How to register to COWIN to get the COVID-19 vaccine in India?

From 1st March 2021 onwards, the Government of India opens the website to self-registration for the COVID-19 vaccine for the general citizen of India. India is now ready for the mass vaccination process in a systematic procedure.
Click on button to visit Official Covid-19 website for self registration

In this blog, I am explaining step by step guideline for self-registration for the COVID-19 vaccine. I am trying to make the blog easy to ready and easy to understand I have added a screenshot for the same. Please comment below to ask question or query.

Step 1:

Government Official website for Covid-19 Vaccination
The government of India has launched the on 1st March 2021 to take self-registration from Indian Citizen.

Step 2:

Click on the Register Yourself button on the top right of the page. It will open a new webpage 

At the 2nd scroll, you can find the Map search by Place name, address, or location or Register Yourself button. 

Register Yourself button on the top right of the page
At 2nd Scroll you can see this map over search section and Register Yourself button


  1. You can register yourself + 3 others from your family or relatives
  2. Secure data processing
  3. Schedule vaccination date and time
  4. Reschedule vaccination date and time

Require Document: 

  1. Active mobile number to receive OTP on phone
  2. Authorised document ID such as Adaar Card or any other as per option available

Step 3:

When you reach you will get this window where you need to put an active mobile number to receive OTP on your mobile phone.

Page where you need to type your active mobile number without Country Code or 0 before mobile number and click on GET OTP button.
  1. Enter Mobile number without country code or ‘0’ before number
  2. OTP will be sent to a mobile number via text message from the Government of India
  3. Enter the OTP you received from the Government of India and click the “Verify” button

Step 4:

After successful validation, it will take the Citizen Vaccination Registration and Appointment page. Here you need to upload a valid document to complete registration. The page looks like this:-

Self Registration page - asking for details.

The following document is mandatory and can use for registration :

  1. Photo ID Proof : 
    1. Aadhaar Card
    2. Driving License
    3. PAN Card
    4. Passport
    5. Pension Passbook
    6. NPR Smart Card
    7. Voter ID

Note: Use any one Valid document to process the registration. The same original document needs to be carried on the day of vaccination to the centre. 

All field here mandatory to fill.

Once you completed with details click on the registration button.

Important Note: Registration is open only for individuals with age 60 years or older (the birth year 1961 or earlier). Individuals with age 45 years or older (the birth year 1976 or earlier) can register if they have any comorbidity.

Step 5:

Once you click on the Registration button – it will take your confirmation page where you can see a list of registered people.

after successful registration - you can see list of person register via this process

You can see the following columns : 

  1. Name: Name of register person
  2. Gender: Gender of the person
  3. Year of Birth: Registered person’s Year of birth
  4. Photo ID: Used document to register for COVID-19 vaccination
  5. ID Number: Shown last four digits of registerer document
  6. Status: Status as Appointment schedule or not 
  7. Action: This 🗓️ (calendar) refers to reschedule the COVID-19 Vaccination or delete a person by clicking on the Trash icon 🗑️

Below you can see the +ADD MORE button to add more 3 people with the same from Step 4

Step 6:

Once the person is registered for COVID-19 vaccination now they need to schedule the appointment. You can schedule an appointment by clicking on Calendar Icon under the ACTION column.

Scheduling Appointment Date and Timing

Once clicking on the page it will take Book Appointment for Vaccination page

  • The page has Four Search Tab like below : 
    • State / UT – Select your State or UT name
    • District – Select your district 
    • Block – Select the Block as per your address
    • Pincode – Put your pincode 

and once you filled with all information, it will show the result for all COVID-19 Vaccination place near your area as per the above details. 

Step 7:

Your result page would appear like this:

Government Authorized Hospital Search List

Left side you can see the list of Government register hospitals and right side you can see the Availability slot per week. If an appointment is not available then click on the Next Week button.
The left side Tab also shows PAID and Free hospital option. Choose as per the appointment availability.

Step 8:

On the right side, available date and Availability is visible as per time slot / per day. To select the desired slot click on time slot. It will be selected slot will be reflected as Blue. And after that click on the Book button to book the Appointment.
Vaccination Date and Timing booking page

After clicking the Book button, the Appointment Confirmation page display to verify your details. Click on confirm button to confirm the booking.

Step 9:

After successful confirmation of Appointment booking will display entire detail acknowledgement. On this page, you can download the acknowledgement which you need to carry along with ID proof mentioned on the acknowledgement receipt. You can reschedule the appointment 24 hours before the Vaccination day.

You need to just log in to the panel with the same mobile number and OTP. And click on reschedule option and proceed

Do and Don’t at Vaccination center:

Kindly maintain social distanancing law, do not create mess or fight to get vaccinations.

Always carries government acknowledges receipt of successful appointment booking.

Try to avoid mess and confusion to get vaccination. Everyone can get vaccination from local people, 

Always reach before timing.

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