Flowerhorn Diseases and Cure Guide

Flowerhorns sickness

Flowerhorn is exotic fish. It is very sensitive and aggressive fish. Flowerhorn is tropical fish which require balance temperature can’t hold in extreme cold or heat. Flowerhorn need very good water and tank conditions. Like other fish Flowerhorn also has same disease but curing method is different than other. Various of Flowerhorn diseases are mention bellow. Curing the fish is easy but you need to rectify the problem first is important.

1. White Spot Disease

Flowerhorn White Spot DiseaseYou will see many white spots appear all over fish. Fins are clumped together and they act a bit more lethargic than usual. Fish stop eating and stay at corner of the tank.


Cause :

  • The cause of this condition is Ichthyophithirius multifilis (ICH ) , a ciliated protozoan .
  • Bad water quality.
  • Low water temperatures (< 25°C).
  • Feeding with LIVE or FROZEN food which contain parasite.

Treatment :

Water treatment or direct treatment is not work that much as parasite resides under the skin of fish. It is highly contagious disease which require entire aquarium treatment. The best way to stop this is stopping breeding cycle of ICH by cleaning tank thoroughly.

To cure white spots :

  • Place KORDON ICH INHIBITOR in your tank.
  • Add aquarium salt at 3g/ltr of water every 3 days together with the medication (Kordon Ich inhibitor).
  • After 3rd day, tank must be washed thoroughly to eliminate the causative agent.
  • Use KORDON MALACHITE GREEN to clean tank.

Preventive measures :

  • Quarantine new fish for three to four weeks.
  • Avoid cross-tank contamination.

2. Hole-In-The-Head Disease

Hole-In-The-Head DiseaseHole in the head cause the death of fish. It is also called HITH or HEXAMITA. It is curable if treated in early stage.



Cause :

  • It is highly contagious disease and the cause of this condition is Hexamita Protozoa.
  • Poor water quality.

Symptoms :

  • Small pits and pimples grows on the fish’s head. As time pass it grow and form bigger pits.
  • It is white in color, and sometimes mucous are visible around them.
  • In addition to losing weight, becoming lethargic, and losing their appetites, the fish will produce white, stringy feces.

Treatment :

  • Add DIMETRYDAZOLE (5mg/ltr) or METRONIDAZOLE (7mg/ltr).
  • Repeat treatment once every 3 days.
  • Do a 20%-30% water change.
  • It is sometimes necessary to inject METRONIDAZOLE, but do it with guidance of qualified personnel.

 Preventive measures :

  • Change your water regularly.
  • Quarantine new fish for three to four weeks.
  • Avoid cross-tank contamination.

3. Mouth, Body And Tail Fungus

Mouth, Body And Tail FungusSmall white fungus start growing on mouth and body of fish. This is curable disease but need to be keep watch on it.



Causes :

  • It is caused by Saproglenia and other related bacteria.
  • Bad water quality only causes these kinds of bacteria to thrive.
  • Sudden changes in the water condition.

Symptoms :

  • Small Cotton like tufts at the mouth, body, fin and tail.
  • Fish start losing weight.

 Treatment :

  • Put some Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Aquarium Salt to tank.
  • Clean whole whole tank, but quarantine the most seriously ill fish.

Preventive measures :

  • Changing the water regularly.
  • Quarantine new fish for three to four weeks.
  • Avoid cross-tank contamination.

4. Dropsy

Dropsy FlowerhornDropsy is mainly affect the digestion system of fish. This need to attain quickly to avoid the serious other problem.



Causes :

  • Bacterial infection is reason for this.
  • Poor water quality.
  • Overcrowding of Fish or Tank Decorative articles
  • Stress cause for this condition.

Symptoms :

  • Fish appears to bloated.
  • Not eating.
  • Looking Stressed.
  • Not moving or hiding.

Treatment :

  • Don’t use aquarium salt to your tank.
  • This is very critical condition so, better use commercially prepared treatment available at your local pet shop.

Preventive measures :

  • Regular water change.
  • Remove the ill fish for three to four weeks.
  • Avoid cross-tank contamination.

5. Fin & Tail Rot Disease

Fin and Tail Rot DiseaseThe fish start loosing it glow and fin. Not able to move or dive. Looks dull. This can be easily curable and treated.



Causes :

  • Pseudomonas and other related bacteria is reason for this.
  • Poor water quality.


  • The fin and tail appeared eaten away and white edged.
  • Fin or tail beginning to literally dissolve.
  • The color of the fish may dull.
  • Fins are clump together.

Treatment :

  • Treat the whole tank, but quarantine and treat the heavily infected fish.
  • Tetracycline should be added.

Preventive measures :

  • Regular water change.
  • Quarantine new fish until it recovered.
  • Avoid cross-tank contamination.

6. Air Bladder Disease

Air Bladder DiseaseFlowerhorn air blade is not opening which cause to not swim properly. This is serious disease attain it as soon as possible. Flowerhorn never die because of this but it died because of wrong position of swimming, this make fish stress and it died.



Causes :

  • Virus or a bacterial infection are main reason for this.
  • Fungus in fin.
  • Bad water.

Symptoms :

  • Flowerhorn is troubling in swimming.
  • They tend to swim upside down.

Treatment :

  • Difficult to treat fish, but using an ANTIBIOTIC AGENT –  API T.C. Tetracycline Anti-Bacterial Fish Medication can cure the problem.

Preventive measures :

  • Change your water regularly.
  • Quarantine ill fish for three to four weeks.
  • Avoid cross-tank contamination.

7. Velvet Disease

Velvet DiseaseFungus in tank cause for this. Fish look unusual and not eating. It can be easily treated and cure.



Causes :

  • Fungus is cause for this.
  • Poor water quality.

Symptoms :

  • Stop swimming
  • begin to look ill and not moving.

Treatment :

  • Make the solution of COPPER SULFATE. Add 1 g (exact) COPPER SULFATE and 0.25g (exact) CITRIC ACID to 1 liter of purified water.
  • Dosage instructions: For 10 days of aquarium water add 12.5 ml to 10 liters.

 Preventive measures :

  • Change your water regularly.
  • Keep ill flowerhorn to treatment tank.
  • Avoid cross-tank contamination.

 8. White Poop

Flowerhorn White PoopSometime flowerhorn suffers from white poop disease. Fish keep pooping a white which withdraw in white line and seems sticky like long tail.



Cause :

  • Internal parasites in stomach cause for this.
  • Live feeding.
  • Poor water condition.
  • High Protein food cause to worms in stomach of fish.

Symptoms :

  •  Fish start pooping white.
  • Which is sticky and look like gel line from anal.

Treatment :

  • Use the CLEAR by Aqua Producct or OCEANFREE WHITE POOP for treatment.
  • Keep fish without feeding and alone for three days with heater on for 30′ C temperature.
  • Remove 30% of water in third day and repeat the medication.

Preventive measures :

  • Change your water regularly.
  • Keep ill flowerhorn to treatment tank.
  • Avoid cross-tank contamination.

General Treatment Guide

  • Remove all decorative articles from tank.
  • Remove Filters.
  • Remove Biological Filter.
  • Use Treatment Tank.
  • Keep pumping air for 24hrs.
  • Make heater to 30′ C degree (Use if applicable).
  • Cover the tank to avoid direct sunlight and peoples intervention.

Kindly share your experience and doubt by simply commenting bellow. Soon I will make provide a platform where reader can share their images of ill fish to study their diseases.

524 thoughts on “Flowerhorn Diseases and Cure Guide

  1. hi my female has tube out for10 days but not laying eggs both pair r together
    temp is 28 c
    please advice prasanna

    1. Hello Prasanna,

      Thats great. I will Male flowerhorn hatch eggs properly. Keep both fish in observation.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  2. Hi Yashwant,
    My flowerhorn had few white spots earlier on the body, I use the Ocean Free Flowerhorn bacteria liquid and now I cannot see the spots but what I have observerd it that the color of flowerhorn has gone and also its eye has turned red. The fish is also not eating food by itself.. from past 2-3 days I am feeding the food directly in to the mouth of the fish only then its eating , if I just put the food in the tank it is not able to see the food previously it used to eat food immediately but now its opposite case. Kindly help on the issue.

    1. Hello Ankur Dokal,

      May be his vision got reduced. Put one Guppy fish for trial. Start Epsom salt treatment to reduce redness in years.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  3. Hello Yashwant,
    I have a flowerhorn since past 4 months, from past 1 month or so the fish has turned blue/black in color and is not eating food. I have cleaned the whole tank twice but still there is no recovery, i could see a few white spots on the fish though. The heater is set at 30 degrees since the start and I am feeding the fish with XO Humpy Head and Ever Red. Also someone suggested me to use Ocean Fresh Flowerhorn Ulcer and Bacteria liquid. After using that liquid the color came back to light red but still the flowerhorn is not eating any food. Please help here.

    1. Hello Ankur Dokwal,

      Your fish is suffering from stress. There might be Stomach infection also. Please provide details such as – which Water are you using? How big is tank? Any decorative items are place inside tank?

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  4. Hello sir! I am sankarsh! We have a female flower horn! The thing is Its not eating food from past one and half week! And it sits simply at corner and swims once in a blue moon! The strange is one part of fish has become black and the other is fully white! The TAIL PART HAS BECOME BLACK AND THE OTHER IS WHITE! I am ferfull abt it! PLZ GIVE THE SOLUTION AND HELP ME AND MY FISH! IT ASLO HAS WHITE DOTS ON IT AND THE OTHER HAS GOT SOME ALEGIC PIMPLE KIND IN ITS TOP FIN! I don’t know what to do! PLZ HELO US!

    1. Hello Sankarsh,

      Thanks for asking a question via my blog. Hopes you find my blog informative and useful too. Here is answer to your query –

      Your flowerhorn seems to be depressed due to many reasons. That’s reason she stop eating food.
      The black mark on fin or body is indicates the depression or stress.

      Please let me know is this this fish is new in tank or older? If she is new than it is quiet normal behavior and mean time she will adjust with tank.

      The white spot is because of bad water in tank. Please let me know which water are you using?

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  5. need help sir!…my kids love this flowerhorn and will be saddened should something bad happen on him…he appears bloated…3 days now that he is not eating…doesn’t move a lot…and stayed vertical with mouth on the bottom…shld i send you a photo?

    1. Hi Voi,

      Please share his photo via email. I have send you test email to this email id.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  6. I used to be more than happy to find this net-site.I needed to thanks on your time for this wonderful learn!! I positively enjoying each little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to take a look at new stuff you blog post.

    1. Thanks, Teddy,

      Appreciate you liked my blog and bookmarked my website so you can latest update on browser itself.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  7. Dear Yashwanth Naik,


    I had a beautiful loving flowerhorn (Flora) – Youtube Channel Name – “Flora the dancing queen flowerhorn” I did a lots of mess and let my fish die right in front of me within 3 to 4 days. Which is not possible for my Flowerhorn to die sooner.

    I want to mention the things which i did, and please highlight the mistakes that i commited.

    1. I usually used Ground water for aquarium tank. But due to water became dirty i decided to change, but there is scarcity(non Availablity) of usual ground water. So i decided to use Mineral Water which we drink (25 Litre Can * 6 Numbers). I don’t know wether fish died due to this new water?
    2. After water change i noticed One small hole in its head(Kok) and it stopped eating pellet and white poop. Then by watching your post, i gave it Metronodazile 400mg tablet. However since it came of via its gills, i gave another 200mg. Force feed through mouth using syringe without needle. I don’t know wether i overdosed ? I don’t know wether i damaged its stomach while inserting. After providing Medication, Fish became even more sick and stopped swimming step by step and its color started go dull. So i added huge amount of Salt to make the water salty and prevent parasite.
    3. Then i rushed many places in search of Ground water and i did 100% water change and continued 400 mg per day. after this the fish just lied as humans lie on the bottom of tank, no swimming. My heart just broke. This happened in night, and early morning when i wake up, It was dead lying at the bottom with dull color.
    I decided to quit the hobby. since i felt like i myself killed it and cried the whole day and till now, 3 days have passed by, i am unable to forget him/her. Since my home seems empty without flora. But i need to know the cause of death. since i really know that it was not possible to die within a matter of 3 to 4 days.

    Please do help. so that i can learn from my mistakes and expect his reborn in form of another FH , I would take good care of Him/Her. I am planning to set up the tank with the best effective manner to retaliate/prevent any disease/harm, in the days to come. To overcome the sorrow of our home.

    1. Hi Pradeep,

      Sorry to delay in reply usually this won’t happen.

      There is no exact reason or blame yourself for the death of your lovely flowerhorn. For your information, I can guide you where you went wrong and leads to disastrous situations.

      Water is important for flowerhorn. And Mineral water is not recommended for flowerhorn. If water is scarcity than please don’t keep flowerhorn keep Oscar or any other fish who can live in comfort in the tank.

      Never try to force flowerhorn to feed.
      FLowerhonr takes time to recover from diseases, so, you need to wait till he recovers. Should not change procedure to instantly rather give at least 48 hours to see the result.

      I can understand your emotion behind flowerhorn but it is better to accept lose and move ahead with different fish.

      Let me know if you kneed any help.

      THank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  8. sir,
    my flowerhorn’s mouth is openalways.she is not eating properly.the head colour turned somewhat blackish or discoloration from reddish to blackish. sometimes shetake 2 to 3 balls, using wild flowerhorn feed.always sitting in the corner.what to do.thks.

    1. Hello Vasanti,

      Mostly your flowerhorn is suffering from stomach infection due to overfeeding or live fish or meat feeding.
      You need to follow stomach infection treatment asap. Let me know if you know about this procedure or not.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  9. Hi! My flowerhorn has this little brown dot on his tail. I don’t think it’s ick because it’s brown. I searched online but could find nothing about it. Please help.

    1. Hi Nidhi,

      Thanks for commenting on my blog. It seems your flowerhorn is suffering bacterial infection in stomach due to poor water and over feeding to your flowerhorn.

      I am contacting you directly via email.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  10. Hello . Please help me iam very worried for my flowerhorn because she is not active and she keeps sitting in the bottom of the tank. but she is still eating though after i feed her she go directly to the bottom. She is already 2yrs old .

    1. Hi Karen,

      It is nice that you owning flowerhorn since last two years. Please check below –

      1) Do you see any bloating around stomach
      2) Any Stress Mark
      3) Any Fin is rotten?
      4) Eye Color
      5) Poop Color

      Their may be chances that Flowerhorn got old and just want to relax in corner than moving around.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  11. Hi sir .
    Greetings .. I recently bought the FlowerHorn fish form fish shop, with the fish also bought the food ( Okiko Platinum Head Huncher & Colour Faster Flowerhorn) Shopkeepar suggested me to give 5 balls only for a day in morning time , but i felt fish was still looking for food and I have started giving 7 balls for day and night 2 time , as he was eating super fast too,
    But unfartunatly after 4 day he is started getting fear and getting hide not eating the food , after 2 days i gave a live fish and he has actively has live fish in minute , but still not much active and not eating food afer that , Shall i try to give more live fish ??
    what wrong with my fish ? anyone can help me plz

    1. Hello Sham,

      Since your Flowerhorn Fish is new he will behave like this only. Every new brought flowerhorn is tend to be like that. You should feed him Life Fish. Live feeding or fish may harmful for Newly brought Flowerhorn.

      Give few days to settle down in tank. Remove hiding space if any. 7 pallets in day is okay diet dont over feed. Flowerhorn always demand food which dose not mean he is hungry. Prepare the feeding time and stick to that.

      In case you need any help regarding flowerhorn keeping and care than let me know.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  12. Hello sir
    Last 3 to 4 days my flowerhorn is not eating a food and excret first warm like waste and yusterday he excret water like waste.
    So please help me Sir

    1. Hello Shashank Mishra,

      Your Flowerhorn is suffering from Whitepoop Disease. Please start with Whitepoop Treatment.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  13. Hello Sir,
    I have bought a flowerhorn fish near about 1 yr ago. He is really active but last six month he got hole in head i have used tetramyclicin capsules and then it became alright but now he cant see.He struggles to find his food so please help me out .Any eye drops or medicines can i give to him??

    1. Hi Amol,

      Unfortunately no such medicine available for blindness.

      You need to deal with this situation, feed him live fish instead of pallets.

      but feed twice a week only.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  14. I have flowerhorn which is 3 years old. for the past 5 days it is sick, not eating anything and started swimming upside down. Kindly advice.

    1. Hi Ajay,

      This is very dangerous situation. Please use Metronidazole treatment but it is difficult to recover from the situation.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

    1. Hi Sai Pradeep,

      Immediately add 200MG Tetracycline Capsule to tank (Add only Powder inside Tetracycline Capsule). Also remove decorative if any, Stop using Filter.
      Thank you,
      Yashwant Naik

  15. Hello every one,
    My flower horn is infected with white spot and it is not standing straight .,it is standing somewhat slantly.And it is not eating well,not active.I used some medicines to cure it,but i can’t.It is standing in same place,and not moving .
    So please help me to save my flower horn .

    1. HI Akash,
      You need to buy these medicine from Store –
      1) Oceanfree anti chlorine special
      2) Oceanfree Gill Fungus Parasite special
      3) Epsom Salt

      1) Remove all decorative from tank
      2) Now remove 40% water from tank
      3) Add new fresh water in tank
      4) Add 5 drops of Oceanfree Anti Chlorine Special
      5) Add 10 drops Gill Fungus Parasite special
      6) Turn heater to 30 and stop using filter
      7) Don’t feed him for four days
      8) Keep fish in this condition for 2 days and 2nd day you repeat treatment.

      Thank you,
      Yashwant Naik

  16. there is the problem of my Female Flower horn. her eyes are not to work. so what will be the treatment?? Plz tell fast. its emargency.

    1. Hello Akash,

      Kindly email me her picture.

      Till date their is no medicine yet to cure such conditions.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  17. Hi Yashwant,

    I have a male Flowerhorn 2 and a half years old. Since 2 weeks his Colour is fading and he is not playing around as usual, he has started to develop White spots on him 1 day back. He eats very less now . I had introduced some guppy (who died within a day) to him 2 weeks back, since then this has started. I would like to know if i Could treat him, and what will be the proper Procedure and Medications for that.

    I feed him a mix of Prawns +XP starry +XO humpy head + XO everred
    I would like to posts some or send across before after Photos, if that would be helpful.
    Thanks for your Time.

    1. Hello Nikhil Davis,

      Your flowerhorn is very old and may be he is in now oldage.

      You please keep him in pallets no other foods, as chances of infection high. If you see white spots that may be fish scales dropping, this is mostly happen due to lack of protein in body or old age.

      I will email you id so you can share his photo.

      Thank you,
      Yashwant Naik

  18. Hi everyone,
    Can someone help me on of my flowerhorn fish. Just found out that the head and half of the face becomes blackening or had discoloration. Not eating and just stay at the corner of the aquarium. I am worrying because its very playful and use to be my pet for almost 2 years.


    1. Hello Maejoy,

      This indicates the bad water in tank and reasoning for this.

      Have you using any medicine for this?

      I recommend to start treatment with Ocean free Gill Fungus Parasite Special.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  19. hi sir,
    i am bought new flower horn on 3/8/17 that time he was good condition,bt now he was very stress,not active& hiding for filter, he was came near my hands & going to hiding that same place.plz solve this problem. iam waiting for ur suggestions. & my tank size is 3 X 1.

  20. Hello sir I bought a new big monster kok flowerhorn but after buying he i put Fh in my aquarium my fish is not eating food so i havw question that is this is new place for FH thts why the fish is not eating food my fish is not eating food from last two days nd only doing shit in yellow please help

    1. Hello Rahul,

      Your absolutely correct that since flowerhorn is new so until he adjust with new environment he may be
      1. Shy
      2. Worried
      3. Hiding
      4. No food

      This will go away once time move on.

      If flowerhorn behave same than you need to report me ..

      Thank you for visiting to blog and finding fruitful.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

        1. Hello Prathamesh,

          I will email you my details.

          BTW you can share the problem or query here and I will reply same.

          Thank you,

          Yashwant Naik

  21. Kindly help me out please. My FH has got fin rot. About the tetracycline, how do I use it? How many capsules of 250 mg? For how many days should the treatment continue, do I have to make water change, if so how frequent? Should I add tetracycline after every water change? Grateful for your advice at soonest possible.
    Thanks a million.

      1. Hello Aslam,

        Sorry for delay in reply.

        I was away form Mumbai for personal reasons.

        Thank you,

        Yashwant Naik

    1. Hello Irfan,

      You need to apply at Gujarat’s marriage registrar office only due document belong to that state.

      Also please make note that no government agency send any intent to marriage detail to any state or bridegrooms place. It is always remain secret.

      Since it is inter-cast marriage you need to select Special Marriage option.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  22. Sir my flower horn got a pop eye disease on his right eye so sir pls tell what can I do and also it is getting infected to his left eye so sir plz help what will i do now to cure it.

    1. Hi Devashish,

      Do epsom salt bath for fish. Pop eye will recover soon.

      Epsom salt bath is slow process to recover. But it will recover slowly.

      Thank You,

      Yashwant Naik

  23. After a long treatment of white poop he could not survive and expired on 22nd Dec16. Now I want
    to clean the tank because I shall again keep some good flower horn. Shall I clean the tank with hot water and also the top filter, thermostat & other accessories or there is any other way .Now I want to hear your comments.

    1. Hey Pradip Kumar Mitra,

      Sorry to hear this.

      I was on leave so not able to reply you on time.

      Yes, you have to clean entire tank with hot water.

      Clean surface and filter of tank. You need to do again cleaning when you brought new flowerhorn.

      Thank you

  24. As you have instructed I have cleaned the tank and changed 30% water with precautionary measure and then added one and half spoon Epsom salt . But no result, and also I have observed
    white thin cotton thread type stool which is floating in the water. Now what shall I apply whether
    again I shall apply one spoon Epsom salt with one or two Metrozyle 400 or you advise me. His colour is becoming fed and does not want to eat for last two days. Pl. help me early with your comments.
    Thanking you

    1. Hi Pradip,

      We cnt change treatment so quickly. The results for treatment are very slow, you can’t expect improvement so early.

      As you mentioned in above comment your Flowerhorn is doing white poop. You need a An Oceanfree Paraclear treatment.

      Let me know if you aware of that or no.


      Yashwant Naik

  25. As per your instruction I have given 3tabs of Matrozyl400 & 100 grams Rock salt. Yesterday he did not take any pallets and also today I did not give him any food. Tomorrow I shall try with your food. He is moving but I do not find any indication of appetite. Normally he is going near heater and staying there. I am using high air pressure. Now you tell me what medicine I shall use out of your medicine kit. I was thinking of using Ocean free gel for fungus & other diseases. His colour has little bit changed, became fed. You advise me. After maintaining temperature I have poured one bucket of fresh water today before application of medicine. I have kept my thermostat near 32 C.
    Thanking you.

    1. Hi Pradip,

      Yeah! Process is perfect.
      Use Oceanfree gill fungus parasites for treatment.
      Slowly he will be active like earlier.


      Yashwant Naik

    2. I do not find any debries and I do not think he is clearing his stomack . He is not taking any pallets today and going near heater. One week before I have given 3 tablets Matrozyl 400. Shall I give him any more tablets. How many cap shall I pour Oceen free fungus in 200 liter water. Alos I want to know whether I
      shall use Epsom salt before application of Oceen free fungus.

      1. Hi Pradip,

        You can’t use Matrozyl n Oceanfree gill fungus parasites special together.

        He sitting near to the tank indicte he is stressed.

        Please redo tank cleaning process.


        Yashwant Naik

        1. After cleaning tank can I use Oceen free fungus gel and how much shall I use in my 200 liter water or shall I use one table spoon Epsom salt.

        2. Yesterday & Today I gave you few comments but I did not receive any reply. Pl help me with your
          comments. I have observed few changes and I want to know the remedy. 1) Fish color has changed
          with blackish tench, 2) Fine layer of skin is coming out from the body as happens in our body during winter, 3) No appetite 4) Moving here and there & not standing near heater or filter 5) White
          fine thread like cotton is found in the water. Now I am using Epsom salt to gain his energy and 2 tab
          Matrozyl 400 for his stomach. For better result shall I use Occen free fungus gel.

  26. In my previous email I have forgotten to mention the name of the salt shopkeeper told me,
    is Rock salt of 100 grams according to the con taint of my aquarium. One thing I like to
    mention that I did not change aquarium 10% water for last days because of the winter
    season. But the water is clean because I always use the high power top filter. Now you advise me.

    1. Hello Pradip Kumar Mitra,

      It’s ok you not chnage the water.

      Use Epsom salt. Your kit has this.


      Yashwant Naik

  27. In connection with your reply reg. use of Metrozyle 400 tab I like to know how many
    tablets I have to use for 200 to 180 liters of water. Also inform any type of salt can be used
    with this . If so then mention the name of the salt along with how much salt . Some shopkeeper
    of aquarium fish told me reg. this treatment. You confirm me regarding this treatment.
    Thanking you,

    1. Hi Pradip,

      1 tablet for 200 ltr aquarium.
      Use Epsom salt for tank. For 200 ltr you can use one spoon.


      Yashwant Naik

  28. With reference to my email dt. 7th Nov2016 I like to inform that after the treatment of white poop with Par clear I find his appetite has reduced and as per your instruction I have applied different types of pallets and even I have stored the food with shrimp and have applied but no fruit full result I have achieved. I have purchased your home made food along with medicine kit . Now you tell me whether I shall apply your home made food or I shall apply Metrozyle 400 table to clear his stomach with salt. I want he shaould take at least 10 to 12 pallets per day.

  29. I have purchased your medicine kit to prevent eight disease and your homemade food on 17thNov’16. Now I want to know when shall I get the item or where it is now. I hope you have already shipped the item. I have send email to your email as provided by PayU but I did not receive any reply from you. It was mentioned in the advertisement within five days it will be received by Party within city. Pl. acknowledge.
    Thanking you,

    1. Hi Pradip,

      Due to government rules it taking time to process. Your kit will deliver as early as possible.

      Please bear with us.


      Yashwant Naik

  30. In my previous email I have forgotten to mention can I feed Shrimp E food for flowerhorn
    to my fish direct. I hope it will not be harmful .

  31. With reference to your email I like to inform I did not receive any reply from you. Reg. my flowerhorn I like to inform that he has apatite but he does not want to eat because he wants some change in test of food. I want some palatable delicious food and good for his health. Reg. medicine
    kit and your home made food price you told me you will inform me. I shall wait for your reply.

    Thanking you,

    1. Hello Pradip,

      I guess the email may be deliver to spam inbox. Kindly mark my email as trusted or add to address book.

      Regarding Feeding habit – you can try with multiple food. Or you can keep the dry shrimp to Food Bottle. SO the smell of dry shrimp can be make pallets taste better.

      Or you can try my homemade food. Which has great out put too. You will experience the growth of the head and color.

      Flowerhorn kit is combination of medicine. The Flowerhorn kit can help you to fight with several diseases. That kit can be useful for you all time. You can get the kit from here – https://www.payumoney.com/store/product/21e1ac57288c21e9f8427882d9e702f9

      Thanks for comment.

      Yashwant Naik

      1. What is dry shrimp ? Where shall I get it. Pl Let me know.
        Secondly You tell me the cost of your homemade food. Then I can try with it. I have to
        keep all types of food.
        For your kind information I have already paid Rs.799 for the medicine kit . Kindly send the item
        early. Thanking you,

          1. I have purchased your home made food and I want to know whether it will increase his apatite or not. You have mentioned that it will solve stomach problem.
            Secondly I want to know what type dried shrimp I shall purchase. ( with salt or without salt.) I want to purchase small size .

  32. Hii sir
    I have a female flowerhorn fish and it has got white eye from the last week
    Plz give me some advice’s to cure this disease plz.its both eyes are become white
    Plz help

    1. Hi Rahul,

      This is clear indication about the bad water.
      You need a water conditioner and one medicine.

      Medicine req –

      1) Ocean Free Anti Chlorine Special
      2) Ocean Free Gill Fungus Parasite Special

      Treatment process –

      A) Complete Water Change
      Remove the flowerhorn from tank and keep in bucket of water.
      Now remove all water from tank and clean with warm water. Clean filter and airstone.

      B)Fill tank
      Fill the tank with fresh tap water. Install heater and air stone and filter into tank. Turn heater to 28 constant. Turn on filter. Add Oceanfree Anti Chlorine special –

      Quantity –
      1.Upto 3 feet tank – ½ cap
      2.Above 3 feet tank – 1 cap

      After twenty mins add flowerhorn to tank.
      Turn off the Filter and add Ocean free Gill Fungus parasite special.

      Quantity –
      1.Upto 3 feet tank – ½ cap
      2.Above 3 feet tank – 1 cap

      After three days you have to change 20% water and add
      Quantity –
      1.Both medicine – ¾ cap

      Note –
      1.You can feed him while treatment. Maintain the temperature and hygiene of tank.
      2.Maintain temperature.
      3.Dont relay food on tank.
      4.Use tap water only
      5.Dont change water during night do it in day time.

      You can get medicine from my online store –

      Oceanfree Anti Chlorine – https://yashwantnaik.com/aquarium-shop/ocean-free-anti-chlorine-special-water-conditioner/

      Oceanfree Gill Fungus Parasite Special – https://yashwantnaik.com/aquarium-shop/ocean-free-gill-fungus-and-parasite-special/

      Keep update me about her progress.

      Thank you,
      Yashwant Naik

  33. Hi, I am prajot

    My flowerhorn is not eating food since last month…. he had got some diseases poop on head it was like a pimple …. I treated him with Metronidazole now he is almost clear but he still gets small poops ..he still dnt eat an tail is getting rotten.. I keep heater on in tank … also he has stopped swimming now…. and he is not active like b4…. I put him rock salt, I even put stored water to him… I see his body sometimes getting white straps like he is going colorless I need treat him n dnt want to loose please reply…. thanks

    1. Hi Prajot,

      As you said it called white spots disease. The White Spot diseases is happening due bad water condition in aquarium tank.

      The rotten fin also reason for same.

      I suggest you to get buy Flowerhorn kit which help you to recover fish from this disease.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  34. With reference to your email dt. 10th Nov2016 I like to know the cost of the kit to
    prevent five basic disease and your home made food which you were talking about .Also mention the procedure of feeding. My intention to keep my fish healthy and fit .

    Thanking you,

  35. With reference to my email I like to inform that as per advise I applied Ocean free Paraclear for my flower horn twice but after few days again I find white Poop just like white mucus in the debris. Then I came to conclusion that the proportion of Paraclear is not sufficient because my tank contains near about 180 liters of water. As per instruction it should be one and half pouch of medicine . Where as I used in the previous treatment half pouch of medicine in each interval. Now I have used this medicine again within one week & during treatment he was OK but after last interval when I used the Paraclear I found he became less inactive day by day his movement became slow his body colour has become fed. Due to bad weather in KOLKATA while I was using the medicine I did change 30% of water. Now I want to know due to that I faced this problem and also advise what shall I do now. He does not have apatite also.
    You also advise what shall I do now.

    1. Hi Pradip,

      Thanks for details information. The paraclear absolutely clear white poop treatment.

      Unfortunately many duplicate copy medicine also Available with cheap rate.

      I suggest you to get medicine get Original medicine.

      Also Oceanfree paraclear treatment is itself stressful. But clear white poop disease.

      I wish to know few –

      1) which water you use.
      2) are you using any medicine
      3) are you using filter while treatment
      4) what’s water temperature

      Please provide details.



      1. I use corporation water but not direct I store water in a separate clean tank for one week or more.
        I do not use any medicine expect Ridall anti fungus & anti chlorine drop when I change water.
        I use Top filter but not at the time of Para clear treatment. At the time of treatment I take out the filter and use it as high pressure air blower.
        I always keep 32 C in my thermostat but it shows little bit less specially in winter.
        In this connection I like to inform now my fish is OK after increasing the temperature from day before yesterday. His movement became normal. From Yesterday he was showing his activity for food. Today in the morning I gave four pallets. I came to conclusion after lot of observation due to low temperature . Since I keep my aquarium in the veranda & I told you reg. bed weather in KOLKATA the temperature dropped and he got cold. From day before yesterday I covered the
        aquarium with warm cloths & kept the thermostat in 33 C and then I find his activeness from yesterday. Now I have to see what improvement achieved after treatment with exact amount of medicine. I shall wait for your comments and next if it again occur es I shall purchase medicine from you as you advised.
        Thanking you,

        1. Hello Pradip,

          Yes, due to winter i am getting many complaints about flowerhorn illness.
          But make sure it should not over heat.

          Use less light and avoid live fish feeding.

          Let me know if you looking any help regarding flowerhorn.

          Thank you,

          Yashwant Naik

          1. Now I like to know what are the medicine I shall use and also reg. food.
            Specially you guide me reg. food. What food in the market can be used
            in case to avoid white poop. I hope you know of SPECTRUM food of USA.
            Shall I use it. Also I want to know of Fast Act White Poop away Protection.

          2. Hi Pradip Kumar,

            No food can assure the white poop disease or any other diseases. Because white poop happen due to parasites infection due to over feeding or water infection.

            You need Flowerhorn kit which can prevent five basic disease.

            For feeding food you need to make time table for feeding. And should feed that much pallet which Flowerhorn can finish in 55 sec.

            I am having homemade food, which has good results in term of head growth n color improvement.

            Let me know about interest to try.

            Thank you,

            Yashwant Naik

  36. Hi Yashwant,
    I have a pair of flower horns about 4 months. As i was new with fishes i dont know much about them so it took almost 1 month to clean my tank, as of this reason my fishes were tottally ill quickly i searched web and found your site.
    From that moment i have cleaned my tank twice and now my female is responsing well but my male sits always in a corner rarely eats as i feed them prawns.
    As i come close to the tank both my fishes get frightened, they dash at both sides of tank. Please help me out to cure my male flowerhorn as he was very active.

    1. Hi Prashant,

      I guess female is bigger in size that dominating.

      I wish to highlight here is we never keep male female together, as Flowerhorn is aggressive fish.

      If they living together till no worries.

      The Flowerhorn may be scare because they still not recognise you yet. Or, you may be behaving scare.

      I will email you my number please respond.


      Yashwant Naik

  37. hi sir,
    I have 5 inch flower horn.
    its very active, but refuses to eat pellets,
    when I put pellets in the tank, it comes fast and tastes it but spit it out.
    I have this problem for 1 week.
    I tried with green peas, but no improvement. But it eats small fishes. it had eaten only 2 fishes for past 1 week.I’ve stopped to feed it with live fishes, what should I do to make my flower horn to eat pellets.

    1. Hello Aravinth,

      I guess he is not liking food.

      You can do one experiment –

      You can keep one bottle and put pallet and dry shrimps together.

      Now try to feed with sane store pallets.

      He may eat

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

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  39. With reference to my email dt. 19th september I did not receive any reply from your side.
    I shall request you to take necessary steps to cancel my order and to refund the amount
    I have paid for the product. I hope you will acknowledge with a proper reply.
    Thanking you,

  40. My payment ID1xxxxxx & Marchent order ID 91xxx-11xxxxx for Ocean free Paraclear. I want to
    how many pouch you will send for Rs xxx/-. I purchase one pouch for Rs xxx/- in the local market.
    Pl. let me know before sending the item. If it is costly than the price of local market pl. cancel my order.

    1. Hi Pradip,

      You can cancel the order.

      Oceanfree Paraclear originally cost Rs. 400.

      I will send one packet only.

      Also beware of fake product.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

      1. I have send a mail to PayUmoney for refund since I have asked you to cancel the
        order. They have send a mail in reply to keep contact with you for refund and
        cancellation. Now I shall request you to advise PayUmoney to refund the amount
        and cancel the order.
        Thanking you,

        1. Hi

          I called you on gplus video. But no one pick phone.

          Mailing you some details, please respond.

          Thank you,

          Yashwant Naik

  41. Hi there.
    I have male flowerhorn in 70 gallon tank with a female FH (its a partitioned tank)
    My Male flowerhorn’s stomach is little bit bloated since 15 days. I starved him for 2 days still his stomach is not getting flat. His stomach is not bloated too much but little bit. I m worried now. What should I do to get his stomach flat??
    Or this is normal because of overfeeding??
    Tell me solution sir. I am waiting…

    1. Hi Ganesh,

      Get ocean free paraclear.


      1) change 30% water
      2) now add dechlorinate to water
      3) add 1/3 of Paraclear to tank
      4) turn heater into 30′
      5) cover tank and just observe

      In one treatment it may reduce otherwise redo process.

      You can buy link from my domain tooo



      1. Maza flowran cha eyes thoda baher ala AHE ani tyala motibindu sarkhe white eyes cha aat zale AHE. Tyala treatment Kai karaychi ani eyes drops Kai takaycha te sanga pls whatsapp no xxxxxx

        1. Hey Vivek,

          This cloud eyes disease.
          You need to start immediate treatment.

          I have shared my WhatsApp number. Please reply.

          Thank you,

          Yashwant Nsik

    1. Hi Rahul,

      It seems your flowerhorn is suffering from Stress because of water infection or bad water in tank.

      You need to do bellow treatment to get cure flowerhorn –

      Medicine required –

      1) Grand Fish Super Aqua Safe for Fresh Water – for Water treatment
      Link to buy – https://www.payumoney.com/store/product/2a1e211c8d261da27da8476f931808fa
      2) Grand Fish Anchor Safe
      Link to buy – https://www.payumoney.com/store/product/01089e6d683a142d5f6ed85effad95f6
      Treatment –

      A) Complete Water Change and tank cleaning –

      1) We need to do complete water change as well as tank cleaning. Remove Flowerhorn in small bucket.
      2) Now remove all water from tank.
      3) Clean Tank with warm water – give special attention to corners
      4) Clean Oxygen Filter sponge with warm water
      5) Now fill fresh water to tank
      6) add one cup Gran Fish Super Aqua Safe to tank, mix well and stir
      7) Now add one cup Grand Fish Anchor Away medicine to tank
      8) Install Heater to tank and turn to 30″F
      9) Install the Oxygen Filter to tank
      10) after 20 mins add flowerhorn to tank

      After 48 hours (2nd day), you, need to do 30% water change and add half cup Grand Fish Anchor Away.

      This is very slow process which takes time.
      You can buy medicine online from here –
      1) Grand Fish Super Aqua Safe for Fresh Water – for Water treatment
      Link to buy – https://www.payumoney.com/store/product/2a1e211c8d261da27da8476f931808fa

      2) Grand Fish Anchor Safe
      Link to buy – https://www.payumoney.com/store/product/01089e6d683a142d5f6ed85effad95f6

      Thank you,


  42. As per your advice I have continued the Oceanfree Paraclear for first three days and do not found any WHITEPOOP in the aquarium and giving a gap for fourth day. Now I want to know whether I shall change 30% water from the tank before giving him pallets. Also want to know whether shall I stat the power filter or not.

  43. Hi.,

    Its really very impressive about your responds to every one. i have a doubt on the same.., my fh behaves too vague from morning, it behaves like his half part has paralyzed. could you please help me on this.

  44. Hi Yashwant..,
    its really very impressive about your responds to every one. i have a doubt on the same.., my fh behaves too vague from morning, it behaves like his half part has paralyzed. could you please help me on this.

    1. Hi Krishna,

      Thank you for appreciating.

      Does your fish hang on top of tank or something else.

      I am mailing you from my personal email ID for more details.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

      1. No.., he is trying to be very normal, but he couldn’t..
        He loosing his balance often, his color was turned pale . He couldn’t use his caudal fin. Whole body was bended like S. other than that everything is normal.

        1. Hi Krishna,

          Your flowerhorn seems to be have problem with Swimming Blade Problem.

          The Treatment you need is “Espon Salt Bath”.

          Do let me know if you not aware about the this, than I will explain u in details.

          Thank you,

          Yashwant Naik

          1. Hi Krishana,

            Here is process –

            1) Espon salt
            2) Bucket

            Quantity to add –
            1spoon for 3 ltr

            Process –

            1) Take Bucket.
            2) Add fresh water to bucket.
            3) add espom salt as per water quantity.
            4) keep.fish for fifteen Mins
            5) if fish show irritations than remove other wise keep for 15 mins.

            Thank you,

            Yashwant Naik

  45. Hi Sir…my male flowerhorn stop eating for a week now…his colored is dull and stays in one place on the top of the tank…he looks very stressed out and a lot of black lines ….what can I do..

    1. Hi,

      Do complete water change.

      Add fresh water n dechlorinate
      Add some Epsom salt

      Make heater fast.

      Thank you

        1. Hi Tammi,

          You need water conditioner. This is bacterial infection in water.

          Also clean filter sponges too.

          Salt is best solution for this.

          Thank you,

          Yashwant Naik

  46. Hello again sir.
    My flowerhorn has not eaten anything since last 10 days, it is moving properly but has become less colorful due to bot eating, its head has become small.

    1. Hi Khuntia,

      I am mailing you from personal email ID.

      Please reply over their.

      thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  47. Dear sir my flower horn has pop eye problem and it’s colour also reduced looking dull, I use epsom salts but , it not cured please help me, please give your mail I’d I will send pics

  48. My flowerhorn is not able to balance properly for past 2 days just floating flat on surface.One eye is bulged out nd is decolourised with white patches.Nd he is not eating properly.Im not able to know the disease.plz suggest the remedy coz the movement of gills is very slow.

    1. Hi Sanchal,

      Your Flowerhorn is suffering from Boalted Stomach, which is reason to problem in balance. This can be deadly.

      We can try to survive him.

      – For your Pet Flowerhorn Treatment is bellow –

      A. Medicine Required –

      1. Ocean Free Paraclear
      2. OCEAN free AntiChlorine Special
      3. Tetracycline 250mg

      Process –

      Step 1 – remove the fish from tank n keep in Bucket if same tank water.

      Step 2 – now clean entire tank with warm water – don’t use soap…

      Step 3 – clean filter n air buble stone

      Step 4 – now clean the filter n sponge with warm water..

      Step 5 – now fill tank with fresh water

      Step 6 – now add ten drops of Oceanfree AntiChlorine special

      Step 7 – tetracycline 1 full capsule, remove capsule cover only add yellow powder

      Step 8 – add 1/3 of oceanfree paraclear

      Step 9 – mix them well

      Step 10 – install heater to tank

      Step 11 – keep heater at lowest temp 26 or 28 n put it on

      Step 12 – make air pump fast

      Step 13 – after ten mins add Flowerhorn to tank, n throw it out the Bucket water

      Step 14 – now cover the tank well

      Important precautions –

      1) while treatment never use filter

      2) no feeding for three days

      3) no stairing or disturbing fish

      4) no stone no decorative items in your tank

      5) no direct sunlight

      This treatment goes for three days… Keep checking in middle. Do let me know about his progress.

      Also please check your email for my personal email.

      You can get medicine online from this link –



      2) Oceanfree AntiChlorine special –

      Tetracycline can available at local store.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

    1. Hello Rohan,

      Whats is exactly happening?

      Not swimming means what?

      Does he stay at one place??

      Does he lost his balance..???

      Pleaae specific???

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

        1. Hi Roshan,

          I have mailed you at your personal email ID. Please reply me with photos details.

          Thank you,

          Yashwant Naik

          1. Hi sir, my pet fish is not well too many days I used many medicines to for his health but not yet well so pls hlp me to what kind of medicines for his health to kind request to help for my pet. I’m waiting for ur rply. Problem( it’s not swimming sleeping in one place not eat well in top of skin like small pots fade)

          2. Good Morning Roshan,

            I am trying to reach out but not able get connect.

            If your reading my comment reply than please share your mobile number via comment.

            For your Per Flowerhorn Treatment is bellow –

            A. Medicine Required –

            1. Ocean Free Paraclear
            2. OCEAN free AntiChlorine Special
            3. Tetracycline 250mg

            Process –

            Step 1 – remove the fish from tank n keep in Bucket if same tank water.

            Step 2 – now clean entire tank with warm water – don’t use soap…

            Step 3 – clean filter n air buble stone

            Step 4 – now clean the filter n sponge with warm water..

            Step 5 – now fill tank with fresh water

            Step 6 – now add ten drops of Oceanfree AntiChlorine special

            Step 7 – tetracycline 1 full capsule, remove capsule cover only add yellow powder

            Step 8 – add 1/3 of oceanfree paraclear

            Step 9 – mix them well

            Step 10 – install heater to tank

            Step 11 – keep heater at lowest temp 26 or 28 n put it on

            Step 12 – make air pump fast

            Step 13 – after ten mins add Flowerhorn to tank, n throw it out the Bucket water

            Step 14 – now cover the tank well

            Important precautions –

            1) while treatment never use filter

            2) no feeding for three days

            3) no stairing or disturbing fish

            4) no stone no decorative items in your tank

            5) no direct sunlight

            This treatment goes for three days… Keep checking in middle. Do let me know about his progress.

            Also please check your email for my personal email.

            You can get medicine online from this link –

            1) OCEANFREE PARACLEAR –


            2) Oceanfree AntiChlorine special –

            Tetracycline can available at local store.

            Thank you,

            Yashwant Naik

          3. Sir, I done the treatment what u said but no improvement and the eye has affected by infections. What to do sir . I’m waiting for your kind reply.

          4. Good Morning Roshan,

            Since your Flowerhorn lost his balance and due disease this take long time to cure. Sometime it took 6months also.

            So, we have to keep doing the process until he recover.

            Thank you,

            Yashwant Naik

  49. Hello sir. Flowerhorn has released the eggs and some tissue like thing.
    But now it has become pale, its head has shrunk and now its not eating. Its moving and responding normally.

    1. Dear AK Khuntia,

      Check egg color. If it turn to white or fungus type than they are not going to fertile.

      Also female will reactive in week.

      You can see she is roamin around the egg like protecting eggs.

      Please keep water fresh and temperature maintained.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  50. Hello sir.
    A few days back my flowerhorn laid eggs for the first time, yesterday something swollen was coming out I thought it was laying eggs again but it hasnt laid them since 1 day and the swollen thing doesnt look like eggs but looks like a sac(a little bit transparent).
    Please help…

    1. Dear AK Khuntia,

      Congress for this.

      It’s egg case or you can called as egg Bucket.

      Don’t worry for that. It’s natural process.

      Please take care eggs..


      Yashwant Naik

    2. Sir what do I do with the eggs? Last day from egg sac many long red and white things came out , fish had not been eating too.

      1. Hello AK Khuntia,

        It’s natural process. No such medicine for change the process. Only precautions are their such as water hygiene, protection for eggs etc.

        Next few days are going to be most difficult days and if successfully egg n mother pass from days than only we can say whole process gone successful.

        Breeding is very difficult stage to handle.

        Thank you,


  51. hi sir my flowerhorn left side eye totally become white color n it can’t see anything from right eye it will see please help me sir

    1. Hi Kiran,

      Immediately you clean your tank from warm water.

      Clean filter.

      Now fill tank with fresh water.

      Add dechlorinate to tank

      Add 250 gm tetracycline, use only yellow powder.

      Add ocean free gill fungus parasites special

      After 20 mins add fish to tank

      Fasten air pump

      Don’t use light

      After two days you have change 20% water n add fve drops of ocean free gill fungus parasites special.

      In three weeks it will go away…

      It seems your water has problems… You need

      Grand fish clear Aqua safe.

      You can get medicine from my website too.

      Thank you,


  52. Dear sir,
    I am having 6″ flowerhorn which is 7 months old. I want to deworm my flowerhorn . I have already done some research on that and i have found cz clear solution but, it is not available in mumbai.
    I have searched alot for this . Sir do you know any place where i will get this medicine.


    1. Hi Ketan,

      Thanks for commenting in my blog about Flowerhorn.

      It’s not available on local store.

      Let me check with my friends to help you.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  53. Hi sir i have bought a flowerhorn of 3 to 5 inches which is effected with bloated stomach.Its stomach is like a ball.Am really worried.Please help me how to cure it.

    1. Hi Anil,

      Boalted stomach can deadly.

      This is disease is very contiguous.

      We need to do immediate treatment for same –

      Medicine required –

      1) ocean free paraclear
      2) tetracycline
      3) grand fish Anchor Away

      Treatment process

      1) remove 30% of water from tank

      2) remove all gravels from tank

      3) remove and clean filter sponge, air stone, and heater.

      4) now take a bucket, and pour same quantity of water to Bucket

      5) now add 10 drops dechlorinate to Bucket water.

      6) add 1/4 of oceanfree paraclear

      7) now install the heater and turn to 28°

      8) install the oxygen stone

      9) now pour the medicine mixture water to tank.

      Please note that –

      1) don’t use filter while treatment is going on

      2) don’t use light

      3) don’t touch or distrub Flowerhorn

      4) dony not stair fish

      5) cover tank

      6) no feeding

      You can get medicine online form here


  54. Hi sir,
    my flowerhorn cannot balance itself for the past 2 days, it is 3 inches. I had added salt and blue liquid and gave him peas he ate it,he looks a little active than befor but can’t balance himself a day ago he was doing summersalts in water vigorously whatshould I do? Is there any medications i can give him?

    1. Hi Mitesh,

      If Flowerhorn loose balance than difficult to treat them.

      You can use Ocean free paraclear for that.

      Thank you,


      1. Hi sir,
        I have put ocean free paraclear to the tank as u suggested and now my flowerhorn is staying on top of the tank as if it’s not getting oxygen,but my air pump is also on is it normal.

        1. Hi Mitesh,

          Ocean Free Paraclear is very heavy medicine. This is quite normal.

          Continue for three days.

          Thank you,

          Yashwant Naik

  55. Hello sir,
    I have 18 months flowerhorn which is very active and good in color but it started to fade the color past three weeks more worst part is the fish is not taking feed not responding which usually plays according to my hand movement now not taking food and very lazy for past 3 days pla help to save the fish since its like one of our family member i wanna save fish so seeking ur help

  56. Hi yash,

    I am havng 2yr old flowerhorn.
    From past one week its not eating anythng ..and the head became flat …its keeping head outside the tank..and standing in only one position.

    I hv changed the water 6days ago….and i hv put metrogyl tablet along with ice bottles for three days .

    The fish remained same ..the head is becomng flatter n flatter with spotting red on it ..the face color has changed to white…
    Yesterday nyt …something had happn to it n it is floating on water ..which is unable to swim..breathing in and out …no moment in it ..if we disturd it..it is moving here n thr ..and again it is floating…it is not able balance it..
    I have added PARACIDOL-FW 10ml in the tank …
    Today mrng i hv changed 30% of water

    So sir please give me sujjestion ??? How it will be cured n hw much time it takes

    1. Hi Vamshi,

      This is Swimming blade disorder. Difficult to cure.

      We can try a treatment with OCEAN FREE PARACLEAR.

      Thia is happened due stomach infection.

      Get the medicine quickly.

      Also get Tetracycline and water treatment.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

      1. The stomach of it became fat…its is lying only on one side on top of water…i cant see any moment in right wing ….

        But today mrng it is swiming one two rounds and again it is going to the same position.

        I find some skin out on its head…
        And i also find white sopt above its mouth….

        Sir please help me out …please give me detail procedure of treatment

        1. Hi Vamshi,

          Flowerhorn is suffering form boalted stomach.

          The medicine required for that is

          1) Ocean free paraclear
          2) dechlorinate
          3) tetracycline 250 mg


          1) clean entire tank with warm water, while Cleaning keep fish in separate Bucket with same old water

          2) now fill the half tank with fresh water.

          3) add dechlorinate to water

          4) install heater n oxygen pump, and keep on the oxygen n heater

          5) after 10 mins add Flowerhorn to tank

          6) take Bucket and take exact same water

          7) now add 1/2 packet Ocean free paraclear and one tetracycline capsule without shell

          8) mix it

          9) now add this water to tank

          10) cover the tank well

          11) this treatment will go for three days.

          12) while treatment don’t feed anything and don’t use filter …

          13) use heater on night.

          Do let me know in case you have any query or doubt.

          You can buy from –


          Thank you,

          Yashwant Naik

          1. Sir ,
            Yrsterday nyt i hv added tetracycline but after some time …full of bubbles appeared over the water .

            And the treatment you said is for 3days ….shud i change the water for every 24hrs ??

          2. Hi Vamshi,

            No, you don’t need to change water everyday. It’s you do on day one of cleaning tank .

            Also when you put medicine water may be diluted or alge type. Dot worry.

            Thank you,


  57. Hi sir my flowerhorn is not eating anything and his anal part looks too wide and its getting too wide day by day he had a daisies name rectal prolapse .. He is about to die he is fading the colour also.. Please help.. I dnt want to loose him he is 1.5 years old..

    1. Hi Prashant,

      It seems your Flowerhorn is suffering from boalted stomach.

      Oceanfree Paraclear is only medicine which can treat him .

      I mailed u detailed, please the photos for future guidence.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  58. hi yash,
    my flowerhorn is not eating food for atleast 1 week n also not doing poop at the same . i thought this may be of water problem but i even change the water but then also he does not eat.actually my filter pump is not working so i removed it n kept,it may be due to the removing the pump or what? n even the water is also clean..

    1. Hi Shailendra,

      Can check following symptoms –

      1) swelling stomach
      2) fungus at fin
      3) color drops – fading color
      4) reddish color at anus
      5) does he irritating or scratching his head

      Please let me know than I can figure out why he is not eating.

      Mostly it is because if water problem. Also due to high day time temperature cause the problems.

      If possible have filter…

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  59. Hi Yashwant,
    My Flowerhorn is not eating since 6 Days also excreting white poop.I have started giving him flagyl. Firstly he ate the Tablets but after wards,he Dint Ate,But I continued to add those to the aquarium water.
    I have also changes 50% water after 3 days
    Please suggest me some good therapy and treatment for this.


    1. Hi Chaitanya,

      This is disease is very contiguous.

      We need to do immediate treatment for same –

      Medicine required –

      1) ocean free paraclear
      2) tetracycline
      3) grand fish Anchor Away

      Treatment process

      1) remove 30% of water from tank

      2) remove all gravels from tank

      3) remove and clean filter sponge, air stone, and heater.

      4) now take a bucket, and pour same quantity of water to Bucket

      5) now add 10 drops dechlorinate to Bucket water.

      6) add 1/4 of oceanfree paraclear

      7) now install the heater and turn to 28°

      8) install the oxygen stone

      9) now pour the medicine mixture water to tank.

      Please note that –

      1) don’t use filter while treatment is going on

      2) don’t use light

      3) don’t touch or distrub Flowerhorn

      4) dony not stair fish

      5) cover tank

      6) no feeding

      You can get medicine online form here



      Pleaae start treatment ASAP

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  60. Hi there, i have had the white poop issue with both my flowerhorns as they are in separate tanks but share a similiar filter. I have had them moved to a separate tank and treated them with metronidazole. I treated for 1 and a half week and recently moved them back into the main tanks after cleaning. Now, 1 is eating well but i noticed a stringy poop, looks less severe than before but the other flowerhorn is not eating at all and isnt active. Both are small 4-5 inches babies. And i am very attached to these. Where do i source for the CLEAR medication here in Malaysia. Please email me. Thank you.

    1. Hi Satish,

      Try to get Ocean free paraclear from local stores .

      That is one of best treatment available for boalted stomach n white poop .

      Let me know if not available at Malaysia, I will send from India.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  61. Hi! Hope you have a good day. I have my flower horn for 1 year and 5 months now. I noticed my flower horn having bloated stomach for 3 days, and started to look pale (supposedly pinkish). And she also loss her activeness. Can you please help me. Thank you in advance and looking forward for your response. Have a nice day!

    1. Hi John,

      This is disease is very contiguous.

      We need to do immediate treatment for same –

      Medicine required –

      1) ocean free paraclear
      2) tetracycline
      3) grand fish Anchor Away

      Treatment process

      1) remove 30% of water from tank

      2) remove all gravels from tank

      3) remove and clean filter sponge, air stone, and heater.

      4) now take a bucket, and pour same quantity of water to Bucket

      5) now add 10 drops dechlorinate to Bucket water.

      6) add 1/4 of oceanfree paraclear

      7) now install the heater and turn to 28°

      8) install the oxygen stone

      9) now pour the medicine mixture water to tank.

      Please note that –

      1) don’t use filter while treatment is going on

      2) don’t use light

      3) don’t touch or distrub Flowerhorn

      4) dony not stair fish

      5) cover tank

      6) no feeding

      You can get medicine online form here


      Thank you,


  62. I changed my flowerhorn fishtank
    6 days before… Since I changed it he is not eating and swimming very slowly … He losed all his aggressivenes and activness these day
    … He is also excreting white coloured stole… Pls help me by suggesting that what I hv to do next to prevent this problem!!

    1. Hi Snehargho,

      As you describe your Flowerhorn is suffering form the white poop disease. Which is very deadly too.

      Medicine required –

      1) ocean free paraclear
      2) tetracycline 250mg

      Kindly follow below treatment for Flowerhorn –

      1) remove 30% of water from the tank.

      2) remove filter too.

      3) remove n clean the bio filter and Oxygen stone o tank.

      4) now take same quantity of fresh water in Bucket

      5) add 1/2 packet of Ocean free paraclear to Bucket

      6) add 1 capsule of tetracycline 250 mg to Bucket. Kindly remove the shell, only add the yellow powder

      7) mix well

      8) now install the heater to tank and turn 30° temperature to it.

      9) pour the bucket mixer water to tank.

      10) add oxygen to it.

      11) cover the tank with clothe or paper.

      12) don’t use filter during the process

      13) don’t stair or distrub the Flowerhorn while treatment is going on

      14) never put on lights.

      This treatment will go for three days.

      Let me know if you have any doubts.

      Can get medicine from my online store from Online Aquarium Shop

      Thanks for commenting.

      Yashwant Naik

  63. Flowers horn had the hole on left head…the care tajer was cmg regularly ….was getting cured…..changed water many a times …hv PuT salt …n gv spl med for flowers horn…..
    Changed water again fully few days bk…..the fish going to corner n not eating anything…..SOS
    Plz support

    1. Hi Satish,

      I got your email as well as comment.

      I want to know the name of Medicine you using.

      Also sending email so you can share photos.

      Please react fast.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  64. Hello sir, My flowerhorn is now perfect like it was before.
    But today I saw its whole body covered by very very little white bubble like spots. His poop is some parts white and red. Is this disease? He is not lethargic, yesterday he ate little but today he is not eating.
    Thank You

    1. Hello

      That’s nice your Flowerhorn regain its old color and activeness.

      The white poop is disease and we need to cure them.

      You need Oceanfree Paraclear for same.


      Yashwant Naik

  65. Hello sir
    My flowerhorn is pooping white transparent shit…what kind of disease is it…and what is the treatment for it

    1. Hello,

      This disease itself called as WHITE POOP.
      this is happening because of internal parasites disease.

      This can be deadly if treatment not started immediately.

      The medicine required is


      you can get from


      The treatment is follow –

      1) change 30% water from tank

      2) add new 30% water to tank and add 1/2 packet paraclear

      3) add dechlorinate to water

      4) add sea salt one spoon to tank

      This process will last for three days.

      You no need use filter during treatment.

      It won’t eat too.

      But start treatment ASAP.

      Thanks for reading blog.

      Yashwant Naik

  66. Hello sir, I kept my flowerhorn in the aquarium store for 8 days because I was going to holiday. Now my flowerhorn who had red colour turned black and he is keeping his fins closed, not eating and sitting in one place. Please help.

    1. Hi Khuntia,

      Your Flowerhorn is suffering from stress and bacteria infection.

      If you brought Flowerhorn in home than follow this process –

      Medicine required

      1) ocean free gill fungus parasites special
      2) sea salt
      3) dechlorinate

      Now just remove filter and clean.

      Now add ocean free gill fungus parasites special ten drops.

      Add sea salt to tank – 1 spoon.

      After two days let me know about progress.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

      1. I brought it from store today and it became very happy to see me and my family again, It has become same has before and the black color is slowly fading away within a few hours, I think it was just stress but i still added medicine for fungus and added salt. Should I give him food?
        Thank You a lot in advance

        1. Hi

          That’s nice he become normal. The guy had not care him properly. You should avoid such adjustment.

          Yes feed him normally.

          Thank you,

          Yashwant Naik

          1. His color is changing a lot from red to black and then again to red, he is resting a lot but when I show him finger, he attacks it. Is he fine or should I wait for a few days for improvement? And he ate only half food that he usually eats.
            Thank You

          2. Hello Khuntia,

            Yes, allow him to settle down in tank.

            Please make timetable for feeding like – Evening 9 am and Evening 8 PM (like this)

            Maintain water hygiene and temperature of tank.

            Thanks for reading Blog.

            Yashwant Naik

    1. Hi Reddy,

      I want to see his head.

      Sharing my WhatsApp number via email. So please respond to me asap.

      Thank you,


  67. Our flower horn is sad. He has a swollen lower lip and white circles around the eyes. Help We love this guy. Help

  68. Our flower horn is sad. He has a swollen lower lip and white circles around the eyes. Help We love this guy. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi

      Your Flowerhorn is suffering from pop eyes and swollen lips.

      This mostly happening because of poor water n tank conditions

      Please follow this steps –

      1) clean filter with warm water
      2) remove all decorative items and gravels.
      3) change 30% water
      4) now add sea salt to tank
      5) after two days just change 10% of water and add 1spoon sea salt to tank. Do it indsu intervals.

      Thank you,

  69. Dear Sir,
    My flowerhorn is suffering from white poop. We are following ur way of treatment…. How much time will it take 2 recover.
    Nd pls share us ur no. For more details. Thanks you

    1. Hi Arjun,

      In two treatment can solve problem.

      But that also do it exact what ii mentioned in blog

      I will mail you details.

      Thank you


  70. Hi!

    O noticed dark spots in my flowerhorns mouth, fins and a little bit on the head and on the corner of an eye… the spots in the mouth used to be little and then expanded. Do I have to worry about anything?


    1. Hello Angel,

      Water infection is reason for this.

      First clean entire tank with warm water.

      Remove all decorative items in tank.

      Clean water filter with warm water.

      Refill water and add anti chlorine to water.

      Now add one tea spoon sea salt to tank.

      Add five drop of ocean free gill fungus parasites special to tank

      Repeat the treatment in seven days.

      You need to make sure for water hygiene and air flow.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

      1. Sir i need your help can you please givee your number i want to ask you about my flowerhorn he is infected with fungus on his fins tail and mouth.

        1. Hi Aniket,

          It seems your tank is under attack of bacteria.

          Do let me know

          1)size of your Flowerhorn?
          2) which water you use for Aquarium?
          3) how big is your tank?
          4) what decorative items are present in tank?
          5) any Medicine you used for him???

          Looking for information.

          Also shared my number via email.

          Thank you,

          Yashwant Naik

  71. Hi yashwant…i recently bought a new flowerhorn…yesterday i cleaned the entire water for my tank..while i was doing so i removed some water of the tank in a bucket..and later removed the flowerhorn in the same water bucket with the air pump in the bucket so that the flowerhorn doesnt run out of oxygen.. then i cleaned the entire tank..but by the time i was done with the entire tank cleaning..something really went wrong with the fliwerhorn..he became complete red in colour…his eyes turned black..i quickly shifted him to regular tank and left him alone..after a while he did become okay..colour did come to normal..eyes became normal..but now the problem is he is sitting very quite in the tank..not roaming much..sitting beside the filter…on the day of water change i didnot feed him anything..i did give him normal pellets the next day..till now atleast he is eating good…but i am a little worried about his quiteness and behaviour..otherwise he was very agressive before the water change..do i need to do aything?

    1. Hi Nadan,

      Your water change went little wrong. You scared fish. The panic attack cause to change in color of Flower-horn.

      Since he is eating that indicate he is fine.

      I can see the Flowerhorn is still is in Stress. That is reason he is not so active as earlier. We can recover the flowerhorn through medicine and treatment.

      I suggest you to add Sea Salt on tank. Turn heater to 30′ C.

      Also keep observation on him.

      Please get Ocean Free Fungus Parasite Special – https://yashwantnaik.com/aquarium-shop/ocean-free-gill-fungus-and-parasite-special/

      Add 5 drops of Ocean Free Fungus Parasite Special, flowerhorn remain safe from bad bacterial attack.

      Keep reading and following blog for more information.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

      1. Hi yashwant…(with reference to your earlier comment)my flowerhorn gives me a bit of headache whn it comes to tempreature and the heater and stuff..he really like warm water..anything below 32degree celcius..and he starts feeling cold..i tried the heater to 30 degree celcius(measured it with thermometer)..and i could nearly see him shivering in the tank…increased it to 32 degree and he was fine again…tried that couple of time..and what do i really do of the fungus treatement..?cant see any sign of fungus on the flowerhorn or in the tank…and can u point out what actually went wrong in the water change so that i can avoid the same during the next water change…if u can post a video of a complete water change or something that would be all the more helpful..

        1. Hello Nandan,

          My query –

          1) how u identify your Flowerhorn is shivering? Till the date I can’t see such act of behavior !! 😉

          I guess your more sensitive for your pet, which is very common between Flowerhorn keeper. But your this behavior can be problematic to your Flowerhorn too.

          Please don’t over care your Flowerhorn.

          Now I come to your query what exactly happened with Flowerhorn while changing water.

          I refer it may be panic attack where fish got scared while shifting one tank to another tank.

          This leads to loss of color and turn to pale. Upper head fin cab stand straight sometimes.

          This is usually indicates that fish is scared and stressed.

          This may be happened for any reason like –

          1) got hurt while transferring
          2) hit to tank by mistakenly
          3) the water change process can be complete new process.

          I suggest u Medicine which help him to reduce stress.

          Mostly due to stress Flowerhorn got infected with bad Bacteria which may be caused for further illeness. So ocean free gill fungus parasites special is helpful for Flowerhorn.

          Hope all of your doubt is now cleared.

          Thank you,

          Yashwant Naik

          1. I dont have much knowledege as u do..but i think all of human being or animals might react the same to cold by shivering…as far as noticing him shivering is concerned it goes the way u mentioned in earlier post..keep observing..^_^..nways that not the point..i would like to thank you for mentioning the point abt whn the flowerhorn panics it normally faints in colour and the upper head fin cab stand straight..somewhat exactly opposite of that happened..he went entire dark red in colour..with full black eyes..any say on that?

          2. Hello Harry Potter,

            Use Epsom Salt treatmen,
            add 20 gms Epson salt in tank and turn heater to 29″ temperature.
            Observe for three days and In case any doubt let me know.

            Thank you,

            Yashwant Naik

  72. sir i have an imp magma florn and he is not eating food from 5 days also he a shiting white. i m treating him from tetracycline but no results.

  73. hi sir, is it normal for my flowerhorn of losing appetite & not eating for the past 8 days while I’m treating it with medication for healing velvet disease? Appreciate your help.

    1. Hi John,

      Loosing appetite is happening because of illness and diseases. He will recover everything once he get OK from disease.

      1. OK thanks, by the way sir, as the velvet falling off from the body, should i use the net to clear it or just leave it to die? Thanks again

        1. Hello John,

          You need to clean it.

          Those dead skins can encourage bad Bacteria.

          Also do 10% water change twice a week.

          Thanks for following blog.

          Yashwant Naik

          1. Yes, this is depends on the your room temperature. Example –

            If room temperature is more than thirty n we use heater, is not suggested. But if room temperature is less than 20° than we suggest heater with 30° or less.

  74. Hello Yashwant Sir,

    My flowerhorn isnt eating properly since last 2 months, only eats once a day and that too 4-5 pellets.
    I regularly make water changes biweekly. Also, i add epsom salt and there is always heater in the tank to prevent any disease. But he isn’t eating at all and continues to be looking up, doesnt swim much like before.
    Read your blog and I found that he’s developed a small hole tough it isnt clear in the head. Now, I have added Metronidazole to it and the tank is of 14 gallon.
    please suggest next steps as I am not sure what is happening to him and I want to save him at any cost.

    1. Hi Pritam,

      I guess your tank has infected with bad bacteria. This is causing hole in head and stress. This is reason Flowerhorn is not eating. You need to maintain suitable condition of tank.

      The treatment for Flowerhorn is below –

      Medicine required –

      1) ocean free gil and fingers special

      2) grand fish water conditioner

      Before you start clean up process you need put Flowerhorn at Bucket with same water

      1) remove all decorative from tank

      2) clean entire tank with warm water

      3) clean the air stone (from oxygen come)

      4) put filter sponge at warm Water for 30 mins

      Once you clean the tank than refill the water

      Add water conditioner to tank

      Now install the heater to maintain temperature. The ideal temperature is 25°

      Now add ocean free Gil fungus parasites special-10 drops

      Now add fish to tank..

      Avoid live food for twenty day.

      This is intial symptoms with which need to resolve if we do

      1. So do I stop Metronidazole treatment ?
        Also, you have mentioned different medicine names in your comments.
        are these 2 same medicines or they are different
        1.ocean free gil and fingers special’
        2.ocean free Gil fungus parasites special one and the same.

        Kindy advise

    1. Your Flowerhorn is not use to light is reason for this.

      So, either you can keep light on or don’t use the light.

      Yashwant Naik

  75. Hello sir. Sir my flowerhorn is having bloody red marks near fins n skin is coming out from there..i have changed 50 percent water n increased water temp to 31 degree n added epsom salt..but its been 2 days n havnt seen any result..plzz help

  76. hi,,

    again my fish stomach is swollen ,
    kindly help .. after adding paraclear . how much time i have to keep it or when should i change the water.

        1. Hi Preeth,

          The pop eye is happened due to bad water.

          Please use tap water for Aquarium.

          You need two medicine for treatment –

          1) oceanfree Gill fungus parasites special
          2) oceanfree antichlorine

          1) required 60% water change
          2) heater to be 28%
          3) air need to be medium

          Process –

          1) change 60% water
          2) After replacement add on cap ocean free antichlorine and Gill fungus parasites special
          3) turn heater to 28°

          After two days do 20% water change and half cap of both Medicine.

          You can buy Medicine from my online shop too.

          Thank you,

          Yashwant Naik

    1. Hello Sachin,

      Swelling stomach can be dangerous for fish. Immediately you need these medicines –

      1) Ocean free paraclear
      2) ocean free gill fungus parasites special
      3) Grant Fish Water clear safe
      4) Heater

      The steps to follow are –

      1) clean entire tank with warm water
      2) now fill the tank
      3) the should not contain any decorative items, not even stones
      4) install air pump
      5) turn heater to 30°
      6) now add grant fish water clear safe (its dechlorinate but more that which clean water bad element too)
      7) now we have to add ocean free paraclear –

      If your tank is 3ft or less – 1/3 of packet

      If your tank is more than 3 1/2 ft than 1/2 packet

      If your tank is about to 7 feet than full packet

      8) Mix well

      9) wait for half an hour

      10) now slowly add fish to tank

      Please avoid these –

      1) no power filter use while treatment
      2) no feeding
      3) no decorative
      4) switch offing heater
      5) switched offing air
      6) stairig fish
      7) direct sunlight
      8) touching fish
      9) feeding live food
      10) using any other medicine together

      Partially cover tank. This will go three days treatment, and to cure Flowerhorn is depends on fish and how you care.

      In case of any emergency do comment here I will reply you fast.

      Also check out store for buying fish medicine
      Thank you,


          1. Hi,
            I have 3 flowerhorn 2 female and 1 male i kept both female in same tank after adding the paraclear.

            I have tummy wash should i use that also .
            I suspect that both female are having swellon tummy.
            Kindly suggest

          2. Hi Sachin,

            Paraclear is sufficient. Once they recover from the swelling stomach, than use tummy was with every pallet she eat.

            Thanks for reading my blog.

            Yashwant Naik

          3. Hello Sachin,

            I replied to you.

            Do let me know if you want to know more on this.

            Thank you,

            Yashwant Naik

  77. my flowerhorn is not eat from two months. and it always dull & slowly moving. his onecide cheek change to red colour. already i give head growth food to it . continuing i clean fish tank after 7 weeks. please send message “How to save my flowerhorn”.

    1. Hi Ganesha,

      Please provide details of tank and Flowerhorn size.

      Sharing my email id so i can analysis him.

      Yes we can save him sure.

      Thanks for reading blog,

      Yashwant Naik

  78. Hi, I have a flower horn fish, but he is sick past 2 month and not eating food, also not moving and got some white spot on eye. Kindly suggest some treatment.
    Think in advance

    1. Hi Suraj,

      Seems your fish is feeling stress.

      The stress because of bad water conditions.

      Please make sure you use good water for tank.

      The medicine you need –

      1) ocean free gill fungus and parasites special – for white spot

      2) grand fish fresh water clear – water cleaner

      Usage –

      1) remove 20% water from tank
      2) take a bucket and add same water (20%)
      3) as per 30 ltr. Add five drops of both medicine to water. And mix well
      4) now add heater to bucket
      5) keep for twenty mins
      6) than add water to tank.

      In case you have stones it any other decorative than remove them.

      Clean power filter with warm water.

      Also install heater to tank and make it 30′.

      Do let me know about his progress.

      Thank you,


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  81. My FH is not eating for last week. it had to go through few water changes. Now in the new tank with RO water it has stopped eating placing herself most of the time in a corner. head is shrinking. i can observe a small cut just in her body
    which is bleeding, a little.

    1. Hi Amit,

      The water change cause to all problem for fish.

      You need two medicine for your fish

      1) Ocean Free Gill fungus parasites special for recovering from cut mark

      2) Grand Fish Clear Water Safe for Fresh water

      Now change 30% water from. Take bucket and add five drops of ocean free Gill fungus parasites special to tank and mix well.

      Now add 3 drops of Grand Fish

      Now add heater for twenty minute

      after twenty mins add water to tank.

      You can buy product from –


  82. Hi my flower horn is about 8 inches and it swims upside down and remains in one corner of the tank, I have stopped feeding, started the heater, added salt, and done a water change for 4 days using Azoo magic disease treatment but there is no much change, the fish is in isolation. Pls recommend some treatment.

    1. Hi Dennis,

      Your Flowerhorn lost the balance due to problem at swim blade.

      This stage is very difficult to treat and recovery chances are less. Few fishes still survive on same condition for long too.

      But we can try to recover from such conditions.

      First of all clean entire tank with warm water.

      Get Ocean free Paraclear and Ocean free Gill fungus and parasite special

      1) fill tank without power filter
      2) introduce biological filter
      3) add heater to tank and turn to 30°
      4) now add 1/3 of ocean free Paraclear
      5) add anti chlorine liquid
      6) take out the fish and keep at towel
      7) take plate and pour 6 drops of ocean free Gill fungus parasites special
      8) take ear bud
      9) now apply that to swimming blade (bottom fin)
      10) and than put to tank
      11) observe for two days and than let me know.

      Heater should be on for 20 mins before adding fish to tank

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  83. Hi sir

    My flower born got hit by the tank top. Anh lost balance. He is horizontal and has turned dark in color. Please help me .

    He moves his fins. But not able to be straight. No injuries are visible.

    1. Hi Shruti,

      As you describe – I guess your fish lost control on Swimming Blade, that is reason he is not able swim properly.

      You need to take immediate action.

      Please help me to know more about the fish –

      1) How big is your fish?
      2) How big is tank?
      3) Which water do you use for aquarium?
      4) is any medicine you used for this?

      Please reply ASAP

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  84. Hi Yeshwant, My flower horn has lost balance.but he is active for some time .He is not eating food for 1 month.he can’t come up for food but can swim through tank.Tank size 3ft×15″.cut on tail.12″flowerhorn size.Was quite healthy & Hump but squeezed little bit.pls suggest medication.

    1. Hi Sanjay,

      The treatment for this is very difficult to treat. But we can take chance.

      You need to take care lot for Flowerhorn now. Please follow the steps for treatment –

      Medicine we need –

      1) Oceanfree paraclear
      2) Ocean free Gill fungus parasites special
      3) Water clear Safe for Fresh Water

      Process to treatment –

      1) remove the 30% of water
      2) take bucket and add same quantity of water
      3) add water clear safe for fresh water – 6 drops in case if you don’t get than you can use dechlorinates too
      4) now add 1/2 packet of Ocean free paraclear
      5) mix well
      6) now at tank clean galss of tank with sponge
      7) remove the power filter and stones or any other decorative items in tank
      8) clean oxygen stone
      9) if you have biological filter than clean that too
      10) add heater to tank and turn to 30′
      11) no slowly add bucket water to tank
      12) now don’t feed it stair fish
      13) avoid direct sunlight to tank
      14) also don’t disturb him too

      You can get all those medicine from eBay.in too in case you not able to get from local vendor. Make sure you start medicine ASAP.

      Also in case if your aquriumist give substitute medicine than do let me know.

      Thanks and keep updating me about fish,

      Yashwant Naik

  85. Dear Sir,
    My flowerhorn is 12 inch size. Form last 15 days its not eating food properly. Activeness is as usual. But only the problem is not eating. I bought hikari biogold plus that he likes so much but not eating. Please suggest what I should care for this.

    1. Hi Suraj,

      Please help me with following details –

      1) how big is your Flowerhorn
      2) how big is tank
      3) which water you using for Flowerhorn
      4) what medicine you used for cure.

      Once I get your answer I will get back to you.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

    1. Hi CJ,

      Any other symptoms you see.

      May b your tank water is creating issue.

      Please clean tank properly.

      Also have heater in tank.

      Please keep updating me about FH.



  86. Hi,
    ebay is not deliver the product at my location so is their any pet shop you know in pune where i got paraclear?
    or any medicine which i got from medical


  87. Hi,

    I bought a flowerhorn 2 week ago still he is in stress not eating also white pop so i gave him tummy wash.
    but still he is not eating food..

    1. Hi Amol,

      Do let me know – does whitepoop still happening ?

      Your water is reason for stress. You need a water cleaner liquid.

      Thank you,


      1. Hi
        Today morning i gave him tummy wash at the evening their is too much whitepoop. i remove it from tank .but the problem is the fish is not interested to eat food….

        how many days go to clear that white poop problem?
        is their any other medication ?


        1. Hi

          toaday morning their is no withepoop but still the fish is in stress when every anybody pass near the tank today i change the water 50% (some different kind of cause i am using normal tap water which is boar well) now the fish is good . i have question how to reduce stress?
          how many day the fish is not eating and survive?


          1. Hi

            is their any home remedies or any other medication at local pet shop which can i got ……for…. remove stress and eating food …? today the fish is going very well ….less of stress.
            question is
            any other…..thing which i left to medication?
            it’s almost month..that fish is not interested to eat…. ? (i tried every thing which he eat at pet shop….)


          2. Hi Amol,

            Home remedies for Flowerhorn won’t always work and at end you may disappoint same way like now.

            Before suggesting anything to you, please share detail information about the aquarium like size, what you have in tank, about Flowerhorn your own.

            Thanks ,

            Yashwant Naik

  88. Dear sir.
    I have purchased a flowerhorn shortbody last Friday i.e. 7days ago.before today everything is fine.but when i saw that fish today at the morning that flowerhorn unable to take food.his movement is very slow now and also saw that stomach is slightly bloated.he is only 3 inches.
    Pls sir give me some suggestions asap.

  89. Dera sir.
    I have purchased a flowerhorn shortbody last Friday i.e. 7days ago.before today everything is fine.but when i saw that fish today morning that flowerhorn unable to take food.his movement is very slow now and also saw that stomach is slightly bloated.he is only 3 inches.
    Pls sir give me some suggestions asap.

    1. Hi Amartya,

      Since your Flowerhorn is new than its quite natural behavior.

      But at same time you mention that your Flowerhorn is suffering from bolted stomach.

      I recommend you get ocean free para clear.

      This will resolve your problem.

      If you won’t get that on shop than buy from eBay.com – https://m.ebay.in/itm?itemId=281796512356

      Also get Flowerhorn kit for treatment.

      Thank you
      Yashwant Naik

  90. Hi,

    I have a 1.5 year old flowerhorn which has stopped eating since 2 days now. There are no signs of stress or any diseases but he only consumes one or two pellets at most (feed Hikari cichlid excel and chingmix). Is active too and responds to our presence. What could be wrong ?

    1. Hi Shashank,

      With the reference of both comments,

      Your fish stomach is infected with bacteria. This cause fish not eating food.

      The bacteria infection is happen because of –
      1) bad water
      2) non regularly feeding or excessive feeding of pallet or live fish or live feedings

      You need to follow these steps –

      1) get Ocean Free paraclear from shop
      2) need heater
      3) water dechlorinates


      1) remove 30% water from tank
      2) remove power filter
      3) remove gravels n stones if any
      4) clean surface
      5) now take bucket n have equally water
      6) add dechlorinates drops
      7) if your tank is more than 3ft than full packet other wise half packet of Ocean Free paraclear
      8) mix well
      9) now dip heater to it, turning 30 temp.
      10) after twenty mins you install heater to tank with same temp
      11) slowly add water to tank from bucket
      12) cover tank with paper,
      13) now keep observing him regular basis but don’t stair him
      14) don’t disturb him

      Keep for three days n inform me as about Flowerhorn if you find any difficulty.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Nsik

      1. Dear Sir,thank you very much for such a detailed response to my query. I have placed an order for Ocean Free Paraclear from my LFS and he said he can get it by tomorrow.

        My tank setup is 36″x15″x18″ and I use JBL e900 canister filter and atman heater. Gravel is river sand and there are no stones or powerheads. I will add 1 spoon of salt today and start with the treatment tomorrow onwards.

        Should I switch off canister filter or can I keep it running ?
        Should I connect a air pump during medication ?
        How much water should I fill in the bucket before adding Paraclear ?

        Another problem I have is fish fins look exactly like in first pic shown here

        What is the cause for this and is it possible to treat it ?

        1. Hi Shashank,

          Kindly switch off filter while you add medicine to tank.

          You keep on heater n oxygen pump.

          Don’t over feed them.

          Paraclear Usage –

          1) remove 30% water from tank
          2) disconnect the filter n clean it’s mediums.
          3) take a bucket n fill equal water
          4) put few drops of chlorine removal in bucket
          5) since your tank is big do use full packet.
          6) mix well
          7) now slowly refill water to tank

          Now add heater n turn to 29.

          Don’t feed for three day. Observe fish. He recover than don’t repeat the process

          1. Sir,

            Fish is now taking some food,but he only swallows,chews and then spits it out. I also noticed poop be somewhat normal,its blackish brown in color and solid. There’s some stringy residue in the tank but i’m not sure if its from the fish.

            Should I try to feed him or just fast and give paraclear ?

            Also, what is the cause for fin tips being like in the first pic in this link ?

          2. HI Shashank,

            Well, give one Paraclear treatment. I felt your tank water is having some issue. So you need some water treatment too.

            As of now dont over feed flower horn. Give less food.

            Thank you,

            Yashwant Naik

          3. Hello Sir,

            There has been a huge delay in sourcing paraclear. Meanwhile can I treat him with tetracycline (suggested by eBay seller) ?

            Its available as 250mg capsules in the market. How do I administer it ? White poop still seen and fish is very lethargic.

          4. Hi,

            Yeah you can process with this treatment. Make sure you keep water balance.

            Thank you,

            Yashwant Naik

          5. Also, what water treatment may I have to do ? Should I do this now or after fish recovers from white poop issue ?

          6. Hi Shashank,

            Do let me know which water you use. So I can suggest better to you.

            Thanks to reading and keep posting and reading.

            Thank you,

            Yashwant Naik

          7. I use tap water directly and add dechlorinator. About the other medication, should I just add capsule content directly to the tank ?


          8. Have administered Paraclear today. One positive development was,due to the tetracycline treatment the bloated stomach and swollen anus had reduced considerably,almost by 80%.

            I added paraclear to remove any infection and help him recover fully. I’ll leave tank as it is for 3 days and then update status of fish here.

            Assuming it all goes well,when should I start feeding him,using canister filter ?

        2. Also sir,is it ok to use tap water directly and add dechlorinator to tank or should I do something different ? You had suspected water quality to be the cause for fins discoloration.

          1. Today was 3rd day after paraclear treatment.

            He’s still not eating food (chews and spits it out),stomach is bloated and anus swollen. I got another paraclear pack from market and put it into his tank. Also got a gut conditioner and ocean free flowerhorn ulcer and bacteria away medicine as recommended by LFS however I haven’t administered it.

            Should I continue with paraclear alone or should I try out the other meds LFS sold me ?

          2. Hi Shashank,

            Don’t switch to multiple treatment n medicine, this will harm him.

            If you see bloated stomach than it won’t eat.

            Do 30% water change. Add lesser paraclear. And turn on heater to 30′

            After two days, do complete water change. Clean the tank with warm water. Air Stone, n bio filter.

            Make sure your water temperature match with tank.

            Also while changing whole tank water you can use that medicine.

            Thank you,

            Yashwant Naik

          3. Thank you for replying to all my queries sir.

            LFS also suggested the same;add paraclear and observe for 2 days.

            Later do a 100% water change before adding the other medications. I’ll follow what you’ve mentioned and clean tank with warm water to the extent possible since I don’t want to stress him out by taking him out of the tank.

            Its been more than 10 days since he took food properly so i’m a little worried if he’ll pull through this infection.

          4. Hi Shashank,

            No worries for that. A Flowerhorn can survive without food for month at least. Focus on treatment and get it done.

            Thank you,


          5. Just an update-Fish is looking very active and since past few days he’s eating too. Initially fed him green peas and then since yesterday i’ve been feeding pellet food too. Just 5 pellets a day for now. Poop also is normal brownish color.

            However stomach is still slightly bulged and anus is too. Should I just stop all treatments or continue till bulging reduces ? Should I use paraclear or ulcer and bacteria away

          6. Good morning Shashank,

            I guess paraclear is not required.

            Don’t fees much now. Five pallets and green pea can be good combination of food.

            For now you get Ocean free Gill Fungus and parasites special. And do 10% water in two days. In every change use five drop of this.

            You need to keep clean filter and water. Also bal the temp of water.

            Thank you,

            Yashwant Naik

          7. No Shashank,

            But you need to keep water clean. Dont Over feed Flowerhorn and Maintained Temperature of tank.

            If you find any suspicious activity than do let me know.

            Thank you,

            Yashwant Naik

          8. Fish has stopped taking pellets again. Is inactive,bulged stomach and anus with white stringy poop and also notice labored breathing. I did a 30% water change and put paraclear into the tank,let me see if he improves.

            It looks like a relapse. What should I do next ?

          9. Hi Shashank,

            Your Flowerhorn is not completly recovered. That is reason he again fell ill.

            With this I can guess your tank need a complete clean up too.

            Also check filter system where bad bacteria are still exist.

            Also I want to know which type of water are you using?

            Now please continue with paraclear for three days treatments.

            Don’t feed now as it will create more problem.

            Keep water clean too.

            Do let me know about his progress. Please mail me his photo.

            Thank you,

            Yashwant Naik

  91. my flowerhorn is not moving from its place it is still on one place but it is eating his food properly whenever I fed him so plz help me out

  92. Hi,
    I buy new flowerhorn but i can see now small white dots on his body. Can u suggest some treatment. For now i put rid all and some salt and put the heater on.

          1. Oh Sachin, that is great news u said
            I wish a well being to your fish.

            Thanks and keep posting comment here.

            Thank you,

            Yashwant Naik

        1. Now i cant see the white spot on the FH . But i see white poop .Now what to do once previously also my fowerhorn had white spotat that time he was doing white shit , but after the treatment he become normal . So should i wait for 2 days. and after feeding will see how it goes…

          1. Hi Sachin,

            Don’t feed FH as of now.

            You need to follow the white poop treatment for this.

            Get Ocean Free paraclear for this.

            Thank you,

            Yashwant Naik

          2. He is not doingv white shit but may be the stomach is swelling .. i dont have any idea about it should i go for paraclear..
            Please suggest..

          3. Hi Sachin,

            If white poop is not showing than its good news. Might be not required .

            Keep in observation

            Thank you,


        2. Please tell me the treatment.
          And in how much water i should add how much para clear . I have para clear pouch. I have 2 fcoot tank with 80% of water.
          And after how much days water has to be changed…

          And should i reduce the water.

          1. 30% water need to be change and use half packet of paraclear.. Keep for three days and after that if u see no white poop than don’t continue other wise you have revise it!!

  93. Hi,

    My FLowerHorn is behaving strange. First, it changed colour and become completely grey. Then I gave it Metronidazole and also some epsom salt as it was not pooping. After 3 days of Metronidazole and Epsom Salt, it pooped and colour has become normal. Now, the FH is not eating at all and sometimes swims very fast from end to end and dashes against the aquarium wall. Other times it is just swimming up and down and still not eating. I have tried pellets, peas and bloodworms but the FH is not eating.

    Today, I have started Tetracycline and also Rid-All anti-ICH and I am continuing Metronidazole.

    Can you please advise what has happened and what I can do for the FH?

  94. Hi Yeshwant,

    My FH is about a 1.5 years old, it is staying at the bottom of the aquarium most of the time.
    I noticed that when I try to feed, it comes up and eats, then goes down all the way, as though it does not know how to swim.
    Sometimes it sleeps sideways.

    I started using clear medicine presuming it is some stomach disorder, so thought will de worm it.

    Is there anything else that I need to do.
    Jayaprakash Naik

    1. Hello Jayaprakash,

      It seems your Flowerhorn become too old. I don’t think he is ill based on your description about the Flowerhorn.
      If seems he loose activeness.

      To understand more I want to know about aquarium-

      1) how big is tank
      2) how big is Flowerhorn
      3) do you have gravel on tank or any declarative
      4) which water you used for Flowerhorn
      5) what food you feed him

      Based on this I can suggest you something. Please help me with those information.

      Thanks for comment and keep reading blog.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  95. Dear Sir,

    Need your help.

    My Flower Horn fish is 1 year 2 months old and for the past 2 weeks observing that it’s not eating the pellets and also observed some small pin point holes appearing with the skin cut like on the right side of the face.

    The pellets that I feed usually is Cichild Gold Medium and Cichild Bio Gold Plus (small) pellets.

    I had been using the General Aid Medicine after changing the water and also to treat this I used Mr.Blue.

    Can you please suggest what is this caused and the disease being affected.

    How to cure the same.


    1. Hi Kumar,

      You need Ocean Free Gill Fungus and parasite special for treatment. YOu need to clean 25% water of tank. and refill it and add 5 drop of Ocean Free Gill Fungus Parasite special. Keep watch on improvement.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

    1. Hi Maivizhi,

      Your flowerhorn is suffering from Bloated Stomach which can be deadly if not take care in early stage. Start treatment immediately. You need Oceanfree ParaClear for the treatment. You need to remove the 25% water and put half packet to tank for treatment.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  96. Hi Guys !.
    my flowerhorn stomach is swelling day by day!!
    What could be the reason?
    He is very active n eats his food properly!
    His poop is also normal!
    Please help!
    Thank u.

    1. Hi Megharaj,

      This called as Dropsy.

      Reason for Dropsy –

      1) bad water
      2) over feeding
      3) stomach infections
      4) change in temp
      5) parasite attacks

      Due to dropsy these can happen

      1) fish stop eating
      2) become lazy
      3) staying in one place
      4) swimming up side down
      5) death of fish

      This need to be immediately action as dropsy can be treated in beginning but later stage this can be death.

      I am mailing you all information about the dropsy treatments

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

        1. Hi Megharaj,

          Your fish need take immediate action. following is process for treatment –

          1) Get Ocean Free ParaClear from market or ebay.
          2) Remove the 25% of water
          3) Clean the filter and Galss and Air stone
          4) Now take bucket and add same amount of water you removed from tank
          5) Add DeCholrinate to water
          6) If your tank is 3ft or less add the half packet of OceanFree medicine
          7) Mix well and after five minutes slowly add this to tank.
          8) Cover tank and dont feed for three days.
          9) Check for status and do let me know

          Thank you, and sorry for delay in reply.

          Yashwant Naik

  97. My flower head fish eyes has become big and some white layer around his eyes fish s not eating properly pls help me

    1. HI Gouthami,

      You flower horn need immediate action and treatment. This can be very problematic if we not start treatment now. Here is solution for you –

      1) Change the 30% water.
      2) take a bucket of water and Use Ocean Free Gill Fungus and Parasite Special – Five Drops
      3) Mix Well
      4) Add De-chlorinate into tank
      5) Now stir it
      6) Now Slowly add water to tank
      7) Have a heater and turn it to 28″
      8) In next two day you have to repeat the process but just remove 10% water.

      Also mailed you same.
      Thank you,

      yashwant naik

  98. Sir, my flowerhorn is swimming upside down for a few time and it’s became lazy. It all started yesterday morning. And I don’t have availability of those medicine nearby. What should I do?

  99. flower horn not eating and remains at the corner of the tank, its been almost a month now. i added copper solution given by one of the aquarium merchant and then did a water change after a week. still there is no improvement.

    1. Hi Shawshank,

      As you describe your fish is suffering from bacterial infection in stomach. This required to take immediate action.

      Buy oceanfree white poop packet.

      And remove 30% water from tank.

      Take a bucket and add equal water
      Now add the ocean free white poop medicine and mix well.

      Also add dechlorinates to water.

      Use 1/3 of ocean free white poop medicine and mix well

      Add it slowly to tank, now don’t feed or disturb for three days.

      Repeat entire process if you cant see any improvement.

      You can buy product from here – https://m.ebay.in/mobinweb/itm/281754261875?_mwBanner=1

      Thanks for comment
      Yashwant Naik

  100. Sir

    Recently bought a flowerhorn 2 to 3 days ago but not following finger is it normal or indication of disease eating well has a nice hump ask for food size 3 to 4 inch

    1. Hi Srijan,

      New flower horn remained shy to new home (aquarium tank). Flowerhorn need time to adjust with new tank. So allow few time in tank.

      Make sure your tank remained cleaned and hygiene.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  101. Hi. My flowerhorn fish is not eating properly, they advised me to put some small fishes in tank for food, but it is not showing any interest on small fishes. I dont know what to do , so pls advice me what to do

    1. HI Saravanan,

      Your Flower horn looks stress. It need to immediately take action for this. Before suggest any treatment for your flower horn let me know about few questions –
      1) Did you change the water in recent times.
      2) How big is tank and your flower horn fish
      3) Where do you live?

      Kindly provide information ASAP.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

    1. Hi Shekhar,

      This disease called Cloudy Eye. The cloudy eye was happening because of dirty water.

      So you need to keep water clean.

      To treat this you buy Oceanfree Gill Fungus and Parasite special.

      Do 30% water change and add 10 drops of that.

      Please read the guideline for how to change water.

      Please keep share the all update with me.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  102. My flower horn is not able to catch food properly.. i believe due to weak eyes. Plz help with d solution.

  103. Yashwant i just followed your instruction for tank cleaning . It was feeling little better. But still after 3,weeks now. I see dropsy falling in the tank .Also from past. I week she is not having food and not poping on top. She just sits at one place in the tank. I am really worried about my flowerhorn. Please provide any remedies for my fish.


  104. Hi sir,

    My flowerhorn fish stomach bloated and he is looking very stressed not eating food from past 15 days, i used epsom salt as a treatment now white poop is coming out, pls tell me my fish will cured or not..??

    1. Hi Harish,

      Please dont use Epsom Salt for Boalted Stomach or White Poop.

      You have to buy Ocean Free White Poop for this.

      Before I explain this to you please answer me with this questions –

      1) How big Flowerhorn you have?
      2) How big is your tank?
      3) When you changed water?
      4) Do you have any decorative material in tank?
      5) Do you have heater?
      6) In house where your tank located?
      7) Where do you live?

      Please answer my questions so I can suggest some solution.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  105. Yashwant, This is ajit. I just has a question to ask about my flowerhorn. I have a flowerhorm its not eating from the past 3 weeks and not able to swim too. Its always lying at the bottom of the tank always . I am too worries about my fish, 2 weeks back there was no oxygen in my tank due to which , colour of the fish turned pale white. I changed the whole water in the tank and used paraxin 500mg.
    Can you provide a treatment to cure my fish. Thanks ajit

    1. Hello Ajit,

      As you describe your flowerhorn is suffering from stress. As you mention their was no oxygen in tank may be this increase the stress level.

      You need to check him thoroughly and check for any other diseases like fungus or dropsy.

      If you have Stone or pebbles in tank than remove it.

      Cleaning entire tank may provide time being solution for your fish.

      You can use Rid All Flowerhorn Special for this.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

      1. Thanks Yashwant for the reply,

        There are stones in the tanks, I will clean the tank thoroughly today.
        But what’s the reason for not swimming. my fish is not eating. After cleaning the tank
        will it be able to swim as a time being solution.

        What about ” Rid All Flowerhorn Special” is this a solution to be put in water.
        Thanks again,

        1. Hi Ajit,

          Yes clean tank with warm water. Read my another post for cleaning instructions.

          And you please remove all stones for few weeks.

          Yes after cleaning tank he will start eating food.

          Also please keep updating me about ur Flowerhorn.

          Thank you,

          Yashwant Naik

          1. Thanks yashwant for the solution . As you said below is the menthod to clean the tank.
            Tank cleaning steps are – buy before that you need to take fish into another bucket.
            1) clean tank with warm water
            2) clean filter with warm water
            3) fill the watet to tank and now add dechilorine solution to water
            4) install heater and turn it to 30.
            5) add oxygen pipe and make full.
            6) now wait for 20 mins
            After 20 mins I should add Rid All Flowerhorn Special for the tank right . Will do the same and update . Thanks

  106. hii yashwant sir
    my flowerhorn fish is not eating pellets he just tries it and spit it out
    he is doing this from 2 days and i m worried about him

    1. Hi Dipesh,

      No worries, its clearly indicates that your fish is not use to it.

      So train him. Just put two pallets in tank and kept for few mins. And if not eat than remove it.
      Do it for several times in day.

      Once it use it he start eating.

      Thanks for comment and keep reading blogs.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

          1. Sir actually my flowerhorn is spitting out pellets as well as doing white poop
            Tell the medication and where can i get medicines as i live in kalyan there is no ocean free available

          2. Sir thank u for ur advice…
            do we have to inject the paraclear inside the flowerhorn stomach

          3. Hi,

            No no

            You have to change the twenty % water n add one third of packet into tank.
            Add one tetracycline 200 mg medicine.

            Removed all filter b keep oxygen on high

          4. As u said me about paraclear treatment i dont get that medicine but the shopkeeper gave me a tummy wash drops bottle i used that my flowerhorn is not pooping white but he is not eating pellets

          5. Hi Dipesh,

            Since flower horn is just get recovered from the illness so he won’t now.

            I suggest u to change water 50% and clean filter and oxygen Stone than try to feed.

            Thank you,

            Yashwant Naik

  107. Hi sir
    I had a 2and half feet fish tank and I had put a partition glass sheet in middle. one side I had kepted my 4cm flower horn fish and other side I had kepted my gold fish ,a coa and a white coa fish
    Nothing will happen to my flower horn fish?
    Or I have to keep him to a bigger tank if yes then how many feet tank I need.plz guide me.
    Thank you.

  108. Hi sir,
    my flowerhorn couldn’t swim from last 12 hrs, he’s just residing at ground. He’s lateral and tail fins are nt Moving at all, Please do needful.

    1. Hello Srikanth,

      As you describe about your Flowerhorn shows that Flowerhorn is suffering from stress.

      Do let me know did you change the water of tank?

      If yes than how much ?

      And what else treatment u carrying now??

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  109. Hi sir,
    I have a short body (mail)flower horn fish up to 3-4 inch his fin has white spot I didin’t know that it is if it is design of my fh fish I will send you a pick plz help me

    1. Hi Aniket,

      The bad water cause to this.

      You have to first change water and clean entire tank.

      The tank also need to tank.

      And white eyes are treated with white salt only.

      Once you change the water than add some salt water to tank..

      Do let me know if you need more info on this.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  110. dear sir. my flowerhorn fish not swimming and eating. colour changed and white spots and many holes on head. please help sir…

  111. Sir, my flowerhorns stomach is expanding and he/she is not pooping also.Not swimming and eating pls suggest any remedy

      1. I visited a fish shop and showed them my fish’s pics ,they told he has dropsy we can’t do anything leave him in a pond or somewhere.I am feeling very bad bcoz ha has been with me from 2 years and i purchased the fish when he was only 2 days old.pls suggest!

      2. I visited a fish shop and showed them my fish’s pics ,they told he has dropsy we can’t do anything leave him in a pond or somewhere.I am feeling very bad bcoz ha has been with me from 2 years and i purchased the fish when he was only 2 days old.pls suggest! And my tank size is 24×12inch.

  112. Dear sir,
    I recently bought my flowerhorn and I could see white dots on its fins but the fish is active it’s about 4-5 inches please help me to get rid of the white spots on my baby flowerhorn
    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hello Abhishek,

      Its beginning stage of fungus. So you need to use rock salt for this.

      Just do 10% water change and as per tank you have to add salt like – 1spoon for 2feet tank.

      In week this must rid off.
      Please report me in case of any surprise problem.

      Thanks for comment and keep reading and sharing.
      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  113. dear sir , My FH is not eating from last two months he lives only on Holiday Food and now he have white spot on both eyes so he is not seeing . now i shifted in small tank for better treatment my tank size is 1″ *1.5″ , i have applied some medicine as like Tetra Cycling capsul 250 mg , Fungal Infection Drop , Anti ich, anti clorin , etc. , please help ..

    1. Hi Deven,

      You need to clean tank entirely.

      Anti itching won’t work.

      You have to buy Occeabfree Gill, fungus and parasites special for that..

      Will let you know in next comment.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

    2. Hi Deven,

      You need to clean entire tank.

      Tank cleaning steps are – buy before that you need to take fish into another bucket.
      1) clean tank with warm water
      2) clean filter with warm water
      3) fill the watet to tank and now add dechilorine solution to water
      4) install heater and turn it to 30.
      5) add oxygen pipe and make full.
      6) now wait for 20 mins
      After 20 mins you add Ocean free Gill, fungus and parasites special to tank.

      Check for three days and report me asap

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  114. I Have female fH it’s about 8″ past 5 days she’s nt eating anything and even she’s not following hand .. Nly lying near the surface .. Plz plz help me out ..I jus can’t loose her.. Idk wts the problem ?? Plzz help me

    1. Hello Alatmash,

      It seems your Flowerhorn (Female) is suffering from Stress. Stress is caused because of Bad Water or Sudden Change in water temperature. 40% water change is required.
      You Just follow these step to recover –

      1) Take Bucket and fill De-chlorine water ( you do de-chlorine water by adding few drop of Chlorine solution)
      2) Now Add Rock Salt on water – (5ft Tank – 3 Table Spoon, 3ft Tank – 2 table spoon, 2ft Tank – 1 table spoon)
      3) Now put Aquarium Heater (29″ cl) to Bucket for 20 mins..
      4) After 20 Mins you replace the water.

      Filter Cleaning –
      5) Before adding new water you must clean filter, bio logical filter or any other filter if you have.

      Observe for day, and let me know.

      Once Water is changed you offer few pallet to her. If she eat well otherwise you need to re-train for eating.
      This will go this way –
      1) You put pallet and wait for while
      2) If she not eat than remove it..

      Keep doing thrice a day.. she will understand your sign and respond to you.

      Thank for reading and commenting.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

      1. Sir
        Yesterday I put. termasine tablet to water

        Today morning I followed your instruction .. Sir should i do 100%water change ??? Sir and I should keep the fish in bucket only ?? Or shift back to its tank ?? After 20 min??

        1. Hi,

          I ask you to do 40% water change.

          And what I mention in bellow comment is about water treatment.
          Once you treat water than change water with treated water.

          No need to remove Flowerhorn.

          Thank you,


          1. Sir my fH is still nt eating ..

            Her eyes have becum pale yellow colour.

            She is still nt showing any response to hand or finger

          2. Hello Altamash,

            Give sometimes to eat pallets. And I feel you made some mistake here.
            Please describe exactly what you did?

            Also sharing my number via mail, so you can communicate with me directly??

            Thank you,

            Yashwant Naik

  115. hi..
    My fh had swim bladder dusorder when i got home i treated him with green peas and flagyl right now he is swimming fine but should i continue the treatment?

  116. hii Yashwant
    I have one quiry with regards to my Fh fish , it has been cured from hole in the head deasise , I had treated him with tummy wash but now I am noticing that it cannot swim properly. he floats on the water surface, and puts lot of efforts to reach the bottom, It seams bcoz of its head. he stays on the surface , I find him very active, eating properly but has only problem with swimming on the surface and standing constantly at one place with his head up when there’s no one near the tank , I am very much worried for him , is there any serious problem , plzz suggest some remidie
    thank you

    1. Hi Prem,

      Thank to visiting my blog and commenting here.

      Prem, as per your report I can say your Flowerhorn is suffering from bit stress out and may be in diving blade or fin.

      You need to do 30% water change and add on spoon rock salt on tank.

      Make sure while changing water you balance the water temperature.

      Fish stress is common after treatment. But if it last for long time than they may loose interest in eating and start loosing health.

      Don’t over feed them.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

      1. thankyou for your kind reply , sir I have one more concern with regards to my FH fish , when ever we cum near to the tank it gets very excited and starts kind of dancing hear and there but can’t swim at the bottom surface of the tank , it puts lot of efforts to reach the botom and later without using it’s fin it automatically reaches the surface , some times it also swims reverse direction . for eg :- when we try to submerge the plastic ball in the water and how automatically the ball cums on the surface same instance is happening with my poor fish …. I think he is going with a serious problem which I cannot judge and he cannot say 🙁
        please help sir I dont want to lose my fish

        1. Hi Prem,

          After watching the video you sent to me I found that your fish is well enough but but due to head injuries He might feel weak or imbalance.

          So I would suggest you to do one precaution treatment with OceanFree Gill, Fungus and Parasite Special.

          You just need to change ten percent of water and add five drop of that medicine to tank.

          While treatment you must make sure that you feed limited d to him.

          And keep oxygen on and we don’t need filter here.

          If water seems cold than you can use heater.

          Thank you,

          Yashwant Naik

  117. sir, my FH is not eating from last 15 days and white pooping from anal. Its active but not eating if we put our finger it tries to catch but is avoiding its food. Clear is not available in our area so Dr. advised to treat it with Fenbedazole and to clear the tank with hot water and to add salt in RO water. Pl. advise me.

    1. HI Vishal Gupta,

      If your fish is suffering from White Poop than I will suggest you to treat him from ParaClear by OceanFree white poop. This medicine is very effective and widely available in Aquarium store.

      Before you start using this let me know about the Tank size and Fish size. so i can suggest you proper treatment.

      If you need I can share my personal Email or Number for same.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

      1. Sir, my tank size is 36 inches * 15 inches and I have treated my Fh with fenbedazole. But head has gone and my FH seems in stress. Now I observe that my FH is not releasing white poop but its hidden behind filter and not coming out. Pl. share your no. if easy and help me. thanx sir.

  118. Can u please give me a couple of websites where I can order the medication u sent me…I need to order them now…thx

  119. Hi!..Gosh it’s one thing after another. ..my Thai Silk flowerhorn that has the swimmer bladder now it seems like his tail is injured. .like its gonna split in half…I don’t kno what happen…is their anything I can do for his tail that u can suggest?..thx

    1. Hi Tammi,

      Your simply delaying the treatment. Please bring Gul, Fungus Parasites medicine for Thai silk.

      Your delay can cause disaster.

      Please bring any fungus medicine and start treatment.

    1. No, paraclear is for white poop only. For swimming blade you need OCEANFREE GIL, FUNGUS, PARASITE special. Please buy that for swimming blade.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  120. Hi!!..I got the paraclear. .can u give me directions on how to treat my fish for swimmer bladder and white poop thx

    1. Hi Tammi,

      Paraclear is for white poop only.

      Here are steps for treatment –

      1) clean entire tank with warm water.
      2) now fill the tank with fresh water
      3) dechlorine the water.
      4) now install the heater and make it to 30′
      5) add oxygen pump with full
      6) after twenty mins – add white poop Flowerhorn to tank

      7) observe for three days

      And if possible mail me Flowerhorn images via mail I made u.

      For diving blade you need GIl, Fungus solution from ocean free itself.

      Take care,

      Yashwant Naik

  121. Hi!!..I’m the same person…I asked for but advice about my Srd 10 days ago about the stringy white poop. …I aslo have a Thai silk that might have a swimmer bladder. ..u advised me to get the Oceanfree but it’s no where to be found in AZ…my Srd is still sick for over a month now..I’m waiting for a friend to sent me a product call Clear….that product targets the white poop diseases. ..I’m should come in 2 days hopefully it’s not too late cuz he has not eaten for over a month….I’m don’t kno if it’s too late to treat it or not….

    1. Cool now things are bit clear for me..

      Yes, you can wait for two more days but treatment need be do immediately. Can’t delay in any.

      For Thai silk we need to give fungus medicine. I am suggesting only ocean free brand, but if you get anything related to fungus clean than it would be great.

      But try to get ocean free…

  122. Hi!!..I live in Arizona…I couldn’t find the Oceanfree Clear …I had to order in Thailand but has not got them yet…I have 2 fish that are sick…

  123. Hi!!..I can’t tell if my Thai Silk flowerhorn has swimmers bladder or not….in the big tank he was doing some flips and swimming normal at times…so I put him in a 10 gallon tank with half the water and he seems to be doing fine…he is active and eats normally. ..so do u think I should treat him with Paraclear then put him back to his normal tank or not treat him?..I feel bad his been in the small tank for 4 days now…please give me some advice thx!!

    1. Hi,

      No problem to keep Flowerhorn in hospital tank, once he get healthy again than you can keep in big tank home.

      With the reference of your last comment you said he has white poop soi suggest u to get paraclear from oceanfree.

      And each fish has diving blade.

      I feel some confusion is arising between us …

      I am sending u personal mail please explain everything again on that mail.

      Thanks for your patience

      Yashwant Naik

  124. Hello ,
    My fish is lying on the base of the tank on its right side.
    and breathing …. it has also got white rashes on the body suddenly.
    it is one n half year old.
    plz help me with this situation.

    I have added tetracycline for now …

    1. Hi Dhawal Singh,

      You need to do some quick fix.

      Your Flowerhorn treatment are following –

      1) clean entire tank with warm water.
      2) remove all gravel and decorative
      3) now add water treated with de-chlorine solution
      4) turn heater to 30′
      5) place oxygen with full
      6) now put one spoon (3ft tank)
      7) after twenty mins ass Flowerhorn to tank
      8) observe for two days and report me ASAP.

      thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  125. Thxs a ton Mr .Yashwant Naik , My flowerhorn was severely injured, due which it has a huge mark on the head fish head shape was turned into almost flat, it has stopped eating food , and i was very worried , than contacted Mr Yashwant, . as he is always there to help , was vry polite and at night 10.30pm , he send me the procedure what to do all , ( which was never expected by me ) within 48 hr my fish was back to normal and now its day 5 ,the head mark is almost gone , thxs a ton ,,,, again , keep the good work n never stop helping ,

    1. Hello Tammi,

      let me know where you live?

      Every aquarium shop has this product.

      See treatment takes upto three weeks but the improvement shows in first week of treatment.

      Thanks you,

      yashwant naik

  126. Thank you so much for ur advice!:)…this is our last hope!..I hope he gets better because I do love my flowerhorn..I’ve been so stress about this!!…anyways I will keep u posted!!:).thx again

    1. Hello Tammi,

      Yes, please transfer to another tank where you can do treatments.

      Yes we need ocean free white poop medicine, comes in small packet.

      For three feet tank you need tp uae half packet for three days.

      Before using this you need to clean tank with water.

      Need heater and oxygen pump.

      First use decolorized water.

      Than install heater

      Turn it to 30′

      After that add medicine

      Make oxygen full

      After fifteen mins ass Flowerhorn to tank.

      Keep for three days..

      Report me on second day ending..

  127. Hi we did transfer him in a hospital tank for 3 weeks with a medication call Bifuran and antobitic called maracyn two. …aslo with some aquarium salt….in all the 3 weeks by himself he keeps pooping out the white clear stuff then his guts were hanging out for a bit but his anus went back to normal. …we then just transfer him back to the 55 gallon with one of my flowerhorn with a divider. ..he is swimming slowly but still not eating…what should we do and should we put him back to his hospital tank by himself cuz I don’t want to get my other one sick?..is it contagious?….please let me kno cuz he has not been eating for 3 weeks now…thanks

  128. Hi!!..I have a red Dragon flowerhorn. ..he has been pooping stringy white stuff for 3 weeks now and has not been eating….we put him in a small tank with medication for 3 weeks ….then he started to poop out this big thing maybe hus guts is falling out or something for a bit…what can I do and I’m is it contagious?..I just put him back in a tank with on eof my other fish…please help

    1. Hi Tammi,

      Your flowerhorn is suffering from white poop disease.

      Since this is bacterial stomach disease leads to stress, uneasy and finally loss of appetite.

      It is suggested you to transfer your ill flowerhorn to another tank.

      Before suggesting you do let me know what medicine you used treatment. I dont want that my treatment conflict with you.

      Do let me know quickly.

      Thanks for referring blog and commenting here.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  129. Dear sir,

    My fish has suffered by fungus in his eyes, now the current situation is fungus is removed but the lenses are still white and he is not able to see any thing.

    I am changing the water 50%daily, temperature is 28

    Please tell me what to do

    1. Hi Pranali,

      White eyes are happen due to bad water condition. You need to clean whole tank once than start treatment.

      Following are process
      1) take out flowerhorn to seprate bucket with same water of tank.
      2) remove all decorative in tank like – gravel, stone, sand, air stone if you have.
      3) now clean tank with warm water.
      4) add water to tank
      5) add dichloride drop to water
      6) install heater and turn to 30′
      7) add one spoon sea salt(rock salt)
      8) add biological filter ( round sponge filter which connect to oxygen) but no power filter
      9) turn on heater and keep tank bare for fifteen mins
      10) after fifteen mins add flowerhorn to tank.
      11) observe flowerhorn all time

      12) report me asap in case of any emergency.

      Thank you for comment Pranali.

      Yashwant Naik

    1. Hi Vinayak,

      Thanks for visiting to my blog.

      Since Duck Lips is symptoms of bad water condition. this bacterial infection. No medicine is available.

      So, you need to treat tank first.

      1) Clean Entire Tank with warm water.
      2) Than refill fresh water
      3) Add De chlorine solution to it.
      4) Turn heater to 30′
      5) make full oxygen – have a biological filter
      6) Add Two spoon – normal Tea spoon – Sea Salt (Rock Salt)
      7) Wait for twenty minutes..
      8) Than add fish to it.

      Do Every day 30 water change with one spoon Sea Salt on it.

      In two week you can find the changes.

      In case you wont find any improvement than please do let me know ASAP

  130. Thank you Sir for your advise.I have started the process of treatment as prescribed by you and hopefully it should get well soon.By the way Sir do you know where can I get Ocean free ulcer and internal bacteria away for flowerhorn. I am not able to procure it at all

  131. Hello Sir,
    I have a flowerhorn which was suffering from white poop a few days back,I used ocean free medication and the white poop has stopped but now its tummy is bloated and and is not eating anything.
    Kindly advise

  132. Sir I have flower Horn fish bought 6 months back and previously he was eating almost plenty of food but since last 2/3 days he is not eating and leaving white colored jelly type thing but he is active. We tried ocean free medicine but it didn’t work.Instead he tries to eat sponge of oxygen.. meanwhile we changed water once so that he will become normal but nothing seems working. Please suggest me any other way to get him back to normal.

    1. Hi Rohan,

      Your fish is suffering from White Poop disease, This is dangerous diseases. But can be cure if action taken immediately. Please follow these instruction –

      1) Buy Oceanfree White poop cure packet.
      2) Remove complete water from tank. Clean tank with warm water.
      3) Add fresh water with dichloride water.
      4) Put 1/3 of Oceanfree White Poop Medicine in tank water.
      5) Mixed well
      6) Make Heater to 30″ Temperature
      7) Than Add FH to tank
      8) Cover tank with paper – no need any disturbance to FH
      9) Dont feed for three days
      10) Check after three days – for FH health – If he is cure than dont repeated but if he is not cure than repeat it one more time for three days.

      Thank you

  133. Hey,

    I have posted on this site before also for my FH. He healed pretty well and is better then before..
    But now the only problem with him is his stomach keeps on bloating every now and then. and has also got duck lips…
    Any suggestions for that? Please let me know..


    1. Hello Paurasp,

      Kindly share –

      1) what food you give to flowerhorn?

      2) Does your fish hit tank?

      For bloating stomach is caused because of wrong food and bad stomach.


      Yashwant Naik

      1. i give him the XO Xituan Yuan which i bought frm the aquarium. the fish doesnt hit the tank.. Don’t whats exactly causing the bloat.
        And do u have a solution for DuckLips??

        1. Hello,

          Thanks for more clarification. Here are solution for this –

          1) Kindly clean entire tank, filter and change the Air Stone.
          2) Add fresh water with no chlorine.
          3) Dont add Salt on water

          Medicine –

          1) Bring Rid All Flowerhorn Special and follow the instruction. This will improve flowerhorn from Bloated Stomach.

          2) For Duck Lips – it is hard to cure as fish is suffering form two different problems. I suggest that first treat bloated stomach than we work on Duck Lips. As Rid All Flowerhorn help to stop infection and other problems.

          Here are solution for Duck Lips – But most of time I observed that this wont work for all Flowerhorn.

          “Treated with 300mg og tetracycline with 1 tab of parasite clear and Wardley ick away for external parasites and salt, and used two big air stones with a cycled sponge filter. The temp. I keep around 75 degree’s (23″c). No heater.

          Did this every day with a 50% water change. It took 8 days to start to recover and 11 days cured. Lot of work for this disease.”

          Remember – Dont start both treatment togather. Start with Bloated Stomach and than DuckLip.

          Do comment in case of emergency.

          During this treatment dont feed anything to fish….

  134. One of my red dragon is swim in upside down for last few days. I had tried with Metronidazole for 5 days and after 10 days I had tried with Epsom salt (Magnesium Sulphate) with amoxicillin for 5 days, but no result, I am changing 20-30% water every day. Can you please suggest, what should I do?

  135. Good afternoon sir.
    Kl jese aapse bat hue vese mene tank pura cline kr diya. Pani bhi nya dal diya. Pr kuch changis ne he. Movement ne krta he. Or upar ki or mu ltkaye huve pda rheta he. Aap ne jo solution diya tha mujko vo mene use kiya pr koe improve ment ne aaya usme.
    Plz help me.


  136. Good evening sir,
    sir vese kuch takkar ne lga he , magar huva kya use phle poop eye huva tha
    jo mene aapko cl karke btaya tha . bad vo thik hogya . tb muje uski skin pr kuch white colour ka
    spot dikhay diya fir mene socha ke ye kuch hoga ase hi. magar ab vo dhire dhire badh rha he .or abhi pura colour akdm dark ho gya he. food to thik se khata he, ume koe problem ne he. me apko mail krke photo bhejta hu. dekh ke mujko kuch help do.


  137. good evening sir,
    i m vishal.sir mera flowrhorn ko body ke ek side skin ke uper kuch white colour ka
    ho gya he. matalb skin nikal kr kuch white colour ka ho gya he. abhi uska colour thoda dark ho gya he. or movement come krta he.
    plz help me

  138. sir i need ur very serious help for my flower horn disease plz plz send me ur contact no. on my this no.plz sir 9820428994

  139. Hi,

    I have a red dragon flowerhorn. Its around 5 inches in length. the other day I fed it Shrimps ( not live ) which I got it from the market. It ate it properly and from the next day it suddenly stated losing its colour and the flower line. Also the head seems to have shrunk. Pls advise and help on what should I do improve my fish’s condition.


    1. Hi Pa
      Well u need to feed ur flowerhorn with pallets which has m pand other vitamins also while feeding check its food table like fiber and protein levels.


      Yashwant Naik

      1. The fish has changed its colour drastically.. its stomach is also swollen and it hardly moves in the tank and also i thnk has a problem with breathing.. Pls suggest a solution.


        1. Hello Paurasp,

          Your fish is feeling stress which cause to his fasting and not moving. And if fish not eat properly than he will start loosing color eventually head too. Please follow below steps –

          1) Remove all decorative article such as Stone or plants from tank.
          2) Clean Tank completely
          3) Change water completely
          4) Use fresh water without chlorine (use dechlorine solution for this)
          5) Keep Filter for water cleaning
          6) Start Feeding – Remove extra remain in tank by fish immediately.
          7) Every week change 40% fo water and clean Filter and Bio Logical Filter too.

          Check with this you will get best result from this.



          1. ok… but the i do not have any decorations in my tank.. and i do change 50 % water twice a week. still this happened. i’ll do the water change and see if ders any difference.. But will my fish get its colour and head back ??

            Thanks and Regards,

          2. Hi,

            I already said ur fish is stressed which cause to nor eating n colorloss with head reduction.

            You water is reason for this.

            Please do cleaning of entire tank than add fresh water not borewell. Add chlorine cleaner to water.

            Stir it…

            Put it to tank

            Let’s water stablise in tank

            Amd after that add fish to tank

  140. Hi, I have a flowerhorn which has just developed Hole in the head disease.
    Have just today started it off on Metrogyl 400….( METRONIDAZOLE TABLETS) . We crushed 3 tablets and put the powder in the tank as advised by my friend. Please let me know if it is the right medicine or is there any other better medicine. I love my fish and am deeply disturbed by this…………Please guide me. Thnx

    1. Hi Zohar,

      It is very easy to cure especially when it is in its early stages. Perform a water change of no less than 50%. Put 1 x Tetracycline 500mg and 1 x Dimetridazole 500mg plus some Vitamins for every 20-25 gallons of water. Do a water change and re-dose 1 x Tetracycline 500mg every other day. Just a month a ago, I did this procedure on two of my breeders that got infected from a female fish. Luckily they got better after 7 days. On severe cases, Azoo Bacteria Tabs or Azoo Bacteria Treater is best! Set your heater to 30 degrees Celsius.

      Hope this helps!

  141. I got a flower horn fish which is more than 4″ i bought it before 3 weeks. but still its color has not changed an the hump has not opened. Mostly i am feeding chicken heart, beaf pieses in small daily. but i didnt find any chance in the growth, but its active. And i got a big tank with artificial plants and i am changing the 20 % of the water every 3 to 4 days. and it always stall in the top of the tank.

    i want to know that whether the fish is healthy and what care i should take to improve the growth of the jump and the color, and to keep the fish healthier. pls reply, because i am new to this type of fish and i live in a remote place, and i am unable to get some of the medicine or suggestions.


    1. Hi Nixon,

      Thanks for reading my blog on Flowerhorn (FH). Since your FH is now young so Hump is not possible. Even if your FH is female than also HUMP for them is not possible.

      As per feeding you start keep feeding with Live Food like Feeding or shrimp once in week with small amount. Give Pallet which consist atleast 60% of protein.

      Have Rid all infection for treatment and do first aid f or fish.


      Yashwant Nsik

  142. also another i have in seperate tank, looks like algae growing on the skin of the fish but it is hungry all the time and very active and aggressive..Is this green color normal, i thought it was from fighting but it’s not getting any different after months of being alone??

    1. Algae can be treated with anti alage solution easily available at fishery store.

      Dont worry for that Algae not so dangerous. But It happen because poor water condition – So keep Aquarium clean, always changes water once in Three Days, use proper medicine for Florhorn and feed them in time – dont over feed them.

  143. Hello, my flowerhorn has small white lumps on the head and near front fins. Some are like pimples growing out of head, others like lumps. I have changed water. fish hiding in the corner, looks thinner but eating since i change water. Do you know what this is and how to treat it please??

    1. HI Kate,

      So sorry I am replying you very late. I was out of town which cause late in reply.

      Lets come to your question –

      As you describe about your fish, it is clearly shows your tank is not perfect for Flowerhorn. Bacteria are cause of white lumps or spot on Fish. It can be curable and Flowerhorn get get recovered from this.

      Follow bellow steps –
      1) Remove all Decorative stones.
      2) Clean you tank completely with using any soap or detergent. USE warm water to clean.
      3) Than add Chlorine cleaner.
      4) Add half tea spoon Sea Salt to water
      5) Stir it.

      For Medicine –
      1) Place KORDON ICH INHIBITOR in your tank.
      2) Add aquarium salt at 3g/ltr of water every 3 days together with the medication (Kordon Ich inhibitor).
      3) After 3rd day, tank must be washed thoroughly to eliminate the causative agent.
      4) Use KORDON MALACHITE GREEN to clean tank.

      In week fish can be cure it.

      Remember always keep Tank Clean

  144. Hi sir. I have a 4 inch flowerhorn and he got ich. I removed everything from the tank except heater filtern stones.. I am treating my tank from 3days i am using “PARACIDOL – FW” the problem is disease got even worse after using that medicine.. What should i do now..it is a week course should i continue using that medicine or should i stop using it… Eagerly waiting for ur reply

  145. sir my self vishal. i have 4 inch flawrhorn . after 3 days he stop to eating.
    eyes are cover with ehite layer.
    skin of the body like scratch.

  146. Hello yashwant sir my self jigar makwana i have pearl spot flower horn, last 3 days my flowerhorn is not eating, i have changed water as well as added salt and acqua medicine. Then too no result has seen in my flower horn.

    1. Please treat with OceanFree White Poop medicine. White poop is very dangerous disease, you have to take care your fish well otherwise it can be difficult.

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