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Google – A giant search engine of planet is having very tough time to beat rising competitor like Facebook, Bing and Baidu. But I guess Google is quite relax as they still Big player in online advertising. And that is reason Google is introducing more opportunity to their Advertising Customer to showcase their  ad banner in every where in Google’s platform.Today I found something new in My Inbox which I want to share here –

Earlier Google is showcasing the Ads in top of Inbox – in strip line – see bellow

Google Strip Ads

Today morning i saw this in my inbox —

Google New ad marketing

In above image the strip ad and bellow in right corner the Flash Ad are shows same for Go Daddy Ad…If you see the box clearly at bottom there is link for more such ads. And if you click on it take you to next page in inbox itself see bellow image —

Google Mail Flash Add


Above is snap shot of Flash Ad open in Inbox. It is open like email. This ad can be save in Inbox, or Forward to anybody or can be discard by using above three option – SAVE, FORWARD and DISMISS, as we use for any email.

This is something innovative ad concept by Google Adword Team. But here I am thinking they might be collecting the data of my emails. Here I am getting this specific ad for Hosting and Domain from Go Daddy….It is just because my few recent mail was regarding Hosting and Domain names requirement. I am quite sure of Privacy Policy Violation here as my email does not have such Keyword to get this ad to show….

Conclusion is Google gave new opportunity for Advertiser but it is again one more pain for Gmail User….

Bellow some more information about how Google Adword Work –  this is brought from –….

How Google Adword Work

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