My Sign Off from Sezal Entertainment and Media

Yash Dont Quit

Yash Dont Quit “I was in peak of my career and I quit !!!” –  this happened to me at Sezal Entertainment and Media India Pvt ltd, Kandivali.

Hussh!!!! I never imagined that I can leave SEZAL TEAM. I was an achiever here, I have learnt many thing here and did many experiment here – I can say Yahswant is re identify here… My skills are  on high and I was on seventh heaven. 🙂

I was appointed here as SEO for – unique concept of B2B. Thanks to Chirag Sir who support me in all new SEO developments and experimentation. I got the best IT team to work with – Shridhar, Avinash, Nikhunj,  Prachi, Sarfaraz and Mayuri – Aur mera DOSTA Azeem – aap b ha !!!

Journey Infrawindow was not so easy – As i never had any previous SEO experience for B2B website. But a strong support and trust from infrawindow team made everything work!!!

Divya and Lakshmi Dont b So sadHey Divya madam and Lakshmi Madam – aapane muje bahut kuch saha hoga, par aap sabko miss karenga  mein !!!! SACHI!!!

Superman Chandrakant – Banta Chai wale din tho kafi suhane they aapane !!!

Nittin Sir – Aaaj Ka kya KEYWORD trend mein hai…. – Sir always use to pull my leg by saying this – “SHADI b kEYWORD rich LADKI se hi karna..” … I love your Punchs which kill me with louder laugh!!!

Prashant Sir – Yashwant AAJ SEO nahi hua !!! SIR – Y I cannot win your heart!! kabi tho jitane ka mauka dho na!!!

I remember Shabnam – The only gal from Editorial team who understood my SEO tactics and helped me make others understand it….

Ohh!! Tejas and Pritesh a best pal together on the floor are bringing LOLZ feeling on floor… Sanya a tiny gal with sharp brain who came to me and offered some biscuits or snacks !!! Sandeep Gala who helped me get rid of any technical issues….

Ohh Sana Sheikh aap tho kitana Bolti hai!!! I love the way u raise hand and say HELLO YASHWANT !!! 😀

As requirement increased our Editorial Team increased and Two beautiful Ladies entered on the floor – Divya n Jenifar – Yaad hai hum saath breakfast kiya kartey they!! Jenni ur Yummy pasta and Divya’s Maggi I am missing that !! JeniFAAR aab mein KISKO bulaunga and Catty… @@@@

Oh !! Purnima – A very caring girl who offered me her dabba on very first day… I  like her caring nature…… 🙂

Best Team - IT TEAM

Nikhunj my Breakfast partner – always calling me as “BHALWANT rAY ke Kuttey !!!!” – I love this from his mouth with special tone :::

Shridhar and Avinash (charming and emotional bouy) – a best boys and symbol or Friend and Friendship – True friend and True Planner – work together and live together…Avinash who misinterpreted by many- Actually AVINASH tho yaaro ka YAAR hai…..

Shridhar a deep thinker – Tech Savvy and INTERNET GURU…Google proud of you as your Gooogle kid

Prachi – A gal with many Skills – She is astrologer, designer, Health Planner, and So on !!! full of talent ki pudiya !!!! 😛

Mayuri a shy girl or gear kick girl!! – every car have four gear – she have tow – One for Smile and another for some sad face and boring face !~!!! – Koi isse Mentos Kilao – Dimag ki Batti Jalaye —–>>

Jagruti our marketing manager – I and she worked on many task and got many ups!! She always bring sweets for me whenever she go new destination !!!

Maya, Tejashree and Shraddha – youngster on the floor – always smiling and chulbuli smiles – they remind me my college days !!!

Sales RocketsMahesh  Sir, Navin, Sharfuddin, Sarwar, Bhushan, Shivam and All Sales Team (naam tho yaad nahi par janat hu sabko)-  They all taught me to stay strong in all circumstances!!! Mahesh Sir who has quick solution for every problem –  Har dard ki DAVA !!!

Brinda , HER OWN WORLD – Farha Khan, Rani Mukarji…. She is fully charged and very active and loud laugh girl – Bindaas Bombay ki chori !!!

Sana (telecaller) – the only girl in floor jisse meine aapane website ka introduction diya tha!!! Thanks to make me feel like boss!!!

In floor only one Lady always gives me tough fight – Yes !! Yes !! Divya Madam – its u only – I never had any success in pulling her leg – she is like HEAD NURSE in my child days Hospital – who always says – KANA time pe kao, yeaha maat jao!!! (acha hai wo meri maa nahi hai, nahi YASH kuch aur hota, but she surely care me like mother in floor)

Lakshmi Madam apako kaise bul sakta hu mein….. Chalo smile karo, Single dek kar cross kiya kya aapane, aare yeah kya madam…bluhh bluhh – i always ask these rubbish question to her – and she gave me cute smile like Buddhist monk who never pay attention to idiot monkey….

Uffff mein thaak gaya – Par aapana kaam  khatam nahi hua – AAPANA bhai, dost aur yaar – Azeem – a quick learner and quick fixer – Azeem aapane dosti ke sunhare din Alfa aur Infrawindow hi hai na…. Bhanata Chacha ki chai aur Tappri ka Parle G kaise bulenga !!

Azeem and I use to fight, laugh and play together – I remember we use to Plan all SEO activity in Road during launch – he always gave best solution to me…. sometimes i irritated him but as a wise man he said – “Ek baar ki bhaat hai, Bus Stop par mein Ek Admi ko mara tha jo aabi taak hospital mein hai !!!”  – I replied – “Aisa kya, chal SUSu Karane jatey hai!!!!”

Bhavya a Charming Lady on Floor – Bhavya a proactive lady – a dancing kid…i enjoy working with you…

Halima madam – A nice friend with caring nature….and your Smiling face make my day….. WhiteFlag Team though I have not get chance to interact you guys – But a SMILE comes on face when ever we look each other…. KEEP SMILING…

Mega Shyam and Ashraf – A unsaid relation has been created between us which make us VIRTUAL FRIEND 🙂

VIKAS an ANGRY man, VIPUL bhola Baccha, Mahadev – Jai ho !! Rahul , KAKA, and other Boys who take care of my TEA, Desk and me…. KAKA Barish ka din yaad hai jab water leakage hua tha….

I have seen many up and down at Infrawindow. It was challenge which accepted and accomplished by Brave IT team and best Leader – Chirag Sir. Chirag Sir is good MENTOR and Good Leader – He always take care of me and help me get to resolve all issue. He is very down to earth man –  I never see the such Polite Leader in professional life –  Sir please adopt me!!! I want to learn more from you.

Pujari Sir – Very Shant and Nice guy. Though he was not our Team Part but I has one emotional BANDUT-AV (attachment) – same GAAV ke hai na !! 😉


At SEAM Lunch time was best time for me – we use to sit together and share all Dabba with all. Prachi –  Experimental Gal – bring many new items which she used to learn from COOKERY shows 🙂 – With Smile she serve and say aare aapane tho liya hi nahi….Mayuri eats in traditional method with old Marathi Style – “AAg LIFE madhey kub TRAAAS aahe!!” Mayuri smile plzzzzz!!!!.. Shridhar a Health Conscious Boy –  Eat with All Parmeter – Amir Khan of our Team….Avinash – Big Bull hard to control when he is out of order – Always bring some Hospital’s Food – Koi isse Sanjeev Kapoor ka number dho….Nikhunj – Pure Guju Bhai !! Bring many new variety of PICKLE and food – with oil maar ke !! he is KING of OIL-STAAN….  Azeem tera Baigun ka sabji tho kamal ka tha!!!! jara aur dena….Chirag Sir bring a mast new Gujarati Tiffin, also for me he specially bring a DAHI KADI – I love IT !! Definitely I will miss all this !!!

IT party fundIT Party Fund – A Fund which use for Party and fun…Whole team use to have small party and fun – sometime TIBO DALWada, Sanjay’s Ice Cream, or TAMBI ka idli and sometimes a Village or Desi Urban Tadka…..Sir please dont remove my name from Party Fund…

My best days I spent at SEAM and Feeling very sad to leave you…. Please all of you add me on your Phonebook – 9028659210…

SEAM has become an another family for me… Sometimes I confuse why dont we work on Sunday too…. Here at SEAM all member are having a special talent – This uniqueness make all of us SPECIAL !!!!! I was SPECIAL KID …. hai na!!! 😛

I wish to rewind Life and fix the issue and Stay whole life with All SEAM MEMBER…..God please accept this!!!

Tears come out when I get disconnected from two heart….

19 thoughts on “My Sign Off from Sezal Entertainment and Media

  1. Nice article Yash!!!!… You should also write about our Night Gang.. hahaha.. I have couple of funny photos of our group.

  2. Hi Yashwant, was very a good experience working with you, surely you are very knowledgeable and will remember your nice dishes you used to bring to office. Thanks for sharing nashta with me when I never had it. You are a very nice guy. Wish u lotssssssssssss of success in life

    1. Hey Shridhar,

      Thanks for all best wishes, also I would like to say that I learn from u is – never give up and keep digging for new information source. Also your innovative thinking and zest for doing new implementation is the quality inside you which I wish to implement on myself. I just change my workstation but still we can be in touch via fone or blog.. keep buzzing….

  3. Hey!I’ve learned a lot from u…seo based designing…seo strategies n all..ur the best SEO Master..We will miss you..I wish you the best of luck, peace and happiness with ur new job.

  4. Hi yashwant u toh amitabh bachahan lolz
    It has been a great experience working with you always helful supportive and work holic …lots of wishes that you will always be a successful person in the world…

    1. Sana, I am also enjoy work with you, directly we were not connected but I still remember you HI styles and mast smile….. 😛

  5. hay Yashwant, i have interact lots of seo people in IT team but i found you as a seo expert in terms of white-head technology. you always have scientific reason behind any seo implementation.

    you are my super hero.

    I would love to have you in my team anytime.


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