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I am very much excited to get some potential out put from what I am doing now?

My life is aimless, I am effortless and I dont have any egoistic behavior. My attitude is issue with this and I can manage this attitude.

I feel I am born intelligent, but others think I am damn dump.

World is what I see is totally different.

Who smile on my face is very confusing that did he happy to see me or just making fun of myself. It does not matter as I think vice versa.

World is round and some point same people meet me again and again.

People says I am aimless !! But I guess Radio Guy is aimless as he not sure who is listening and what is his reaction….

I am very much confuse as

I am not lair as Marketing Guys do to sell

I am not running from my responsibility as politician do..

I am not drunken as celebrity does

I am just like Mobile Tower who is barrier of communication but still people feel I am the culprit for bad network… 🙁

Contact me here if you also think i AM diFFerent !!

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yashwant naik


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