Wonderful Professional at Panoramic Universal Ltd, Mahpe – Life was awesome

officeOn beautiful morning of 30th Aug, 2013, I joined the Panoramic Universal Ltd from Sezal Entertainment. Panoramic is situated at Ghansoli Navi Mumbai, which is very from my home – Nallasopara, approax five hours journey in-out. I never imagine that I do travelled such long for work – woh b ek saal continuously – bina late hue. Yeah!! I maintained my punctuality – I am very happy..

My first was day here was very as usual with formal introduction and experience exchange by Mitesh, team leader. Here I met many brilliant people who are very specializing in SEO with other talent inside. I was bit scared as I never work with such big team – consist 25 people among ten are SEO for different website. When I joined it was 20 website and some 15 hotels and when resign it is more than 25 hotels and 32 websites. What as development!! WOW!! Panoramic is actually right company to work with many experiments on work. But still I did resign from post…  No yaar I am not so fool but I resign to cut my travelling and other…

I was got seat next to Yogesh – wonderful person. Funniest guy in floor. Meri bahut majje leneka wo.. At Pano I got opportunity to explore my skills and I found myself as good event organizer. Thanks to all of you to give equal contribution and support to me. Here I had good relation with each Pano member. I was like celebrity 😉 – kuch jyada tho nahi hua na…

Let me in introduce with everybody here in my team and rest people whom I know very well and had wonderful time together. While some people left company and some still continue with the Pano and doing great work here…. if I missed someone than please do comment below so I can rewrite this again but don’t think I forgot you, it is just matter of rushing to make this live and share my feeling with you…

Anil Gohil – My Team Leader – Handsome Bachelor in Floor

Handsome-BossHe is good looking, calm guy definitely a hero on floor. He is project manager for Online Marketing Team. He is handling one of the biggest team at Pano Mahpe office.  What I admire on him is his Management skills and team handling. He is always give lots of advice about life and work, you can consult him for any type of problem. Very practical guy and has focus in life. It was wonderful working under his guidance. I learned some of skills to manage people. Thank you Anil Sir, showing all trust and confidence on me. Even he never stopped me to do any experiment with project but make me alert that don’t break Pano Brand Calling.


Ajay urf Baccha –

ajay bacchaI was wonder when heard Ajay is known as “BACCHA” – but later I understand why he is called as BACCHA. He is very known famous personality in floor. He is tech geek in floor. You can say one stop shop for all type of technical problem. He is funblower in group. Known for his best friend PRATIK (very close friend 😉 )… shhuu !! please don’t laugh now…

He has other names such as SCIENTIST and SODA BOTTLE. Kabhi kabhi lagata hai ki wo kisi scientist ka dusara janam hai jo apana adhura kaam karane ke liye fir 2nd janam liya hai…. I am missing his spike cut – katho wala baal jo sui ki taraha kada hi rahta hai…He is pet lover too recently he brought two couple bird which one pair is gay — 😉 joke apart… Ajay is good SEO and ORM executive. Great working with you.

Suraj Nair 

suraj party manNice humble guy. He is party animal and always busy in partying with his close friend. He is very accurate in account balancing as he never skip it and clear all due. He manages team well and arranges resources in time. Everybody scare when he says please REPORT BANA DO. Jaise hi hum aisa suntey hai tho hum sab bhag jatey hai…” a reporting monster who never do errorssss.. he is best for party place finder. Kabhi b party ke destination ka kuch b pucho wo mast suggestion dega…Nice to work with you bro..


Ravi urf Kochu 

raviRavi ji bahut hi kamal ke insaan hai wo n kabhi har nahi mantey. Very hajir jawabi and well aware about doha and muhawara. Kuch b debate ho jaye tho unka active contribution hota hai. He is famously known as Kochu as jo miley ussse wo koch deta hai….may be he did masters in kochugiri….kohu ki dahshat itani hai ki pura building darrata hai… Ab wo insurance agent ho gaye hai tho please sab log ek ek policy le lo nahi tho wo koch dega. .. Kochuji kya aapka koi vichar hai kocugiri par class kolane ka…

Muje na unka self confidence aacha lagata hai – baley kuch b ho jaye wo haar nice mantey hai. Very talkative guy. He is holding record for completing the walking distance from office to Ghansoli station in less than ten minutes.

Ravi ji I will surely miss that missal – spl dahi shev puri from OM Sai food corner, pani puri at talavpali, fairy wheel and thane ki galiya.. We use to roam thane for nothing.

He is very caring ma – whenever I go by bus he boards me to bus than he go for home…Dekko agar mein chupkar party karu na tho please bura na manana…


It is very difficult to say anything about you but as per me you’re the nice seo professional with very strong analytic skills.


I spend very few days with him. But i enjoy the breakfast togather..with mitesh..He use to brought medu wada and upama…which was very delicious…

Rahul  urf TOFFF

rahulRahul Raviji ka purana dost hai isliye usse Raviji ka purana dost aisa  kahtey hai… he is also known as Tofff… Rahul is known for his work dedication and friendship… I and Rahul is known as right n left hand for Ashish.. Sometime I became left hand and he became right…par ab tho tu hi left b right b.. ha ha ha…Ravi ji abb kaise meri majje loge…mein tho nikal gaya… he he  he he…

Rahul ke life ke sab se badhi chunauti reporting, aur jab reporting hota hai tho wo tofff faat jata hai…..titar bikar jata hai..

I love his food which specially made by his wife for him but hum katam kar detey…missing those lunch yaaarrr…I wish to have same talented wife.. AMEEN….

He became my nicest friend in floor where I sometime shouted him because he was wrong.. rahul na dosti ke liye kuch b kar sakta hai..yaaro ka yaar hai wo..bahut emotional b hai saala jaldi gussa b ho jata hai..par teek hai. Bhai dua mein Yaad Rakana….

Madhvi ma’am

Madhavi ji bahut hi active aur achi event organiser thi..she is very strict to her event and keep banging to everybody to participate the event. Though we spend very little time together but I never forgot your zest toward work and your snacks on tea time….


 Rohini aapp MP se ho isliye kass ko kyuki waha meri ek acchi dost rahti hai..apake baare ke kya batau mein..aap tho ekdum kamal ho dhamal ho aur malamaal ho…apake humours aache lagtey hai aur aapne hamesha muje support kiya isliye bahut daynwaad…

Chandan the champ – Great Example of Advance Farmer – 

chandanI love the way you called me jannu..nobody in my life called me as jannu..even a girl too… he is very advance farmer – his ANAAR farm is output of this. That what I love about him – mixing techonology with traditional farming….. He also give best advice. I remember he said – sherani par ek barr jarur gussa karana chahihe tabi jakar wo control mein rahegi…warana sambalana mushkil hoga.. pyaar tho roj karege par wo b jaruri hai…wonderful thought bro..Even I agree with him. Chandan – I wish to do work on you farm and want to feel that sweat on farm. With you I did many experiments with blog and got some very unrealistic result.


Ajeesh – Shado ka Jadukaar

ajeesh-word-magicKoooooolssss – I love this punch line from your mouth. Ajeesh I still remember our Anand Ashram discussion at morning with Patel sir. It was really good discussion on burning issue. I never have such experience in my career of early morning meeting wo b hamare vicharo ke bare mein. Ajeesh ji yeaha koi nahi hai..jo aisa discuss kare. Though I am not with you but I am following your blog and very much delighted with your poems.



We spend very less time but that time was nice…

Prabodan Patil – A COMMON MAN –

common-manPrabu my friend – I am so sorry that I missed your name to include here. It is just my careless that I had two set of document where one is updated and rest remained unupdated. Please don’t angry with me.

Prabu is very straight forward ambitious guy. Most successful guy who made his life his own way. The best I like is he stict to his decision and never go down untill he achieve it. Some of the best example is he did love marriage, brought new home and now he has very nice happy family.

Prabu do nice SEO – where he stroll GOOGLE and Google bend down to him. He not talk much – but pure MARTHI BOY – pure SON OF SOIL..Prabu is also nice citizen too and never let thing go easily..

Boy your seriously best man with so many courage..

Pradeep urf Tom –  Tom bole tho apan Tom Cruise 

Tom_CruiseTom is one of the shining guy with extraordinary acting talent – but tu na kabi kabi kabi over acting karta hai… waise ladka aacha hai..koi b ladki na uss par flat ho jayegi aram se…hum pyar se usse Tom kahkar bulatey hai…very active in passing comment and doing mimicry..he always copy the actors and usually while passing the comment he do it like those actor – when PHTA POSTER NIKLA HERO release he keep doing some of the copy from movie.. his fav movie theater is BHARATMAATA DADAR, where he saw many movie with friends… beta bhabi ko waha maat le jana nahi tho gussa ho jayegi…..

Sometime time I think why he is in SEO he can be actor tooo – “A STAR ACTOR”…. but I wish him to be manager and please yaar muje mere batijo ko kahani sunana hai tho meri icchaa puri karo….I used to connect him with many girls…. I used to do some fake call with girls voice.. Bahut pareshan kiya hai ussse… he he he….

Surve Sir

Guru-cartoonSudakar Surve is known as Surve Sir..sorry sir I don’t have that special tone… he is GURU of our ANAND ASHRAM..his ashram is providing valuable information about life and he preach to his student about – how to tackle with problems. I am very much glad to be a student of the ashram… Sirji muje lagta hai ki har office mein uska ek branch hona chahihe, tho HR ke sare problem dur ho jayege hai na….Surve  Sir help me to discover the herbal mosquito vapulizer and solar usage in home.. Thanks for great idea.. I remember your home food and delicious Chicken massala curry… missing yaar.. it is so yummm !!!! That my mouth is watering now…Sirji it’s my pleasure to sit beside to you and work peacefully and idea sharing.. I had wonderful time with you…

I am missing our morning breakfast tea and Khushbu…Apaka kushbhu ending hai jo jaldi hi bejata hu… Aab ek naya aaya hai – DOVE – ekdum mast hai…

Yogesh urf GOLU 

Yogesh – esmart boy – gadget lover buying new technology specially for mobiles to keep up to date himself..tuje tho Thumbs Up ke ad mein hona chahihe kyuki tu apane ghar se cycling karke jo aata tha… mast na…par tu patla tho hua nahi aur mota ho gaya…yaar tu aise mota hi aaccha lagta hai bus toda chota mota vyayaam kiya kar tho aaccha hoga..barosa wala insaan hai tu – par hamesha JUGAD karke hi kaam karta hai….

Kiran dada

Hello Kiran dada….with the respect of elder brother I use to call him as dada.. he is nice guy and very straight forward person. Very cool person and very practical talking. If anybody wishes to raise himself from current status than they must admire Kiran…. Kiran dada I still love ur AMWAY product I wish to order it again too.. You always did my request on priority ussake liye bahut bahut shukriya….

Ashish – Hary Potter

ashishAshish u become my friend and we share many ideas and thoughts together… we are family now. I personally happy for your professional success and achievement at Pano. Thanks to helping me to arrange cakes and collections. Also you take seriously my ideas about the work and belief me. Sometime I may be so arrogant with you but seriously it was for just for moment and you may be aware why I behave with you like that…

We both are quite famous at floor for our special Jodi..bhau apani jodi tho hit hai dost..We are nice sms friend, we planned for outing but I fail to come up – yaar wo kuch tho ho jata hai jisake karan sab fusss… Chal tu mera bhai hai tho mauf kar de..

Amol Methre

Amol mera bacha kab tu teek hoga. Tere ghar ka machi chatni kaye kafi din hue hai jaldi se hushar ho ja aur mill. Amol a blogger is wonderful person with revenue SEO tricks.. tere sath bahut kam wqat gujara par sala mast tha wo samay. Ab tu na jaldi sec teek ho ja aur fir se kaam dande par laag jaaa samja na..Sala phone b nahi utata…

Yogesh Waghade

Ekdum waag ke taraha hai Yogesh… tere baju mein baitha tha tho mast majja aata tha… tera bolane ka estyle b mast tha..ekdum Amitabh ji jaisa…sahi kah raha hu na Baccha..par sath tho chutana hi tha .. par tu chat mein milta hai tho kafi accha lagata hai..Tere tarakki par nazz hai muje…

Amar Patil

amarKai Poche Amar… amar n me is another most famous jodi in Pano..Amar tu mera bhai hai..apana chagan group tho hamesha yaad rahega. We ate together we go home togather..everyhing togather…sale tere liye yeah gana suiteble hai – jane kyu dil janata hai I will be alright with you…..

Yaar apnna nasta sath karna aur masti karna yaad ata hai re. Yeaha aab aisa koi nahi hai jiske saath masti karu..yaad hai Gatti .. aur baki log 12th floor ke. Apana raat ko bike se jaatey wqat egg fry aur chaiwali break highway par…aur bankwali..fir wo flirting mijjazz…bike mein gana gatey hue jana…I am missing all that Amar….Yaar muje bike kaab aayegi..


 Dhananjay we become friend after longtime may be five month after. You’re unique personality at Pano. Ur skilled with MS EXCEL which I want to learn from you but tere pass time kaha hai..tera lunch mein jo chatni aur achar bahut yaad aayega.. kisi din lot mein lekar aana. Bahut kaunga.

Pawan Kumar urf MAALIK

Pawan ji aap tho bade chupe rustum hai sare talent janata hu mein aapake… I still remember the evening when we are going to Amar home and at auto we are singing a song – “PYAR HUMEIN KISS MODE PAR LEY AAYAA..” aur rikshaw wala itana pareshan hua ki usane humein aadhey rastey chod diya… par majja bahut aaya full timepass tha….lunch mein sweet gayab mein b karta tha. Shayad isliye aap mere sath nahi baithe the.,.. aur jab b phone karu tho aapp badi gahari awaj mein kahtey Hello Yashwant!!! Aur mein b siskiya barkar kahta Hellow Pawankumar….

Pravin Poojari

Kem cho bhai!!!! Majja ma, apla gujarati – sala language ki watt laga di thi humane par TP ho jata… sale zolar taro sathey milkar humane zol kiye  na…..waise tu apane gaav ka tha par kabi tulu mein bhaaat hi ki nahi hogi..aur sale opportunity miss karta hai – tu samaj raha hai na mera ishara kiss taraf hai..kuch tho kar par kar… nahi Tho hum kahege – “pravin cannt talk sala…” Waise kaffi kushi hai ki abb TCS join kar raha hai… Aur waha tu na wo setting laga de na… he he he…

Ashish Raj

My dear friend – I spend six month together which was fabulous and  memorable tooo. You can b good teacher or politician – I love ur confident about your ideas. I wish you can b investment banker, wrongly land to SEO. I like your about your clear thought about topics. Yaar I never feel bad whenever you said against Gandhi as its variation of thought of two people. I like you social upliftment thought n simple life. Your money calculation is wonderful. Keeping self very straight and fearless.


PremGWorld kaisa hai…. prem you’re wonderful person in floor with different english accents. You few punches like it’s ok OR what happens!!! – are killing.. very silent man in floor like secret agent – jaise James Bond… very silently you enter to room like Shatir Billi – how u develop this.,..I want to learn this from you..

Rubence urf Rubby

Rubbu tut ho mera neighbor tha for five month..it was fun to sit beside you. You are my most active customer for mobile recharge. Jab tu muje paise return karta tha tab prem bahut aachary se puchta ki paise kyu diye ja rahe hai???? Aur tu bolta ki tu interest pay kar raha hai bluhhha bluhhaaa… apana fake call pradeep ke liye aur ladki wala voice – kya naam tha — aare naaam nahi lete bawal ho jayega..Pradeep ki hum dhone ne bahut majje liye hai na..par sala jab sitting arrangement change hua tab se shayad hum kaaam bhat karne lage..but dost apun tapun ka mast dost tha..


 Bro we only interact on lunch or free time..it was great time we spend together. I wish you complete your dream to MPSC – Best of luck for that. You please concentrate on that as it is my personal experience that goal change as time passs..so keep working on that, let me know if I can do something for you.


 Vilas my spirutual guru – why not you join anand ashram. You remember I shared something and found that advice very valid. Thanks man. You remember the Priyanka chopra flying hand style – it is awesome and dhamaal … I guess Priyanka also not have that perfection. Although I tease you many times please forgive me for that…..


 Rockey you’re awesome and nice person. You do some of awesome design and I like your dressing sense. Your appearance is very wonderful…

Rohit – Patil Saheb

Patil Saheb – kaisan ba…. Agar ke Bandu.. Rohit – a snake catcher and animal lover. He is very innocent boy and nice guy. I spend very little time with you but wo samay tho majjedaar tha… Sorry bhai jo bahut majje lite meine tumare… muje be snake catch karna hai .. kab aau training mein…

all pano


Patti another mallu in floor.tera kannada dailoge sunkar mein clean bold ho jata. Sale kab mill raha hai…

Jay, Jagdish, John and KT

ubuntuTVYou all tech support guys make my life very easy at Panoramic. You quick response and personal attention to me was make me feel special. John “Ubantu ki jai ho..” your ubantu make me so strong that now I can work on any platform. Thanks man. Jay apana cyclethron reh gaya re..please muje loop mein rakana jab next time fir se organize hoga tho.. Jagdish dada I wish to thanks for sorting all my computer issues in chutaki mein..



Parab Sir

Thanks you sir for handling me. I learn few of best things from you. Now I realize why you have so strict rule require to maintain balance in office. I can understand how much pressure you have to see hundred people and taking care of them. Although I am not become helping hand for you but I try to contribute you by obeying your rules in office.

Office boys and security guards

office boysAnand, Kashi, Ganesh, Mahadev, Rahul, Shashank, Arjun, Vinod, Shivaji and rest you all – I wish to thank you to taking caring of me and my teatime.

Shashank you prepare wonderful tea like rabadi wali chai.. Even sometime Vinod too prepare nice tea. Anand my boy you serve tea well. Ganesh you too do best job. Mahadev please keep doing best rangoli n tattoos…one day you will be best rangoli maker n tattoo maker. Definitely Kashi I will come with for fish catching at your native. Arjun bhai aapane mera bahut help ki hai uske liye bahut bahut danywad. Rest boys whose names are not mentions don’t think I forgot you all but I just don’t know ur name but recognize you by face.

Rahul tera service kafi acha laga. Tune muje kabi na nahi kaha issliye bahut shukriya.

Hey Sangram we are not in team but we are still nice friend. I sorry I missed you marriage due to personal taklif. Hope you forgive me. I love your strong leadership… tu ek din bahut bada executive banega…

Mukesh n Rakesh you too are amazing people who do wonder in mobile apps. I wish I get chance to promote your apps.

Panda Brother

PANDA JI kaise ho….hamein bhul na jana.. apake sath bitaye pal ek dum balo che. Aami na bhul paye..

Ravi Sir, Sahu Sir, Ravi Kochrekar, Pravin Sir, Arun Sir, Swati Ma’am and Rajesh Sir

bossIt’s your humble nature that you give some important to me and has friendly relation with you. You all Management people whom I admire most and learning from your skill and appreance. Sometime I copy you to be just part of your gang. I have some personal memories with all of you.

Ravi Sir you always greet me whenever we come across. And definitely we both go Kerala for trip – marriage mein jarur aana…

Pravin sir your thoughts are very amazing. You thought show me either part of life which never touched.

Sahu sir you so stronge leader who protect your team always. You have personal attention towards your team. I wish to work under your shadow. I pray to god that Sachin Sir come to  meet you…

Ravi Kochrekar – Your very humble and down to earth guy. I love your simplicity and calm nature.

Arun sir your clear vision towards project is ultimate. I use to see you and observe you when you sit my front raw. You listen to people and find the solutions.

Swati Ma’am – Madum your very nice and caring nature make me remember about my elder sister…. You care your team very well and protect them like mom. I wish I can have manager like you. Though you speak less but the message of happiness is transmit easily.

Balchand, Saurabh, Minal, Sachin and Unknown…

Balchand and Saurabh jawab nahi tumara. Kya mast insaaan ho aap. Har pal kush and relax. Life ke sare problem ko resolve kar diya hai.

Minal thanks for that tasty chocolate you gave to me which you brought from Mahabaleshwar. But meine kabi kuch diya hi nahi…bad boy na.

Hi Nilima. So kind nature lady I ever see. You gave me nice drop till station,was very helpful. I wish I can drive car and give you pick up n drop service to you too so you also enjoy same. Please be happy forever.

Hush …..Reason to write this post is very simple that you all best people make my life wonderful. You all will be amazed to know why I am so refresh it is just because of your kindness and humble nature. If I miss anybody’s name than please don’t think I am not known to you but I just known to you by face…

I know you all may be complaining why I left organization very secretly. It is just because muje apa aache logo ko kuch surprise dena tha so you can remember me all time in your life….

Panoramic gave me lots of opportunity. Pano gave me space to grow. My last days was tearful and emotional. I was happily sendoff but in my heart there was feeling to looose you all guys..

Please stay in touch.

Good Bye is bad to use here – Bus kahege Kabi alvida na kahena – Milate rahege – chalet chalte….


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  1. Panoramic Universal Ltd. is a leading provider of software solutions for a wide range of industrial applications.

  2. Hi Yash,
    What a fantastic quotes for all of us.
    Its awesome man.

    Everyone feels the website is ours.

    Thanks for considering me.

    Good Idea to promote the website..

    All persons here at Mahape are visiting your site to read the quote to relate themselves.

    Sorry for my modki todki english..


    1. Hi Prem,

      Thanks for commenting here and appriciating my blog. Seriously speaking pano has wonderful people and I am missing all.

      Thanks again to provide some attention at me and my blog.


  3. Pahle wal comment delete kar dena. Yes, My dear Yashawant, tu agar chhupkar party karega to muze to bura lagega, esliye es (upcoming) saturday ko tu, tom and rahul muze party de rahe ho…

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