Professor Sandeep Desai on Mumbai trains

Sandeep Desai at Mumbai Local

Sandeep Desai at Mumbai LocalMumbai local is always known for its unique characteristic such as Over Crowed Locals, Running Late, Never Stops, Fast Local, Virar Local, 9:45 Domibivali Fast…etc etc. It is never ending list. Here again MUMBAI LOCAL is identify to collect the donations and build schools. Meet 52-year-old Professor Sandeep Desai is a known face on Mumbai’s local trains. He goes around on the crowded local trains to raise funds for running English medium schools for underprivileged children in rural Maharashtra and Rajasthan.

This is something amazing and very inspirational to me. Mumbai Local usually packed and commuter hardly bother to such activity in Local as everybody more concern to reach their destination than listening some speech and as for donation. But Sandeep Sir, did very well and convey the massage to commuter that he is not fake and raise approx 50 lakh. And use these fund to build the school  for underprivileged students in Maharashtra and Rajasthan.

Such Great efforts are taken. Mumbai Local is always packed and most of time commuters are in rush to reach office or home, so their is less attention towards Sandeep Sir. And people are more conscious about donations, as most of having impression of fraud. But, Sandeep Sir’s speech convey commuter and donation start coming like anything.. The trust is build as most of commuter are daily traveler.

This is amazing true story which is inspiring to young generation who just keep away themselves from such cause. Mumbai Local is such place which has life within and it keep running without any disturbances. We have family in it, we have helpful people who cheers and provide best suggestion in problem. We have people in train group who help new commuter. We celebrate festivals here –  we move always.


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