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  1. Sir im having a 6 inch flower horn king kamfa, i bought him on 13/12/2015, he is very aggressive and loved to eat food even now also , but only problem from last 20 days he stays settled near filter by one said of his body, it looks like he sleeping, and his head is shrinked, im having a powerfull boyu filter& a heater&i kept it for 30 degree, and one more simptom is he is vibrating his fins un usually, rubs his body against glass and filter im changing the water evry week as suggested in your blog, and to day i medicated  him with bactonil FW , PLEASE GIVE ME SOME SUGGESSION I DONT WANT LOOSE HIM

    1. Hi Chandrashekhar

      It seems some problems with water and filter.

      The act you mentioned are symptoms of stress.

      The liquid you mentioned is not sure about its effect.

      Can u use ocean free gill fungus and parasites special

      Thank you,
      Yashwant Naik

  2. Hello sir.My friend have a Fh for that the bulging is occured in the motion place, in few days automatically get breaked.After that fh looks unhealthy & they can’t eat food & swim too…

    1. Hi Vivek,

      Flowerhorn need extra attention here.

      Few precaution we need to take –

      1) water need to be hygiene
      2) heater need to be on 28° c all time
      3) filter need to be on and cleaned
      4) no decorative article in tank
      5) oxygen / air need to be on

      Medicine we need –

      1) ocean free gill fungus and parasites special –

      To protect from other infection

      2) API Melafix
      To heal wound

      3) ocean free dechlorinate (anti chlorine)
      To be use while change water

      4) Fast Act General Aid
      Additional remedies for fish

      Treatment –

      1) clean filter sponge and other parts with warm water

      2) clean biological too if any

      3) clean entire tank with warm water; specially edges and corner

      4) now fill the tank with water

      5) add ten drop (3 ft tank ) ocean free anti chlorine to water

      6) now install the heater and turn to 28° c

      7) after twenty mins add Flowerhorn to tank

      8) add ten drops of API MELAFIX to tank

      While treatment fish won’t eat and move slowly. After three days you have to change 30% water and add 8 drops of API MELAFIX.

      After three time of usage of API MELAFIX we need to use Ocean free Gill fungus parasites special five drops.

      Do let me know about his progress.

      Water selection is most crucial in treatment.

      You can buy medicine from here too –

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

    2. Hi,

      One of my flowerhorn is not eating any thing.. from last 4 days. And most of the time she stay ijn corner of the tank. Kindly suggest.

      1. Hi Vishwakarma,

        Your Flowerhorn is suffering from stress.

        Please give more detail like

        Since when he behaving such?
        Did u see any white spots or swelling stomach or blind eyes.

        Need such Information for treatment.

        Thanks you,

        Yashwant Naik

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