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OSCAROscar is one of best and hard fish, although Oscar Fish is not much first choice for any fish pet lover, but handling Oscar is quite easy and comfortable as compare to Flowerhorn fish. In this post I am going to explain you about all Care, Maintenance and treatment for Oscar Fish unlike the Flowerhorn Care and Maintenance

Let’s Understand Type of Oscar –

Oscar is originally known as  Astronotus ocellatus, is scientific name. Oscar is from cichlid family. Oscar is very aggressive fish with territory lover. Oscar love is live in community tank, making pair with Oscar – any breed. Oscar has many names such as OSCAR, TIGER OSCAR, VELVET OSCAR, and MARBLE CICHILD. Oscar’s natural resident is South America, but due to its beauty fish lover love to have it in Tank. And now worldwide Oscar is kept in tank.

Oscar Breed –

After the discovery of Oscar and fish lovers find the important about the Oscar – many breed are generated by doing cross breeding or some chemical changes. Red Oscar, Albino Oscar, Long Finned Oscar and many more are the example of these.

Feeding Oscar –

Unlike other Cichlid Oscar too love to eat anything you feed. Oscar eats every eatable in tank – even plants too. But you have to take precaution about this eating habit. As most of time feeding wrong food can take life of the fish. So here are Guideline for Feeding Oscar –

Cryfish, Flies, Crickets, and Grasshoppers are most used food for Oscar, as in pallet also made from these insects. Feeding Live Fish may hurt Oscar digesting system. Flesh and Beef heart, can be great source of Vitamins but also contribute to Fatty Liver Disease.

Live feeder fish such as goldfish and rosy red feeder minnows should not be fed, those fish contain an enzyme (thiaminase) within their flesh which binds vitamin B1, leading to deficiency.

Oscar love to eat fruits like Melons, Orange and other fruits. My Oscar is love to eat corn, sometime Mangos too.

Fish Tank for Oscar –

55 Gallon Tank (48x12x21 inches) is sufficient for Oscar. You can add Tank Mate for Oscar for breeding and life to each other Oscar, although Oscar never make water bad. They always keep tank clean and love to be clean.

You have to clean tank twice a week. Also maintained nitrates at a safe level. Oscar is bit tough fish can live in any water. But this cause to loose in appetite, color and health of fish.

Also once in month clean entire tank with warm water.

Oscar and Planted or Decorative Tank –

Oscar and plant is Bad Idea. As Oscar is great digger. They love to dig, plunk plant and change the set up. Oscar can eat plant so NEVER keep Oscar in planted tank.

Gravel or sand is good idea to make tank decorative. But Oscar will make self place to live and clean tank gravel and sand to make place to live. They love digging and do digging continuously. Always has medium size gravel so Oscar can play with that and some little amount of small size stone. You will love to see him doing all these.

Oscar Tank Mate –

Oscar can live in community tank with other fish. Even cross breeding also possible most of time. But don’t forgot Oscar is aggressive fish so you need to choose some aggressive fish with him like catfish or any Cichild. Keep in mind that both fish has same size.

Also need big size of tank to make proper community tank as Oscar is territory lover. So, minimum 4ft tank with One to two small cichlids (between 3-5 inches) or one medium cichlid (between 6-8 inches) is acceptable. Following is list of tank mate you can keep with Oscar –

A)  Cichlid Tankmates

1)      Amatitlania nigrofasciatum (Black Convict) with 75 Gallon tank

2)      Thorichthys meeki (Firemouth) with 75 Gallon tank

3)      Rocio octofasciatum (Jack Dempsey) with 100 Gallons tank

4)      Aequidens ‘goldsaum’/’silversaum’ (Green Terror) with 75 Gallons tank

5)      Parachromis managuensis (Jaguar cichlid) with 125 Gallons tank

6)      Cichlasoma salvini (Salvini’s cichlid) with 75 Gallons tank

7)      Heros efasciatus (Severum) with 75 Gallons tank

8)      Hypselecara temporalis (Chocolate cichlid) with 90 Gallons tank

9)      Herichthys carpintis/cyanoguttatus (Green texas/Texas cichlid) with 125 Gallons tank

10)  Amphilophus labiatus/citrinellum (Red Devil/Midas) with 125 Gallons tank

11)  Multiple oscars with 125 Gallons tank

B)   Non Cichlid Tankmates

1)      Silver Dollar (Metynnis argenteus) with 75 Gallons tank

2)      Giant danios (Devario aequipinnatus) with 75 Gallons tank

3)      Tinfoil barbs (Barbonymus schwanenfeldii) with 180 Gallons tank

C)  Other Tankmates Option

1)      Spotted/Four-line Pictus catfish (Pimelodus pictus/blochii) with 75 Gallons tank

2)      Spotted/Striped Raphael catfish (Agamyxis pectinifrons/Platydoras costatus ) with 75 Gallons tank

3)      Synodontis eupterus (Featherfin Syno) with 75 Gallons tank

4)      Plecos with 100 Gallons tank

Problem with Oscar – Diseases and Treatment

Unlike other fish Oscar also has many health hazards. But that was very. Oscar itself is very tough fish, easy to handle, and strong in nature. But still Oscar may fell ill.

To prevent any diseases you need to provide good Air and clean water. Few precautions such as never leave food in tank, keep PH level perfect and important keep tank temperature same.

Following is some of the diseases seen in Oscar –

1)      Hole in the Head (HITH) Disease

oscar HITH diseaseDescription:

Hole in Oscar Head is start with small while dot or sores in Oscar head. As time go the dots become more deepen and creates craters and hole in head. This is very dangerous disease can kill fish.


A parasite called Hexamita is reason for this. This happens because of bad water.


1)      Clean tank or move Oscar to Treatment tank.

2)      Add Metronidazole one tablet for 50 gallon tank.

3)      Does 30% water clean every day.

4)      Follow this step for next three days.

5)      Never feed Oscar for treatment periods

2)       Ich or White Spot Disease

oscar Ich or White Spot DiseaseDescription:

White Spot Disease known as Ich. It appears as White, Fuzzy patches or dots on Oscar body and fins. Oscar hit tanks frequently. Fish may be not moving and stable in corner of tank.


Again Ich is caused by a parasite. This Bactria make home in Oscar body and start irritating Oscar and which cause Oscar hit tank badly.


1)      Move Fish to Treatment tank or else clean tank with warm water

2)      Use Tetracycline Capsule – One capsule per 75 gallon tank

3)      Increase heater temperature to 29’

4)      Cover tank with paper for three days

5)      Provide ample air to tank

6)      Never feed Oscar in treatment

3)      Gasping or Panting

oscar floating sidewaysDescription:

Oscar is float to upperside of tank. Not moving and never doing activity.


  • Oscar fish may be require more Oxygen
  • Filter system is not proper


1)      Clean your entire tank

2)      Clean filter and Biological Filter

3)      Add AERATION STONE for more oxygen supply


4)      Swollen Abdomen (Tumors)

Oscar Swollen AbdomenDescription:

Tumors appear on the fish face or other parts of body. Oscar belly seen to be swollen and bulging, it look like an over inflated balloon. With irritating Oscar hit tank and swim badly.


Unfortunately there is no specific treatment available for this –

1)      Transfer fish to other tank

2)      Keep changing water – more than 50%

5)      Fin Rot


Oscar Fish fins look slimy. They may be shredded and appear stringy.


The most likely cause of Fin Rot is bacteria in the water. Fish nipping at each other may also shred the fins, which then in turn become infected by bacteria.

Bactria is reason for this. Need to remove Bactria from tank than start treatment.


1)      Clean Tank

2)      Clean the filter

3)      Add Aquarium salt

Disease Prevention Tips

1)      Keep water clean

2)      Keep gravel clean

3)      Keep temperature maintained

4)      Keep ample supply of air in tank

5)      Feed well


Incase of any problem please do comment on bellow. I will reply your all post.

24 thoughts on “Oscar Fish Care and Tips

  1. 55 gallon is too small for an Oscar minimum should be 75 gallons and oscars are dirty fish but like a clean environment not all the info here is correct anyone who tells you 55 gallons is enough is wrong.

    1. 55 Gallon tank is enough for Oscar depending on size of Oscar or how many tank mate you have.

      Kindly specify this to answer you better.

      Thank you,

  2. My Oscar wish laying bottom of the tank not eating food at all frm 3 day wat Shud I do Sir.. 10″ Oscar any reason sir…

    1. Hi Wasim,

      It seems he is suffering from internal parasite infections. You can try metrogyl tablet.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  3. Hi I just got two parrot fish and two Oscar and one convict cichlid. Oscar fish is not aggressive at all however chiclid is one attacking my Oscar and Oscar doesn’t even gives back. Infact one Oscar was attack by this fish and injured badly even though the size of this fish is smaller than Oscar still Oscar is calm and not attacking any one in tank. What could that reason be.

    1. Hi Salim,

      Usually Oscar is settle with any other fish in community tank. If all fish is small in size than it take time to adjust but everyone is well grow than their is less chance to adjustment.
      I advice you to remove Chiclid and add another fish.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  4. Sir
    I have 3 Oscar fish and 2 parrot fish in a tank..out of these one of my Oscar is not eating food as like others are eating..it takes the food in mouth but do not complete digest it therefore the growth of it is less than the other fish..
    Please advice what should I do so that it start eating food properly and completely digest it..
    Do I have to deworm it..? What should I do

    1. Hello Sonil,

      If other fish is eating and only one oscar is not eating means he is not happy with others.
      Let me know how big is your tank?
      The fish is not sick, you can get big tank where everyone can get space.
      Also let me know size of all fish and did you recently brought fish or all old.
      awaiting for your answer to your question.
      Thank you,
      Yashwant Naik

  5. hi i have 1 pair of tiger oscars , can u tell me how many time should i suppose to feed my tiger oscars? size of my oscar fishis 3 inches. thanks in advance

    1. Hello Rahul More,

      Thanks for asking question here via comment. Their is no fix quantity to feed any fish. The condition to feed any fish is put pallet that fish can finish less than minutes. Follow this practice twice a day.

      You can observe that fish appetite getting increase day by day and eating food speed manner.

      Never let food remain on tank, that can pollute tank water. If fish is not eating within one minute than you need to redo process again they learn.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  6. Hi, I bought 2 oscar and 6 tin foil today my tank size is 36inch*25inch *14 inch but I see some holes on oscar, some white small dots on oscar body as well on eyes and one red spot on oscar mouth and some injury on oscar tail what has happened the water is clear, tank is clean I added some salt to the tank temp of water is Luke warm water but none of the fish is eating anything I gave orange and some fish food but none of them is eating

    1. Hey Shashank,

      Extremely sorry for not replying on time.

      I guess the water is not suitable for Oscar. You need water conditioners for aquarium.

      You can use Oceanfree gill fungus parasites special to rid away whole in head.

      May be because of bad water condition non of them eating.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  7. Hi, i have a fire oscar.. My tank is 2. 5ft lenght.. 1.5ft height.. 1 ft breath… My fish has got hole like spots on its head… And not eating food from past 10-15 days…
    So to make it eat i gave.. Live small fish.. But its not eating even live fish… How to save my oscar… Pls tell me any medicine… I personally feel that it has worms in its stomach… So kindly recommend some medicine sir

    1. Hi Hari,

      The diseases you mentioned are indicating that water is not suitable for Oscar.

      You need oceanfree Gill fungus parasite Special for further treatment.

      First you need to either transfer Oscar to hospital tank or clean same tank.

      Now add two cap oceanfree Gill fungus parasite Special to tank.

      Install heater and increase the air speed. During course of treatment you should not use filter .

      Let me know if you have any further query.

      Thank You,

      Yashwant Naik

    1. Hello Sharook,

      By looking anal point you can identify gender of Oscar.

      Also two male won’t stay together. And it is difficult to identify the male female in small Oscar, Oscar need to be mature to identify this.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

    1. Hello Gokul,

      Well two feet is small because both fish can grow till more than five inch.

      So in future you may require big tank.

      Better you get it now.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  8. hi,

    I have a tiger oscar, a fire oscar and a copper oscar… around 3-4 inches. I feed them beefheart and ocean free pellets. i have a 6 ft by 2 ft by 2 ft tank with some 5 siver dollars and 2 bala sharks plus some dennison barbs.

    The oscars were fine but since yesterday the tiger oscar has not been eating anything and is generally very lethergic. why would this be and what could be the reason and what should the cure for this ? earlier i had an albino oscar which also suddenly stopped eating and then died a week later. i dont want this to happen again. would apreciate your suggestions.

    1. Hi Any,

      First of all you have miss match fishes in tank. Right combination of community is important for fish life n happiness. Please correct it ASAP.







  9. i have two albino oscar fish, small size,
    can i add two more tiger oscar Or Red Oscar in it..
    Tank size is only 1.5ft, (18 X 9 X 12)

    Please suggest

    1. Hi Manoj,

      Since now they are small than it can work but once they grow you need to buy new tank. Yeah Oscar is easily adjust with another partner buy make sure u have some female in team. As Oscar males are very egoistic. Can lead to fight.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

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