Good Night Advance doing Advance Truth

Good night Repellent

Amazingly Good Night is doing best job to stop Mosquito and making our life safe by manufacturing world class product such as Advance Cartridge which kill mosquito more advance and quick ways.  These products are very widely used in home and office. Good Night gained trust on customer as I too seeing this product when I was 10 years old; today I am 30 years old. You can imagine how Godrej preserve its market and keep gaining in this competitive market.

During my time “Tortoise ” or a famous “Kachua Chap” agarbati –  Indian local brand which cover more than 80% market in 1990s. But Good Night gained market because of its Marketing and Branding strategies.

Here something exclusive point which I want discuss with you –

But does Good Night really help us? Does what they selling are actually workable? This is some question which arises when I compare its own product? When I check it new product which says its advance? When I check its Price and Production cost???

Yeah!! It’s very true that in name of Advancement Good Night simply fooling us… here is compares between their two products –

1)      Good Knight Advanced 60 days Cartridge and

2)      Good Knight Advanced 90 days Cartridge

You have to check for these –

1)      Both pack is 45 ml

2)      Both bottle is more less same in size

My Question –

If bottle has same ml (45ml) than why one work for 60 days and another work for 90 days?

Seriously this is technology or you can say basic science which Good Night Advance maker using.

They just added “A plastic cover for the Black Rod which sucks liquid when it get heated” …

This reduces the consumption of solution and work more…. Nice Idea…. But why this two product has two different price – Good Knight Advanced 90 days Cartridge cost Rupees 85, and Good Knight Advanced 60 days Cartridge cost Rupees 59 – price may be varies as per market.

The Good Night is charging more money for simple plastic cover??? This is what they doing.

This is not enough – in the name of Advance technology they upgrade the Mosquito Repellent Machine. Earlier machine don’t has feature of “Active Plus”. As per “Active Plus” advertisement Good Night says when we plug up to active plus than machine work faster to kills mosquito.

Truth behind this –

Here is no such Active Technology – it is just maintaining Heating Coil temperature only. Just like your iron – you heat it more you can iron fast… Simple science but again more money is charging in name of technology.  

Again you will find many offers are available for 90 days cartridge in Malls and shopping center. Actually those are not offers those are product which are bit old – recollected from store or not sold is sell in less amount of money but again it is not loss to Good Night as the product cost nothing…

(Note: many shopping outlet sells old product in cheap rate not all)

Consumer in India is always fooled in name of Fashion and Technology. So please buy product with more details and more information.

I guess after reading this post I may get Legal Sue from Good Night – But One think I wish to tell Good Night Research team is – Winning Heart is true business.

This article is not written to spoil Good Night Market but to share my experience about the product. Please don’t take wrongly better buy product smartly

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  1. You’ve made quite a few significant points. I don’t know if we see eye to eye on everything, but then again, who does? I have to explore it more. Nice article anyhow, kudos and ta ta! (Added this to FeedBurner, so enjoy! :))

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