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Every year I am with my college group having Monsoon One-Night stay picnic with in Maharashtra. This time I and Pankaj planned to go Raigad Fort with Rohan, Vinod, Vaibhav and Arun (Vaibhav friend and driver). Sanjay and Amit has some urgent work so they skipped. We hired Tavera at minimal cost – dont want to share. Thanks Arun to give all favor to us and bring down the cost of vehicle. In case anybody want to hire vehicle for any part of Maharashtra can call Arun at 09594280550 anytime. Arun is best driver ever seen can cut down journey hours with smooth and quick driving. He is driving since eight years. So anybody want to hire car for Pune or Raigad Fort than please call Arun at 095942 80550.

We started journey on 12th Morning by 7:00 am. I was not able to do any packing as one before was my birthday and entire day was spend with some special work. I came home late with many stuff, my next post will explain about this. I woke up early on 4:00am and prepared butter sweetcorn for breakfast. By 5:15am I leave my home with some money in hand. I called everybody – and all responded well. Only Vaibhav woke late.

I and Rohan met at Dahisar. Than we had Bun Maska Jam and tea at Dahisar Station. Than Suddenly Pankaj called me and we decided to meet at Ravindra Hotel, Dahisar. After formal pooja of vehicle we started our adventurous trip to Raigad Fort. We all five people plus Driver Arun, a Vaibhav friend.

Journey Start – I was happy and quite upset due some personal reason. Rohan brought some DJ songs which was played very loud. We took Mumbai Goa Highway No 17 which goes via Mahad. At Panvel we had one halt where we had missal and tea than move to more further. Than we halt at Mangaon. Their we had amazing tea and omlet. At Mangaon I saw Balaji temple which is beautiful.

Than we move towards the Raigad Fort. That day raining like anything. I saw many waterfalls. We left NH17 and turn left for Raigad Fort. This road passes from many small village. Entire environment turn Green and Amazing with all waters and amazing feeling of breezing. I am missing someone here. I missed to take some clicks due to wet season.


By 1:00pm we reach to Raighad Fort Entrance. You can go with ropeway which is either site of Fort. We started trekking toward fort. Than we change regular path and select some unknown path inside from Jungle. While following path I fall on rock. But dont realize any pain but later I feel bad backpain. Arun and other are having fun. At middle of path we halted at waterfall. This fall was so amazing and water was cold. OHH CHILLING…. it is. Thanks We got one tea stall their and had tea. I was not feeling well so I skips this fall.

Than we moved further. We saw some of the best climate and nature. Unfortunately I am not carrying camera due rain. Monsoon why not make camera waterproof. By the way I wish to thank Ushama Jani for her camera. But Vaibhav and Vinod never miss any scenes and clicks many shots. Vaibhav click multiple poses. It was so amusing for me.

At top we had very hot Bhajiyas and Tea. It was very delicious. We had four plate bhaji even awaiting for more but unfortunately the stuff finished so we moved to further. The entrance of fort was amazing and nicely curved. This fort specialty is the entrance is not noticeable to outsider. The fort has big pond to store water, Marketplace, big place live soldiers, a palace, Rajwada. Here Shivaji’s pet dog’s Waghya statue.

At top rain was like anything and this broke my umbrella. Following is place to see inside Raigad Fort –

1) Raj Bhawan, Raigad Fort

Raj Bhawan at Raigad Fort is prominent place where Shivaji Maharaj took charge of Maratha Kingdom on 6 June 1674, calle Rajyabhishek. In the Hindu calendar it was on the 13th day (trayodashi) of the first fortnight of the month of Jyeshtha in the year 1596.

The Raj Bhawan is very attractive place where you can see huge statue of Shivaji Maharaj in center and can feel how Shivaji Maharaja and his administrative. The Raj Bhawan is very big and can be fitted for many people. One security guard is always presents to protect statue and guide the tourist. Nagarkhana Darwaja was entrance to Raj Bhawan.

2) Jagadishwar Temple, Raigad Fort

It is Lord Shankar Temple. The Temple is quite simple but having its own identity. Outside the temple there is Huge Nandi is about five feet. Whole temple is made of stone with square structure. Their is no light inside the temple. Inside temple you will feel warm in winter and monsoon and cool in summer. This is best place for yoga and meditation.

3) Shavaji Maharaj Samadhi and Waghya

After Jagdishwar Temple, Shivaji Maharaj Samadhi is situated. Beside the Samadhi Waghya’s statue is place in memories of Shivaji’s beloved pet dog Waghya which is facing towards Shivaji Samadhi. The Place was very peaceful and also protected form all tourist. The greatness of Shivaji can feel here.

4) Takmak Tok

Their is place where all prisoners were thrown to death called – Takmak Tok. The Takmak Tok is very dangerous and their is no chance to be live if anyone fall from the Tok. Now it is covered with fence to security of tourist. Here wind is flow from all over the places and difficult to balance. Rain was very worst here that you cannot stand.

5) Ganga Sagar Lake

Ganga Sagar Lake is artificial lake to preserve the water for entire fort. It is very huge and very deep that can store ample number of water. This supply water for fort and nearest village too. The Ganaga Sagar Lake is situated near to fort.

6) Bajar Peth – Market Place

Inside Raigad Fort their is Bajar peth where market is set for fort people. Inside fort a small village is exist. The Bajar Peth was very well structure with all cubic building where easily store grocery for six month.

7) Shivaji Statue

When you enter to Fort you can see a very passionate Shivaji Statue. By see this you can feel a power and energy.

8) Mena Darwaja

Their is secondary entrance called Mena Darwaja dedicated to Royal Ladies and direct goes to Queens Palace.

9) Hirakani Buruj

Hirakani Buruj is wall very prominent cliff. This wall is named to woman name Hirakani. She stay nearby village at the foothills of Raigad was come to sell milk to the people living in the fort. She was inside the fort when the gates were locked by sunset. The love for her infant son back at her village gave her the courage to climb down the cliff in the dark. She repeated the feat in front of King Shivaji, and was rewarded for it. In appreciation of her courage, Shivaji arranged for a wall built at this location. Ref : Wikipedia.

Although we missed Mena Darwaja and Palace due to heavy rain at Top. It was huge fog at top which delighted us. The climate was wonderful and amazing. We climb 1500 staircases to reach fort is about 2 hours 30 mins walk. Many places are slippery because of algae because of waterfall.

Accommodation At Raigad Fort

MTDC cottage are situated inside the fort. If you want to feel Shivaji Kingship and want see Raigad Fort in night than you can opt for MTDC cottage, book the accommodation by clicking here. Or else if you go down you can find many small rooms for group or couple with homemade food at very lowest cost start from Rs 500/-

We went down and had accommodation at down and where room was huge. We slept outside and played Rummy whole night. It was full moon night where I saw fort from my bed. Suddenly one hen start cocking… and we were plan to cook her…. 😉

How to Reach Raigad Fort –

By Road Raigad Fort –

The nearest city for Raigad is Mumbai and Pune. From Mumbai it is 290KM, Pune is 125KM and Alibhag is 66KM.

By Air –

Nearest Airport is CST Mumbai Airport and Pune Domestic Airport. For all International or Local Tourist who travel via air need to hire cab for Fort.

By Bus –

Many bus run from Pune, Mumbai and Mahad. Which goes via Raigad or nearest village. Some private bus run from Mahad and Mangoan.

Any group or individual want to see Raigad Fort than please communicate me via comment so I can help them. I can arrange everything for group. Will plan in behalf of you.

You can do Raigad in one day if you opt for Ropeway to climb Fort. Ropeway is either side of fort. The rope way charge RS 110 for going upside and for return journey cost you RS 180. You can carry camera n shoot too. But it is request not to disturb the Monument and respect Shivaji Maharaj.

Here are some special moment of Raigad Fort Picnic.

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  1. Hi Yashwant ji, very nice blog. We are planning a one day school trip to Raigad, which has minimum 100 students. Just help me for arranging Lunch for such a big crowd. Can you provide any contacts who can provide us lunch.

    1. Hi Rohan Maladkar,

      Let me know which date you planning for Raigad. I will let you know about the lunch option for you. You have two option – I can provide 100 Lunch Box from Mumbai on the time of arrival which you can carry along with you. Let me know your opinion.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  2. Hiii yashwant
    I want arrange picnic to raigad fort for one day. Please tell me is it possible in one day. I also want to know more details plz provide you contact details or else you can call me on my number.
    Thank you,
    Vishal Ashok Thukrul

    1. Hello Vishal,

      You can do Raighad in day too, Let me know from where you are? so I can judge the time that you take to reach Raigad.
      Thank you,
      Yashwant Naik

  3. Hi Mr Yashwant..
    Really nice blog..
    We are planning family(Age group 65 to 2 Year old) trip to raigad on 1st long weekend of March…would like to have pocket friendly trip..can you please help to arrange same.
    Thanks and Regards

    1. Hi Shraddha Baviskar,

      I am extremely sorry for late in reply.

      If the plan is still on than let me know how many people are planing to go Raighad so I can give you some best source of travel.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  4. hie yashwant ,
    i have been planning a one day group trip to raigadh fort .
    we were thinking of more of cheap way to reach there.
    can you suggest me some ways where i could easily save some bucks ,mostly on travelling.
    i was planning on a train route so can you also suggest me nearest station to the fort and means of transport from the station to the fort.

    1. HI Raj,
      You can reach to Raighad by Bus or Train. Train would be most cheapest mode of transport but it wont take you till fort. You need to get down at Mangoan. From there you need to hire auto or taxi till Fort. Roughly it is 28km to 30km from station.
      Let me know if you need any other query.
      Thank you,
      Yashwant Naik

    1. Hi Aditi,

      Sure I will help you with all details. Raighad is awesome during monsoon. Before suggest anything I wish to know how you traveling to Raighad? How many people are with you for this.

      I can arrange everything for you.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  5. Hey hi
    Ronee here
    Read ur blog it was pretty awesome
    Can I get some contacts for stay and food and travelling
    Ping me on 88XXXXX or share u contact information

    1. Hello Ronal,

      MTDC have hotel at Fort, which you can book online from their website –
      You can get more information for MTDC Raighad from this number – 094227 87776.

      MTDC have good local food arrangement.

      Even Local people have accommodation facility at down side of Fort. You can try them if you dont get reservation for here.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  6. hi
    is it safe lto take old ppl in ropeways
    my grandparents want to see thjs fort
    is there lot of stairs once we reach up through ropeways

    1. Hi Soniya,

      Raighad fort ropeway is safe n very reliable.

      Since It is on very height, the rainfall with wind is very heavy. Umbrella won’t work. You need proper waterproof jacket which cover them properly.

      Ropeway is 100% safe and reliable for elders.

      Please your trip photo with you so I can add here.

      Thank you

      Yashwant Naik

  7. We need help to visit the raigad fort and is it possible to visit the fort in one day if we climb the fort by trekking??

    1. Hi Manas

      Yes, it is possible to do Raighad Fort in day.

      Trekking is not possible as due to natural circumstances officer not allowed for trekking.

      You can drive till Raighad Fort main gate. After that you have to climb approx 1000 staircases. But this not consider as trekking.

      At summer it is not suggested due to heat.

      Best time to explore is Oct to Feb.

      Let me know form which place you traveling so I can guide you properly.

      Thank you,


  8. we want to arrenge Raigad trip in next week..for two person..please help me to arrenge it.

  9. hi yashwant,

    nice post… we (my schoolfriends) are also planning a monsoon trip ths year.

    I have a query Does the ropeway at Raigad works even in monsoon or is it closed?

    Also, if you can share any contact for home stay or for food?


    1. Hi Pallavi,

      Yes rope way works all seasons.
      And yes food and stay option available down side of Raighad fort.
      I am tourist planner and let me know if you need my help to do for you.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  10. Hello …
    Thanks for the info.. we are also planning a picnic .. it would great if you can help us .
    you can contact me on Janardanchorat[@]


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