. Hi Venkat,

        You need to do this –

        Use proper water
        Add tetracycline 150 mg for this.
        Turn heater 28.

        Also feed well you can see improvement in fish.

      1. thank u very much Sir,
        im feeding it with XO Humpy Head.
        how many times should I feed? for my 3″FH and how many pellets should I feed?
        he can eat 4 pellets at a same time.
        pls reply

          1. Hello Venkat,

            Yes, Thrice in day.

            Put that much pallet which he finished in less than mins.

            Also if you change the food than always mix the food so old food taste slowly change to new food.

            Thank you,

            Yashwant Naik

          2. Hi Venkat,

            I tired with your email address but it bounced. Please share your email id which is working.

            Thank you,

            Yashwant Naik

  45. Dear Yashwant ji, I bought a flower horn about two months ago. I was feeding her ” humpy head” 25 to 30 granules a day also was cleaning the entire aquarium in every 15 days, as the shop keeper suggested. The aquarium has some pebbles, one filter pump and one air pump. It was 4 inch and energetic when I bought.
    One month ago suddenly it stopped feeding and became lazy. I called the shop keeper, he suggested to put a aquarium heater on 28 degree also to give metrogyl tablet thrice a day. I did all. The heater is inside till then. Slowly I was seeing it is becoming more lazy and colour is fading. In the meantime almost 20 days ago I saw white spot on left eye. I ask the aquarium guy, he said nothing.almost 5 days back I saw that eye has become white and another eye also whitish. It was eating less and very slow. I became very sad full and bought a new one 3 days back and put in the same tank after putting a glass wall in the middle. The day I bought the second one I met a friend near by who has four big flower horn. I called him home and show the weak fish. He suggested to use a tetracycline 500 mg capsule. The aquarium water has become darker. That weak fish has not eaten anything today. I became worried.
    From the evening I was searching for flower horn fish disease and recovery and I come across your blog then FAQs. Could not stop myself, so I am writing this. Now tell me what happens to my first fish and will this tetracycline capsule effect the new one or what shall I do?


    1. Hi Mukti,

      Your Flowerhorn is suffering from several bacterial infection due to water. Also you put danger to another fish by occupying him with ill Flowerhorn.

      First of all you sperate them immediately in new tank. Other wise you loose both fish.

      To treatment Ill fish you need separate tank can be small or can use bucket. But this treatment goes for more than two week.

      Here are steps to do –

      Medicine –

      1) Ocean Free Gill Fungus and Parasite special
      2) water clear solutions

      Steps –

      1) clean your treatment tank with warm water
      2) clean air stone
      3) and filter sponge, we will not use filter while treatment
      4) now add water to tank
      5) five drop of water clear safe
      6) 10 drop of Ocean Free Gill Fungus and Parasite special
      7) turn on heater for 28′
      8) after 20 mins add fish to it.

      Don’t feed him while treatment.
      Never stair him
      Keep him in dark and keep observing

      You can get this product online –




      Thank you,


      1. Dear Yashwant ji , as I was worried very much also my family. I gave the weak fish to that neighbour who has another four flower horn, this morning.
        Now I have only the new one but in the same old tank in the same water. Please tell me what I have to do.

        1. HI Mukti,

          No problem than. You have to clean entire tank than as mention in Last comment.

          Also get those product to keep water clean and safe for FLower horn.

          Thank you,

          Yashwant Naik

  46. my flowerhorn has turned darker in colour…he is eating fine and head is also good…just the colour of body and fins have turned very dark…any solutions…it is from last one month…

    1. Hi Sumit,,

      It seems your Flowerhorn is affected because of bad water.

      I would suggest you to get the rock salt and put some on tank.

      Also clean you filter n air stone with warm water.

      Keep posting me about Flowerhorn.

      Also feed less. Never keep pallet lying in tank, if uneaten remove it.

      For precautions get good fungus liquid for safety.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  47. hi,,,

    i think white spots are gone, but now FH is doing white shit. ……

    should i wait for 1 day .. after feeding FH … will see what is happening … cause last time also when my flower horn had white spot ..he start doing white shit … but as white spot are gone … he become normal….
    kindly advise….

    1. Hello Sachin,

      Don’t feed now as your fish is now suffering Parasite infection. You need to start treatment for white poop.

      But Ocean Free paraclear, from eBay or shop.

      Once you get do let me know.

      Thank you,


      1. but it is very rare .. when i do water change then only he is doing….
        currently occen free white spot is already there in tank….

        1. Hi Sachin,

          White poop is not visible when water is diluted..

          That’s why you see in fresh water.

          Please get Ocean Free white poop medicine and start it
          Thank you

          Yashwant Naik

  48. Hello sir

    I treated my flowerhorn with metrodinazole in past 2 days her bloated stomach went right but she is still having white poops.
    I am feeding her xo humpy head can i feed her hikari cichlid bio gold plus and if yes how much should i feed her andi want know her breed also where can i post image of her so that you can help me

        1. Sir iwant to kow her breed is it clasic kamafa or red dragon and if i can feed her hikari cichlid bio gold plus if yes then in what quantity flowerhorn is about 4 inch

    1. Srijan,

      Boalted stomach and white poop need to be treated with Ocean-free-gill-fungus-and-parasite-special (get it from ebay)

      This will give assure result.

      Don’t feed Flowerhorn while treatment.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  49. Sir

    My last flowerhorn which i bought 2 months ago died don’t know why her skin and an eye got white their were to many ants nxt morning on the tank fish was swimming one sided shopkeeper said that see might have eaten ants but she was not eating for more than 10 days i want to know the cause

    1. HI Srijan,

      Kindly accept my condolence for your pet.

      As you mention your Flower Horn skin and Eyes got white. This shows clearly problem with water. The bad cause several fungus and cloudy eyes (white eyes) problem for flower horn.

      Ant wont bite fish until it died. What your Aquarium Guy says is false.

      Also Flower horn can live without food for one month atleast.

      I can say your Flowerhorn died because of bad water condition of tank. Flowerhorn need clean and hygiene Aquarium.

      Keep reading my blog from more information about the Flower horn and its maintenance.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  50. Hi dear its Chandan . My short body flower horn is not anything from last 2 days and from last night I see a difference one of my buddy,s eye is swollen . plz tell me what’s wrong and what to cure .

    1. Hello Chandan,

      Your flower horn may suffering from pop eyes. This need to be take care.

      You have to change 20% water. To know how to change water please read that post.

      Than add rock salt to tank. This need to be continue for three days.

      Do let me know if problem persists more.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  51. Hi Ashish,

    You need to change 10% water only every week.

    And you need to have heater and bio filter in tank.
    Bio filter need to clean when you do weekly water change.
    It seems your flower horn is sick and in stress.

    Use ocean free gill, fungus and parasite special while you do water change.

    Do let me know if you have any other issue.

    Thank you,

    Yashwant Naik

    1. Hi Sachin,

      Paraclear is one of the best result giving product. If u stay in mumbai than u can get from Kurla market.

      Otherwise give me ur address I will courier u

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

      1. bubble care is tablet which i a getting here.
        If u send me then also howmuch time will take. What is thw cost.

          1. How to use para clear. Can u please let me know.i bought from kurla curernlty i have put metrogyle in my fish tank..and kept it at 30 degree.
            Pleae let me know hoe to use it.
            The shopkeepar said put half at one time and half second time chamge the water after 2 days. 

          2. Hi Sachin,

            Yes, the shopkeeper said perfect.
            Only change 10% water before u use medicine.

            And first add medicine in bucket than add.

            Thank you,

            Yashwant Naik

    1. Hi Sachin,
      You need to immediately buy Paraclear from aquarium shop,

      And change 20% water,

      And take bucket – add new 20% water in bucket and add dechlorinates drops.
      Add 1/3 of Paraclear.
      And keep for three days.

      And repeat in three days again if problem persists

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

      1. Gm sir,
        Tofay i have to change the watar how much water i should change.
        And how much time it will take to cure.


          1. Oh Sachin,

            Its dropsy. Very difficult to cure. But yes paraclear will cure it. But takes huge time.

            You need to take care few things –

            1) you cant change entire water, partial water change can do
            2) you can’t use multiple medicine, please consult before using
            3) you have to maintain temperature of tank, while partial water change you have to make sure you keep same temperature
            4) don’t stair Flowerhorn
            5) keep air pump on
            6) you can’t keep any decorative item in tank
            7) don’t panic just follow treatment

            In case any issue don’t forgot to inform me

            Thank you,

            Yashwant Naik

          2. should i feed him , cause i didnt feed him form last 3 days, and how much time it will take , from last 5 days its start happening, how much time will it take to cure.
            please suggest something.

          3. Sachin,

            As I told you earlier it wont it. And its stomach infection so not suggest to feed.
            Also it takes time to recover. This how the treatment goes.

            And flower horn can live without food for more than month.

            So please concentrate on treatment is important.

            Thank you,

            Yashwant Naik

          4. Hi
            Thanks for advise.

            I jist want to know breeding process of flowerhorn…
            I kept male and female together while female lay eggs.
            Aftet 2 hours i separate male from female then i keep female with egg with around 2 days.
            If i keep longer than that female eat eggs. So kindly suggest the way to breed them.

          5. Hi sachin,

            Sorry to say but breeding process I have not try yet. So not able to guide well to you.

            Apart from anything I can do than please let me know.

            Thank you,

            Yashwant naik

          1. Hi Sachin,

            But last time when you consult me you never shared this to me.

            I hope you follow the entire procedures guided by me.

            Also I am in deep sadness for your flower horn.

            Yashwant Naik

  52. Hello sir! Its Ashwanie here. Sir I need help regarding the medications u suggest.they r not availbl at my city aquarium store.they normally sell RID ALLS medications. So plz can u suggest me some online sites so that I can buy them n use them in emergency cases. I only found ocean free gill fungus parasite special from amazon. M having 1 flowerhorn which I hav shared with u in our last chat. Thanks for ur useful n fast rplys.

    1. Hi Ashwanie,

      Rid All is common treatment for all disease. In my blog I have mention many different medicine as per the diseases and problems.
      You no need to buy all of them. The treatments are suggested as per the flower horn size and problems.

      You only buy those when is needed. Rid All can be preventing some of beginning diseases but not all.

      Keep informing about the your Flower Horn Fish so i can attain your query ASAP.

      Thanks for commenting,

      Thank you very much,

      Yashwant Naik

  53. My flower horn has got holes on his face . . .and his head has become soft in some parts and developed knots in other . . What do I do. . .??

    1. Hi Aashna,

      You need to clean entire tank with warm water.

      Please buy Ocean free Gill, Fungus and Parasite special and once u cleaned tank u need to add five drop to it.

      If u have any decorative like pebbles or stones than remove it.

      And need full oxygen.

      Please do reply in case of emergency.

      Thanks for reading article and commenting.

      Thank you,
      Yashwant Naik

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