Dasara Celebration at Panoramic Universal Ltd

Dasara is one of the auspicious event for anybody. It is celebration time when all women use to have fast and wear a colorful dress and looks very beautiful….and pooja and Garbas and Dandiya at night – All Funblowing. The festival  celebration is not limited to personal life but also at workstation having celebration – where we have Pooja, some Navratri Games (Dadiya Mix) or some traditional quiz games….and Bonus TOO 😉

This time I celebrate my Navratri and Dasara with my family and colleagues. This year Dasara is something special for me as first time I follow the Dress code for all nine days and Enjoy it lot!!!!!!

At office Akansha and Madhvi Ma’am was very strict for Nine days Dress Code. They were banging all Team members to maintain the dress code for all nine days !!! Akansha use to IP all team at end of day for next dress color code.  Nice Akansha !! you are very dedicated to all work.

On other hand Madhavi  ma’am come our place and strictly warning about the color code… As men we always skips such thing but this time all boys support this and we maintain it and had many fun too… First time I realize that participating such event is called Group Efforts and also very encouraging and making me socialize too. And end of day we are becoming the inspiration to other men around us to follow us – and this is out of any festival – “GROUP EFFORTS and UNITY”……

Mitesh hats off for all your sole arrangement and secret plan to make our team special on floor !!!! He make fantastic plan to wear “Kurta with Jean” for our team mate. And ordered a Pink Kurta (a dress color code for day).

On the day of Dasara Pooja at office our team is looking very fabulous and unique because we all wear a Pink Kurtas and female in team wear Pink Dress…Even our Lovely Boss – Anil Sir too supportive here !!

This make all other team very amazing and also other praise us for our Unity…and the missing of opportunity is clearly showing on their face and everybody asking why others not asked !! Yola Hum tho Shane Ho Gaye ABB !!!! J

Ashish, Mitesh and Suraj brought Cameras  – and we click many photos with some funky pose !!!! Enjoy bellow –

Mitesh brought very costly camera – Canon DSLR – and these camera made our day fruitful as we all love to click and you know we have PHOTOGENIC faces  yaar !!!!


Thanks all of my colleague make my day !!!

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  1. Your article is very much informative.

    I came to know now the importance of the Dasara Festival.

    You people seems very crazy regarding the celerations


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