Sunday Breakfast Idea – Quick Indian Spring Pasta

Yes, pasta is easy to prepare and you can prepare as per your taste and spices. Pasta is originated from Italy and their more than hundred types of pasta served with different taste.

Today I am going to share my secret recipe of Pasta with you with pure Indian spices. We are going to use Garam massala for taste. Sound nice ….


Recipe for Indian Pasta –

Serving – Four People

Ingredient for Sunday Pasta –

1) Spring Pasta 200GM

2) one small onion

3) one tamato

4) Garam Massala one spoon

5) Imali Juice One spoon

6) Ginger Garlic paste Half Spoon

7) Oil One Big Spoon

8) Jeera half spoon

9) Salt as per taste


Steps One to cook Spring Pasta –

1) Take Pasta Pan and add water to boil.

2) Add one spoon salt and jeera

3) Now add 200GM Spring Pasta to it.

4) Lets boil Spring Pasta until it cooked well. Usually Pasta takes more time to cook well.

5) Add some oil to prevent from sticking on base or together.

6) Make flame in low to cook slowly.

7) In between keep observing it

8) One it cook well remove it from Pasta Pan and keep aside.


Step Two – Sunday Indian Pasta Gravy – base

1) Chop Small onion in small

2) Chop tomato in small

3) Take Pasta Pan and adds one spoon oil to it.

4) Let Oil get heat.

5) Make flame low and add chopped onions.

6) Once onion turn golden red add half Spoon Ginger Garlic Paste.

7) Mix well and now add Tomato to it.

8) Now Garam massala to it and mix well.

9) Now Onion and Tomatoes turn to Gravy.

10) Now add half glass water.

11) Mix well.

12) Once Gravy turn thick add one spoon Imali Juice

13) Now add Boiled Spring Pasta to Gravy

14) Mix well, add salt as per taste.

15) Served with some cocktail or mock tail

This Sunday Indian Pasta makes your Sunday special. You definitely enjoy.

Do not forgot to share your experience with me through comments to this post.

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