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I was ill and stay home for more than four days. Oh My Gods four days at home and no fun because I am ill and as per my parents I not suppose to be fun. So, I am with bed lock I had no other option except TV.  Yes, I keep on TV for more than 18 hours day except I sleep at night.

While Browsing channel I come across the many channel some are old and some are new.  But I stopped to one Channel named – LIVING FOODZ a new avatar for Zee Khana Kazana.

The channel is re-branded with all new series of Food programs. Unknowing I liked all programs. I stick to all series. My favorite program  –

  1. The Great Indian Rasoi 2 by Chef : Ranveer Brar
  2. Pickle Nation by Chef: Kunal Kapoor
  3. Chef on Wheel by Chef: Gautam Mehrishi

Above three program highlighting India and Indian spices. I am so fascinate with the program and its anchor. The program is focusing India and its Culture. They value the Indian culture and tradition.

The Great Indian Rasoi 2 by Chef : Ranveer Brar

The Great Indian Rasoi 2

Ranveer goes many home in village and town and taste homemade food. He tried to touch the history of food through them. He visit different community family and eat with them with their culture. He is so humble that he mixed with them and shows the important of Food Cultural Value.

Pickle Nation by Chef: Kunal Kapoor

Pickle Nation by Chef: Kunal Kapoor

Pickle Nation is led by Kunal Kapoor – a famous chef and well know judge of Master Chef. He also roaming all over Indian village and cities and discovering the different types of Pickle which is rare and unique each time and each place.


Chef on Wheel by Chef: Gautam Mehrishi

Chef on Wheel by Chef: Gautam Mehrishi

Chef on Wheel by Gautam Mehrishi, is new way to interact small villager life. He goes many part of small village and understand their lifestyle and food habits.

Through LIVING FOODZ I retouch with Indian Glory in food and tradition.  In cities everyone loves fast food such Subway or Mac Burger or yummy KFC chicken stick. In rush I guess generation forgot the tasty ZVALA CHATANI and AAM KA ACHAR. PARATHA and GHEE is seems to be filmy and CHICKEN 65 with ROTI is fashion.

But truth is its all our basic food since long time. All fast food chain sell same taste and same old food. but can you imagine Mother of each household assured new food and breakfast 365 days without fail.

This is something revoke with LIVING FOODZ (#livingfoodz). Thanks for three chef to redefine the India and its culture. Must watch them.

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