Panoramic Universal Ltd first day

my first day at Panoramic Universal Ltd, was quite good. Here people are very energtic and very cool. they always keep working and doing all good work. I was the part of the big team. Suraj is now my pal and we talk much. My neighbour is Yogesh W. and he is Shant Bacha – nice Guy. Here we having launch toagther and having fun. Thanks Magna for helping me to get better opportunity…

Ravindra is jolly man around us.. keeping buzzing – Ajay is techie guy – broad minded and very quick with tongue , Mitesh is cool dude – Shant but seems masti kore. Asish is cute handsome bouy around us…very charming personality – looking HOLLYWOOD actor…

Anil Gohil is my Head, very Down to earth man, Nice guy, a torch bearer –  showing right path always and encouraging always. Frank and very clear personality. Amol is nice man who share his jacket with me when i wear a casual on weekdays – but he was shivering – because of cold..thanks bro – bade dilwala adami… 😉

I am very much glad that I am under observation of  Sudhir Moravekar – a founder of Group (Pancard Club) and working for his organization. I can learn many more from him. Sudhir Moravekar is inspiring me – as he was also a simple common man earlier but due to his hardwork he reach to top and establish a big empire like Panoramic Group. I wish I can meet him someday and share my thoughts.

So, Yashwant is settling down here and having nice life…

but I am missing my pals at Sezal !!!

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