Alibhag Beach Trip

Alibhag hangout –

Alibhag is most favorite destination for all fun blower. It is well know for its beaches and food. Kashid is the very well know beach at Alibhag. There are several event i held on new year party.  The specialty of Alibhag is you can visit here anytime of year. Their is no obligation of timing. You can reach Alibhag by two routs – one by ferry (sea rout) and another is by road.  Many preferred the sea rout as their is different enjoyment in sea rout.

As Alibhag is one of the most visited destination but nobody found difficulty to staying or vacant rooms. I am usually visit Alibhag manier times in a year with friends.

Folowing i have added some of recent images of alibhag, u must be enjoy those. The speciality of this time is we also visited the MURUD JANZIRA; WHICH we most of time skipped due to short of time. We went by road in motercycle, that add more fun to trip.

How to reach their –

Sea Rout –
u can get the ferry from Baucha Dakka or Gate Way of India, but Baucha Dakka is preferred as in every five minute ferry is available. It takes hardly hours to reach Uran (small town at Alibhag), and from Uran u have to take tum-tum (local name for force eight seatter) for Alibhag.

Ferry also carry bikes too, so so, can put bike on ferry till uran than can enjoy rides at Alibhag empty road.

By Road –
Roadway is very easy and simple, u have to go via Panvel, than catch Goa highway than from their take left for Alibhag (use Google Map bellow for better direction guide).

Use above Guidance for Alibhag picnic and if u need to book or do prearrangement of party or event or hotels and food please feel free to contact me @ yash_naik24[a] or 9028659210

(bellow map can help u out to get the rout and rout guide to you, use get direction tool)

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