Maharashtra – Konkan Goa Tour with Pankaj and Yashwant by road




Every year I am with Pankaj planning for outing, Pankaj already told me to go Goa with rest of Konkan place. So, now I have to find the places to go and road map. Namrata and Pankaj suggested to me – Hedvi, Ganpati Pule, Kunkeshwar, Aachara, Shiroda, and Vasco Da Gama. All these places are located at costal area and Hedvi is inside the Jungle.

The date was decide to 17 May, 2014. Oh!! Again, it become trend or you can say specialist that we select 17 of month to start trip. So this time also 17 of month. This time we decided to go for week trip. This was biggest trip with small budget. Yes we always plan for Budget Picnic always with maximum sightseeing  of places. Also we add more and more places to see which either nearby our destination or if possible I try to generate road ways which cover more places.

Usually our team includes Pankaj, Namrata, Baba, and Me. This time Vishaka also invited to she was so excited that se join us in delay. I thanks to her just because she show all trust on us. I appreciates all her efforts to join trip in middle.

This all places are unknown for us except the Aachara, Shiroda and few part of Goa. I mark all roads in Google Map to understand the roads. I found all places are connected via NH 17. But when I close look on the Google Map I found some inside roads from Maharashtra State Highways and District Roads. These roads are unknown and less famous. But what I love much is all roads are passing from coastal area of Maharashtra – It was my dream to explore the Maharashtra Coastal part. So I choose all inside roads. The only scary thinking coming in mind was about the Road Condition, as last time when I choose Maharashtra Sagari Mahamarg which was too bad to drive, it took more than two hours to drive even we worried of car damage. So, a middle path I also check rescue path for which connect to NH17 direct too incase such surprises.

My Destination Guide –

  • Dahisar, Mumbai, Maharashtra Shree DashaBhuj Laxmi Ganesh Temple, Hedvi, Maharashtra

290 KM, 5 Hours, 50 Mins Drive.

Road Guide –

From NH17 till Chiplun, than towards Guhagar by MSH78, Afterward Take right to MSH4 for Hedvi.

About Shree DashaBhuj Laxmi Ganesh Temple Hedvi

This place is very near from Chiplun, and at childhood time I have being their but never gone to Hedvi. Even my cousins also not know much about this place. Shree DashaBhuj Laxmi Ganesh Temple Hedvi  is  known for its uniqueness of Ten Hands (Dashabhuj). The temple is back to Peshwas. The idol of Ganesh is carved in marble and it is said that it bring from Jammu-Kashmir. The Hedvi Ganesh Temple is very simple but it is decorated with all plants and well maintained. AT Shree DashaBhuj Laxmi Ganesh Temple Hedvi,  you can find peace and you love to being here as it is in jungle. You will find lots of mango trees, snakes, Birds and NO Telephone Network.

Staying at Shree DashaBhuj Laxmi Ganesh Temple Hedvi –

Bhaktniwas, is place where you can get very cheap accommodation – in just Rupees 200 per person. We four people just ask for two extra beds and it cost us very less in just four hundred all done for night. The only think is it old building but maintained and cleaned.

DEVRAI is another place to stay which is recognize by Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation and very well maintained with garden, flowers and ponds. The Proprietor for this hotel is Rajanbhau Joglekar, a son of Mr Joglekar who build the Shree DashaBhuj Laxmi Ganesh Temple Hedvi.

We reach Shree Dashabhuj Laxmi Ganesh Temple Hedvi, by evening Six PM.  We got late because of bit Traffic at Vadkal naka and New Mumbai. It was long drive so we ask Pankaj to drive aram se. Till Chiplun it was NH17 – as usual places and villages. But after Chiplun we left the NH17 and turn to MHS78 till Marg Tamhane. The place was new for us. Road over here is best than Mumbai. It is all smooth road with very less traffic on road with trees both side of road. Before Chiplun it was hot – but here it is very cool – amazing and wonderful. After Marg Tamhane we took left at MSH4 towards Hedvi Dashbhuj Laxmi Ganesh Temple Hedvi. Slowly slowy we enter to jungle with no home for more than ten kilo meters. Hedvi Temple is place where hill. By 6:30 pm we reach to Hedvi.

At Bhaktniwas we got accommodation than we refresh ourselves and again we go for search for dinner. We got place to eat where they prepared food for us. But that was not so nice as we had watery dal and pickle with rice. I suggest you not to go there.  Here are some best picture I clicked at Hedvi.

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    1. hello Nitin,


      Each food had its own smell and taste. For fish taste matter little but smell matter most. So if you mix the food than it give mix smell and with this mixing smell your fish habitual to eat at least one or two. And slowly slowly he use to it.

      Don’t worry about size.

      Hope this detail information satisfy you.

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      Get Ocean free Gill fungus parasites special and water clear safe.

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      Keep doing this for 20 days. But do let me know about each progress.

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