Love – First or Last Doesn’t Matter

Love togatherLOVE is very beautiful word itself, one of the best emotion and feeling which has power to make any impossible to Possible. As generation pass – the LOVE making or expressing LOVE is changes but LOVE itself never change… Now it becomes more materialistic, losing it charms and faith… Or I can say ATTRACTION is called as LOVE by new generation. It is huge debate between Young and Old generation about the love and faith – But I don’t have mood to do this here – — :X

romantic-loveFor me Love is simple, sweet and very straight. Doing ANYTHING for someone special is Love. People say Love is blind – I accept as Love never bother to anybody’s weakness or negative, but it has power to transform that person positively as time gone…. That’s reason often people personality change when they are in love. Couple starts grooming and styling, remain happy and do good job. They behave sweetly and treat people nicely… I guess it is good tonic to every professional people.

Love can make it or break it – Yeah!! Love can make the Person or destroyed completely. Usually it happens to them who take Attraction as LOVE or try to grab Love in force. The great example is RAVAN – Who trashed by RAM for cause for Seeta. RAMAYAAN is great epic where Love for SEETA by RAM and RAVAN’s enter in their life….Although Ravan was great warrior but still lost everything because he disturb Lovely Life of RAM n Seeta.

New LoveI saw many young couple who fall in attraction for each other. Than spend some nice time together but later they end with breakups….. I guess there are several reasons for this. Only one suggestion for them is – USE brain – select girl who love u – ready to stand with you – Who is having brilliant brain –  who is happy with you – never be sad with problem and share everything with you.

Judai is sweet moment in Love. It is time when couple is not together for sometimes (not breakups). Both are not able to talk each other. They live not able to meet each other. Judai moment both realize important of each other..every moment both miss each other, sometime cry too….but once they meet again love start pouring on both of them… It make relation more strong and bonding increase. Love become more n more….


  • Never try to compare love – it hurt both of them.
  • Give space for life and others too to balance – WORK – LIFE – FRIEND – RELATIVE
  • Never hide relation
  • Express every feeling
  • Talk much
  • Less anger and Forgiveness
  • Thinking about future
  • Spending time
  • Balancing Life – Family



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