Flowerhorn Complaint in winter : Diseases Care

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Flowerhorn is very delicate hybrid fish. Flowerhorn can be victim of many diseases if owner ignore his care. In this article I am going guide you about How to take care flowerhorn in winter?
As usual this post too remains step by step guide, so, owner can understand the process easily.

Water Change

In winter don’t change water frequently. Frequent water change may harm his health. Flowerhorn can easily get sense of water change and due to continue change in water can cause stress or parasite infection in stomach, which can be dangerous.
No, you cannot change water twice a week. During winter the temperature of water is different form tank water. The sudden change in water can harm the flowerhorn health. So, be careful for water change in twice a week.
The decision to change water is totally depend on owner to owner (flowerhorn keeper). If your flowerhorn is healthy, very active, and have nice appetite with 3 feet tank or more in size than you can do once in week 15% water change. Read our guide about the water change for systematic water change for flowerhorn aquarium.
If water is not change for more than two week, than you have to atleast do 20% water change. OR, water smell bad, many algae on tank, dusty or cloudy tank need immediate water change.
You can use fresh tap water for Flowerhorn Aquarium tank. You cannot use water from – 1. Ground Water 2. Lake Water 3. Borewell water 4. Aqua Guard Water 5. Water Purifier 6. RO Water 7. Long time treated water Use only fresh tap water, reason it content less lead and other hard metal element. Use water conditioner if you don’t have access for fresh tap water.
Water conditioner is liquid medicine or solution which removes the bad metal and gases from water and makes water light and easy to live for flowerhorn. If you don’t have access for fresh tap water than Water Conditioner will help to convert them to flowerhorn friendly. Some flowerhorn are still adopted to bore well water too. That’s all different theory.
I recommend – 1. Oceanfree Anti Chlorine special 2. Grand Fish Super Aqua Safe Both Water conditioners are having best result,
You can use any medicine with water conditioner. Use same brand medicine with same brand water conditioner. Different brand medicine can be harmful.
You need to maintain 30’ temperature in winter.
Not exactly, a thermometer can help you on this, If you see low temperature than on heater.

Tank Maintenance

You need to keep basic medicine which can fight with all diseases like stress, white spot, velvet diseases, rotten fin, or hole on head medicine. I recommend having “Ocean free Gill Fungus Parasite special” , Ocean free Gill Fungus Parasite special can fight with all disease mentioned above.
No, you cannot use different brand or company product for flowerhorn treatment. Mix match of product can harm fish...
You can keep following medicine – 1. Oceanfree Anti Chlorine 2. Oceanfree Gill fungus parasite Special 3. Tetracycline 500MG 4. Oceanfree White Anchor 5. Oceanfree Paraclear 6. Epsom salt 7. A block medium Such medicine will protect your flowerhorn from all basic diseases
Water can be cloudy soon because flowerhorn do lots of shits. Water can get cloudy immediately If your tank is less the 3 feet. Use filter frequently to rid off the tank cloudiness. Clean filter sponge once in week with running tap water. If you’re using tetracycline than water can look cloudy, so, don’t panic which treatment.
Don’t keep on filter all days. Continuous use of filter can bring stress to flowerhorn. Use power filter once in day for hours or two hours.
You can use following filter for flowerhorn fish tank – 1. Power Filter 2. Bio Filter 3. Medium Side Corner Filter 4. Canister All filter need to be clean periodically. Otherwise filter can become place for bad bacteria.
NO, you cannot decorate the tank. As flowerhorn has digging nature can get injured while doing this. Also decorative items are root cause for bad bacteria and flowerhorn cannot resist himself from bad bacteria.
In winter do less water change. Do water change in day time. Don’t change water at night.
No, don’t speed up Air Pump (oxygen). Set to medium.
You can use lights if Flowerhorn is comfortable.
Flowerhorn can eat as much you feed. But it is recommended that don’t over-feed him. Feed him which he can finish in 3 minutes.
NO, they can’t live together.

Flowerhorn Complaint in winter

Flowerhorn is hybrid fish and due to this flowerhorn tank need to maintain well. Because of stress flowerhorn won’t move and sit in corner. You recent water change may be go wrong. Immediately add Tetracycline 500MG. Please share photo via Question and Answer section.
Flowerhonr stop eating due to stress. Check for water temperature, if it is low start heater. Add one spoon Epsom salt. The stress can be happen due to continuous on of filter or fast oxygen mode.
Internal parasite can cause for this. Change in position may be occurring due to the sudden change in water or change in aquarium set up. In winter bad bacteria are increases in double speed. In such situation add ½ cap Oceanfree Gill Fungus Parasite Special.
This is clear symptoms of stress. Use stress release treatments
The bad water cause to pale flowerhorn or faded color. Serious issue, you need Water treatment and Stress relief treatment.
Due to stress usually head goes down. Your flowerhorn need intense care and treatment
You may not be following the proper procedure of treatment. Your medicine is fake or water is highly polluted.
I am suggesting in winter you should feed live feeding until you badly needed.
No, worries, please comment on box with details. I will respond you in less than 24 hours. You need to follow those procedures to resolve flowerhorn problems.

17 thoughts on “Flowerhorn Complaint in winter : Diseases Care

  1. I brought flowerhorn 5th September and after 2 days he was suffering from white spots which has been cleared. Now since one week he is suffering from cloudy eye and stomach infection. His stomach looks squeezed near anal area and colour is pale. Please help

    fish size almost 4 inches

    tank size 3 feet

    medicines used: Terramycin 250mg for 3 days but no changes in fish so I switched to other and now using bactonil fw internal external anti bacterial (given by Aquarium dealer). Since from first day of treatment I’m using heater at 28 degree Celsius constantly.

    so far I did not see any changes in my fish. Cloudy eye are still same and stomach too looks squeezed. Please help me sir.

    1. Hi Priyal Joshi,

      The cloudy Eye is because of bad water in your tank. Please specify the which water are you using.
      Repeat the treatment as Terramycin can rid cloudy eye.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

      1. Can you please tell me exact procedure of treatment? Like should I add medicine again on next days or one medicine is enough to make recovery

  2. my fish is flowerhorn magma breed..
    past 3 days he is suffering from swimming bladder diseases i have given tetracycline 250 mg for 45 liter ,he is active in his action but still he lies down ,his wing are continue swinging , he turned dark
    i have epsom salt with me
    what should i do next ??…
    try to help me
    try to help him,
    can’t see him suffering

    flower horn 8 months old
    tank size 4 feet
    water level 45 liter
    stone bubble
    and heater with 30 deg

    1. HI Hemanathan,
      Swim Blade disease is very dangerous. You need to do some heavy dose of treatment. It is very rare he recover from this condition.
      First change entire water and clean tank with warm water. Now add complete new water and add Anti Chlorine to tank. Install Heater and Air Stone. Turn Heater to 32” degree. Now add fish to tank. Take 100 ml of water in mug. Add 5000mg of Metrogyl Tablet (500mgX10tablet). Partial cover tank and don’t Stair him.
      Next day check his status and let me know about this condition.
      Thank you,
      Yashwant Naik

  3. My flower horn is not going to bathroom for that reason it is not eating the food as well.. Can you please suggest what I have to do.. It is not eating the food from 2 days.. Please help me with this..

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    Looking forward for ur rply

    1. Hello Zakir,

      You can’t exceed the days. It is always 30 working days. If you stay at abroad than you can apply online and submit data with hands of groom can be doable.

      I will share agent number with you via email.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

    1. Hi Swpanil,

      This is disease is very contiguous.

      We need to do immediate treatment for same –

      Medicine required –

      1) ocean free paraclear
      2) tetracycline
      3) grand fish Anchor Away

      Treatment process

      1) remove 30% of water from tank

      2) remove all gravels from tank

      3) remove and clean filter sponge, air stone, and heater.

      4) now take a bucket, and pour same quantity of water to Bucket

      5) now add 10 drops dechlorinate to Bucket water.

      6) add 1/4 of oceanfree paraclear

      7) now install the heater and turn to 28°

      8) install the oxygen stone

      9) now pour the medicine mixture water to tank.

      Please note that –

      1) don’t use filter while treatment is going on

      2) don’t use light

      3) don’t touch or distrub Flowerhorn

      4) dony not stair fish

      5) cover tank

      6) no feeding

      You can get medicine online form here


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