Ganesh Festival – Mumbai Bite

The eleven days grand festival – Ganesh Utsav, is going to finish. It is grand festival and whole Mumbai is on the celebration. There are many ganesh pandal is exist and most are very old such as Ganesh Gally, GSB Mandal, Lalbhagh cha Raja, Andheri ka Raja, Bhatla Mandir Mandal, Vital Mandir Mandal and many more.

Today is last day of Eleven Day festival and my favorite lord is now going back. I wish that next year again he will back and I will get one more chance to bring him home and treat him.

It is said that – “Ganesh ji ke aagmaan se Sukho ka aagmaan hota hai aur jatey wqat sabi dukk le jatey hai…”


Jai ho Ganesh ji KI!!!!

Ganpati Bappa Morya !!!


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