Mahabaleshwar Trip on 14 DEC, 12.

Mahabaleshwar Trip –

On 14 Dec 2012 is decided as Mahabaleshwar Trip. It is two days trip and it is one of the long waited and three months before planed trip. This is first trip of my group which is planned three months before to avoid all friends kich kich and mich mich!!! I am bit worried to get accommodation their as tourist season is just started and you all know because of this rates may be high for all. But All trip is wrap in expected budget. We only spend penny and buy lots of memories which is cost nothing. Even we plan for next visit at Mahabaleshwar during Strawberry Festival. It was fantastic trip for me while writing this all picture of day is running my mind and I am confuse from where to start……hush!!!!! I am got loved with Mahabaleshwar and I think the affair not only remain till I write but continue to life long!!! 🙂

[learn_more caption=”Preparation – click down arrow for more info…”]

Uffff!! Managing my friends is difficult task. My participant list is a week before is read – thanks to early declaration and SMS follow ups. The member are Pankaj, Rohan, Vaibhav and Yashwant. Earlier we decided to have family picnic but sudden cancellation of Sanjay and his wife Namrata (Pankaj wife) also cancelled and the trip turns all Boys picnic….once again the BOUYS Group for picnic.

 After doing much internet research I found HOTEL APSARA in low rate – Rs. 1500/- for four people per day. I booked it by phone with conversation Hotel Manager Sanjay. So in my list accommodation is done. Now I have to fix the journey travel – here Rohan and Pankaj played a keen role to find bus for us which convenient and match to our trip timing. First we want to book some private bus but later we booked State Transport as Timing is best at 10:30 pm from Borivli and for return journey 9:30 pm. So all are set and best is it is economy!! Hoorey!!! That sound nice!!

 So traveling vehicle also booked. Loved it!! The seat is reserve by Maharashtra State Transport Online Booking, it is very quick and very easy hardly takes less than ten minutes…first time I saw such brilliant process of booking by government body after IRCTC booking portal.

 All four membersare inform by sms and regular phone conversion. We decide to meet at 8 o’clock at Dahisar, and after dinner we will catch the Bus from Borivali nancy colony.

 I am so excited that I borrow camera from Ushma Jani. She is very big Photographer. She is very helpful and kind always helping.. Thanks Ushma Jani…

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[learn_more caption=”Day One – 14th Dec, 2012, 8:30 PM. Dahisar…”]

As we plan to meet on 8:30 pm Dahisar, so, I left on 5:00 pm, from office. I was so excited and happy too…. I packed all bag and carefully put Ushma’s camera. It is my responsibility and my trap to capture Mahabaleshwar Trip. 

Rohan met me on time at Dahisar. But Pankaj was struck in between his Papa’s birthday and his wife’s parents anniversary day, so I just strucked!! Poor guy!!! I was bit hungry so rohan I went to eat shevpuri, after that we went to cobbler to stitch Rohan shoe. Vaibhav met us their only. When we learn Pankaj got late so we went to hotel near Nancy Colony bus stand and called Pankaj directly their only. Pankaj join us late. After that we went to catch the bus, and our seat was ajju bajju!!! I was in masti mood and talking much with Vaibhav. I eat his brain not to eat that product and he committed not to consume it anymore.


[learn_more caption=” 1:30 am, 15th Dec, 2012. “]

Bahut sardi this, aur jor se SUSU aa rahi thi….. Rohan and I am just kidding and other hand Vaibhav and Pankaj slept. So when bus stop at Pen Bus Stand, we went to release our long waiting nature call. Vaibhav tho Nindiya mein aise koya hua tha ki usse hosh hi nahi tha!!!!…We had a mast mast cutting – Kya bolu wo tho mind blowing thi!!!! Ummmhhhhaaa!!!!  We estimate their that we might be got late while returning because long route of bus, but I rise my eyebrow and said. “Not possible yaar!!!”, So Pankaj crack some punch on this including Vaibhav and we smile like anything, and back to bus. (We are scare for Vaibhav, but later we know that He have leave on Monday too so we feel relax yaar!!!! POPAT ho gaya yaar!!!) 


[learn_more caption=”2:30 am, 15th Dec, 2012.”]

I was in deep sleep, and Rohan naam ka Devil aaya aur mera sweet sa neend tuth gaya…. I will kill him!! Grrr!!!! But later I was clean bold when he show me a dense of FOGG outside and majje ki bhat hai –  driver still driving the bus….it is like a blind man driving bus. Uppss Hamari Zindagi Katre mein hai!!! I was overjoyed. Suddenly Rohan crack the joke – Agar Pankaj drive kar raha hota tho kya hota yaar!!!!  And we all laugh like anything, even other passenger too amazed and laugh with us.


[learn_more caption=”5:30 am, 15th Dec, 2012.”]

As we estimate to reach at Mahabaleshwar by 7 am prove wrong and we reach Mahabaleshwar at 5:30 morning. It was very cold and freezing experience as we Bombayian are not use to such climate. While get down we have no clue where is our hotel, where to go? And one of the big questions is WHERE TOILET is???? Yaar jor se lagi hai…..and our organ too get freeze…..upps!!! We had a wonderful tasty tea at MAHABALESHWAR Bus Stand, very delicious!! Love it! Must try!! 

I don’t have any clue where is hotel, and when I called manager he also not prepared for us. I am shocked, where to go. It was full dark in street and no vehicle only few dogs who are just waiting for a chance to bite….We ask teawala kaka for Apsara Hotel – and we said it is ten minutes walk…so we decide to take walk…aur hum andheri raaho mein chal pade….Luckily Pankaj has torch along with him…so we walk aaram se…It was adventurous that in whole nobody is their…suddenly we come across a group of elder people who just come out to take walk…


[learn_more caption=”6:00 am, 15th Dec, 2012 @Apsara Hotel”]

Sanjay – Apsara Hotel manager allotted room number – 8 – it is four bed room with TV inside and bathroom inside….wow, we quickly change clothes and fall in bed….But Pankaj seems not to sleep and keep doing something, Vaibhav remove his  packet and put some in mouth….Rohan joined Pankaj….I went to sleep….


[learn_more caption=”8:00 am, 15th Dec, 2012″]

When I open my eyes… was eight on morning…I was fresh feeling for me…I went out with camera to shoot nature…I found monkey – huge one hanging on tree and doing masti alone….I click few flowers and here there.. And Rohan take charge of camera….and click some of the finest photo. While talking with servant I enquired about the taxi and its rates, quickly consult with the all boys and we called taxi…The water was so chilled that I cannot swallowed it. My mouth freeze…I remember the ad of SENSODYNE TOOTHPASTE here.



[learn_more caption=”9:00 am, 15th Dec, 2012.”]

Our vehicle came – it was INDICA. Nilesh a polite driver – and we fixed the car for two entire day. And it cover Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani, Pratapgad and Tapola Dam. The car was very nice and clean that I love it. Well maintained and cool one…..we feel like very rich as we got luxurious car. On Day one we decided to finish Mahabaleshwar, Juna Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani and on Day two we cover – Pratapgad and Tapola Dam.

We did nasta, and fatafat occupy the seats at Indica.


[learn_more caption=”Destination 1 – MAPRO Garden and Factory”]

Mapro Garden was our first destination to see. It is inside the Mapro Factory. The Factory was very clean and neat. At entrance it was huge garden with beautiful flowers. There is Mapro Store inside Garden. We buy many thing from their. I purchased Strawberry from outside of Store. It was very delicious and such big one love it. Rohan, Pankaj and Vaibhav too buy many thing…all bags are full and we put everything in car back…and drive to Panchgani.



[learn_more caption=”Destination 2 – Strawberry Garden”]

We saw a place where strawberry is being farm. There we saw a Strawberry Plant and flower also learn how to do this. There we tasted amazing STRABERRY CREAM…it is awesome ice-cream desert…love it…..Mazza aa gaya..



[learn_more caption=”Destination 3 – Parsi Point”]

The place name I don’t remember – but it was opposite to Table Plateau. A place from I can see many places – A Temple where many film is shoots; recently Chennai Express shooting is on progress and we saw set of Film by big telescope. We click many photos and did some fun too….



[learn_more caption=”Destination 4 – Table Land Plateau”]

Table Land Plateau is Asia’s second largest plateau. It very vast and wonderful, Horse riding is one of the fun there. We just walk and walk and walk…..and reach till end of plateau. Click many photos…we saw a man made cave restaurant and caves. That is wonderful experience too. Vaibhav ne bahut sa profile pixs kicha…alag alag style mein…..





[learn_more caption=”Destination 5 – Panchganga Mandir, Temple”]

Panchganga Mandir is place where five rivers – Koyna, Krishna, Venna, Savitri and Gayatri come together. We tasted the water several time and very pure water with full of energy. I never tasted water like that, amazing experience. Here near by many temple exists. We visited all temples.

It was afternoon so we decided to have launch. We consult NILESH for food, and he said all hotel are fine and best. And we choose one hotel which looks very decorative and nice and we entered and order DAL FRY, Veg Baruta, Bindi Fry, Chapati ….


[learn_more caption=”Destination 6 – Arthur Point, Needle Point, Elephant Head Point”] After fantastic food at Panchganga Mandir we move to next destination which is Arthur Point, Needle Point and Elephant Head. All these point are very near to each other. Arthur Point is know for famous poet Arthur who wrote many beautiful poem. Unfortunately the Arthur seat is no more as it felled many years ago due to earthquake. I guess Arthur Point would be more beautiful during monsoon.

Than we moved to Needle Point or Elephant Head – both are same point – It is natural made rock shape in Elephant Head. And the Gap between Elephant Trunk is look like a NEEDLE hole. So the point is called Needle point too. Here we click many photos there.








[learn_more caption=”Destination 7 – Echo Point, Savitri Point, Monkey Point”]

Echo Point was made most memorable by Pankaj….Pankaj ne ek bada kaand kiya…Actually one school kids group also came for outing. They all have one Guide who is giving detailing about the Places. He instructed kids to follow his voice at eco point and decided say Bharat mata ki (by guide) and follow to him kid will say JAI…as per plan all kid follow the instruction and suddenly Pankaj said loudly – Vandey and in excitement all kid also said loud – Maataram….which spoil the echo of earlier…and this make Guide so angry and he shouted – Kon Kele..Kon kela..and all people around laugh like anything…all Lolzz moment…..This point also called Suicide Point, as it is center of three district – Raigad, Satara, and Beed. We saw Sahyadri hill from very near…it is very fantastic moment for us.

Monkey Point was very fantastic where you can see three monkey – natural stone made, are sited to hills….this is very natural and the stones arrangement is look like Monkey…Something Nature made installation…From Savitri Point we saw Savitri Hills..and also saw the Pratapgad too. Here we click one photo with Heart Shape Flower Installation….nice one!!!







[learn_more caption=”Destination 8 – Sydney Point and Elephant Head – Sunset View”] This was last destination for day one. Sydney Point is perfect place to spend evening….as long plateau and in front Huge Sahyadri Point is very delighting moment. Many benches are place to sit and relax. I wish to have Sydney Point at Bombay and I will daily visit to burst my day stress and back home peacefully.

We had kadam ginger tea their which make our evening….After that we move to ELEPHANT HEAD point which is perfect place for sunset…we are just waiting to sun get dip in sea. But the crowd at place is eating our privacy so we just went few step back a side corner and just sit and keep watching the sun….I was stun and keep feeling of some undefined energy which slowly charging me. Same feeling was coming to Pankaj, Rohan and Vaibhav. Pankaj has click some of the best photos here…nice Mr. Hidden Photographer. We saw full sunset…and than just back toward car.




[learn_more caption=”End of Day One –”] With Eight Significant Beautiful Destination our Day One is finished. We just come to market to buy some drinks and chips for night. Than back to Hotel…as Day end the clod started increasing…Entire day we are simply roaming but not felt exhausted, this magic of Mahabaleshwar. We just sat and summarizing the day…the fun…the girls…and the spots where Pankaj crack punches….Than we went out for dinner at Maharashtra Tourism restaurant, suggested by Nilesh. It was just ten minute walk from our hotel. But still a scary empty road thrill us…..We thought the place would be best for food, but when we tasted the food it was worst than anywhere….NOT SUGGESTED to any one. After bad taste to recover we had PAAN…that was ok…than take a long walk till Hotel….while back to home we had topic – a many topic (not about bad taste of dinner) about day…than Ghost and Dog….Jungle Animal and many more…

We was promised to Bon Fire but due to my lazy and servant not interest toward us spoil the plan…..but we spend nice time at amusment park for kid where ZULLA was installed…and ROHAN, VAIBHAV and PANKAJ all sat in corner and explaining their day to their lovely GF and wife respected to married Pankaj…OH poor yash – don’t have such business in life.. L I am also in corner but without any phone on ear…I was jealous so jealous…so I just went to Hotel room….and slept…no start watching TV…wow…TV is my GF….i love her….she listen to me and never  make me bore….LOVE U TV…and we know since childhood.. 😉

After three boys chat with their love they back to room one by one….what a manners… it…than my GF is stole by each boys…except ROHAN….sometime Pankaj surf sometime Vaibhav….finally we struck to one channel – which shows some horror serials….but funny..and slowly slowly all wicket goes down and we slept…..


[learn_more caption=”Day Two – 16th Dec, 2012″]

It was race to bath…as Hot water need to call. Here Pankaj and Rohan went to out for MORNING walk and I and Vaibhav was still on bed…I just wake up for morning work…and ordered HOT water for us….All get refreshed and very excited for Day Two spots as we are going to cover the Pratapgad and Tapola Dham. It was our luck that we got INDIGO for day two as Nilesh was need to go with somebody. We wow first moment but sad too as Nilesh was not us…he is fantastic driver….and guide too…But Day two driver was not so good….OK type ka tha….we decided to have breakfast out as Apsara Charges high for breakfast.


[learn_more caption=”Pratapgad, 16th Dec, 2012.”]

We packed all bags, and did check out from hotel. The journey for Day two started. We halted a place for breakfast. Had jabardast breakfast and proceed to Pratapgad. Pratapgad is Shivaji Maharaj built fort which have significance of killing Aurangjeb by Shivaji.

We hired a Guide for 200/- rupees. He explains the feature of fort and help us to explore fort as per Historical Events. We spend more than one hour their….had click many photos…For just resting we sat at One Katta…where we found a girl purse. We ask females around us but not able to rectify the girl. So we open the purse…from which first tablet is come out…than some money and one ID card…and suddenly listen the shout of girl…and we embrace as we open her purse….as girls purse always have many personal things….but that was open to find a girl…she thanks us….Pankaj ask her to be responsible for her belongs….

While return to down we sat for Pithla Bhakri – Zunka Bhakri….this is one of the traditional food dish for Maharashtrian. It is very delicious and MIRCHI (Chilly) Chatani was very spicy…Love it…and along with had a buttermilk…which make our day. The stomach was full now…so we plan to skip the launch.




[learn_more caption=”Tapola Dam, 16th Dec, 2012.”]

It is dream to have boating experience at Mahabaleshwar. So for that we went to Tapola Dam. While going to Tapola Dam we saw one Shivsagar Point where two river sangam – Koyna and Solshi river.

 Rohan want to buy some strawberry for home so desperately searching for it….At Tapola Dam he found a Garden but return….We come to place near to dam, where boating facility is available. We hire speed boat for four for forty five minutes. The boat guy took us to small island middle of river which is very nice and majedaar to me…as I have dream to spend a full day at such island. And dream come to true….Vaibhav was on phone so we crack joke – “Tilla Sang lavkar lagn kar, ghara sathi zameen pan bagitale aahe…” (Let’s get married as for home I found a land too) Boating was fun blowing moment for us.





After that Rohan and me had tea and Pankaj and Vaibhav had soda. We back to car. Our all spot are finished. By 5:30 pm we were at Mahabaleshwar Bus Stand. As per plan the bus for return to Bombay was on nine thirty night and we don’t have any clue how to spend these four hours. Dimag ke godey bhagae aur hazar ideas nikaley…First planed to hire a lodge on hour basis, but that was too bad ideas as per cost. Pankaj talk to Aspara Hotel manager Sanjay to keep luggage, but that also not suitable idea as hotel was fifteen walk distance and we don’t want to walk more…so, we decide to spend entire four hour at market.

First one hour we spend in Bar, It was chilling evening…non of the drink but simply sit. Actually Bar is suppose to start after seven, so barter also no issue with us…Vaibhav, Pankaj and Rohan was watching movie Anaconda, and I am less interested come out and sat outside lobby. I am trying very hard to recharge Vaibhav’s Mobile as he wants to talk to his girl, I am using my idiot phone to recharge…but all fail…mera tho popat ho gaya.

After that we just went to market. It was window shopping but the product was very attractive and I enter to every shop and buy – Mobile cover, Wooden Coaster, Bottle Bag, and chocolates. Our bag was full of items….but I am not stoppable. I think Pankaj, Rohan and Vaibhav was fed up with my craziness. Mahabaleshwar market is very beautiful and full of nice products. Pankaj, Rohan and Vaibhav buy some around two kg of Strawberry. Rohan and Vaibhav buy Crush and Jelly chocolates.

Now we all hungry…..we have select Hotel AMAN for our dinner. Hotel Aman is recommended to every non-veg food lover. The food was awesome and very cheap too. We order one Mutton Handi and chapattis and than rice…the quantity was so huge that some curry is left……After that we just had some walk till Bus stand… where Vaibhav buy recharge from local vendor. I also buy one tiny duck for me…we spend another half hour their.

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