After breakup – way to new life

Yes¡!¡ I also gone through a deep sorrow of break up. Until now I was in impression that breakup won’t exist and its all stay in dream. I saw many friends suffering from breakup and they all broke up. That time I am thinking that all foolishness… How can a girl divert boy….
But now I realise everything…. The pain… The cry….the memory of girl… And very disappointing is when I come across her I break up again….

After breakup the first thing I did I posted sad and sentiment status.. Broken heart images….tweeted love failure messages…and now whole world is know YASHWANT KA GOCHI HUA HAI…..

My playlist is filled with all bevafai songs…the brightness of my face gone…I am now energy less..
I become hopeless character… A weird creature who don’t know what to do…..

Very weird condition … Poor Yashwant..

But let me tell you above all just only just imagine.. Yes nothing is happen and I was not suffered at all… Yes this is very true..

I accepted that I was broken from inside as her memory keep feeding me…but for world I never show it…
I was angered and that time I realise how anger is benefit to success in job… Yes.. In anger I was doing continuous job…my concentration was high…now I am focus on my work so giving 100% for my job..

As day is passing and many appreciate for work I was in happy tune….

So life is set.. New hope is starting grow… And I am now enjoying single life…

My friend and I was having good time together…

I almost settled and life swing again…

At beautiful morning of winter.. She came and ask — where is auto stand…

I fumble and said – “USS taraf..

She gone..

Rest you know how n what happened..,

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