Flowerhorn Care and Maintenance

Last month I brought Flowerhorn Fish for my fresh water aquarium. Flowerhorn is belong to cichlid family. Flowerhorn has many variations such as Kamfa, King Kamfa, Faders, Albino FH etc etc… I brought the long body pearl spotted flowerhorn – 2inch in size. The flowerhorn is manmade hybrid fish so it is not mix with any fish, need to keep separately, otherwise both fish will keep fighting until anyone died. So, I also keep only one flowerhorn. It is aggressive, emotional, and territory  lover, never allow anybody in his area.

Flowerhorn is very delicate fish need to maintain the fish tank very well. Otherwise fish may get ill and chance to die. Flowerhorn is very sensitive fish react with every changes happen in aquarium, be careful while changing water or adding any new decorative in tank. I am handling the fish several month have plenty experience which help the new beginners –

Selection of Fish –

Each Flowerhorn breed is very exotic and delicate. Each have same behavior and aggressiveness. If you planning to buy mature – big size fish than check the few following points which give perfect value to your money –

  • Well grow hump
  • Bright color
  • Active and aggressive
  • Black Marking in body – consider eight visible marking.

But, when you planned to buy young or baby flowerhorn then it is difficult to check above point. Just check the activity of Flowerhorn, color of flowerhorn and come baby flowerhorn having small hump. See if it is interacting with your figure or not. Other then this buy young flowerhorn is not that much risky as it is cheap and the growth of flowerhorn is depend on fishers.

Each breed of flowehorn has their own distinguish quality. You can select any breed of Flowerhorn as per you choice.

Aquarium Set Up

Flowerhorn need not have some special aquarium. Only thing is the fish tank must be big and much spacious to move fish happily. Many prefer the simple tank without gravel or decorative. But I suggest that we can have some decorative aquarium for flowerhorn too. See some tips to decorate Flowerhorn Aquarium –

  • Flowerhorn is digger and love to dig continuously. So add some big size fine rounded gravels which not hurt them while digging.
  • Add some simple background to aquarium.
  • Plants – It is suggested not to add Plants as Flowerhorn will end up this plant by digging or biting it. But still you can add the Java Moss – it is come with pads which delight the Flowerhorn. Other than that floating plant can advisable.
  • Terracotta Pot – some flowerhorn love to hide. So adding Terracotta Pot can be work great. But it must be safe and fine cut and kept in perfectly as it not hurt fish anymore.
  • Artificial Plant – Well I am not suggesting adding artificial plant as time pass the articial plant become dangerous to fish.

Feeding –

Flowerhorn is great eater. Can eat all time whenever you feed. But please make discipline your fish by feeding two times in a day at perfect time. It is observation that newly brought fish never eat or trying to hiding in corner. In this case never worried, it is because fish is not settled at aquarium. Give some days to manage it. You only need to put food on tank. And keep it for five minute. If it eats than ok otherwise remove it. Keep repeating this process until fish get use to you.

Feeding live food is good as it is nice source of protein.  Feeding once a while is nice to feed but never feed continuously live food as it spoils your fish’s health.

Shrimps, Small Fish, earth worm or tinned peas, algae, bloodworms, mosquito larvae, earthworms are some of live food for flowerhorn available in nearest aquarium.  Apart from live food please select the food which has more than 35% of protein.

Aquariums Maintenance –  

  • Flowerhorn is polluting tank very fast, this increase the pH level of water which is harmful for fish. So check the pH level.  The food left become dirt in the fish tank and cause to add more to the nitrite level in the water. So feed that much which can finish in five minute, the left ever food remove it.
  • Add a Biological Filter which constant keep cleaning the food and keep the tank crystal clean. Also add the pump filter which helps to pump the waste of tank clean water in quickly.
  • Every week remove the 30% water (depending of polluted water, if it is much polluted and colored than remove more than that.) and add dichloride water.
  • Clean entire tank once in month.
  • Clean the biological filter and pump filter with running water or warm water. Sea salt water can be used for it.
  • Clean the gravels with some warm water.

Flowerhorn Disease

There are several disease seen in flowerhorn. If your flowerhorn is not eating and moving than it is because your flowerhorn is ill. In this case add some Tetracycline in tank, it will give some relax to fish. Keep watch in fish and observed all moment of fish and consult to nearest fisher expert to get diagnose the disease and treatment for it.

Well keeping flowerhorn is not easy task but when you see your fish to grown you will delighted. It is fun to play with flowerhorn as it always react to your movement and will become your family member too.

Or you can directly ask me for any query related the Flowerhorn @ 90286 59210 or yash_naik24[at]yahoo.com

589 thoughts on “Flowerhorn Care and Maintenance

  1. Hi, I have 3 requirements i.e

    1. Do we need to keep submersible filter always on? My tank size is 60x30x14 and my FH is 3 inches and active.. I always keep air pump 24/7 switched on and submersible filter morning 1 hour and night 1 hour.

    2. How many pallets to feed FH of 3 inches.. Could you please help me with feeding or diet chart as morning what and how much and night what and how much.. Please as I am feeding humpy head 4 pallets morning and night with a difference of 12hrs.

    3. I do change 30% water with debris removal every week so is it required to have a biological filter? As I have submersible filter now,Then which filter is good?

    Please help me with these as I am struck here.

    1. Hello Rakesh,

      Thanks for asking question regarding the Flowerhorn. My answer is you can use submersible Filter or top filter. You need to run filter until water get 60% clean. Their is no fix time or stat available online.
      You can feed Flowerhorn food which he finished in 30 second. Dont change time of feeding or over feeding them.
      Yes you can change 30% of water weekly.. Biological Filter is complete optional.

    1. Hello Irfan,

      Yes, it is infection. The Infection happen due to unhygine water condition inside tank. The level of nitrogen and pH leads to this infection.
      I recommend you to immediately start with treatment.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

    1. HI Kalidh,

      Normal Corporation water is best for Flowerhorn.
      Dont use Ground Water, Municipality water and RO water.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  2. Hi Yash,

    I am getting a 70 liter tank i.e RS-600E . I have previously owned an arowana for 3 years. Its the first time that i am getting a flowerhorn.Any insights about the compatibility of the fish in such tank.

    1. Hi Vinit,
      For growth of Flowerhorn you need atleast 3 feet tank with heater, air pump and water filter. No decorative and fancy lights for flowerhorn aquarium setups.
      Thank you,
      Yashwant Naik

      1. I put a flower horn in a aquarium with plants in it(small aquascaping) and I just put him in it..is it safe..n tetracycline does DAT work

        1. Hello Rohit,

          Dont keep Flowerhorn with Plant. flowerhorn will destroy all plat setup and disturb the system.

          Thank you,

          Yashwant Naik

  3. Hi Yashwant Naik
    I am having flower horn fish. I am planning for a vacation and will not be there to feed my fish
    for 4 days. Can you please suggest any alternative to keep him active so that he is not starving in
    my absence. Is it safe to feed Holiday food?

    1. Hello Sampath,

      Go for vacation without any worries. The Flowerhorn can live without food for Minimum 20 days. But dont put any holiday food or add any automatic feeding machine.

      Before you go for vacation you need to feed him well and make sure Air Pump should run properly and dont use Power Filter .

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

      1. Hi Yashwant Naik,
        Recently we found that water in our fish tank was cold and the Heater though the lights are on indicating that its working , but the temperature of water seems to be cold. Heater capacity is 300W. We did change a new Heater and set the temperature at 26 Degree Celsius. today when we fed him, he did not eat and also we could observe pimples in his fins. Does my fish which was adjusted for cold water did not adjust to warm water. I am bit confused on this. Can you please advise on this.

        1. Hello Sampath,

          It seems that Your flowerhorn is suffering form White Spot Diseases. The White Spot disease basically because of imbalance in water condition. Mostly because of some chemical reaction cause such condition.
          I recommend you to do Salt Bath treatment where you dip fish in salt water (made from Rock Salt or Epsom Salt) and after 15 shift to main tank.
          Also use water conditioner such as Ocean Free Gill Fungus Parasite Special and Anti Chlorine from Ocean Free.

          You mentioned heater could be problematic, but I dont see any complication and it is quite okay of water remain cold.

          Thank you,

          Yashwant Naik

  4. Hi am Kumaran I bought flowernhorn fish last month ,2 weeks before my flowernhorn fish affect by white Pooh string I give tetracycline tablet now it’s fine but stomach is bloated what can I do? Can I do paractice treatment! I don’t know how to do treatment pls tell me how to do paractice treatment and how much dosage I give and how long I give, and tell which medicine I give, my flowernhorn size is 4 inch nearly, my tank size is 2*1.5*1.5 pls help me

      1. Pls tell u r mail I’d pls I can’t find u r mail I’d
        And I didn’t get Ocean Free Paraclear medicine:( pls tell some ideas now again my flowernhorn fish white Pooh comes, pls help

        1. thanks to the links how many days I have to give this medicine, how much dosage I give
          ,Flowerhorn First Aid Kit  ! What r the medicine list pls tell me bro if I order in Amazon means it comes after 3 days , what can I do from these 3 days ! I have tetracycline powder and paracid
          Pls tell bro

  5. Hello brother i have a query.. I bought a baby fh a week back and did all the things.. Whenever i switch on the power filter my fh is triying to do flips and tries to jump near the filter outlet valve… If i switch off the power filter means it will not do such things.. It is just triying to flip towards the water flow… Is it okay or anything wrong with my fh… Please reply as soon as possible

  6. Hi Yash,

    I have just introduced a flowerhorn to my house 2 weeks back it’s active and aggressive as well. I just wanted to know if it’s a good quality flowerhorn.. it’s head did not pout out yet it’s 2 Inch 3 cms long.. I am a bit confused if it’s a real flowerhorn or could this fish be a Trimax or a crossbreed.. I am using tap water for the tank and use few medicines which I purchased online and from the local store. Please help me know if my fish is a genuine flowerhorn and am I taking good care of it in terms of the food and water conditioners I use (attaching along the pics of the fish, water conditioners I use and the food I provide)
    Thanks & regards.
    Regan Pinto.
    Phone# 90XXXXXX32

    1. Yashwant I have attached the pictures in the mail I have sent you or may be you can help me with your what’s app contact for me to send you the pictures and video I also wanted to know if my tank size goes good with my fish size. Also help me know the breed of my flower horn..

    2. Hello Regan,

      I need to check your flowerhorn to identify his breed. A small flowerhorn usually dont have head…
      I have texted my whatsapp number to you please respond it.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  7. Helo dude … I m from India.. I bought male flowerhorn with hump before 3 weeks … dealer said that he s 4 months old … when I bought he was very active and quick heater … after reading posts I bought a heater and setted it in 28 c … after setting up the heater he is not active , he used to stay behind the motor … she s not eating faster .. is there any problem ? Can I use heater or not ?

    1. Hello Shrinivas,

      It is very difficult to blame heater for your flowerhorn condition.

      This may be because he is new in tank .

      Also their may be high chances thay the water at your home and shop are different and because of that your flowerhorn is not active.

      I need to see your flowerhorn than only I can recommend any suggestions.

      Please check my email for same.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

      1. Hi Nishanth,

        1. Keep mirror in front of him for three times in day.
        2. Feed him high protien foods.
        3. Keep clean the tank
        4. Change Water regularly

        Thank you,

        Yashwant Naik

  8. Respected Mr. Yashwant. Myself Mr. Nikhil is a genuine fish hobbyist & currently maintaining a flowerhorn aquarium. I have thoroughly visited your website & it seems to be quite informative. I personally need to contact you for further issues regarding the upkeep of flowerhorn fish which are not covered in your posts. Please e-mail to me your contact no. so that it can give me a privilege to talk with you.

    Sincerely Yours.

    1. Hi Mr. Nikhil S. Asinkar,

      Thanks for contacting me and finding my blog informative.

      You can ask any questions vi here or our question answer section. I will reply to you quickly here.

      Thanks you so much.

      Yashwant Naik

      1. Respected Mr. Yashwant. Good Evening. With response to your reply dtd. 17th March, I would like to furnish you with the following details :-

        01). A Red Dragon Flowerhorn Fish ;
        02). A 03 Feet Bare Bottom Tank ;
        03). 01 Power Filter & a Sponge Filter for Biological Filtration as well for the purpose of aeration ;
        04). 200 Watts Heater ;
        05). Seachem Prime Liquid ( Highly Concentrated) for De-Chlorination &
        06). API Freshwater Master Test Kit for Testing Ammonia, Nitrite & Nitrate along with pH & High Range pH.
        07). Aquarium Temperature – 29 Deg. Celsius.
        08). Fish Food – Ocean Free XO Humpy Head, Hikari Cichlid Bio-Gold Plus, Ultrafresh-Azoo Natural Flowerhorn Pellets. Pls. Note : I am not feeding my fish with any Live Foods.
        09). Local Rock Salt available at General Stores.

        I have setup my aquarium few weeks before & as you know that every aquarium has to undergo from the nitrification process – the nitrogen cycle which takes about 06-08 weeks. Hence, to maintain the ammonia & nitrite levels at their least, I am changing 25 % of aquarium water on the daily basis. By doing so, there is no fluctuation in the temperature of the aquarium water. It is completely stable & I am checking for the above mentioned water parameters on a regular basis. Also, my fish seems to be quite comfortable & eats very aggressively.

        I have taken this decision very carefully after doing a lot of research on the web & consulting some experienced aquarist.

        So now, my question to you is that do you fully agree with me to change 25 % of the aquarium water on the daily basis with no change in the aquarium water temperature till my tank gets fully cycled & that the biological filter with nitrifying bacteria is fully functional ?

        Please give your valuable advice regarding this issue at your earliest.

        Sincerely Yours.

        1. Hello Mr. Nikhil S. Asinkar,

          I am very much happy that your giving 100% for Flowerhorn. This indicates that your true hobbyist who make sure everything to be alright and perfect.

          I admire your research and process u fix to maintain Flowerhorn. But sometime web research may confuse you and you tend to make mistakes.

          Overall your set up is perfect and much systematic.

          Your query related to daily 25% water change is not all recommended as you can’t control water hygiene. Since Flowerhorn is very delicated fish breed you have to confirm about water. Even if u use any filtration or dechlorination liquid can cause to stress because changes in water.

          Since during Summer it be problematic but winter b monsoons is very contiguous season for Flowerhorn.

          So you should not change water on daily basis , better do it on weekly.

          Thank you,

          Yashwant Naik

          1. Good Morning Mr. Yashwant. As stated in your blog, you have mentioned to use aquarium heater during monsoon & winter for doing partial water changes.

            Just for the purpose of knowledge, I would like to ask you that how many watts heater is required for 20-25 Ltrs. of water ?

            The reason behind to ask this question is that every time it is not possible to take out the aquarium heater out of the fish tank & fix it in the bucket. Instead, I would like to use another heater which can warm the water up to 30 degree centigrade in the bucket containing water up to the volume of 20-25 Ltrs.

            Hence, kindly let me know the proper wattage of heater suitable for bucket of 20-25 Ltrs. which can warm the water to the above mentioned temperature.

            Sincerely Yours,
            Mr. Nikhil S. Asinkar.

          2. Hi

            You can keep separate heater for bucket heating.

            You can use any watt of heater. You must make sure that aquarium heater must submarine inside water otherwise it will bust.

            Also you need to make sure you should remove heater immediately,

            Thanks you,

            Yashwant Naik

          1. Hello Nishanth,

            Extremely Sorry inconvenience happened to you. I was on a personal trip so avoiding work.

            I will read all your comments and get back to you asap.

            Thank you,

            Yashwant Naik

        1. Hello Sridhar,

          It is nice you have brought new Flowerhorn.

          It is easy to feed Flowerhor. Below is detail for same –

          1) Put Pallets as much as Flowerhorn can eat in One Minutes
          2) Feed Twice a Day
          3) Uneaten Pallet need to remove immediately
          4) Live Feeding – Life Fish has parasite bacteria so, avoid daily feeding , Once in Week can okay. if ur giving live fish than next day dont feed anything.
          5) Meat – Meat like chicken liver or any other flesh contain lots of protein and fat can cause to indigestion so dont feed meat on regular basis. If u feed flesh than do next day fasting

          You can buy my homemade food for best growth and color.

          I recommend you to buy Flowerhorn First Aid Box for best health.

          Use Anti Chlorine for safety.

          Thank you,

          Yashwant Naik

      2. Sir my flora. Is 4 inch in size ita a red dragon from many days he is hitting the bottom of the tank sideways he does it may b 10 11 time a day im worried is it normal

        1. Hi Sagar,

          This is behavior if fish is not normal. Check if your water has some bacteria infection.

          You need Ocean free Gill fungus parasite special and Ocean free antichlorine special.

          Treatment is simple – remove flowerhorn from tank n clean entire tank with warm water

          Than refill water. Add one cap of both medicine.

          Add heater for to tank and turn to 30℃.

          Let me know if you face difficult to get medicine.

          Thank you,

          Yashwant Naik

          1. Check your ammonia .to high of ammonia they will do that also. the are ammonia sensitive. I had a friend that had one and told his was doing that I brought my ati water test kit to his house and he had ammonia. did water change and within a hour he was normal. water testing very important

          2. Hello Tony,

            Absolutely True.

            Mostly all disease born with water only.

            Thanks for sharing valuable tips on my blog.

            Thank you,

            Yashwant Naik

  9. Hi sir,
    I bot a flowerhorn last week. i think my fish is active. i have some doubt.
    1. i have normal decorating, filter, stone and light (switch on only three hours per day). Please suggests if iam wrong
    2.Bot basic food near pet shop and feeding food two times per day. I dont know how much food will feed my fish
    3. how i will find fish age? and type?
    4. how to develop my fish Head kok?

    1. Good Morning Mohideen,

      Thanks for reading my blog for Flowerhorn and Flowerhorn care.

      You may find my blog informative and helpful too.

      With this comment reply I wish to educate you about the Flowerhorn and how to care Flowerhorn?

      Flowerhorn is hybrid fish (man made). Due to this Flowerhorn immunity is very low compare to other fish.

      Flowerhorn fish is difficult to keep and maintain. You need to be committed towards cleaning tank and further treatment and prevention process.

      Flowerhorn is tropical fish which mean Flowerhorn need balance temperature.

      Water plays important role in Flowerhorn aquarium tank. Water need to be suitable for Flowerhorn. You cannot use borewell water, RO system water, filter water or well water. You can use the munsipality water as it was process with proper pH.

      You must use Oceanfree Anti Chlorine Special as water conditioner for Flowerhorn aquarium tank.

      I never recommended to keep Flowerhorn in decorative tank. Flowerhorn do lots of waste. Because of this nitrate n ammonia in tank increase abnormally. Thus Flowerhorn got disease easily. So, no decoration or stone in tank.

      You need to keep heater at 28°-30° constant in winter and monsoon, and 28° during summer if required. Thus temperature can balance.

      We need filter to clean the dust n poop in tank. Every week filter need to clean with running fresh water. You can use canister or medium filter too. As per me sponge biological filter is best as it is slow n protect Good bacteria.

      Food play vital role in developing head, body and color. You can feed Flowerhorn as much he ate in one minutes. Remove immediately remaining food. Flowerhorn can ask you food all day when he is super active. But you should feed him as per fix time schedule. Don’t over feed. You can feed him live fish but don’t feed on regular basis. Only once in week. I recommend you don’t feed him flesh.

      You need to keep Flowerhorn First Aid kit to fight with general n dangerous disease.

      Do regular water change. Maintain temperature, use filter.

      You can refer my blog for any questions to ask via comments or Questions answer page.


      Yashwant Naik

          1. Hi sir,
            My flower horn was active first 10 days. But now it’s not active. He is afraid for my movement. Colour also changed. Now looks dark.
            Previously it was pink. Always sitting corner of the tank.
            Kindly suggest me

          2. Hello Mohideem,

            Your flowerhorn may be ill. Add tetracycline 150 mg to tank.

            Clean filter. If possible don’t use any decorating items.

            Thanks for your comment.

            Yashwant Naik

          3. Hi yashwant,
            Thanks for giving me information about the flowerhorn fish.
            Actually I stay on a hostel and you can say my tank is barely 3ft.
            As I stay at hostel I can’t invest money in buying new tank.
            And about automation how much will it cost?.
            Please mail me your what’s app no.on-CXXXXX[a]gmail.com

          4. Hello Ajinkya,

            Automation can cost different as per level of automation. I will mail you detail soon.

            Thanks for comment.

            Yashwant Naik

      1. Sir please help me I bought a new flower horn fish.tell me what kind of fish and whether the head will grow or not…please reply me soon..’……

        1. Hi Gokul,

          Flowerhorn is hybrid fish which need extra care. Flowerhorn is medium difficult to keep.

          Water play important role here.

          You also need to keep Flowerhorn first aid box to fight 8odd disease.

          You can refer any of my post for Flowerhorn care and maintenance.

          Thank you,

          Yashwant Naik

      2. Thankyou Sir
        Your site and posts are very informative
        I have bought a flower horn past few days
        The fish had initial fungus issues but thanks to your posts and guided advice it came out
        The original colour has faded and it’s 25% white now
        But I feel it will surely recover
        I do a water 30% to 40% water change
        I keep the temperature maintained at 28°C
        Today suddenly it has become aggressive and is trying to jump out
        I have a sensor based light so is it because of the moment that the light turns on off?
        You see any other reason for the behaviour
        I have switched off the sensor light but I am very worried
        Please advise at that earliest convinient time

        1. Hi Kailash,

          It happen sometime usually. Dont worry about this it is normal. Please dont keep sensor lights as it may disturb the flowerhorn.
          Let me know if any further issue you notice.

          Thank you,

          Yashwant Naik

  10. Dear Yaswant
    Hope you are doing good. My flowerhorn Is sitting in corner of tank in bottom for almost for 1 month now. Earlier he used to swim around the place were we sit near balcony . But now we see him in one corner in tank. When we get Out in balcony he comes near but again retreat to that corner .There is no issue with his food .He have is 20 pallets of pallets . But this new habit is worrying us.

    1. Hi Vijay,

      Can you describe the tank?

      I mean to say how big is tank?
      How many fishes do you have in tank?
      Which water you use?
      Which medicine you using?
      Where do you stay!

      Such information can helpful to me.


      Yashwant Naik

  11. Assalam_0_alaikum sir I bought a baby flowerhorn since 2 weeks when I bought it is active n healthy but last night it laid in the bottom of tank and today at morning it died suggest me what happened with him it stayed in the corner of tank at horizontal angle I took flowerhorn with oscar blue shark I think rest of all fishes caused of death in starting days it’s well but last night it left the world suggest me what I should do I’ll send u pic if my baby flowerhorn at ur mail or send me ur whatsapp number I’ll send u on it thanks in advance

    1. Walik-o-Salam Azeem ji,

      You should keep Flowerhorn with other fish. Flowerhorn is not community lover fish. Your baby flowerhorn got stress and scared because of tank mate. Due to Stress he may be died.

      Advice for you –

      1)      Never keep flowerhorn with other fish
      2)      Keep flowerhorn in single tank, not even other flowerhorn
      3)      For better growth keep flowerhorn in Big Tank
      4)      Don’t keep any decorative in tank
      5)      You should use Heater and filter for Flowerhorn tank
      6)      Never over feed flowerhorn
      7)      Never feed too much live food or flesh
      8)      Have flowerhorn kit for safety

      Yes, you can mail me or whatsapp me, will share personally.

      Thanks for reading and finding the blog useful. Keep visiting blog for more fact about the Flowerhorn.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  12. Hi sir ,
    Ibrought a new thai silk flowerhorn 1 month ago….
    He was active but until now he didnt eat the food that i gave to him …..
    Im so worried about it sir…
    Plzzzzzzz help me in this case sir….

      1. Hi Sir,
        I have got a flowerhorn male which is 4 inch and want to buy a flowerhorn female for him kindly suggest Wat shd be the size of female i shd get and is it safe to have a male female pair together

    1. Hi my. Flower horn hasnt eating for 3 weeks we’ve tried everything we have had him 5 wks and was fine at first please help

      1. Hi Joanne Price,

        I need to know that – does he look stressed or does his stomach look swelled or boalted.

        You can do this thrick –

        Put some dry shrimp on pallet bottle or packet.

        Than try to feed. A smell of dry shrimp can attract Flowerhorn.

        Let me know if this not resolve your query.

        Thank you,

        Yashwant Naik

  13. Hi sir,
    I am ketan from lower parel mumbai..
    Last 1-2 days my flowerhorn is having a problem. When he swims down side sometimes or many times he automatically coming up like an air bubble.
    He is finding some difficulties while swimming . He is eating his pallets very well plz give me a solution on this .

    1. Hi Ketan Dhure,

      Thanks for asking question regarding Flowerhorn.

      As per your comment your flowerhorn is facing difficulties to swim. But due to lack of information I am not able to suggest something to you. I would like to get some more infomation mentioned below –

      1) How big is tank?
      2) How big is your flowerhorn?
      3) Which water you use for aquarium?
      4) Any medicine are you using for flowerhorn?
      5) Did you see any stomach swelling ?
      6) Did you experience any stress on fish?
      7) Did you see any scratch mark or rotten fin isssue?
      8) Did you see white spot or hole in head?
      9) did he do white color poop?
      10) Any color or head reduction?

      Kindly provide above info to suggest further treatments.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  14. Hi sir ,
    Ibrought a new goldenbase flowerhorn 1 month ago….
    He was very active and ate food really well…..
    BUt now he always searches some thing down and eats only 2 pellets a day …
    Im so worried about it sir…
    His stomach look a bit bigger than when i brought ….
    Plzzzzzzz help me in this case sir….

    1. Hi Bala,

      The water may be problematic. Do you know paraclear treatment?

      We need to do treatment.


      Yashwant Naik

  15. Sir iam so sry to ask the same question to u….my fh not take food last 4 days he don’t take food wat should do sir….iam so depressed….??????

  16. Thsk sir….but first 2 days he ate the food which I feeded to him….but last 1 day he don’t eat the same food….wat is reason sir…..

  17. Hi sir…. I was bought a FH 4 days before….when I bought it look very active and very friendly…and then i bring it to my home and put it to a big separate tank….at 1 day he ate the food which I feeded to my fh….but last 2days he doesn’t take any food and it not look active and doesn’t response my hand movement also…..lot of time he hide himself beneath of filter…and it suddenly scared when some one cross the tank……but if no one is near to tank it play itself normally….more important thing is his not eating anything…..plz help me sir

    1. Hi Vikki,
      Your Flowerhorn is new to your home and every fish act same when they place in new tank.

      Also you mentioned in comment that your Flowerhorn is playful when nobody around him which indicate the shy nature of fish.

      Give sometime to settle down.

      Vikki, please make sure you keep tank clean and hygiene. Regular usages of medicine can prevent Flowerhorn from diseases.

      Don’t overfeed him. Right now nothing to do Flowerhorn.

      Report me if you won’t see any improvement.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  18. Pls tell me a full health care tips and disease…and there medicine name list with photo……send me a mail plz sir….

    1. Hi Vikki,

      Thanks for comment.

      You can refer my blog for Flowerhorn care tips.

      Few point to be note down is –

      1) water hygiene
      2) good food habit
      3) proper filtration

      Use medicine from oceanfree for better results.

      You can buy Flowerhorn first aid kit. This kit content medicine for more than common seven disease and three difficult diseases.

      Suggest to you buy from my medicine store.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

          1. Hello Sandeep,

            I mailed you , please reply with all details and pictures.

            Thank you,

            Yashwant Naik

  19. Hi Yashwant.

    I recently bought a flowerhorn 3 days before. He is ~5 inches. Not sure how old he is?
    At the shop he was active. In fact, it was a very small tank in the shop partitioned for other fishes. He was trying to attack the other fishes by dashing the glass wall. He immediately ate the food that was fed to him.
    I brought him home and my tank holds ~60 litters of water and it is much bigger than what he had in the shop. I used the same can water as used in the Aquarium with some Aquarium salt added to it. I have a heater and the temperature is set to 28 C. I feed him twice with XO Humpy head and XO Red Syn. Once I fed him Shrimp E and he did not eat them.
    Now I do not see him active at all in my fish tank. He seems to be afraid and hiding above the internal water filter most of the time.
    Even though he is taking food, but very slowly. Many time he goes near the food and just avoids it. Some time he eats that. The person in Aquarium from whom I bought this said, not to use heater since he did not use and he never use heater for flower horn. But many others advised me to go for heater to keep the temperature constant and so I did. Not sure if this could be one of the reason.
    Is it because of change in place that he is still not comfortable and I need to give him some more time?
    Yesterday I fed him 2 live fish (Guppy’s) to see if he reacts to it. He was calm and when they came near him he just ate them, but he did not chase them at all.
    Can you pls advise? Pls share your email or whatsapp number so that I can send the pics if needed.

    Regards, Mahadevan

    1. Hi Mahadevan,

      Their are several reasons the your Flowerhorn behave such.

      1) since it is new than he might be not comfortable with new home.

      Solution: dont do anything in this case.

      2) Stress while transport

      Shifting a Flowerhorn is difficult process.

      Due to this it is happening

      3) Water change diseases

      Due sudden change in water the Flowerhorn get contact with bad bacteria n cause to such behavior.

      Solution for your Flowerhorn is –

      1) immediately change the water and clean tank with warm water.

      2) fill the fresh water. Not a boring or mineral water.

      3) add oceanfree antichlorine half cap

      4) add oceanfree Gill fungus and parasites special one cap

      5) add Epsom salt – 1 spoon

      6) now install heater n turn to 28′

      7) after two mins add Flowerhorn to tank

      8) during course of time don’t feed him with any live fish, dry fish, worms, only pallets which he finish in minute

      9) don’t disturb him

      10) don’t stair

      11) never use decorative

      12) Use sponge filter

      13) use heater as per weather.

      14) keep posting me here SBT your Flowerhorn.

      You can get medicine from my website too.


  20. Hello sir good evening tnks for yesterday’s feedback but I loose my floron.
    Now I decided take new baby floron. So can you suggest me what equipment and what medicine or liquid I suppose to purchase. And what precaution suppose to u take.
    Good nit sir

    1. Hi Swapnil Patil,

      Sorry to know about your Flowerhorn.

      It is good you still have same zest and interest to keep flowerhorn, I appreciate this.

      Yes we have a Flowerhorn Kit which is combination of Product and can be usable for any disease flowerhorn face.

      You can order the product from – https://www.payumoney.com/store/product/21e1ac57288c21e9f8427882d9e702f9

      The water is key element for any Flowerhron tank. If water has any issue than Flowerhorn keep sick. Good Food habit can be increase the life of flowerhorn.

      Keep posting here to know more about the flowerhorn.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

      1. Good morning sir .
        I bring baby flooring and i instoll heater. It is necessary of power filter and should I on that for 24 hrs my oxygen is on for24hrs ? plz tell me and how check ph of water ? Plz do the needful
        Thanking you

        1. Hello Swapnil Patil,

          You can get PH check device and testing kit. With the help of the device you can check pH level of water.
          Yes, you need to keep on Air Pump (oxygen) for 24 hours, and Filter need to be on periodically.

          Also get First Aid Kit so in case any emergency you no need to rush for medicine.

          Regular use of product keep Flowerhorn healthy.

          Thank you,

          Yashwant Naik

          1. Hi sir good morning
            My baby flooring is good. But their problem with my tank water it becomes whitish in the tank no Stone or decorative item only heater,power filter and oxygen and no food remaining inside.
            For good health can I change very 3 days 30% water plz suggest.
            Sorry for trouble

          2. Hi,

            Flowerhorn do lots of waste, thats reason it cause to pollute water.
            Sometimes it because of borewell water.
            You can change the water twice a week, but this can be problematic too if Flowerhorn get stress.
            Keep medicine ready for any surprises.

            Thank you,


          3. Hello sir,
            Tnks for yours suggestions it’s very useful to me and my floron. Now I change good i bought ocian free humpy head food . But can’t getting other product that fungus and parasite and all even ur link also not responding what can I do. How I get that product . And also tell me how to clean my tank in how many days and what liquid I use while changing water my tank is 18-20 liter water capacity. Should I use salt ? Plz suggest
            Sorry for trouble
            Thanking you.
            Good night sir.

          4. Hi Swapnil,

            Yes you can use rock salt. But get that medicine.
            That link should work.
            Where do you stay,I can arrange medicine for you.
            Thank you,

      2. Dear Sir,
        I have flowerhorn fish brough 1Yr back. Her health was good but past 3-4days she stop eating. And color also faid. I followed your blog before purchasing my flowerhorn fish. As of now I never face such issue with my flowerhorn. Need your help to get my fish healthy and active.

        1. Hello Saket,

          Since weather is very bad now days cause to such issue. The Flowerhorn stop eating because of stress. This may be because of following reason –

          1)      If you recently water changes may be you not use water conditioner, so bad bacteria rise more
          2)      If you’re not using Heater than due cold weather cause to stress
          3)      Due to stomach infection flowerhorn skip food, check for stomach
          4)      Internal parasite may be cause to this

          You please add one capsule Tetracycline Capsule  (500Mg) to tank. You will see improvement. Add powder only, don’t put shell of capsule.

          Thank you,

          Yashwant Naik

          1. Sir I m govind from Delhi I wan talk to asking from flowerhorn fish xxxxxx my mobile no and what’s app no sir pls rply me

      3. Yaswant sir.when I hade gone to aquarium shop I bought a flowerhorn and when I put in my aquarium he is not eating food and I had put a goldfish on the tank but my fh doesn’t attacked him.. When I deep my finger into fh tank he is scared and not coming to bit my finger.when I feed him he doesn’t come to eat his pellets. Pleasehelp email me

        1. Hello Harsh,

          He is new in your home so he is bit shy

          May be now he is more friendly with you.

          Thank you,

          Yashwant Naik

    1. Hi Saravana Prabhu,

      All Flowerhorn breed are good n attractive.

      Golden base are tend to fade in future.

      Rest it’s personal preference.

      You can buy.

      Thank you,
      Yashwant Naik

      1. Hi sir my flowerhorn fish is very much inactive and its stomach is going inside no food intake… what is the solution sir.. I am feeding food by giving in mouth with Tummy wash medicine.. it spits out. Kindly give me some solutions… plz awaiting for ur kind reply… Regards, Gopala Krishnan.S

  21. hi sir…..
    i m not geting any live worms in my locality……..
    can i put the worms that i get in my garden…..

  22. Mr Yash……
    can i feed my flowerhorn fish with worms that i find in my garden…..
    will it cause any problem….

  23. sry sir ,
    i m a boy of age14…..
    i dont have any bank account ….nor i dont knw to deposit money…..
    will i get any sample packets?????
    ill try to get my frnds help and do transfer from my frnds account….
    plz sir…..

    1. Hi Saravana,

      I am mailing you something in your personal email ID. Please check n reply me their.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

          1. Good Morning Saravana Prabhu G,

            I mailed you everything. Please reply me their.

            Thank you,

            Yashwant Naik

  24. yes,sir
    i m not so very known about online purchases…..
    may u plz help me in this situation…..
    does this food give very well improvement???…..
    and plz sir….guide me in the purchase….
    nor will i get any of ur sample packets in tamil nadu……
    plz help me sir……

    1. Hi Saravana Prabu G,

      Yes, the food is really beneficial to Flowerhorn health growth.

      I will email you the growth photo.

      For payment no worries, i will provide you my bank details so you can deposit money to account.

      I will ship you food to your home once money realize in account.

  25. respected sir,
    i am a flower horn health lover….
    i’d like to know which is the best food for FH…plz help me sir….
    i m following this website for almost seven months…….ill have nice time in reading ur instructions & it was most usefull…..thank u for ur guidance…..
    thank you sir…

    1. Hello Saravana Prabu G,
      Thanks for appreciating website. I feel glad that you found website informative and helping.
      All available food is best for flowerhorn. Regular feeding can help him to grow his head and improve his color.
      You can also use My Flowehorn Food, with added protein for color and head improvement. This food also protects flowerhorn from stomach indigestion.
      Let me know if you’re interested for this homemade flowerhorn food.
      Thank you,
      Yashwant Naik

  26. Hey Yash.

    From the last two days my female fh is taking the gravel stone one by one and puting it in the corner and she is removing it only from one part of my aquarium which is centre area. Is it normal ?


    1. Hi Ice,

      Your Flowerhorn is looking stress.

      Suggest to you to remove all decorative items in tank.

      Don’t use lights.

      Medicine required is –

      1) tetracycline 500mg
      2) ocean free AntiChlorine

      Do 50% water change. Add 10 drops of oceanfree AntiChlorine and one capsule of tetracycline.
      Don’t add capsule directly to tank. You have to remove capsule shell n than use.

      In case any doubt please let me know.

      Use heater when u notice temperature is down.!!

      Thank you,

    2. Hi yashwant bro.
      I have a flowerhorn fish which is kept in 20 gallon tank. It is roughly 3-4 inches and is very aggressive.
      I have seen many youtube videos in which the owner of flowerhorns calm them down by putting hand over the kok but when I do so it comes to bite me?.
      Now due to summers the heater is at constant temp. Of 26c.I have a sobo wp1000 internal filter.I do 50% water change every week.
      My question is that how many years can the flowerhorn live in 20 gallon tank.
      How can I tame it by putting hand over it?
      Is sobo WP-1000 a biological filter?
      N last but not the least the poop ?done by flowerhorn is collected at one side of the tank which is cleaned by me during water change. Is this habit healthy?
      Or as cleaning it daily would be a better practice?
      Since im a College going student I dont get too much time to do so. Please reply.
      Thanks in advance

      1. Hi Ajinkya,

        Thanks for finding blog informative n commenting here.

        I am answering your questions one by one.

        1- tank size

        As per your information mentioned above I can guess your tank size is 2.5 feet, which is small. As Flowerhorn grow tank might go small. So, you need bigger tank.

        2 -Claming Flowerhorn-

        It is myth you see in video. Sometimes Flowerhorn play by hitting or touching by head to owner.. it’s one of the way to show love. But Flowerhorn need to be aggressive, this indicates good health of Flowerhorn.

        If you wish to act your Flowerhorn same than you have to teach him by continuous act of practice.

        3- tank dust

        Their is no instead solutions for this. The waste remain in corner of tank because of filter.

        A submarine power filter won’t be able to clean them alwsys. A top filter can be helpful. Let me know if u want customised top filter.

        If your college students than I suggest you to use automation for whole system. I can do complete automation for your tank.

        I hope I attain all of your queries. Let me know if you have any more query or doubts.

        Thank you,
        Yashwant Naik

  27. Hi sir ,
    THnk u sooo much for ur info which made my fh petting skill greater….
    Sir do a female thaisilk flowerhorn grows hump???

    1. Good Evening Bala,

      That’s very Good news to me. I feel glad to help you.

      No Bala, female Flowerhorn won’t develop head.

      Please take care your Flowerhorn.

      Thanks you,

      Yashwant Naik

  28. Sir…
    I saw a food in amazon which resembled ur home made foodd shall i buys that one…it was named as” Wild Flowerhorn Fish Feed – 100g – No Hormone Added | Best Flower horn Fish Food & Other Carnivorous Fishes”

    1. Hi Bala,

      Male has Horn on head, where female don’t develop horn. Male look giant, but Female look slim.

      also all baby(fry) are looked same so at early months difficult to identify their gender.

      Also Bala want to know did you buy homemade food??


      Yashwant Naik

      1. Sry sir im just 16 so i dont have credit or debit card so i was unable to purchase one…And my parents dont support online shopping in any website other than amazon sry sir

        1. Oh, Bala,

          No worries for that. But if your really interested than I can send you samples.

          Let me know

          Yashwant Naik

          1. Sir…
            I saw a food in amazon which resembled ur home made foodd shall i buys that one…it was named as” Wild Flowerhorn Fish Feed – 100g – No Hormone Added | Best Flower horn Fish Food & Other Carnivorous Fishes”

          2. Good Morning Bala,

            Oh! That’s brand fish food just like Humpy Head, Head up etc.

            You can try then too for better results.

            But that is not homemade food.

            Since Amazon is your trusted eshop you can buy. 😉



  29. Thanks sir…i tried to buy ur food but when it was connected to ebay it said the ‘item have been removed’ what shall i do now sir…
    Sir im in tamilnadu can ur items be delived out of mumbai…

  30. Yash,
    Hey sir….how do u do sit…
    I recently brought a new thai silk fry…
    He is really active and awsome, but his body is becomes black (not very black) some times.
    So what shall i do for this due to this my fh looks ugly…
    And sir i wanna know which food is best for a thaisilk fh…

    MY THAISILK is about 2 monts old and he is 2 to 3 inch

    1. Hello Bala,

      Nice to see you again.

      The black spot indicate your Thai silk fry is scared or panic. But once he settle down it will disappear.

      Since Thai Silk is kind of Albino fish which color may change when he grow so such indication can be experience by you.

      If you see constant black n white spot than you have to worry otherwise rest all is OK.

      For food you can feed him any variant of food but not live or dry shrimp.

      For live or dry shrimp let him grow till 4-5 inches.

      You can try my home made food for him. It have great impact. Regular feeding of my food can increase in color n brightness of Thai Silk Flowerhorn and increase in head.

      You can buy that food from my Website itself.

      Thanks Bala for remembering me.

      Nice to talk to you,

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

      1. Thans sir…i tried to buy ur food but when it was connected to ebay it said the ‘item have been removed’ what shall i do now sir…
        Sir im in tamilnadu can ur items be delived out of mumbai…

  31. Yash,

    I have a 1.5 old Flowerhorn, he was always attentive when I am around begging to be fed. I was able to trained him to jump out of the water to grab food off my hands. Suddenly one day, he is scared of everything. It has been like this for 3 months. He is scared when I turn on the aquarium light (LED), or the living room has too much lighting like the natural sunlight in the middle of the day. Whenever, I go near the tank, he would hide. He is not sick and the quality of the water is tested fine. He swims and eat fine when the room is slightly dark and I am viewing him from far away.

    Do you know how I can resolve this and bring my Flowerhorn back to his old self?

    1. Hi Tim,

      Its very strange behavior of Flowerhorn.

      I guess some accident event cause to such behavior.

      Let’s do one experiment –

      You remove LED light from Aquarium. Remove such space where he hide.

      also don’t stair him.

      Try this and let me know.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

      1. Yash,

        I tried what you suggested about a month ago. He is still scared. He is an aggressive fish when he thinks no one is around and the room is slightly dark. He used to be like this normally when people are around and the whole area is full of lights.

        As to an accident event, I do remember an incident that happened before he was so scared of everything. I do not know what he was doing but there was a big splash and a large amount of water came out of the tank. After that, he became a fearful fish who is only active in the dark.


        1. Dear Tim,

          Oh may be that incident cause such behavior.

          Our experiment need to do for more days…

          One day you won’t see any result.

          If he is not recover than he remain such throughout years..

          Thank you,

          Yashwant Naik

    1. Hi Tammi,

      How r you?

      After a long time you ask questions to me!!!

      Yes their is disease called Duck Lips.

      Sometime you saw Flowerhorn lips get swelled and look like a duck is called Duck Lips.

      This happen due to bad water and high PH level in water.

      If your Flowerhorn have such symptoms than Epson salt is only treatment.

      Thanks for commenting.

      Your friend,


  32. Hi I am Aravind. My flowerhorn is not active but it takes food when no one is near to the tank. And it’s not friendly. It was afraid of humans when we are near to him

  33. hi yash,
    As the above symptoms does not appear in my fish.I want to tell you that i have visited one fish shop i told about him the problem, he suggested to put half the packet of epsom salt in the tank n keep the water for 3 days without feeding the fish,he told that there might be some digestive problem .so that he will poop soon but then also it doesn’t seems to be helpful.now 8days have passed away then also the fish is not eating food. suggest me some treatment so that my fish eats food.. please

    1. Hi Shailendra,

      I am sharing my number with you via email. I will email you entire detail once I see his photo.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  34. Hiee sir,
    When I got FH, colour was good and size of head was also good.
    But now my FH is not eating any thing from last 3 weeks, Color is faded away and also head is getting small.
    I always use freshwater for aquarium with rock salt and dochloride it before use, My tank is of 60 liters.
    He is not active like before but movement is good.
    I feed him mostly live food like live blood worms, small koi fish, chicken liver and Humpy head since i got him.
    Now he does not pounce on the any of the food..like he used to do earlier.
    I tried Tetracycline but still not eating food.
    now m gonna try dosage of metronidazole.
    what else i do for my FH.. please suggest me….thanks in advance

    1. Hi Rachana,

      Due to weather changes is reason for this.

      Also I won’t recommend to feed chicken liver n koi fish to Flowerhorn. These high protein can cause parasite bacteria attack on stomach.

      Before suggesting any treatment I would like to know

      1. Does his stomach look boalted?

      2. Does he do white poop?

      3.. Apart of this any other medicine have you used??

      Thanks for comment,

      1. thank you sir for valued information…

        no sir, his stomach is not boalted.. but yes he do white poop..

        i used teramycine then tummy wash spray medicines…

        and mainly from today morning he is become so weak…not much movement…
        what to do.?
        should i try ocean free paraclear now ?

        1. Hello Rachana,

          if he is doing White Poop than it is required to use Paraclear.

          Get is ASAP. Let me know if you dont know how to use Paraclear.

          Thank you,

          Yashwant Naik

          1. you can buy the paraclear from local store… around XXX to XXX rs in kurla market you dont buy online they make you fool…choice is yours

          2. Hello Satyajit,

            Thanks for your feedback for this.

            As per your feedback. I want to guide you that their is huge duplicate product is selling in market. Those product always available in low rate. Beware of duplicate or fraud product. As those medicine are not worth to buy.

            Thank you,

            yashwant naik

  35. Sir my flowerhorn is very in active and staying in a corner and not leaving it not eating not even responding plz tell wat 2 do
    -Sabari guhanesh

    1. Hi Sabari,

      I guess it new fish in your tank.

      Add some rock salt or espon salt to reduce stress.

      Thank you


  36. Hello Yashwant,
    Firstly thanks a lot for helping people like us who are in need of some guidance with their FH. I recently bought a FH (not sure about the variety) and the guy was very active. And then he got ICH, i treated him with water change, temp at 30 and med provided by the aquarium store. He recovered well but stopped eating. His color became very pale and i did weekly water change. But this morning the fella passed away. Is there anything i cld have done differently. And how do i sanitize the tank now

    1. Hi Subhrajit,

      Their are many reason for that.

      It could be possible that Medicare you follow is worng

      It can be possible that water change is reason

      Even it could be possible that due to bad tank position can cause to death.

      A bad temperature can cause to death too

      I can suggest you that you need one guy who give you best medicine available in market.

      Most of time local Aquarium guy do experiment with fish, so lack of knowledge owner loose fish.

      So when ever you saw Flowerhorn is ill, ask me I will do my best with treatment and Medicare.

      If you provide more details such as

      What water you used?
      What medicine you used?
      What is tank located in room?
      What is temperature you maintained.

      Thanks you find my blog worthy. Keep visits here.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

      1. Thank you so much for the reply, much appreciated. It was Bisleri water with temp of 31. Medicine was by the company called Micsea. Tank position is south west. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks in advance

    2. hey subhrajit.
      As a general this blog has helped me a lot even wen one of my fh out of two was little bitten by the bigger one and also wen the same fella jumped from the partition of tank to the bigger one and bitten badly, i consulted everything from yash, watever he told me to do i followed, and today is the day even that bitten fella is doing awsome and the bigger one is always rocking, DO NOT consult wid any shop owner they will misgiude u, one will say something and another will say something else. Thank god i google about fh and i got directed to yash’s blog. Thanks yash for everything.

        1. hey yash.
          They both are doing grt. I think both are female coz the bigger one is aprox more than 3.5inch and head is not visible. I am only confused about there gender. What do you say or should i still wait for the head. The previous one who was bitten by bigger one although dont have tail but still runs like hell and eats like hungry for ages. Only confusion is there for there gender. What do u suggest.

          1. Hi ALOK,

            Wait till they grow up till 4 inch.

            Flowerhorn eat lot so don’t worry



          2. Hello Yash
            Just GOOD TO KNOW information, when and why deworming is needed on fh ? Any specific condition something like that ?
            Also my bigger fella is doing grt wid good color and the smaller one which was bitten is very active and eating good as well but he is not good with color and growth. One is getting bigger day by day but another is not, i m feeding them same food. Is the reason is that he was bitten twice thats y his growth is less ??

          3. Hi ALOK,

            Deworming is process we do to clear internal n external bacterial infection.

            Their are multiple process for deworming.

            Since your both Flowerhorn doing well than it is not so required. If we fail in deworming process than you will end with sick fish. So suggesting you not to bother with such process which is not even requires.

            I guess both Flowerhorn is staying together. If they stay in same tank than only one can grow well rest remain low in profile.

            This is because Flowerhorn is territorial fish, and if they stay together with or without partition they accept once regime and as nature law one grow well n other grow less. All this seems story but it’s truth in nature.

            Their is also fair chance that due to injury growth is slow.

            Best way to resolve this keep Flowerhorn happy and provide ample space to move you will see growth and health.

            You can try my Flowerhorn food which has good result too.

            Thank you,

            Yashwant Naik

  37. hello,, sir my flowerhorn is short body fish 3:4 ench Im give hamptyhead food(Rs400)
    but he’s head is very small help me ,,give me suggestions to increase fish head

    1. Hello Aniket,

      Keep feeding Humpyhead for at least six months. As head won’t grow in short period of time.

      You can try other food such as okiko platinum or head up too.

      You can also give multiple food like morning Humpyhead and at evening other food.

      High protein food give best results.

      Or else try my homemade food from Aquarium shop.


      Yashwant Naik

  38. Hey Yash.
    Recently I bought two FHs but was not aware that they will not stay together.One of them has been a little bitten on tails and a little on fins. Will the tail and fins will grow back ? I have seperated them now. Good thing is one is very happy and exploring his new place but the other one who has been bitten is a little lazy but eating fine. Will I need to do something about his lazziness. I dont want to losse anyone of them.

    1. Hello ALOK,

      it’s good you seprated both.
      Due this injuries fish remain stressed.

      But gradually FH can develop his fin.
      I suggest to have hospital tank so you give him proper treatment.

      The treatment for him is very simple.

      Day 1 –
      You need add one small spoon sea salt to water.

      Add tetracycline 250 mg one capsule, remove shell of capsule only powder of capsule.

      From next day onwards –

      10% water change and 1/2 spoon of sea salt.

      Above process will go for week.

      Let me know about conditions than we move to treatment process 2.

      Let me know if you have any doubts.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

      1. Is Tetracycline 250mg available at general medical store ? Also both of my fish are very hungry almost everytime, whenever me or my mom sit in front of tank the healthy one always comes in front and always ready to eat and eat. one day I fed him like 3-4 times still he was hungry. Is it normal ?

        1. Yes Tetracycline 250mg is available at medical store. The only difference is you may get 500mg or anytoher. But take it any mg, let me know about that.

          Yes Flowerhorn appetite is high. He can eat all time. But you should feed them thrice a day only. Don’t over feed them otherwise they fell ill.

          Put as much as Flowerhorn eat in one minute.

          Thank you,

          Yashwant Naik

          1. Hey yash.

            I am following your treatment with tetracyclin 250mg and changing 10% water everyday with one spoon of sea salt and now my fh is doing great and happy. Should i stop the treatment ? And you said about treatment step 2. What has to be done for step 2, or is it neccesary to go to step two even the fh is ok now ?
            Actually i wanted to keep both of my flower horn in same tank with partition but just becoz the treatment of one is going on i have seperated them. You tell me and i will do the same, anything for FHs.

          2. Hi Alok,

            That’s great news that Flowerhorn is recovering.

            Well if injury is gone and Flowerhorn looks fine and you can stop treatment.

            Before you move to tank with partition you need maks sure this tank need to be clean.

            Clean the filter before u move.

            I feel glad that you find my information worth and life saving to Flowerhorn.

            Thank you,

            Yashwant Naik

          3. Another thing yash
            I dont know whether my fhs are male female long short body etc. Some says that long body dont grow head in a good size. Is it true ? another thing they are aprox 2-2.5 or may be 3 inch. When i should wait till the horn to be grown or is it female etc ? I bought them from Kolkata to delhi on 21st march 2016.

          4. Hi ALOK,

            Once Flowerhorn grow to 3.5 inch head start visible. Only female doesn’t have head. So wait until it grow more than that.

            Also it is myth that short body Flowerhorn won’t have much Head. It’s about how u grow fish.

            Thank you,

            Yashwant Naik

          5. Hey yash.

            I am giving my fhs OPTIMUM CICLIDS FOOD but one of them eat it and put out in and out again but after like 5-7 mins eat it. But seems to be not interested to eat it and other fh is more rejecting it. I also feed them TUBIFEX DRIED WORMS CAKE FREEZED AND DRIED and they eat it like hungry since ages. Optimum ciclids has like 48% and written on it that it will promote hummpy head and colour and even i want them to feed it but it seems that they dont like it much. Should i keep on feeding them TUBIFEX worms and SHRIMPS ? I am planning to buy HUMMP HEAD.

          6. Hi ALOK,

            Yes, He don’t like Optimu Ciclids Food,

            You can get humpy head. That has good result.

            The drie work cake is not have much result. So you can give him as supplementary food.

            Thanks for reading blog.

            Yashwant Naik

          7. Hey Yash.
            Bad news. Last night one my fh jumped into the next partition of
            another fh and in morning wen i saw I separated them. But the bigger
            one has cut all the tail and upper fin and a little side fin of
            smaller one. Right now he is alive but I don’t think he will make it. Not eating anything.
            Hope for the best. Wat should I do. Any treatment. Or should I follow
            the same tetracycline 250mg treatment? Plz reply.

          8. Hi ALOK,

            Tetracycline works.

            Also order oceanfree gill fungus parasites special.

            That will treat your Flowerhorn.

            Thank you,

            Yashwant Naik

  39. I have my baby red dragoan flowerhorn and he having a good hump i feed him a ocen free humpy head. But his not having colour which food i feed to him for better colour red.

    1. Hi Nishant,

      I need to see the Flowerhorn than only I can suggest anything.

      Sending you test mail for Same ID please Reply their.

      Thanks for reading blog


    1. Hi Gaurav

      You can use some conditioner which remove cloudy or blur water.

      The direct sunlight can be reason for this.


      You may be keep laying food remain on tank.

      Using power filter or biological filtration can resolve the issue.

      Or use fast away crystal water liquid for same.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

    1. Hi

      Holiday food is not suggested.

      Better feed ample to Flowerhorn and than go.

      Holiday food dirty the water.

      Flowerhorn can survive easily.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  40. Hi sir,
    Thank you sir but can u help me by saying How to make the homemade food…
    I will be very greatful if u help in this
    Thank you!!!?

    1. Hi Varshan,

      Homemade Flowerhorn food is secret formula which I can’t share .

      You can buy it from me from Aquarium Shop section.

      I hope u understand this. 🙂

  41. Hi sir
    It’s 3 months I brought my fh I brought him when he was 2 inchs ..but he have not even grown an inch since I brought him…and he have not developed any colour at all..I feed him ocean free hummpy head….I’m afraid that he is affected by any disease ….plzz help me in this case plzz sir….
    Thank you

    1. Hi Varshan,

      Are you sure it is Flowerhorn fish as Flowerhorn fish grow faster.

      Humpy head is good food but never experience such issue.

      Well you can try my homemade food for Flowerhorn, till the date all Flowerhorn get head n color who use this food.

      Thank you,
      Yashwant Naik

  42. hey,i have an albino short body flowerhorn the problem with him is he is floating upwards its stomach is on upperside and face at the bottom so what has happen to him and what medicine i should use to cure him.
    So kindly rly Asap and procedure to give the medicine.
    Thankyou !

    1. Hello Nihar,

      Your Flowerhorn lost balance due to air blockage at diving fin. This is very critical situation and difficult to handle.

      For treatment-

      Medicine required –

      1) ocean free paraclear
      2) oceanfree gill fungus and parasite special
      3) ocean free anti chlorine
      4) tetracycline 150 mg or more

      Treatment process –

      1) cleaning –

      A. Remove 30% water from tank
      B. Clean filter and air stone with warm water
      C. Take sponge and rub corner of tank Inside without disturbing Flowerhorn
      D. Remove all decorative article if any.
      E. Clean heater too

      Meditation process –

      A. Take Bucket and fill equal quantity of water which u remove from tank
      B. Add 1/2 packet of oceanfree paraclear
      C. Add oceanfree anti chlorine ten drops
      D. Add sea salt one spoon to water
      E. Add one capsule tetracycline inside Medicine, remove shell
      F. Mix well
      G. Now slowly put water to tank
      H. Install heater to tank and turn to 30°
      I. Install air stone and fast air flow

      3. Precaution-

      A. Don’t use filter while treatment
      B. Don’t feed anything o Flowerhorn
      C. Never stair or irritate Flowerhorn
      D. Never keep Flowerhorn on direct light or sunlight
      E. Never play with Flowerhorn during treatment

      You can get medicine from any Aquarium store.

      Also get online from my blog Online shop too.

      Keep posted me about Flowerhorn I will definitely help u.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

    1. Hi Sachin,

      It seems your Flowerhorn is feeling stress.

      Please provide more detail like –

      1) size of Flowerhorn
      2) any swelling u notice
      3) what food last time he ate
      4) what is size of tank
      5) which water u use for Aquarium
      6) specification of tank

      After that I can suggest any treatment for you.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  43. Hi sir..
    I wanna know the maximum size of a tank for the best growth of a short body flowerhorn….
    Can I put it in a bowl if so plz mention its size too..
    Thank you!!!?

    1. Varshan,

      Bowl is not suggested. You need at least three feet tank for any size of Flowerhorn. A big tank size can grow his horn n keep him healthy.

      Thank you,
      Yashwant Naik

  44. Hi sir,
    Is it safe to feed a flowerhorn with holiday food.how many days will it make for it.Because it will be around 20 day for me to return home after holidays…
    Thank you!!!!

    1. Hi Varshan,

      I won’t recommend the holiday food for Flowerhorn.

      You can feed him live feeding. Do let me know size of fish so I can guide you more.

      A Flowerhorn can live without food for two week.



        1. What’s a live feed..
          Are they small fishes..
          If so plz say me what’s the name of those fishes or the name of that stuff..
          How many fishes can is put for my fh………
          Thank you soo much sir….

    1. Hello Harish,

      You can adopt Flowerhorn, but 10 inch bowl is not suitable home for him.

      Flowerhorn is monster fish which grow till 16 inch. Also he love big territory.

      So if you have plan to have Flowerhorn than please have at least 3 feet tank.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  45. hi bala,
    u can check the gender of a normal variety flower horn ,by seeing its black spot on the top fin,
    if there is a spore in the top fin its a female flower horn and vise-versa .and please do not get excited .wait for yashwant to answer.
    hi yashwant ,
    thank u for ur help in my last question, it was very helpfull,thanks for this help sir……

  46. Hi sir.
    My flower horn is 3-4 inches tall(approx)… how to find it’s gender. And I wanna know from which stage does a flower horn develops its lol & colour ….Plzz help me on this issue …
    Thank you!!!

    1. Hi Bala,

      A 3-4 inch Flowerhorn mostly has slightly visible head. If you can see that than it is male.

      Other indication is long tail for male.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  47. thank u for this info, but i am afraid that it would get any disease because if the live fish has any parasite….. plz help me

    1. Saravana,

      If you feed fish in little quantity than that won’t be issue. But feeding fish when he is ill can cause problem. So you have to make sure that you feed fish in small quantities and for next two days no feeding to Flowerhorn.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  48. Hi sir
    This is Chaithra from mysore, actually my flowerhorn fish had some prob in her stomach is swelling like day by day i put the medicine also it is not working nd changin half tank of water also plz do needful it is very urgent plz cal me 9741XXXXXX and suggest me plz plz……

    1. Hello Chaithra,

      It seems your fish has boalted stomach disease.

      This can be dangerous and deadly too. Intense care is important now. I am WhatsApp you now. Please reply their.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  49. My flowerhorn fish of age about 1 and half year and he is always in top of the tank and not eathing properly. He eats just 2-3 pellets and stops eating ..he is not soo active thn before …and it’s colour is slightly changes to black
    And he has head in hole disease .I treated for that and it is curing but still my fh not eating .
    I change the 40%water every week and I am feeding him humpyhead food ..
    I am using 29 temp and using canister filter and airstone and wave maker ..
    And it as a transparent poop and normal poos both in sometime ..
    Pls help ……………

    1. Hi Deekshit

      It seems that Flowerhorn is suffering from multiple bacteria infection.

      The hole in head and stomach infection can cause to death.

      In such conditions you need to take extra to Flowerhorn. V

      Medicine –

      1) ocean free gill fungus parasites special

      2) ocean free paraclear

      Process for treatment :

      1) remove the 30% water from tank

      2) remove all decorative from tank such as stone, plants or any other

      3) take bucket and take equal amount of water into Bucket

      4) add 1/2 packet ocean free paraclear to Bucket

      5) add dechlorinate to water

      6) now wipe out tank corner and glass with sponge cleaner

      7) now slowly add the bucket water to tank

      8) install the heater and turn to 30°

      9) keep Oxygen high

      During treatment don’t fees anything

      The treatment last for three days

      Don’t feed for three days.

      This treatment go for three days and after treatment if fish look fine than don’t repeat it otherwise continue with treatment.

      Also keep Flowerhorn first aid kit. This kit always helpful for all diseases to Flowerhorn.

      You can get medicine from here

      Please update me for every situation


    1. Hi Jagan,

      The color is depend on tank, water and food.

      Keep tank clean
      Keep water hygiene
      Have food which have high protein

      some of best food are –
      1) okiko Flowerhorn specialist
      2) okiko platinum
      3) humpy head

      Their are several home made foods too which has better result.

      You should make sure that your Flowerhorn should not feel stress or neglected.

      Keep water clean and safe for fish.

  50. Hi, I have a flower horn which is now 7-8 inch long. It is beautiful colourful. Its Kok has not developed but i feel its there. I want to understand if its a male or female. Could you help me distinguish whether its a male or female. I can send you the photo if you could share your email with me. Also want to understand by when the fish would be ready to breed. Thanks for your help on this.

    1. Hi Haran,

      Yes I will share my email I’d personally.

      Thanks for finding yashwantnaik.com worth.

      Keep visiting website.


  51. Hi,
    4 days back i purhcased a short body red dragon flowerhorn from a person. Since 4 days he is not eating the food ie humpy head. I asked the person what to feed your fish he said platinum so i feeded him that also. He is not eating . And movement is also geting slow day by day
    I have two flowerhorn in the same tank with a partition in it.
    One fh has oxygen he is healthy and other has heater he is the one which i m talking about. Temp 30c. Today i inserted a small mirror in my fish tank.Please help me out
    What should i do now?

  52. Hi,
    4 days back i purhcased a short body red dragon flowerhorn from a person. Since 4 days he is not eating the food ie humpy head. I asked the person what to feed your fish he said platinum so i feeded him that also. He is not eating . And movement is also geting slow day by day
    I have two flowerhorn in the same tank with a partition in it.
    One fh has oxygen he is healthy and other has heater he is the one which i m talking about. Temp 30c. Today i inserted a small mirror in my fish tank
    What should i do now?

    1. Hi Akiff,

      Since your Flowerhorn is new and with new Flowerhorn it is normal that fish stop eating.

      In this case you need to train them.

      You put few pallets on tank and wait for while.

      If he won’t eat in 5 mins than remove it. Repeat this thrice a day.

      Also your partition need some gaps between tank glass and tank glass. So oxygen n warmness pass both the partition.

      Keep.mirror is one of the best idea to make fish aggressive.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

      1. Hi,
        Thank you for your reply. I have inserted a new oxygen connection on both the side. Now my flowerhorn is happy . He also plays with me. But when i feed him he still don’t eat.
        Should i feed him some shrimps or frozen or live food or what u do?
        I am trying to feed him platinum pallets

  53. Few months ago i bought a flowerhorn short body from a local pet store at 50INR

    I feed it hi-red good quality food

    The fish is healthy and active
    But its color is dark and so not looking good

    Can u say from where should i buy good quality flowerhorn

    1. Hi Ritesh,

      You have brought a fry of Flowerhorn. and you can’t expect color from such a small Flowerhorn.

      If you buy big mature Flowerhorn than only you remain outside from fraud.

      Well their is no specific place to buy Flowerhorn. You need to do close check before buy fish.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

    1. Hello Mohamed,

      It’s new fish to your tank. And new fish normally stay shy and hide or inactive.

      Please provide some time to settle down.

      If this persist for more than week than you buy this product – water clear safe – https://m.ebay.in/itm/281861583031

      This will reduced stress from fish.

      Thank you,


    1. Hello Krish,

      Get Ocean Free Gill Fungus Parasite for this. Do 30% water change every week.

      After every Water change cycle you add ten drops of this.

      Keep water free from Gases and other bad elements. Water is causing such problems.

      You can get medicine online too –

      1) Clear Water Safe For Fresh Water – http://www.ebay.in/itm/Clear-Water-Safe-for-Fresh-Aquarium-Water-Treatment-/281855436235
      2) Ocean Free Gill Fungus Parasite Special – http://www.ebay.in/itm/Ocean-Free-Gill-Fungus-and-Parasite-Special-/281855436238

      In case you find difficult to get them.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  54. Sir which food will be best for flowerhorn from following:
    1) wild golden hump biotechnology
    2)ocean free xo super red
    3)ocean free humpy head
    4)wild food

    1. Hi Nitin,

      Food selection for Flowerhorn need to be do smartly. You must select the food which has atleast 55% of protein.

      Among your list I can say –

      1) wild golden hump biotechnology – 5 months for results
      2)ocean free xo super red – 4 months for result
      3)ocean free humpy head – 8 months for result
      4)wild food – 4 months for result

      Apart from this you can use some home made food such as – Click Here.

      Also feeding habit is important. You should feed FH on schedule basis. Irregular feeding habit can harm stomach of Fish. Dont over feed fh

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  55. I thing my flowerhorn is not suffering from such problem but he is not eating food properly. I feed him 10-12 palletes twice a day.he is not active like before.I am feeding him taiyo hi-red should I change the food brand.please guide me .
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Nittin,

      You are not aware that this symptoms are beginning for bolted stomach or White poop. So ask.

      Due to illness fish leave eating and not showing interest toward anything.

      If you won’t see anything like this. Than this clearly show that your water has some problems.

      But make sure anyone in next comment

      Thank you,


  56. Hi sir two days ago I put small fish to feed my flowerhorn but he not eating that. few month ago when i feed him small fish he ate that but not now and he is not active like before but he is eating the food.so kindly guide me

    1. Hello Nitin,

      It seems your fish has some Stomach Problem. Check for following –

      1) Is Your flowerhorn stomach is boalted
      2) Any Swelling near Fin
      3) Does Color is faded away
      4) How many pallets do you feed
      5) What was last feeding you did for flower horn

      Please confirm me this to me and reply quickly.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  57. When I got flowerhorn colour is good but now 2-3days my fish colour is total white what can I do and my fish is sit bottom at tank. Only fedding time it goes up.

    1. HI Sohan,

      your fish seems to be very stressed. I want you to first clean the entire tank.

      Before you do cleaning Tank you need this medicine with you –
      1) Clear Water Safe for Water Treatment – http://www.ebay.in/itm/-/281817228337?
      2) Ocean Free Gill Fungus and Parasite Special – http://www.ebay.in/itm/-/281817307311?

      Now Follow this –

      1) Clean the tank Surface, Filter and Oxygen with warm water.
      2) Take Bucket and add Ten Drop of Clear Water Safe for Water Treatment (http://www.ebay.in/itm/-/281817228337?)
      3) Mix Well
      4) Now Add five drops Ocean Free Gill Fungus Parasite Special (http://www.ebay.in/itm/-/281817307311?)
      5) Now slowly add the Water to Tank

      Dont use Filter now. And remove all Stone and Decorative items if any.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  58. Hi yashwanth i have got the medicine do you tell me in how much interval do i have to put the medicine and the amount. My tank size is 3*1.5*1.5 feet

    1. Hi Sunil,

      Do 50% water change. And use Five Drops of Ocean Free Gill Parasite Special. Also get That Medicine too for precautions.

      Dont run filter After using medicine for at least 5 hours.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  59. Hi yashwanth.My floran fish acts like it gets skin irritability and conteniously scraping his body to the rock and stones fliking it’s fins and eating small amount of food so what can i do for it

    1. Hello Sunil Naik,

      You need to pay attention here immediately.

      Reason for this –

      1) Bad Water
      2) Bad Ph Level
      3) Fluctuating Tank Temperature

      Solution –

      1) Immediately Do 50% Water Change.
      2) Clean Filter with Warm Water
      3) Remove All Stone and Rocks immediately
      4) Add Clear Water Safe for Water Treatment Five Drop to water – (can get from here – http://www.ebay.in/itm/-/281817228337?)

      Please do let me know in case of any doubt.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  60. my flowerhorn is dark even after 50 % water change before 3 days and plays only when I go near it and sits near filter all time.heater on at 28c

  61. hi i have got a flower horn it was healthy but now days it acts like something is poking to his eye and when this happens it scrub’s his body to the bottom of the tank and to the filters and his head is getting smaller and smaller due to this so what can i do for it

    1. Hi Sunil,

      It seems your Flowerhorn is suffering from itching. You need to clean tank once. Also need Ocean Free Gill Fungus and Parasite special for same


      Yashwant Naik

          1. Hi Manish,

            This is not sure.

            Does his stomach is boalted?
            Does his color Fade aways

            I need to see pic will mail u my personal id.

            Thank you,

            Yashwant Naik

          1. Hi Manish,

            No I am not sure about this. If female lay egg than u can see a small egg bunch on her bottom fin which indicated she is going to lay egg. But I have not observe such till now.. So when u see such than share photo with me so I can see and justify.

            Thanks you,

            Yashwant Naik

  62. 1. I purchased Ready Made Aquarium 70 Ltrs water capacity, which consist of Internal filter (Only Fibre Sponge) , Thermometer, Lights & Externally Added – Heater

    As you have said About Biological filter & Mechanical filter to use in Aquarium, Kindly let me know the components used for biological & Mechanical. I searched in google found it as attached & sent to your Mail id.

    2. Aquarium temperature

    Pet store people suggested to set the temperature in 30 degree, At present my temperature varies from 30-31 degree. Kindly suggest what should be the correct temperature.

    3. Aquarium Sea Salt

    I have not added any salt & pet store people didn’t mentioned about it. Is it required to use it? If Yes how to use it. Water Present in my aquarium is 70 Ltrs.

    1. Hello Azhar,

      For your aquarium don’t add biological filter just carbon balls to tank which is best way maintain the biological order in tank.

      You must have a emergency kit which always make sure your fish safe. This include the Oceanfree Gill Fungus and Parasite special, paraclear, Water Clear.

      Water is important element for any fish so water treatment kit need to be with you always.

      The temperature for tank must be 26-29 always. Your temperature can be work.

      But make sure it should not happen it fall and increase in Sudden. So use heater in winter.

      The rock salt can be available in general store too. At Bangalore you can get easily. But dont use the regular kitchen salt.

      You can call me anytime for any query.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

      1. Ok, will order complete kit with ebay.in saw your posting this includes as shown in Website

        1. Ocean Free Paraclear
        2.Ocean Free Gill Fungus and Parasite Special
        3. Fungus Guard (Regular)
        4.Ocean Free Water Treatment

        1. Does it include “Clear Water Safe for Water Treatment” & What is the dosage in Aquarium?

        2. How many carbon balls to be placed in tank & Directly i have to deep it like Gravels?

        3. I am maintaining temperature in 30degree. Is it Ok? or shall i Reduce it ?

        4. Regarding Salt, I found online at Amazon “Api aquarium salt” Can it be used? What would be the dosage & how to use it? Required more clarity on this as i have never used and new to this… also today is the 4th day of my flower horn in my tank.


        1. Hi Azhar,

          No, it not included that medicine, but I guess u can ask for changes.

          You need ten carbon ball for tank.

          No need to deepen them. You can use it as gravel too.

          Buy it is said that Flowerhorn keep digging into the gravel so u need to care for sharpen gravel.

          Yes, 30 is sufficient.

          Yes you can use them.

          After cleaning the water u can use salt but if you have water treatment liquid than don’t buy this.

          Keep caring your Flowerhorn.

          Thank you,

          Yashwant Naik

          1. Ok, As per your suggestion below are the list i am going to Maintain:

            1. Ordering complete First Aid Kit.
            2. Placing 10 Carbon Bio balls in my existing Fibre sponge filter.
            3. Maintaining Temperature at 30 degree.

            4. Ordering “Clear Water Safe for Water Treatment” & No API Salt as suggested if i have this. How Many liquid Drops to be Used in 20Ltrs water & hope this will also dechlorinate the water too? As i will be replacing 30% of water in a week.
            But Sir, if you can help me the process of Dechlorinating Water before putting in Aquarium, Googled but not 100% sure how to do it.

            Correct me if anywhere i am going wrong, Thanks for your Valuable suggestion Really Appreciated…


          2. Hi Azhar,

            Everything is proper, yes if u use clear water safe than you no need to have separate dechlorinates.

            Thank you,


          3. Sir, Ordered Clear Water safe yesterday. How Many Drops to be Used in 20Ltrs water As i will be replacing 30% of water in a week?


          4. Hi Azhar,

            All instruction are mention in Bottle. I will guide you proper in separate mail.

            Thank you,

            Yashwant Naik

  63. Hi Yash sir,

    I just bought Red Dragon Flower horn 2 days back, Good in color, Head shape. Almost 5-6″ very active & responsive. At present Pet store gave the food pellets ” Okiko Quick Red Head Mark” 3 in 1.

    Apart from this I am thinking to buy based on reviews & suggestions for weekly feeding or if suggested Daily:

    1. Ocean free Xo super Red
    2. Taiyo freeze dried Blood worms
    3. Shrimps

    Kindly suggest What to buy & what quantity should be given to maintain in a healthy way, Appreciated your work towards this blog.


    1. Hello Azhar,

      Bro you can feed him anything.

      But takes time.I

      Don’t feed top much shrimps,

      Don’t feed him mostly live food…

      I have one food which you can get from eBay too.

      Thank you,


        1. HI Azhar,

          Here is list of product which you may interested –

          1) Flowerhorn First Aid Box – Flower horn Care and Maintainance – http://www.ebay.in/itm/-/281798488160?
          2) Homemade Flowerhorn Fish Food – For health and Head – http://www.ebay.in/itm/-/281798484891?
          3) Crystal Clear Water Solution for Aquarium – http://www.ebay.in/itm/281798556398?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
          4) Clear Water Safe for Water Treatment – http://www.ebay.in/itm/281798556392?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649

          I preferred you to buy one Kit which has multiple product, Food and Clear Water Safe Water Treatment which make you complete Kit.

          Thank you,

          Yashwant Naik

    1. Hi Manish,

      You need to make sure both are couple. They need privacy to do.

      Keep then happy with larger tank n keep clean tenk

      Thanks you,


  64. Hi Yashwant,

    My FB is 1 year old now.

    Since a month my FB is always at the bottom, it only comes on top to just eat the feed.

    It goes down as though it does not know how to swim…!!! It lands down as if it’s so tired after coming on top to eat.

    I thought must be some worm Infection, so gave Clear medicine for about 5 times…!!!

    Even now i see its always stays there at the bottom of the Aquarium

    Sometimes after he eats it will ly down horinzontally..!!! Its such a sad sight to see your pet horizontal on the bed of the aquarium.

    After sometime it comes back to normal position..!!

    Kindly help me with some advise please.


    Jayaprakash Naik P

    1. Hi Jayaprakash,

      It’s seems your fish is lost interest, its happen due to small tank, place of tank or bad tank setup.

      Please let me know tank position n exact details.

      Your flower horn is unhappy with you.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

    1. Hello Bhagath,

      You cannot keep two flowerhorn together. They will fight and kill each other. Though they stay together in small age but once they grow up they start fighting.

      So keep partition in tank that too with non transparent glass. A male-female can be pair but till breeding period.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  65. Hello sir.
    I had 2 flowerhorn fishes one is male red dragon and another iz female snake skinned flower horn female. I m trayin to breed them ……but whenever i remove d sperator they start fighting.
    Nd d female had also bitten d head of my red dragon male
    Plz suggest me other ways to breed them.

    1. Hi Manish,

      To breeding both male and female need to accept each other. It seems that your Female Flower horn is big in size compare to male. SO I guess pair is bit difficult. You need male dominant flowerhorn with some aggressive flowerhorn to breed.

      thank you,


        1. Hi Manish,

          I am not able to find reference questions you ask.

          Please share what is happening to your Flowerhorn and whoes size it is..

          Thank you,

          Yashwant Naik

  66. Hi Mr Naik
    I need assitance for my Red Dragon Flower horn.He is one Year old and is about 8 inches in lenght ,He was a voracieous eater and I feed him Humpy head from Ocean -free since i got him when he was one month old . I stared with new can of humpty head recently and I am seeing change in feeding pattern. He does not pounce on the pellets like he used to do earlier .I feed him 20 pellets twice in a day . Now He attacks 8 to 10 pellets and then goes down in the tank and finishes it. Ofcourse he finishes those Pellets in next 4-5 hrs if they remain.
    I do not understand this behaviour. I live in Navi Mumbai he is in terrace which is covered. I maintained the heater at 28deg cel .I do not put It ON everyday. But only if there is rain or chill in winter. Iam trying to figure out this change in behaviour. He sometimes during feeding graps some pellets nd settles down in bottom and looks frigthen.

    1. Hello Vijay,

      As you mention tank is Installed in terrace where direct sunlight can come to tank which is not recommend.

      Also you mention that your Flowerhorn is not eating much, this can be for following reasons –

      1) the pallet you brought’s taste is changed so he not liking much
      2) check for his stomach – does it look different
      3) add the aquarium temperature machine so you can keep on track
      4) I guess your last water change may goes wrong which can be cause
      5) check if he is suffering form any fungus or parasite disease
      6) check water level and conditions

      You need to do this immediately –

      1) don’t keep pallet lying on tank more than five minutes
      2) add some dechlorinates solutions to tank
      3) increase the oxygen speed
      4) clean the filter you have

      Flower horn feeding tips –

      1) when ever you brought new fish food mix with old so taste remain same
      2) make habit of multiple feeding
      3) keep clean tank
      4) have good protein food.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

      1. Many thanks for your help !!
        Now he seems okay and has taken to feed . Once again many many thanks for help.

        1. Hi Vijay,

          I am pleasured to help you. Stay in touch and keep sharing about your flower horn.

          Keep reading my blog and don’t forgot to share post.

          Thanks you,

          Yashwant Naik

  67. Sir my fish is eating anything from 1month and does not goes up it stays in down and it won’t move at all plz suggest any help

    1. Hi Bhagath,

      I need to see the picture of your flower horn.

      Sending you mail regarding that.

      Once I see the picture I will suggest you the treatment.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  68. Hi Yash sir.. 🙂
    I want to ask u about the routine water change for FlowerHorn.. It is actually heavy task to lift those bucket full of water and unload it to the tank..how to make it simple? I have heard about electric powerd water syphoner..where I can get one? And how to use it? Plz guide thank u 🙂

    1. Hi Hitesh,

      Good to see you again in blog.

      Please don’t pour water directly from bucket. We have to put water in slow manner.

      Use aquarium Syphons easily available in market.

      Other you can use external water filter which you can place out of tank. Some external filter are equipped with water remover too.

      Even you can use your internal too, you have to put into bucket and just start whole water is out in tank.

      “Thank you for you fabulous ”

      Yashwant Naik

    1. Hi Jovel,

      Thanks for commenting on post.

      Flower horn color is based on the his food. You need to feed him very healthy pallets. Bring variation in food.

      I have one personalize food Flowerhorn if you wish can send you.

      Dropbox link not responding
      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  69. hi..i am actually a bit in worry about the black identical marks on my flowerHorn’s body.. Recently I observed that those have fainted a little bit.. They are turned to somewhat grayish shade.. What should I do to make them a real black? Overall colour is good pearl dots are also bright and has good hunger and very much active.. Plzz guide

    1. Hi Hitesh,

      The black mark is something very rarely stay with Flowerhorn.

      All AAA grade flower horn sustain this. Their nothing much related to food that you can sustain this.

      The only think I suggest to you is you just keep water clean and non dirty.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  70. Dear Yashwant,

    Thanks a million for your timely assistance, My Devil (he’s the flowerhorn), has nursed back to health and back to playing again.

    You are doing and amazing job!! You saved his life..!!
    Can’t thank you enough!!


  71. Hello Yash sir..I recently heard that some fraud companies are making exact copy of XO HUMPY HEAD and we r getting such fake product
    How to knw if the product is original or not and do u have any fish food for flowerHorn or a contact of any genuine source?
    And my 2nd question is..what is a biological filter and how to make it?

    1. Hi Hitesh,

      Yes!!! Its very true that in market you can get copy product too which is difficult to identify them. I guess buying from someone known person is one of safest way to get resolve this problem.

      I am having my own food packet for Flowerhorn. Which I can share if you want to buy.

      Biological filter is sponge filter which is working with Air pump. Few aquariumist make this but filtering is not accurate, better you buy it which not even costly too.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  72. hi
    I have a Red Dragon flowerhorn. He is about 12 – 14 months old . He is aggressive. But I Have seen videos of flower horn who are touched by owner but we can not trust this guy. I there any way we can prevent his aggression.

    1. Hi Vijay Vishwasrao,

      Flower horn breed is like that. Flower horn is know for his aggressive and attacking behavior. Their is no chance to reduce his attacking nature. If you try to reduce this they will fell I’ll n died.

      So don’t do such let him be aggressive .

      Thank you for comments and feedbacks. Keep referring blog and sharing thoughts.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  73. Hi.. Yash sir
    Want to ask you abt feeding
    I have a 6-7inch sized kamfa I feed him thrice a day with pallets.. So what I am asking is..how many pallets should I feed him at a time? Currently he eagerly eats 30 medium sized pallets and still looks hungry.. What to do? How many pallets exactly at a time? Plzz guide

    2 days before I fed him 50 pallets and he ate those happily and he was still looking hungry 😮 plzz guide

    1. Hi Hitesh,

      Flower horn is fish which eat maximum and they eat all time. But over feeding can invite disease like dropsy or white poop.

      So better you make time table for feeding.

      Don’t over feed. Just put pallet which he can finish in 60 sec.

      Thank you,.

      Yashwant Naik

  74. hii..mr.yeshwanth…my flowerhorn pupp…is…good in growth…and im feeding it with humphead…the hump n it s proper as for its size….it s active well ..but its colour is too pale…the starrys….and..the red colour in front too pale…..cant even consider it as pink…how can i improve its red colour in front and starrys…and it changes its..pale colour to too pale often…in a day…kindly…guide me…to improve its colour..pls

    1. Hi Vijay,

      For color you need to buy some special food like Okiko color grow which is Flowerhorn special. So for head grow humpy head is best n for color okiko is best.

      Thanks for comment and keep sharing your thoughts too.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  75. Hallo Yeshwant,

    Please help me, I wake up this morning and i see my flower horn (Devil) has red patches on it’s body, Is it a serious issue? what kinda disease is this? How can i make him feel better, He is at the side of the tank on the top. He is not eating as before, though he did eat a few pellets and is not very active. He looks sad and in pain Pls help.
    I cannot upload the pics here, but i really hope i could share the pics with you.


    1. Hi Deepika,

      I am not sure how and what make it injured? also not sure about the red mark on is body.
      Before suggest any treatment I wish to understand the what happen to him and since when he is not eating.

      Sharing my personal number so you can share his photo.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  76. Hi Yashwant Sir

    I just bought a flowerhorn Yesterday, it is 3 0r 3.5 inches small flowerhorn with a small hump, since the time i have bought him it is found that the fish has lost a bit of reddish colour, the size of the hump has decreased and the fish is not opening the fins wide open like it use to do at my friends house, and it is generally very scared when someone passes by,. i tried giving him humpy head and dry worms but he is not eating that at all…

    Awaiting your precious reply !!!

    Swapnil Jariwala

    1. Hello Swapnil,

      Your Flowerhorn is new so he may be stressed. You give some time to settle down.

      Don’t stair him as he is already scared.

      You mentioned that he is loosing head and color which indicates the bad aquarium water. Please clean tank and rearrange the entire tank.

      Use heater in monsoons.

      For eating habits u need to train him like put pallet for two mins and check if it than okay otherwise remove it.

      This need be follow thrice a day.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  77. I have two male flower horn fishes with 4 parrot fish & one shark in 3ft tank with partition.
    Should i keep as it is or transfer into bigger tank.
    Flower horn of 5inches size moving smoothly in small space.
    Fish tank having gravels of smaller size which he continuously dig out, should i remove all gravels.
    ALso what should I feed them other than live small fish, shrimp & pellets

    1. Hi Bhavesh,

      Kindly move Flower horn into new tank which give sufficient space to move and grow, otherwise it creates problem to him.
      Also Other fish are not comfortable because of Flowerhorn.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  78. Suddenly from yesterday my red dragon flowerhorn decreased his speed of response and also eats slow… What’s the matter and how can i overcome it

    1. Hi Gunjan,

      Did u changed water ??
      This may be reason for change in behavior of Flowerhorn.
      The sudden change in water can be reason for this.

      As of now u need to just change 20% water n add rock salt.

      Immediately inform me about the any changes in flower horn .

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  79. as per your treatment there is no bleading now but its not eating even single pellets for more then last 15 days i start 10% water change daily now as per your advice any thing else i can do? Pl tell

    1. Hi Vishal,

      So sorry I could not get back to u on time.

      I saw ur video u share with me.
      But that was not so clear to identify the flower horn conditions.

      I wish u to share what exactly happening.

      Also wish to talk to u.

      Thanks for your patience with me.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  80. Hello sir!
    Sir m having 1 flowerhorn male around 5 inches in size. I hav kept him in 3 ft tank. Aquarium shop owner told me that while doing water change we should add epsom salt( aakha namak).1 teaspoon for 3 ft tank.sir is it ok..thanks in advance

      1. Hi sir,
        My fliwerhirn had stop eating humpy head from past one week
        I have concerned one of my frnd he told me to add Metrogin tablet to add in tank plus salt in it but it has not helped me so u pls help me what to do

        1. Hi Sufiyan,

          I need to see the pics of ur Flowerhorn.

          Want to know why he is not eating.

          After examine the conditions I will suggest u the treatment.

          Sending u email for same.

          Thank you,

          Yashwant Naik

  81. I having 8inch male flowerhorn in 3feet tank can I put female flowerhorn in same tank without divider and pls tell which food is best for flowerhorn humpy head or sumo red

    1. Hi Ashish,

      No u cant mix them now. Flowerhorn is territory lover fish. They not live easily in community tank.
      U first keep fish in divider. Let them stay together for week or more.
      After that u remove the divider and check does he and she fighting or not.
      If all are peaceful than u can keep.
      For food u can feed any food which has more than 55 % of protein.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  82. Hi yash,
    I have a flowerhorn and it keeps hiding at the bottom corner of the aquarium. I have changed water a few times but it still repeating the same thing. Kindly assist me. 🙁

    1. Hi Praba,

      Thanks for comments.

      Praba before help u please let me know does its newly brought fish?

      What else u have in tank?

      How big is ur tank?

      When did u change water?

      Please do reply so I can help u.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  83. hey hii… thanks for ur valuable advice, now my flowerhorn is normal. sorry i couldnt text u bcz i lost my mobile. thanx a lot 🙂

  84. I have a flowhorn who is having red eyes and pearl white spots on him.. Which type of flowhorn is this?? He sometimes tries to jump out of water is it normal?

  85. sir.. i want to know the full deworming process of fh and also the names of medicines and their dosage.

    1. Hello Vinayak,

      Deworming process is something new for me so please explain??

      If u want to know about Flowerhorn treatment for all bacterial infections than that whole treatment is depend on Flowerhorn conditions.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

      1. hii mr.yeshvanth…my ypung flowerhorn doesnt get redcolour in neck and face properly..

        whats is the way to attain proper colour

  86. hello sir
    my flowerhorn is 15cm and i have kept it in 1.5ft tank…is it ok for it ?? and we are feeding him with humpy head food but i do not know that head is growing or not??? so suggest me is humpy head food is good nor not ?/

    1. Hello Shailendra,

      Your flowerhorn is bit young, please allow some time to grow till four inch. After that only it start showing head.
      Humpy Head is good food to feed, keep feeding you will see visible head in few months.
      1.5ft tank is small for flowerhorn, they need big tank please have one big tank like 4 feet tank.

      Thank you,
      Yashwant Naik

  87. Hellow yashwant sir
    united flowerhorn association (USA) organise flowerhorn competition in mumbai.
    3 may – sunday
    10 am to 6 p.m
    Ramnarayan ruia collage, matunga east, mumbai
    aqua life fish and bird expo.
    we r invite you to join us..
    we hve manny hobbyist and Flowerhorn related people there..

  88. My flower horn was alright and fine. I was feeding him XO humpy head and Shrimps. But when i googled most of them mentioned feeding Grand sumo red will be good and will grow in a good way. But after feeding Grand sumo Red his head growth decreased. I have been feeding Grand sumo from past 2 weeks. But from Yesterday I started with the XO humpy head again.

    Kindly let me know what needs to be done to improve his head growth and size?? Should I use the same XO humpy head or Grand sumo??

  89. Hi . I am having baby flower horn fish . It is not eating only from past 2 days . What to do . In future if I have any doubt how can I contract u . Pls give ur WhatsApp number .

    1. Hi Dinesh,

      I mailed you my request please check .

      Since it baby Flowerhorn so you need to train him.

      The training goes following –

      1) put pallet and go away from tank
      2) check after two mins
      3)if he eat than good other wise remove it and reuse it.
      4) do this for thrice a day
      5) but don’t let food on tank..

      Thank you,
      Yashwant Naik

  90. dear sir,

    i bought 1 flower horn fish 10 days back. my flowerhorn now active but no taken food. what i do. water also pure mineral water, small fish also 10 nos given in that tank but no swallow that small fish what i do kindly help me

    Seshadri G

    1. Hello Seshadri,

      Since your Flowerhorn is new so he is not settled with tank.

      You need to give him time to settle down. You need to him train for eating.

      Do this –

      1) put some pallets in tank
      2) wait for two mins
      3) if won’t eat than remove it, you can reuse them
      4) repeat this three times in day

      See don’t let pallet remains

      And also ask vendor from where you brought Flowerhorn about his favorite pallet.

      And don’t stairs him…

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  91. i hv one flowerhorn near abut 16cm, kept her in 2ft water tak. Is it ok for her. on that tank 1power filter, and normal one.
    plsz guide me

    1. Hi Abhishek,

      As of now it is fine but considering Flowerhorn future growth you need more than 3ft tank.

      Get biological filter which is better than power filter.

      Thank you,
      Yashwant Naik

  92. hi,
    yeshwant naik,

    i am new fish keeper and I bought a baby flower horn fish and kept him in 1.5 ft tank with small gravel and filter.
    is this ok for him.
    plz guide me.

  93. Hi Yashwant Naik

    I have recently picked up flower horn fish.. I want to share the pics with you and take some advice or help from you.. If possible can u plz ur whts app number I ill share images or ur mail I’d…

    Saif Sheikh

  94. Yashwant, I have pictures of baby fish (fry) please notify me your personal email id, so I can share images with you. With regards, MJ

  95. Can u please share d pics of ur flower horn and the baby fish we would like to see what actual it is..
    Thank you

  96. I bought a flower horn fish about a week ago. She was perfect. Suddenly after 3 days I observed a little fish about 0.5 cms was hiding from her. We managed to let that fish out but I doubt if this is her child or not. So Yashwant, can you please mail me few pictures of flowerhorn fish about 3-4 days old. It would help in my confusion if it is flowerhorn child or some other breed. Thanks, MJ

    1. Flowerhorn lying eggs. And only female Flowerhorn cab reproduce.

      I suggest you to pull that baby fish (fry) out of tank as other wise Flowerhorn eat it.

      Will mail you from personal id so you can share the images…

  97. Hi Yashwant,

    Happy to read your blog, very helpful indeed, I bought an adult Flower horn yesterday, he has a lot of place to move around in his 5 feet tank. But sadly he’s been very aggressive, He has been responding well and eats well.

    Could you please suggest ways to keep him safe, as I am worried he might hurt himself due to his aggression!


    1. Hi Deepika,

      Thanks to visiting blog and comment.

      Yeah Flowerhorn is by nature very aggressive. You can’t do it. Don’t worry he won’t hurt himself.

      Just one note – you no need to add any decorations inside tank like stone, plants or stone. As while playing they get hurt.

      Rest all okay with your Flowerhorn. And aggressive Flowerhorn shows your fish is healthy.

      Keep reading my blog.


      Yashwant Naik

  98. I have 3 big headed flower horn n i will send u its photos pls twll me how those variety are and now tell at what time will the head of flower horn exactly how many days after its birth

  99. Yashwanth,

    Dont get me wrong mate! My intention is to contribute!

    Maybe i got over-concerned that ppl would read it and start following the maintenance advice.,
    Anyways I suggest you understand the Nitrogen cycle completely and more specifically, understand the importance of mechanical (which filters the poop that you talked about, and then the biological media (sponge, ceramic ring, aqua-clay, bio balls..the list goes on). Its true if poop deposits and cuts off water supply (and in-turn oxygen to the bacteria) and that’s why it should always be after mechanical filtration. You should never do complete cleaning (I assume you mean complete replacement of water once in a month). Its not good for the fish and the bacteria..It too much drastic change in terms of PH, physical and chemical properties..

    I have no intentions to argue or prove something here. I thought 17 years of having aquariums could be used to help others (Including Flower-horns and RB Parrots).

    Learning never stops mate, we should all be open to that 🙂

    Current Tanks :
    7 ft Parrot/peacock tank with tinfoil barbs as dither fish (2 canister filters here, all my filtration advice is from learning cleaning-testing-correcting-cleaning).
    3 ft (65 G) flower horn tank (Double flower-line pearl Super red dragon). Power filter modified to 3 stage sponge filtration (those yellow foams), one stage aqua clay and one stage ceramic rings (both for BB culture).
    2 ft barbs tank, simple sponge power filter..

    30% change that is suggested here is perfect, it helps a lot to handle ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrates.
    Never change more than 50% unless you have major outbreaks (parasites, bacterial/viral infections)..doesnt matter monthly or half yearly..

    Apologies if my comments rubbed you on the wrong side, good intentions only)


    1. Hi Pradeep,

      Thanks for comment again with most valuable tips.

      I wish you too be more loyal reader as other. Welcome to my group.

      Keep posting and suggesting for improvement.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  100. “We never suggest to clean tank every time. We do entire tank cleaning once in month or when we do treatment.”
    But that’s what you have put in your aquarium maintenance section..Monthly cleaning also that way kills most of the bacteria..so does running water to clean filter sponge/media..that’s misleading..you will end up in mini cycling the tank always.never clean all media at once…and clean it only in the same tank water!! It takes approx 6 weeks for cycling to complete and takes just few minutes to wipe out the entire bacteria colony if you clean with running water, that too all media at once!!

    1. Hi Pradeep,

      I dont know what you going to prove here. But if you read it very clearly than we suggest to clean tank once in month.

      And concern for good bacteria is something foolishness because Flowerhorn do lots of poop and make it dirty so that good bacteria wont survive but polluted water keep generating harmful infection bacteria.

      So their is no sense to keeping tank unclean to save good bacteria which already died.

      By the way thanks for posting comment and reading blog. Appreciate your research and on demand query.

      Happy to help you anytime.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  101. “Clean the biological filter and pump filter with running water or warm water. Sea salt water can be used for it.
    Clean the gravels with some warm water.”
    Wont this kill all the beneficial bacteria? Always wash them by taking out water from the same tank so that they don’t face sudden changes in water chemistry and temperature.

    1. Hi Pradeep,

      We never suggest to clean tank every time. We do entire tank cleaning once in month or when we do treatment.

      But we ask to 30℅ water change.

      So it never happened that ur tank killed all good bacteria in water change .

      And as you know how flowerhorn make dirty tank water so we have clean tank once in month.

      So their is no chance to bad changes in tank while cleaning tank once in month.

      Thanks Pradeep for posting query. I appreciates ur doubts.

      Please keep reading blog for more topics.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  102. Mr. Yashwant Naik,

    I purchased a short body flower horn a couple of weeks back and i have attached the photograph of it here.

    Kindly analyze and tell me whether it is worth buying for Rs. 1500 and it is of which grade.

    And any odd things that you find in the picture etc..

    Your reply will inspire me more. Awaiting your reply

  103. Hi yashwant

    I changed entire tank water 3 days back today is the 4th day but still my FH eyes are looking light red, is there any problem with FH?

    1. cleaned entire tank.
    2. water changed with De-Chlorined water.
    3. mixed sea salt in tank water.
    4. biological filter is already always continuous on.
    5. Power filter is also there when needed i use it. (wash filter sponge once in week).
    6. heater is always on.
    7. always change 30% water every week.
    8. In food – XO food & blood worms for FH.

    is there anything im still missing in my FH care, plz suggest?


    1. Hi Abhijeet,

      Most of Flowerhorn has Red eyes. I saw your pics and reply to you same. You fish has red eyes so it is by nature nothing to worry.

      Just take care while changing water.


      Yashwant Naik

  104. Thanks yashwant for help.

    Needs some more help on this subject.

    1. how my tank water got infected by bacteria? (so in future i will take care of it)
    2. But my FH is looking very good & healthy.
    3. is there liquid or any product to clean tank


    1. Hi Abhijeet,

      here is answer to your question –

      1. how my tank water got infected by bacteria? (so in future i will take care of it)
      Ans – Water can be infected because of waste remained by Flowerhorn, remained food, Bad water condition, due to Algae. You need to change 30% water week, keep Biological filter for continuous filtration and remove remained food immediately.

      2. But my FH is looking very good & healthy.
      Ans – Most of time flowerhorn looks healthy, active and colors are brights. This is because of bacterial infection is slowly spreading and impact shows delay.

      3. is there liquid or any product to clean tank
      Ans – Sea Salt is best for this. But dont use on regular. Just use when you do water clean up. Also you can some Algae cleaner too, Using heater also work.

      Thanks and sorry delay in reply.

  105. Hi Yashwant,

    im observing my FH from last 5-10 days, sometimes my FH eyes are light red & sometimes white, is it normal?


  106. Thank You for your reply Sir,
    Right now I do not have heater for the tank. can I instead put luke warm water in the tank?
    And also can I add any medicine to the tank, such as Rid All or Aquadent ?

  107. Hello Sir,
    I have a flowerhorn since a year now..recently i made a mistake in maintenance of the tank. The fish tank was dirty, and I changed 75 percent of its water.
    the water change has affected the fish. the fish stays near the surface of the water and is not very active. he responds to my movements and eats too, but other wise he just stays very still.i observed that and i changed 25 percent of water again after 2 days, but still he is still the same.this is the second week. can you please suggest what can be done ?
    The tank is about 3 feet in height and holds 60 litres of water. i have biological and mechanical filter both. I add little sea salt to the tank as well. The fish is around 8 inches. the water that I use is tap (soft) water and is dechlorinated.

    Kindly Reply.

    1. HI Bhavna,

      Thanks for reading my blog.

      Your fish seems to suffering from the stress ans phobia. This is because of sudden change in temperature of tank and bacterial infection too.

      This can be resolve by –

      1) Clean entire tank with warm water.
      2) Remove all Gravel and decorative items from the tank, we just need Biological filter and heater and sometime mechanical filter.
      3) Clean both filter too.
      4) Now add De-Chlorine to water and mix well
      5) Add Water to Tank and turn on the heater
      6) Add Two tea spoon Rock Salt(Sea Salt)
      7) Add Biological Filter
      8) After ten minutes please add Fish to tank
      9) Once Fish is settle down try to feed him..


      Yashwant Naik

  108. Thank u so much yash sir.. Few more things I would like to discuss with you
    1. According to my tank size 2x1x1.5 how many drops of deChlorine solution I must add?
    2.what if I don’t change the water for more than 2 weeks? Coz sometimes it happens that I need to go out of town for couple of weeks.
    (Can’t ask my frndz to change the water :D)
    So in such condition..what should I do Atleast to save ch from any fungal infection ot parasite activities?

  109. Hey..
    I m having a kamfa around 4-5 inch. Jst want to ask u abt how to keep the quality of water in the tank?
    My tank is of size 2×1.5×1.5.
    Which solutions I must add for routine water change and what should b the amount of drops would b enough for this size?
    And abt heater.. Is it necessary to keep it always ON?
    I found my tank feels warm if I put the heater ON for all the tym.
    I set it on 28°.
    I fed my kamfa with okiko platinum
    Kindly guide

    1. Hi Hitesh,

      Here is answer to you question –

      1) Which solutions I must add for routine water change and what should b the amount of drops would b enough for this size?

      Ans – You only need De-Chlorine to remove chlorine.

      2) And abt heater.. Is it necessary to keep it always ON?

      Ans- Not Exactly – In winter season keep on Heater whole night – turn it to 28′. But day time can switch off. Dont use in Summer. If you feel water is cold enough than please turn it on.

      3) I fed my kamfa with okiko platinum

      Ans – Okiko is good food. Keep feeding with other variety of food so he grow well.


      DO sharing your Flowerhorn status with us.

  110. hello sir ,
    i have a baby flowerhorn , its” albino flowerhorn” its just 2 days i have brought it home , but i m worried because its not eating properly n its swimming upside down towards the bottom of the tank ….in jus 2 days i have got attached to it emotionally … plz help me

    1. HI Sneha,

      Thanks for following my blog, I mailed you entire process. If you failed to receive mail than you can follow this –

      Here are instruction for you –

      1) Clean entire Tank –
      a) Remove all Gravel if their
      b) Remove filter
      c) Take fish in another backet

      Now clean entire tank with warm water.

      2) Buy Medicine – OceanFree Gul, Fungus, Parasites Special treatment for all fish,

      3) Fill the tank with fresh water, add De-chlorine solution
      4) Add One Spoon Sea Salt (for Three Feet tank)
      5) Install Heater – turn it to – 29′
      6) Add the Biological filter to tank.
      7) Wait for 20 mins
      8) Now add 1o drops of OceanFree Gul, Fungus and Parasite special (do let me know about tank size, this for 3 feet tank)
      9) Now add the Fish.

      Keep observing the fish for day.


      Yashwant Naik

  111. Hey, yashwant

    thanks for this blog, it helped me alot.

    just need help with Q1. How many times should i change water in week?


    1. Hi Abhijeet,

      Once in Week, 30% water change.

      But you need to take precaution while changing water is –

      1) Water temperature should match with Tank Water
      2) Water should treated with De-Chlorine solution
      3) Need to clear all poos from tank
      4) Use Filter to after water change

      Thanks for visiting blog.

      Yashwant Naik

  112. Good evening yash sir,
    sir i have a question about my flowerhorn. at this time, in monsun my aquraum tamp. is between 30 to 32 deg. my aquraum thermometer so the temp. sometime 30 deg. sometime 32 deg.
    so can i use the aquraum heater for rise the temp? or what temp. is right for my flowerhorn?
    at this time my flowerhorn condition is very good.much active and agrassive.
    i feed him tow times in a day.sometime give him hi-red pallets and sometime dried blood worms.i stop to give him dried shrimp.


  113. I see a lot of interesting content on your
    page. You have to spend a lot of time writing – k2 unlimited content

    1. Thanks Mariana for liking my Blog. Hope you enjoying all post at yashwantnaik.com, you can suggest me any topic which you want to see here. Keep reading my blog and keep sharing post among your group.

  114. hey yash sir..i recently brought a baby albino FH and having a 20 gallon tank..i m feeding him thrice day with humpy head palets,dried blood wrms at the intrval of each 8 hrs..what care i should take to make him grow fast,agressive and healthy hump? kindly guide me..do i need to install watr heatr??? how to knw if my FH is stressed?? i m simply using the water provided by BMC..is it harmfull for him?
    someBody advised me to keep succer fish along with FH as he keeps the tank clean..plz guide me

    1. HI Hemchandra Sawant,

      Thanks for reading my Blog about Flowerhorn. Here are answers to your question –

      1) what care i should take to make him grow fast,agressive and healthy hump?
      Ans – Feed well, Keep water clean, maintained temperature, Proper Air circulation, Keep filtering Tank, feed Twice a day.

      2) kindly guide me..do i need to install watr heatr??
      Ans – Yes, It required on Monsoon and Winter, Even Bombay has good waterfall and Winter so it is advisable to have heater.

      3) how to knw if my FH is stressed?
      Ans – Stress FH will not do any movement and stay either upper side of tank or in corner of tank. The Stress is happen because of bad water.

      4) i m simply using the water provided by BMC..is it harmfull for him?
      Ans – Use anti chlorine liquid to De-chlorined water as BMC mix chlorine to clean water.

      5) someBody advised me to keep succer fish along with FH as he keeps the tank clean..
      Ans – Keep sucker fish is your choice but it is advice to keep FH alone as FH is Territorial lover fish wont allow any other fish.

      Feed Fish on time
      Never overfeed fish
      Twice a week clean water by 30%
      Keep clean Filter once in week.

  115. Hii sir,
    i bought a fh 3 days ago she was a happy fish but suddenly on third she saw somwthing and started swimming very fast and entered into stress and now she is sitting in one corner and also she has piled up black colour on her body plzz help how can i make her recover

  116. Some people are saying that giving shrimps will lead to stomach ill and its color will be fade…..
    So can u just tell me that is it true…

    1. Shrimp, Feeding, Earthworm, Bloodworm, and Chicken is highly protein food which usually damage fish stomach. But Protein always increase the color and size of fish. So in this case you have to decide. I suggest to give those in small amount only.

  117. Hello sir.
    aaj mene morning me mere flowerhorn ko shrim diya tha khane me. usne thik se kha liya tha/
    magar sam ko mene dekha to usne movement krna akdm se bandh krdiya. kuch kha bhi ne rha tha .bad me mene dekha to vo mu se womit kr rha tha. uske mu se mene kuch pile rang ka bhar aate huve mene deha. sir plz help me. i need your urgent help .


    1. Sir,

      Please dont feed salt water shrimp. and while feeding shrimp you need to clean it with warm water than feed him one small bite than slowly rise the amount. I dont recommend the Shrimp to Flowerhorn as It cause stomach infection and other diseases. Sir, Please dont feed fish for one day. Add Rid All Flowerhorn Special to water and observe him.

      You have my mobile number so please call me in case of more details.



  118. Good evening sir.
    Sir mere fish tank ke andar glass ke upar kuch chiknae sa layar ho jata me cline krta hu to ak week me vapis ho jata he. Aap muje koe tank cline krne ka solution ka nam btaona. Or kya shakkr fish rakh sakta hu flowerhorn ke sath?


    1. Yes you can keep sucker fish with flowerhorn. But they must be remain peaceful and not fighting with each other. Or you can solve this problem by add some solution to water.

  119. Hi Sir,

    I have 6” inch FW its good from last 1 year i am using Hi-Red fish food & now 15 days back i changed food Wild food now my FW is not eating & looks like seek… from 10 days 🙁 please help me sir what to do … i changed water also but still …… please help me sir

    1. Hello Jagadeesh,

      Dont change food quickly..pets are not so use to different food.If you wish to change food you need to do slowly slowly. Mix old food to new while feed and than give. like if your feeding 7 pallets to fish than your quantity would be – Five old pallet and two new pallets.

      Slowly increase new food quantity and keep doing slowly slowly.



      1. Thanks a lot sir ……

        Still My FW not eating.. what to do ..?? & old food is got over 🙁 & now new same HI-RED food also not eating what to do … sir …

        1. Check water and Heating Temperature of water
          Indian Summer is not so suitable condition for Flowerhorn.

          You need to change water in twice day, keep Air Pump on for 24hrs. Use River Water – not Ground Water.


  120. Good afternoon sir.
    Kl jese aapse bat hue vese mene tank pura cline kr diya. Pani bhi nya dal diya. Pr kuch changis ne he. Movement ne krta he. Or upar ki or mu ltkaye huve pda rheta he. Aap ne jo solution diya tha mujko vo mene use kiya pr koe improve ment ne aaya usme.
    Plz help me.


  121. hi sir . now i use flowerhorn spaciyl rid all solution two times and i get good risult through this.

    thanks ,,

  122. hey sir i have an albino flowerhorn i have not applied an heater in d tank coz of d heat in atmosphere it wil harm due to much more heat so i hve not aplied heaer so wats ur sugestion shld i aplied heater in tank???

  123. good afternoon sir,
    i m vishal.sir mera flowrhorn ko body infection
    ho gya he. matalb skin nikal kr kuch white colour ka ho gya he. abhi uska colour thoda dark ho gya he. or movement come krta he.
    plz help me

    vishal jadav

  124. HELLO SIR,

    please can u tell me what can i do?

  125. Dear Sir,
    I have a Six to Seven month old Flower Horn. All these days I was very active and eating very well. For the last 20 to 25 days it stopped eating anything at all. Initially It was discharging white feces and I did not take that seriously. But over the days it stopped eating. I used to feed it with Humpy Head pellets and occasionally feed it with live fish feed and some blood worms. When it started taking a bite and spit out the feeding fish and the pellets, I contacted my fish supplier friend for the remedial action. He suggested to use “Tummy Wash” for five days. I directly fed it with tummy wash. Nothing happened. Then I was told to remove 25% of water and add two Terramicin 500mg. As it was not available in local market, I added Paraxin 500mg for two days. Even then no eating. Then I mixed the water with Metrogyl 400mg two numbers and changed the water. Still no improvement. Today I asked one of friend who knows about Flower Horns the help. He told me to add Epsom Salt for two days and if nothing happens go for Azoo’s capsule. I have added Epsom salt today and waiting for the good to happen. Can you please tell me what else I should do to make my Flower Horn eat? By the way, I would like to add this, that he plays with me very well and he is not that swift in moving but keeps moving. Please help me save him and bring him to the original condition. Thanks.

  126. hello i wanted to say thank u for your site i just got a 2 inch flowerhorn i love that little buy he is so playful my kids love him what should the tank temp be in ….F….. not ….C i see u said 30 but i dont understand that i am from the u.s

        1. Hello,

          For small flowerhorn 30 gallon is sufficient. But once he grow up you need to increase it to 80gal tank.

          So plan it out n get it. I suggest to have tank of 80gal now.



  127. Hallo sir, my flowerhorn fish is ill.he can’t eat anything, he cannot move properly,he stay one pleas last 5days.his head down and stomach up. please can u tell me what can i do?

    1. it diffenently sounds like SBD. i suggest u lower the water so teh fish can balance its body equalibrium. add 1 teaspoon of epson salt to every 10 gal, if that doesnt work then u need seom heavy dutie medication and turn up ur heater. tetracyclene, maracyn or any anti-biotic that cures SBD. SBD is one of the hardiest disease to cure besides dropsy. keep the water clean and cut back on feeding..

  128. Dear bro.
    Plz give me tank cleaner solution name. and my PH is complately healthy.
    cloudy eyes are ok now. head is also come out. and give some more information
    to maintain my PH.

    THANKS ,

  129. hi yashant sir.
    my self vishal jadav.and we are conected with teiephonic discus after two days.
    thanks to give me advise for my flwrhorn. and i get resutl through your advise. my flwrhorn is come out form illness. sir i have some quastoin.
    give me the name of aquaram clining solution. how many time i give live food to my fish.

    1. Hi Vijay,

      My Pleasure Sir.

      Their are many tank cleaner available in market. I will email you a entire list. But Dont use now as your FH need to recover fast and do well. You can feed live food once in week. But avoid this during illness.



      1. ok sir.
        tell me the right temparatur for my FH. At this time i maintain temp. 30 degree.
        today i see my FH come out form stras. head is also come out.

        1. hello Vijay,

          So sorry delay in reply to you.

          you can keep 28 as right temperature for FH. Usually I use heater when temp is low. But in summer I never use the heater. So accordingly you have to use heater for FH.


          Yashwant Naik

  130. Hi, Yash.. I have an 8-month old FH who was a ravish eater.. I feed him with Humpy Head or Redsyn.. Then, when my Dad took care of him, he tried feeding him with live or frozen shrimps. He has this huge appetite for any of those but suddenly about a month now, he stopped eating. it neither feed on pellets nor on shrimps anymore… i think he is starting to lose weight though slowly… It no longer plays with us nor swim fast. it just stayed in one area of its tank… then lately, i noticed that it started pooping like white balls…. i started to google on the possible causes but the closest one i read was to quarantine my FH in a 10gallon water with epsom salt and flagyl… my dad tried doing it but it suddenly floated… my dad thought it was dead but my Mom immediately placed him the tank and luckily it was alive.. but it still wont eat and still poops a white ball like poop… I hope you can help me with it….

    1. Hi Lady Roxas,

      Don’t worry, White Poop now easily can treated. Please follow steps I mention below –

      1) Buy OceanFree White Poop medicine – easily available in any fishery.
      2) Now Remove old water from tank – before transfer fish to some bucket or tank!!
      3) Clean tank well with fresh water.
      4) Remove all decorative article – keep only heater and air pump – for heater maintain temp 30′
      5) In another bucket now add that medicine to water – it come for 16gal (check on packet) for whole packet. You just put according to that.
      6) Stir water well. and now add pour to tank
      7) Now slowly add Flowerhorn to tank, take care of him as he is not well
      8) Now cover the tank with paper, it is because we dont want to be fish get disturb by us.
      9) keep this for three days.
      10) dont feed fish anything while treatment.
      11) Just keep frequent watch on him.

      After three days you will see remarkable changes on fish. If fish do white poop again than repeat the treatment. Also dont distrub him

      After Treatment care –

      1) Dont feed live food for at least one month.
      2) Keep changing water always
      3) Keep Heater to 28 for stable temp. of tank.
      4) never disturb fish with anything – you can play..

      Sorry for delay in reply.

      Yashwant Naik

  131. Hi Sir,
    My 26 gallons fish tank partitioned with 2 fishes a flowerhorn first one in your pic & an albino oscar both size upto between 8 to 9 inches and now i brought a new tank i.e approx 100 gallons.
    So please sir i need your help if you can suggest me a good external canister filter available in pet shops in western mumbai ?

    1. Hi Mahendra,

      Buy Sobo Original Water Filter – The product from Sobo is very genuine and nice which last long. you can easily get that sobo filter from any aquarium shop. Or let me know I will help you to get that. I stay at nalasopara



  132. Hi bro,
    Great job n wonderful web site. Thanks for this knowledge. i have male kamfa n RD .
    I want a imported Male . Can you plz help me?

    1. Hello Amit,

      Where do you stay? If you stay in Mumbai than I can help.

      You can get many people who claim for selling imported fish but before buying you must check few things –
      1) Color of fish
      2) Head
      3) Never buy fry Flowerhorn
      4) Fish Aggressiveness
      5) Eyes and Lips and Fins of fish.

      Also confirm the Breed of fish too.


      Yashwant Naik

      1. I thinking to buy flowerhorn fish. but can not understand which one is male.
        I can send you the picture. please tell me how can i send the picture to you.

  133. hi Yashwant:
    my FH have a white poops problem…here i have find medicine but its negative i have aquarium salt.
    what to do now…pls tell me…my FH”s tommy little bit fet…color is down and stressed no swimming around tank..pls hel me…

    1. Hi Maulik,

      White Poops problem rarely treated. It is highly sensitive condition of FISH and most of time cause to death of Fish too.

      Please let me know what exactly you did?


      Yashwant Naik

      1. hi yashwant

        finally i got ocean free medic. so i treat my FH….1 grm for 25 lit. water – temp. 30 ‘c -full oxygen for three days and 30% water change with new doze.
        i m going right..?
        i have 1 more qus. here we find orignal golden trimac Fh..?
        aap ke hisab se konsa best breed hay…FH me..?

        1. Hi Maulik,

          Yes, you are going perfect.
          Please keep watch on this and do this for three days cycle and after that repeat the treatment. Also cover the tank with paper or clothe so nothing can distrub the fish.

          Trimac flowerhorn is know for best breed. You need to buy adult fish as young fish is not so recognized easily.


          Yashwant Naik

          1. hey yashwant sir i hve got new baby short body albino fh so what precautions shld i tke for him for its temp n all so pls no me?????

          2. Hi Nihar,

            1) Water Should Be Fine
            2) No Tank Article
            3) Have some Big Tank
            4) Feed Well
            5) Maintain the Temperature of Tank
            6) Avoid Disturbance to Fish
            7) Feed well


            Yashwant Naik

  134. Hi Yash,

    Previously i had mentioned that my FH has got “Raised Fin Rays”…. I did whatever suggestions from you, the aquarists. But now the condition has become worse. 🙁

    Those “Raised Fin Rays” have become Red in colur and appear like a wound.

    I am really worried too much now. Please suggest..

    1. Hi Vinay,

      I replied you on basis of your answer for my questions.

      At Image it look ok and your answer are positive too.

      Please buy – Rid All General Aid Solution / Fungus Solution – buy form here – http://www.fishspot.in/ridall/ or Local store.

      Follow the instructions as per Medicine – written in Back of Bottle.

      Take care of your fish.


      Yashwant Naik

      1. what food should i prefer for its head n color….for head i m using humpy head n for color m using ever red is dis foods are gud to gve to flowerhorn…….

        1. Hi Nihar,

          Prefer food which have more than 60% protein (check chart in packet) for good color and nice head grow.

          Also feed with bloodworm or live food once in week.

          Keep Tank clean and Bacteria free.

          Keep fish stress free

          Tank must be big in size and free to move for Flowerhorn.

          Please share you FH photo with me.


          Yashwant Naik

  135. hey….i hve an 6 inches flowerhorn its color is not as much as gud but its little red and vry little head visible i want to grow his head more so wat to do to grow his head i did not have ny ph or temprature machine it nly hve a filter nd a oxy fish tank size is 3ft so gve me ur sugestion abt dis so i wld tke any of dat machines frm d stores nd wat shld i keep d level of ph n temprature
    twice in a week i gve him live fish but no response n i gve him humpyhead frm 1year but nly litle growth of its head

    1. Hi Nihar,

      Give high protein food. check out the backside of food where whole chart is shown.

      Keep changing water in every week – approx 35% water.

      you can get Heater and Temperature indicator from market.


      Yashwant Naik

  136. Yash,

    Really Amazing work of you on Flowerhorn.

    I have sent mail to your mail id with the photos of my FH which is having a tendency of Fin Rot.

    Kindly help. I am tooo worried.

  137. Hii Yash sir,

    you r doing a wonderful job and also it is very benificial for us.
    So thank you for sharing so much of information with us.

  138. Dear Yashwant,

    Your website is great and really helpful articles(i have seen only abt flowerhorns). Really appreciate your work on this!

    I recently bought a red dragon 7-8 inches and it is very attractive and playful. Feeding humpy head pellets and i hope it loves it.

    I just have 2 questions and it would be helpful for me if you give your suggeations.

    1. What temperature i have to set in my heater? Can it be plugged in all the time(shop keeper said it is automatic, but not sure).

    2. Can i use a purified water( i live in chennai and there is no ground water)so i used a drinking water for my tank(packaged 20 ltrs can waters). Is it good?

    I will also send u the FH puctures to ur fb id.

    Thanks and regards,

    1. Hi Rajkumar,

      Here are answer to your query –

      1. What temperature i have to set in my heater? Can it be plugged in all the time(shop keeper said it is automatic, but not sure).
      Answer -The temperature must be set to 28’C when fish is normal. If he is not well then increase up to 30’C. And Yes keep heater on 24 hrs 7 days as all heater is automatic sensors – which automatically cutout the power once define temperature is meet.

      2. Can i use a purified water( i live in chennai and there is no ground water)so i used a drinking water for my tank(packaged 20 ltrs can waters). Is it good?
      Answer – Rajkumar please use water which is lite – no chlorine and salt. Bore well water may be problematic, so better used Tap Water which is come from lakes of Municipal Corporation. Add Chlorine remover before adding water to tank. And change at-least 30% of water in seven days.

      Please find me at FB – yashwant naik – https://www.facebook.com/yashwant.naik – very keen to see your FH.

      Keep Browsing website and Please share the post with friends so they also get information about FH.


      Yashwant Naik

  139. I am a lover of flower horn fish. I have a flower horn fish in my house for my hoppy. I spend my free time with the fish. ( From my child hood onwards) I have many doubts about flower horn diseases and their prevention. So please help me. I am expecting your guidance. What can i do for your valuable tips

  140. Hi there

    I have recently bought a fh. I have a tw foot tank. I have kept the tank completely empty no gravel nothing. The fh I got has not been eating . I thought it does not like the food. I had initially given Tetra bits. So I git blood worm it ate little and again stopped eating. I thought it might be ill. So I put tetracycline 250mg (3pills) in the tank and quarantined the fish for about two days. Changed water yesterday gave fish salt bath and put some epsom salt in the fresh water in the tank. Still fush seems to not eat. Also keeps hiding behind the power filter. I am really sad and out of options .
    Pleasd suggest wat to do.

    1. Hi Sandeep,

      Thanks to visit the website, here are answer to your questions/doubt/query about the Flowerhorn Care –

      1) Flowerhorn is not eating –
      Answer – Many reason for this – they are –
      a) Water condition is not good
      b) Fish is feeling Stress
      c) Your feeding wrong food
      Solution for this –
      a) Water should be chlorineless, use chlorine solution for this
      b) Water should not be heavy as bore-well water
      c) because of bad water Fish feels stress – have filter and proper oxygen.
      d) Feed good food which Fish like – ask Guy from who’s you buy fish. feed same food.

      2) Fish Medicine
      Answer – Tetracycline is used to remove normal fungus on fin, white spots and other problem. In your case you not describe any of this issues. So stop using this. If your using than dont add that much capsule as you have small tank. Use one capsule at time. Your overdosing the fish.

      3) Salt Bath
      After reading your query I think your fish is new in home which is only reason he/she is hiding and not interacting with you. Give sometime to settle down. This is normal behavior new fish. Dont worry about fish. But keep watch on fish – if you find some unusual things than do treatment as per this.

      Best of luck for your fishing.

      Yashwant Naik

  141. Hi Yashwant, My flowerhorn is about 7in having a nice hump, vibrant Red color, but the pearl spots are not bright. he is active but not at all aggressive. It has a Pleco & 2 no. Apple snails as tank mates. It plays with the Pleco only some times it gets agitated then starts fighting. Is it advisable to make the FH angry.

    1. Hi Amol,

      Well as FH grow the peral spots on body goes wipe out. But Red color on fin and face remain same and sometime more bright. So dont worry about the that. As you have add partner to FH is quite good. But this will not make happy both fish. As Pelco is not comfortable with FH and vice versa. Pelco is hard skin fish that is reason ur FH is not killed him other wise FH never tolerate other fish in his territory.
      FH is sensitive fish – his aggressiveness is depend on his health and tank condition. Making angry is not solution for this.

      Thanks to visit website and contacting me.

      Yashwant Naik

  142. my fh 3 inch long not eatinng the food(xo super red syn) from last 3 weeks and also i observed that their decrease in the hump also it is with suker cat fish…..what may be the problem…give some solutin…

    1. Remove the Succker Fish, and make TANK empty with no article. Add Ocean Free medicine and cover up the tank. Dont disturb the fish and repeat it after three days.

      Change water in evry three days.

  143. i bought a pearlspot fh 3 days back.. he is active he eats well.. m feedin it wiht humpy head 3 tymes a day… i hav a 2 feet tnk and i havnt put any types of decorative items in d tank.. will the tank size and nt putting any decorative items effect in the colour or hump size of my fh?? its is about 2inchs in size

    1. it is better not to have any decorative for FH. As FH is very aggressive there may be chance that he hit the decorative item while playing – so better to avoid it. And Decorative items is not reason to grow in Hump and color – u need to feed him with high protein like worm, live fish etc. But never overdose him….

  144. thank you very much yash sir..nw he is very well and eating pallets..i feed him in a follwing manner-
    1.I put 5-6 pallets first and allow him to finish which he does within a minute
    2.then i again put 3-4 pallets and the same process.
    3.again i put 2-3 pallets..this tym FH takes little more tym to finish..so dis indicates dat nw his stomach is fullfilled right?
    Then i stop feeding and feed him aftr an interval of 8 hrs..i feed him in every 8 hrs.
    Nw i can see a very small hump on his head..:)

  145. Hi Yashwant,

    Thanks for sharing your experience on FH.
    Where to get Tetracycline? Is it available in fish shops.
    Are you referring to blue color liquid in fish shop?

    1. Hi Vinayak,

      I guess the fish you own is with you since last three – as you mention in query – so shyness or tank change may not be reason for hunger strike (usually new FH do) so just answer some of the question mention below –

      1) Check with FH hump – Does it is damage or reduce in size?
      2) Is your fish look stress?
      3) Have you added anything new in Tank which disturbing him?
      4) May be he get hurt from tank?

      Reason for not eating may be –
      1) Indigestion !!!
      2) Fungus in body!!
      3) Infection from water or tank articles….

      also I wish to see latest photo of your fish. I will provide some online space to send photos – you need to confirm your email id.

      Please accept my apologize for delay in reply your query.

      Thanks and keep visiting here and sharing thoughts.

      Yashwant Naik

  146. hi sir..i have a beby beby FH 2 inch in a size..i jst bought it 3 days before..he is very agressive and active as well bt dont wish to eat the humpy head food…jst goes close to it and den again moves backwrd..bt he loves to it live bloodworms so should i continue to feed the blood worms? When will he start eating humpy head? Plz help me out as i am in little worry abt it.

    1. Hi Hitesh,

      Stop feeding with bloodworm now. Your fh need some training. Please follow below steps –

      1) Put some Humpy head on tank and keep it for five minutes.
      2) at first time he will ignore or come see and go or may be eat few..
      3) simply remove pallets from tank after five minute.

      repeat this for several times in day. soon your fish get use to this process and start responding to you.

      Few thing to note down –

      1) Don’t keep pallet in tank for more than five minutes as it pollute the tank water.
      2) Don’t break the pallet in two parts as break pallet go deep in water which cause pollution in tank.
      3) You can reuse the pallet for feeding.

      Follow this you will see remarkable progress in fh. also share the progress with me by adding one more comment here or simply replying this comment box.

      Take care and keep visiting here.

      Yashwant Naik

      1. Yashwant; dear i have a fh which is abt 5 inches red dragon but i cant see any hump. I feed the fish 3 times with humpy head and sometimes blood worms also but no improvement in the hump need suggestion in this.

        1. For your clarification that is male and very aggresive also i changed the water weekly now what else should i do

        2. Hi Faisal,

          Well try to feed with live fish once in week. Make tank more free to roam, add some article to play. Blood worm make water dirty so avoid it. Stress make fish disturb which cause no development in Humb.

          Thanks for visiting the website.

          Yashwant Naik

    1. thanks …
      please send me a iages of king kamfa FH , Red Dragon FH ,king red dragon zu zu FH and Monkey head FH bcz i’m little bit confuse abt those breeds ,I’have a FH but i dont no which breed FH

  147. the stomach of my fhs flat frm 2 days and its nt eating properly frm tat day bt it s active wt problm s my fh having pls tell me

    1. check the water condition. Your fish seem stressed. Provide some nice environment and moving space. Naveen no need to worry as fish can survive without food at-least for five days.
      If you change the it food than please dont change food immediately do it slowly slowly.
      You can give blood worms which FH love to eat all times.

        1. It need –
          1) Good Aquarium Environment
          2) Healthy Food which have more than 50% of protein on it.
          3) Maintain Fish tank Temp
          4) Balance feeding – not overfeeding
          5) Keep Fish happy

          Thanks and keep visiting.
          Yashwant Naik

  148. I have Two flower horn 1is pearl spot & other 1 is monkey head flower horn.
    I had 3 feet tank & had made partion between them. d pearl spot i have bought since past 4 year & monkey head past 2 year… both my flower horn are small in size…i dnt knw y my flower horn size is not increasing..
    d hump of my monkey head flower horn is too small n its size is smaller dan pearl spot..i feed dem twice a day..different quaility of food i had given bt still no result i found. even once a while i gve live food n chicken heart..
    so i want suggestion that hw should i increase the size & hump of my flowerhorn fish.
    kindly provide the reply of my msg.

    1. Hi Jigar,

      Thanks for visiting the website.

      As you said your Flowerhorn’s (FH) horn is not increasing is because of many circumstance; they are –

      1) May be your FH is female as female dont have horn.
      2) Fish is feeling stress
      3) Water condition is poor or Not properly maintained tank
      4) Small space of in aquarium – as you said it is shared with another FH.

      Please check those point. It is clear that you are feeding FH with sufficient amount of protein which help to grow Horn, but if FH is not having enough space in territory than it cause no horn or less developed horn.

      Hopes your problem is resolve. Also kindly share your FH photos @ facebook.com/yashwant.naik to give more answers.



    1. Hi Rajan,

      It is seen that feeding the FH with live food cause some illness like Ichthyopthirius Multifilis or white spot disease. So, it is better to not feeding the FH continuously. Once n week is sufficient to feed FH with live fish.

  149. I guess you need to understand the protocol of fishery better than me because….

    PH is a measure of the activity of the (solvated) hydrogen ion. p[H], which measures the hydrogen ion concentration, is closely related to, and is often written as, pH.

    Pure water has a pH very close to 7 at 25 °C. Solutions with a pH less than 7 are said to be acidic and solutions with a pH greater than 7 are basic or alkaline.

    Measurement of pH for aqueous solutions can be done with a glass electrode and a pH meter, or using indicators.

    To summarise even a clean water can have a high PH level.

  150. My dear friend i am not talking about the water condition but i am talking about a PH level. I hope you know about PH level of the water. First read my comment properly and then reply.

    1. I guess, you need to understand the protocol of Fishery. It is so simple that if PH level is high than it pollute the water which make water hard and that is not suitable to fish. So, A HIGH PH level water is consider as bad water or bad water condition.

      Thanks to spending a time on the post and comment. keep visiting the website.

  151. As far as I know it is proved that flowerhorn is one of the strongest fish as it can easily adjust itself to the PH flucations in the water.

    Also it is not that difficult to grow a flowerhorn once to know its diet.

    1. Shailesh,

      No man, for Fish is not so strong to stay in bad water condition for long time..just like we cannot stay in bad air….. and Well agree with you that once you know fish very well than it is kids play…

      1. I hav an short body albino he is well but it keeps on changing colour means it becomes black and after some tym it becomes normal

        It goes on the corner and stay it doesn’t moves

        And I hav n doubt on which temp. Should I kept it……?

        1. Hi Vivikramaditya,

          Due to stress flowerhorn turn black.

          Regain color again once he recover.

          Use water conditioner for this.

          Thank you,
          Yashwant Naik

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