Amazon ‘Great Indian Festive’ Sale is Fool

Truth About Amazon ‘Great Indian Festive’ – Fake Note

Online Shopping is seems to be more fake and fool. Though it is convenient option to buy by sitting home but it also cut  your pocket definitely. Their are huge discounts and offers are offered in online but almost 60% is fake or defective product are served to end user.

Amazon recently launched ‘Great Indian Festive’ offer upto 50% discounts on selected products. The condition is only the shopping can be done via Apps only not from Online Website. This also has some conspiracy behind that, will explain in last.

I gone through some of products and observed something fishy. See Following Comparative Screenshots

App Outside Page Detail for Cat Mens Shoes

Check out the price for the CAT Men’s Leather Sneak is showing Rs. 1960 where 72% Discount is applied on Rs. 6999. This deal definitely attract any user in Mobile Screen.

App Product Page Detail for Cat Mens Shoes

But When User enter to Product Page for Cat Men’s Shoe the price goes double up to Rs 3,499 which is almost double to Rs. 1960 shown outside page

This is not only happen of one single product but the false discounts are set for almost all shoes product page. Following are some more details.

Cat Mens Shoes

Woodland Shoe Details

Ishake Bottle Fake

This fake pricing arrangement are done so smartly that IShake Bottles’s product price is showing different in front end as compare to inside page. Check out the details details below

App Outside Page Detail for Ishake Bottle

One more false price showing in front compare to the inside product page. Here it shows Rs 199.


App Inside Page Detail for iShake Bottle

iShake Bottle price is different than out page -It shows Rs. 350 which is more than outside product.

Amazon smartly place the product that user tend to click and than buy it when it is requirement is high. I luckily got this screen shot too where one more user complaining about this Fooling methods.

In beginning we kept question – Why all ecommerce website are having app adds only

The answer is safest way to hide all fraud or fooling product listings. Browser addon which keep track on product price on date basis. But Apps is not yet crack. So use that pludgin while doing Online Shopping on desktops.

Happy Shoppings

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