Its Happens in Mumbai only – Mumbai Local Special

This is real story in narrated by Kewal Haria at his Facebook wall. I thought to share it so I did……

Today i saw this 70 yrs old man at masjid station, he was offering free water to every one whoever wants to drink, i was thirsty so i drank. but then i started thinking y is this man doing all this at such an old age, carrying atleast 5 to 6 two litre bottles filled with water in that blue bag. I was waiting fo train i wanted to go to dadar station but out of curiosity i followed this person and boarded train towards CST, in train also he offered water to everyone,he again offered me coz i was all wet with sweat, he asked me

He: shirt itna gila kyu ho gaya hai(coz of sweat)
Me: pasine se
He: aaram se pani peeyo pet bharkar pani pina (i drank some water)
Me: aap roz aise sabko paani pilate ho??
He: haan roz pilata hoon
Me: kab se aise roz pani pila rahe ho??
He: buddha ho gaya yeh karte karte
Me: haan matlab kabse pila rahe ho( i again asked him coz i wanted to know, i was curious)
Him: yeh koi batane wali baat thodi hai maine kaha nah buddha ho gaya yeh karte karte, 70 saal ka hoon main.
Me: kahaan rehte ho??
He: thakurli
Me: main aapka ek photo lena chahta hoon
He: nahi nahi yeh sab main thodi kar raha hoon , yeh sab toh upar wale ki dua se ho raha hai (he started speaking in english) I didnt do anything its because of u this is happening (he didnt allow me to click pics) And then he again started distributing water.

“paniwala mofat ka pani thanda pani lelo”

I was so much shocked that i forgot to ask his name but i clicked some pics without telling him and then train reached CST station and now that person would go in 9.56 ka train from CST(as told to me by fellow commuter), i got down at CST and boarded a train for Dadar. A grand salute to this man, whenever u find this man distributing free water in mumbai local kindly drink some water this person will feel good. May god bless him with all the happiness of this world if not now then in his other life, May god solve his all problems.

Kewalji very nice you share this with us. Thanks lot. Keep sharing. I really proud to be Mumbaikar….

7 thoughts on “Its Happens in Mumbai only – Mumbai Local Special

  1. His name is Rajkumar Singhania, i again met him and i have posted the conversation happened that time in comment section of this pic on my FB wall

      1. Hello yashwant sir I brought a 4inch flower horn jus 2days back he is nt much active to fingers n he is jus siting n hiding near filter n heater m sooo depressed sir pls help me out what should I do I want u in my watsapp sir pls pls share ur watsapp num mine xxxxz

        1. Hello Mohammed Parveez,

          He is new in tank so he is not active much. Give us sometime to adjust with tank.

          I will email you my personal whatsapp number.

          Thank you,

          Yashwant Naik

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