Happy Birthday Steel Man – Ratan Tata – Short Bio by Yashwant Naik

Ratan N. Tata,  a man behind all success of Tata Group, maintain  the Brand of TATA as social empire for common people with 43% increase in sales for all times. He is sixth Chairman for TATA Group and keep continue the traditional trend of TATA family to serve common man. Ratan Sir was going to retire from all his responsibility on this December, 2012 and replaced by Cyrus Pallonji Mistry as Chairman.

On this occasion many article will published on sir’s professional career, but in this article I am going to cover some of moment of life which change other people’s life. A unsaid unpopular true story which rarely published or discuss, Which shows he is not only good Entrepreneur but also a great man who is part of inspiration for me and other too.

Ratan Sir born on 28 December 2012, (yeah today is his birthday-best day to publish this article). His school study is happened in Bombay and completed the B.S. degree from Cornell University in 1962.

Same year he join the Tata Steel. Ratan Sir is having very calm nature and keeps thinking of doing something new and different. He is bachelor Entrepreneur, at interview with CNN he said –”When you asked whether I’d ever been in love, I came seriously close to getting married four times and each time it got close to there and I guess I backed off in fear of one reason or another,”. Something interesting about his life, may be the quote proven wrong here – “Every successful man behind is woman!!”

The introduction of NANO is come forward when he see the small family is driving a scooter seated four passenger and driving very uncomfortably in traffic.

The story of the world’s cheapest car begins on a rainy day in Bangalore.

Ratan Tata was in the south Indian city on business and on his way to the airport. The head of India’s most famous business empire told his driver to be careful on the slick roadway.

As usual in India’s crazy traffic, the streets were full of dodging scooters, many of them carrying whole families: father at the controls, mother holding on behind, children riding on their laps. Typically, none of them were wearing helmets.

Suddenly, a scooter turned in front of the Tata car and lost control, sending a family of four spilling onto the pavement.

“No one was hurt, but we could have run over the whole family; we were just behind them,” remembers Mr. Tata. He had seen before how vulnerable scooter riders were in the traffic, “but that was the first instance that scared me.”

He began to think: How could he make driving safer for Indian families?

His first notion was to build a safer scooter. Trained as an architect, he made notepad doodles of new designs – a scooter with two wheels at the back, a scooter with a protective cage – none of them very practical.

Then he played with the idea of an open-sided “rural vehicle” with safety bars in place of car doors. He decided “no one wanted a half a car.

Finally, he hit upon the simplest and most audacious idea of all. Why not simply build a tiny car – just big enough to carry a family like the one that crashed in front of him that day in Bangalore, but cheap enough for a scooter-driving family to afford.

Thus was born the one-lakh car.”  

–          Article by MARCUS GEE for The Globe and Mail

From – http://parsikhabar.net/industry/game-changer-the-tata-nano-story/2338/

He wants to do something middle class small family who actually needed a four wheel but not able to brought due to cost. So, the idea of NANO comes in picture. A small car which  take less space to park, fuel efficient, low maintenance and come in One Lakh. The dream to make peoples car now start rolling on paper and the Group of engineer led by Girish Wagh is charge with this. This is impossible to make car in one lakh but who can stop Ratan Sir, he continuous touch with Girish Wagh about the NANO development. Ratan Sir share the idea of NANO to Bosch, Land Rover; GKN and the finally the design and machine is ready.

Girish was very junior engineer in Tata Motor but still he has access to Ratan sir for simplest reason that TATA is giving every single opportunity to people who have dream to change life. On 2008 Ratan Sir proudly launch the NANO in market. This was landmark in Indian Auto Mobile Industry and in next few years many small cars came in market but not able to beat NANO. The development of NANO is not yet stopped as new upgraded version is still on queue already shows in Auto Expos.

Ratan Sir not only has close attachment with common man but actually love with brands which always fascinate him. He is so concern about the Brand and Brand Name. As on his guidance Tata change his Logo after several years of sad Tata Logo. The new logo was very innovation and symbol of continuous growth and customer satisfaction. He asks to change old Truck models with introduction of more heavy weight truck on road. He buys Daewoo Motor at Singapore. Again this was remarkable changes in Indian Market…as other follow him.

His brilliance and technical thinking gave birth of TCS – a largest outsourcing company in India. TCS was now brand of trust and money making pot for shareholder. I guess it is Ratan Sir is person who not declare Job Cut during recession. Ratan helps Land Rover and Jaguar to retain their glory and pride by buying those losses running business house. However many finance Pundit criticizes him but Ratan Sir was so sure of success. He brought the technology of Land Rover and Jaguar to India and now European Industry is controlled from Bombay House. The deal is finished when world economy is on downstream.

Ratan Sir is not only looking on automobile industry but also Sir takes care of other areas like buying of Tetley and Corus, sold out of Lakme and Tata Oil. This is balance act to maintain the Brand and business. Ratan Sir brought changes in Telecom Industry by introducing the Japan Telecom in India – Docomo and business share with Virgin Mobile.

Ratan Sir is ethical business man who against all bribe and corruption. He withdraw the idea of introduction of Tata in Airlines Industry just because of some minister ask for bribe. He also withdraws the deal with Pakistan Government Multicrore offer to buy Tata Sumo Grande, maintain peace in India as this may be cause of big issues… Ratan Sir commented, “There will be no business with a country indulges in launching terror operations against India.”

He always keep transparency in each deal and give an inspiration to young entrepreneur to do business ethical way. He keep the Tata as Common Peoples company which listen the common man and work for common man….

As Ratan Sir today turn 75 and spend 20 years leadership as Chairman of Tata Group now getting retire and handover all responsibility to Cyrus Pallonji Mistry. Ratan Sir we miss you so much.


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