Diwali Dhamaka at OFFICE!!

Yashwant ExcitedDiwali – a very auspicious  moment for any individual and me too. The celebration is begun before the Diwali date and I was full of planning for it. For many reason this Diwlai was special!!! My life was almost change and now I am free from all twist of life… in short I am in right track – everything in under control……Confusing kya !!! Chodo yaar its not time to being emotional…but let me explain my DIWALI day at PANORAMIC….

I am over joy as I am new baby in office and this is first Diwali at PANORAMIC UNIVERSAL. Waise meri iccha thi ki mein bahut kuch karu…but a new baby can cry only and not do anything….so I was just excited only!!!

Here again Madavi Ma’am ask all of us to wear a Traditional dress. Here I got a chance to wear newly brought payjam for KURTA……Its Green Kurta with Payjama!!! Wow !!!! I was fullon yaar!!! Fully Traditional!!!

We SEO TEAM decide to go out for launch and we all bouys make a group and had a fabulous launch…We went to a Restaurant which was full as like us many decided to go out for lunch…(bloody copy cat guys!!!) The mazza was that we booked table and all arrangement..but fed up with long waiting for table and bouys are always be bouy so we ran to another restaurant which is best and quite empty too!!!!

The menu was so large and AJAY and me cannot stop to eat all. Ajay is known as KUMBARAN of Team as having thrice capacity to eat compare to his capacity….Amol also big bang theory who ate much than his capacity. Rahul very well indulge with us…We all ate non-veg but Ravi ji the great, had vegetarian food. Amar came late and missed the delicious leg piece of chicken not girl aa…(this I need specify because here we have bouy who’s mind run faster than light…amezing creature of god they are..) But we proud to being him late as he save one biker life who just met an accident with bus…and help him and co rider to hospital…

Dananjay a man with very special humor on mouth is sited beside me and I stole his egg…(OH my god again I made mistake..it chicken egg……bouys shut ur brain!!!) after starter Chicken curry and roti came….we ate like anything….mein b Bakkasur ho gaya tha…I wish I can have monkey or cow type food storage system in body so I can keep my food inside and do JUGALI later….he he he !!!!!

Amol, I and Ajay feel more hungry so we order one more fried rice…but rest are packed up and went to clean hand……Ajay was charged with emptying the rest rice on bowl…But he gave up because a girl was looking him errantly and our shy boy just left rice as it is….It was Ajay who order fried rice and ate full plate and very desirably said “YAAR!! Machi b kana hai!!!!” we all laugh like anything…..

After launch we taught we need ButterMilk…so chupake se we go to drink ButterMilk…

At evening I click many pixs….we all got special GOODIES from the Company and our ICCHA of getting gift is fulfilled !!! he he he he..

It was very fabulous day for me!!!! I enjoy lot…after that day their was big holiday for us….it is Six days holiday!!!! wow !!!!!

Enjoy some of the pix bellow!!! – Sorry I was quite busy in enjoying so less clicks yaar!!!!



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