My Treated Flowerhorn from all Diseases

Hi Folks,

Since two years I am treating flowerhorn from all type of Flowerhorn disease. My blog Flowerhorn Care and Maintenance” is getting daily query comment from all over globe. Also getting calls and emails related to all type of flowerhorn treatment query. While suggesting treatment I am facing difficult to explain them about treatment. So here are set of videos of about treatment. Please look it and understand about disease –


Flowerhorn White Poop Disease – Somesh, Bangalore


Flowerhorn While Poop Disease Symptoms


Color Improvement Treatment


Hope by viewing this you can understand the some of disease symptoms and now you can very known to treatment. Dont forgot to see all video collection on Flowerhorn Care videos


Thanks, and dont forgot to communicate with me for all flowerhorn care.

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104 thoughts on “My Treated Flowerhorn from all Diseases

  1. Hello Sir,
    I am Sourav from Asansol West Bengal. I own a flowerhorn whose color is turning to white over last two months. I am feeding him with xo super red pallets (3-4 pallets) twice a day my heater is at 28-degree Celsius and have a sponge filter run by airpump and an over – head filter run by a water pump. I do periodic water changes and deworming (every week) with G-Probac and energy booster medicine soaked in pallets. kindly help me out.

    1. HI Sourav,

      May be your flowerhoen is suffering from bloated stomach. Let me knonw which medicine your using?
      Which water you using?
      DO you have any medicine now?

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  2. Sir can u help me , my kamfa was unwell few days back , head was down one of the gill was a bit stuck and once or twice i saw him scratching , so i changed the water 30% and added aquatic remedies paracidol and rock salt but after that he became unactive so i added stress heal , but still condition became worse , after 1 hour i canged the water 30% , he then started to recover and was very good for 2 -3 days .
    But again he is inactive and sometimes his left gill doesn’t work properly and sometimes right and again all of a sudden they both start work . What should i do sir.
    I have aquatic remedies products in hand ( bactonil , paracido , stress heal, worm out ,and general cure )

    1. Hello Sidhartakumar,

      First of all dont try all medicine together, Wrong selection of medicine can make condition worsen.

      Their might be some problem with Water which causing the problem. Let me know where you stay and which water are you using for Aquarium Tank.
      Their may be high chances that Water is wrong!!
      Also we dont need Stress Heal or Any Other medicine.
      First we start with Metrogyl which is mostly effective in Stress Healing.
      Please provide some information about –
      1) Tank Size
      2) Tank Quantity
      3) which are you’re using – Borewell or Corporation Tap Water?
      4) Did your tank has decorative?
      5) Did you using Power Filter which run 24hrs
      6) Did you feeding him with Live Fish or Meat?

      Please provide information above to provide solution for same.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  3. My flowering has a white cyst or lump on her head. Have added metronidazole in the tank and whiteness receded, which reappeared after water change and new dose of the drug. Poop is ok, behavior is active.Will like to share pics so that you can share immediate action.I don’t want to lose my wish.

    1. Hello Chandni,

      As you describe above indicates that the water which you used for aquarium is not suitable or bad.

      I am E-mail you my personal contact number to share pics.

      Please provide few details such as water type , tank size, tank details, what food you feeding, since when you have flowerhorn.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  4. On and off I saw my Flowerhorn rub his head on the bottom of the tank. Tank is 50g n every water perimeter are ok. I put 3 teaspoon of salt every 5g every water change 25% a week. What causes this and
    any effective medication?

  5. Hi Yeshwanth

    It’s been a while I am searching online and could not get any help. My flower horn is 8 years old from last 6 months he is not doing well. Initially I think he had some white patches near head and later on I noticed the jaw is wide open and he can’t close the upper and lower jaw together also his tail and wings looks shortened a bit and to my surprise after taking lot of measures yesterday I noticed a small hole just below the head and in Center. What action should be taken to cure him to the perfection. I just don’t want to leave him like that. Please help. Thanks for all your help in advance

    1. Hello Chethan,

      I guess all this is indication of Oldage of Flowerhorn. Usually Flowerhorn live for 3-9 years. I am happy that you have very old Flowerhorn.
      Use Epsom Salt for treatment.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

      1. My flowerhorn is 6 month old. Her head is very big and beautiful but her head have this boil or some kind of tumour which grows and shrinks from time to time but it is never normal.. she is active eats fine but I am worried about her head.. so please help

        1. Hello Yashaswee,

          It is normal for flowerhorn. That wont damage flowerhorn.
          Keep water hygiene to protect from other bacterial infections.

          Thank you,

          Yashwant Naik

  6. Hi Sir,

    I have a Chinese aquarium size 30Ltr has inbuilt filter & thermosat. My flowerhorn is 1.5 yrs changed water today morning. It turned complete black, not eating & frightened & slight tilted always staying next to the filter area.

    Used Rid All specially for FH. Brought 2 weeks earlier was very aggressive & colorful.

    Need your help to get cure of my FH.



    1. Hi Kaushik,

      The symptoms you mention indicates that he is having lots of stress.

      The stress can be because of bad water, unhygienic tank, high pH level, bacterial infection.

      Before suggesting any solution you need to answer below question –
      1) what is size of your flowerhorn
      2) which water you using for aquarium
      3) how big is your tank
      4) where do you stay.

      Awaiting for reply on this.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

    2. Hi,
      I have flower horn of 5inch and it completed 1 year, i feed 3 times in a day amber Max product and some peas in a week. I just wanted to know is it necessary to do deworming… He’s behaviour is normal but for precaution purpose i just want to know whether to do deworming or not…. I have ocean free para clear…. How can i use this or should i purchase worm out….. Please tell me in brief their dosage or can i mix with palette and give
      Thank you

      1. Hello Akshay,

        No, Deworming is not mandatory process. Let fish do it self by eating healhty food and living good water condition. Green Pea is best medicine for Deworming process.

        Thank you,
        Yashwant Naik

  7. Hii need help with my flower horn need to know how to get KORDON ICH INHIBITOR, as it has Bec completely whitish n eyes r also covered n a bit swollen

    1. Hi Ashwin,

      Currently Kordon Ich Inhibitor is not available in market. You need substitute medicine and treatment.

      As you mentioned above your Flowerhorn turn whitish and eyes are covered n bit swollen indicating POP EYE DISEASE.

      Since it’s on early stage can cause stress and Flowerhorn turn pale because of this.

      The main reasons for pop eye id bad water in tank.

      Your Flowerhorn may be leave eating too?

      You can recover Flowerhorn by using ABlock tablet and oceanfree Gill Fungus Parasite Special .

      Let me know quickly if you want to follow with this treatment.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  8. Dis s DK
    Sir please help me to save my flowerhorn
    He s not eating food
    He s hiding near heater and filter
    He s very scary
    He s stairing upside

    Please help me sir

    1. HI DK,

      Due to sudden weather change cause to stress for flowerhorn.

      Add some epsom salt to tank – clean filter and air pump stone.

      Change 30% water and add 250 mg Tetracycline to tank can resolve the problem.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

          1. Hello Triz,

            With Paraclear you can do Rid off boalted stomach.

            But be careful while treatment.

            Thank you,

            Yashwant Naik

          2. Hi yashwant naik i have flowerhorn stomach bloated n not eating anything advice me how to cure what are the best medicine

  9. Hello,Sir
    My flower horn is having hole in his head and loosing his color brightness day by day.
    kindly suggest me the best results.



    1. Hi Dipanjan,

      Before suggest something to you I want few information like

      1) did you change the water recently
      2) any Medicine are you using?
      3) how big is tank?
      4) which water are you using?

      Please provide the answer so I can help you more.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

      1. Thanks Sir for replying my answer. yes i have changed at least 50 % of water once in a week and i am using normal tank water and after changing water i am using quarter teaspoon of Safe-Seachem. My tank size is 30/15/15 inches an additional no more medicines are using.This symptom i am following last for 15 days and my flowerhorn age is approximately 1 an 1/2 years.


        1. Hello Mr. Ghosh,

          Thanks for answering on time.

          1) stop using Seachem, as it might not suitable to Flowerhorn

          2) you need Oceanfree antichlorine and oceanfree Gill fungus parasites special

          Treatment process :

          1) remove Flowerhorn from tank and keep Flowerhorn in bucket until we clean tank

          2) clean tank, filter sponge with warm water

          3) now fill tank with fresh water

          4) put one cap Oceanfree antichlorine and one cap Oceanfree Gill, fungus parasites special

          5) install heater n set temp to 28°

          6) put oxygen to medium speed

          7) after ten minutes add Flowerhorn to tank

          Please update me in two days after this process.

          Thank you,

          Yashwant Naik

      2. Yashwant Naik,

        Could you please send me urgent email and contact number to my email I’d to discuss my flowerhorn white pooh disease. I am located in United Arab Emirates and unable to buy medicines due to unavailability and urgency.

        1. Hello Neo,

          I will emailing you with all details.

          Kindly share complete details about flowerhorn.


          Yashwant Naik

  10. sir my floron turn black and loss his colour .and also loss his intrest in food not eating since last 15 days i chang my water also use teramycine 500 then afrter 5 days use epsom salt but still he is not eating sir plz help me save my floron

    1. HI Swapnil Patil,

      Turning Black is clear indication of stress – because of water change or sudden change in tank.

      I would suggest you to start treatment with Ocean Free Gill Fungus Parasite special. Otherwise your flowerhorn fell ill more.

      Let me know how can I help you further.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

        1. Hi Swapnil,

          Medicine required –

          1) Oceanfree Gill Fungus Parasite special
          2) Oceanfree Anti-chlorine

          Treatment process –

          1) Remove 30% water from tank.
          2) Remove all decorative articles from tank
          3) clean filter with warm water.
          4) clean surface of tank
          5) Now add fresh water from tap to Tank
          6) Add half cup of Ocean Free Anti-chlorine
          7) Add one cup of ocean free Gill fungus parasite special
          8) Install Heater and turn to 28″
          9) Full the oxygen
          10) No filter to use for three days

          Check flowerhorn for three days and let me know about the progress.

          You can buy product from website itself.

          Thank you,

          Yashwant Naik

  11. Hi sir,
    I have a flowerhorn which is around 2 years old. He has stopped eating food, he has got some pits and at the top of the head around 2 inch diameter of area is white, like the skin is peeled and after a week or so the head is deflated a little. I have given him metrogyl and bactrim Ds for 7 days after which he started eating but again after a week the same things followed. This procedure I have done three times but he gets OK and then again sick. Now currently he is sick, not having food. Kindly suggest me what to do.

    1. Hi Preeti,

      As you mentioned about Flowerhorn indicates water infection n bacterial attack.

      Metrogyl is good medicine. But you need Ocean Free Gill Fungus Parasites Special for treatment.

      I wish to see the photo of your Flowerhorn, so sharing email to personal email ID.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  12. hi yashwant,
    My flowerhorn has been healthy and active, he is around 5″ now. I have a 55 galon tank (200lt)tank. Tonite i saw him hiding in a pot in a state of trance. I tried to get him out of the pot but he was not moving. I tried to lift the pot but still he was not moving out. Then i had to turn the pot upside down to get him in the tank. Then for a while his blackspots near the fin had become dark and he was moving lethargically. I added 2 cups of Common rocksalt then he regained his original colour. But he is moving near the surface. And there are some pale bluish grey patches below his jaw. Is he fine i am worried. I feed him Ocean free redsyn, Forever red alternate days, and frozen shrimps on weekends. Pls Help

    1. Hello Manoj,

      28° is ideal temperature for tank.

      The good health of Flowerhorn is consider both water n temperature balance.

      Thanks for reading blog. Keep reading the blog for more Flowerhorn tips.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  13. Hi Yashwant Naik, my srd flowerhorn isn’t doing well in the tank after being release it for a good 3 weeks. The belly turns pale white including the body colour turning dull.

    He’s not eating well and tends to just hide at the corner of my tank. Pls advice me what to do.. thanks

    1. Hello,

      Your Flowerhorn seems to be infected with boalted stomach.

      You need to immediately take action

      Get paraclear and start treatment.

      The treatment detail are –

      1) remove ten percent water
      2) take a bucket and add water dechlorinate to it.
      3) now add 1/2 packet paraclear to water
      4) mix well
      5) now add this water to tank
      6) while treatment don’t use filter
      7) while treatment don’t feed anything to fish
      8) keep heater on 28° c

      Keep monitoring the Flowerhorn



  14. Dear Sir,
    My Flower horn not eating from last two three days and white poop in belly. So I use Para clear from local pet shop and I mix 4 gm in 100 lt water yesterday. Now the Aquarium water is dirty, and my Horn not eating a single pellet of Humpy Head from yesterday. My Horn moving through out whole Aquarium and clear white poop from belly but not eating now I am really afraid. Do i repeat the does (Para clear) next 2 dosage alter a gap of 3 days??? Pl. help me and help to save my Horn.

    1. Hello Santanu,

      Since he had white poop he won’t eat now for three days.

      If you sure about the white poop is cleared than clean the entire tank.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  15. Dear sir , we have a female flowerhorn. She is 3 years old. From last 15 days she is not having her feeds properly. We used tummy wash on the advice of local pet shop person she started to have well but from last 3 days she has again stopped having food what should we do she is active and happy too

    1. Hello Kanaklakshmi,

      It seems your tank environment is not suitable for her.

      Their are several reason for this. Like –

      1) water is proper
      2) bacterial attacks, filter is not cleaned
      3) water temperature is not maintained
      4) irritations and stressed

      Please help me with some of answer for below questions –

      1) which water you used for aquarium
      2) what medicine you used apart from tummy wash
      3) does your location temperature dropped

      Please provide answers.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

      1. We had removed an accessory placed in the tank with which she used to play . we have placed it back and now she is having her food

  16. just now i have bought a khamfa flowerhorn baby it is white in colour how to make it red and i have a hi -red flowerhorn fish food how much pellet can i feed them and how long they need to grow 10 inches can you plzz help me

    1. Hi Nithin,

      Does your flower horn is Albino?? If he is Albino than it won’t be red in future. What ever you feed is not improve your fish color.

      So I want to confirm this first with you than I can suggest something to you.

      Also where you live?

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  17. Hi Yash,

    Nice to see a blog in india that really helps ppl who is pet lovers
    and here i am in for some quires , My Flowerhon SRD , 3 ” Was passing white poop for two days
    for first two days i placed him in Ocean free paraclear hospital tank.

    From yesterday he is not releasing any white poop but not picking any food
    but the fish very active and aggression , So i seranjed tummy wash two dose sterday n today
    he is super active but concern is not picking food. Kindly suggest.


    1. HI Jony,

      Thanks for referring by blog and finding my blog for flower horn treatment.

      your Flowerhorn may be stressed, can you do one tank clean up. Also use Dry Worm Biscuit too.

      Let me know about his progress.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

      1. Hi
        Sure i will keep you posted , So from your experience which is best
        1) Paraclear or Tummy wash .

        Currently in a confusion i have provided both two days in Paraclear hospital tank
        another two days dose of tummy wash .

        For now he is not releases white poop , but not feeding Guide on this Please
        which medicine to prefer ?

        Jony Luke

        1. Hello Jony

          Paraclear is best n used for white poop.

          Tummy wash is used to keep stomach clean

          You need to do one water change for this.


          Yashwant Naik

  18. Hello Sir,

    My flowerhorn fish always fears when anybody is nearing him and goes near to the filter, probably for hiding. During this time he becomes black. During nights, when nobody is there around him, he gets good coloration. I got this fish more than a month ago. it is close to 6 week now. Not sure, when he will settle down. He does not even swim much. Do you foresee any problem with this fish. Please help in understanding.

    1. Hello Samir,

      I guess your Flowerhorn is small one so he fear…

      Also you may keep starting him/her so flower horn feel scary..

      Please give space. Don’t expect more ..

      Please do let me know how big is he..

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  19. Hlo sir
    I brougt a little flower horn baby of 2 to i take care of it.and what food i will feed him…plz help me

    1. Hi Dhriti,

      You need to feed well him. But don’t over feed him.

      Keep water clean – clean in sense bacteria free and very hygine.

      Keep clean filter

      Keep oxygen on all day.

      And have heater on in winter.

      In case any problem please comment here.

      Thank for comment and keep visiting the blog.

      Thank you,
      .yashwant naik

    1. Respected Sir ,
      I had recently bought a Flowerhorn fish from a local shop 5 days before. I already own 2 Oscar’s and a continuous follower of yourself. I just want to know that my Flowerhorn is local or imported breed and whether it’s hump will grow in future or not . The fish is active and is living with my Oscars in same tank . I am sending pics of the fish as attachment , please check it out and reply .
      Waiting for your reply .
      With Regards
      Ravi Sharma

      1. Hello Ravi,

        Flowerhorn and Oscar both are very aggressive fish. They might fight and kill anyone. So make sure they wont fight or harm each other. So better have different tank.
        After checking your images – I guess Oscar is chasing Flower Horn Fish. So Take Care.
        Also for head (hump) is totally depend on the flower gender – Thus if it is Male than definitely it come out. If it is female than it wont come.. And if you keep flower horn with other fish than he need to be dominating otherwise head wont come.

        So better you keep alon flower horn in different tank.

        Thank you,

        Yashwant Naik

  20. Plz help my fish is dying.he is 2yrs old…My fish is nt eating since past 1month & has white spots on his body .he has bulging eyes & lying on one side of body on the floor & we think he has paracite cyst inside..plz help my fish

    1. Its flowerhorn ..where in mumbai can we get this Medicine kordon ich inhibitor or any substitute for it plz reply as soon as posible

      1. Hi Asra,

        Kurla is best place to get all aquarium related medicine or accessory.

        But visit before eight at evening.

        Thanks for your comment. And keep reading the blog.

        Thank you,

        Yashwant Naik

  21. hello sir
    ca u tell me that albino and fader flowerhorn are one and the same
    because i m confuse about my flowerhorn fish

    1. Hello Dipesh,

      Albino n Fader Flowerhorn are quite same.

      Both loose color when they get mature.

      Fader are mostly golden yellow n albino can be red, pink or blue.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  22. hey yashwant can u give me info about albino flowerhorn
    if u write a blog on that topic it will be gr8

          1. Thanks for ur advice i have change the 30% of water already 1 day ago…
            now i can add salt to it
            thank u very much …once again yashwant sir

  23. Hi Yashwant,

    My flower horn was alright and fine. I was feeding him XO humpy head and Shrimps. But when i googled most of them mentioned feeding Grand sumo red will be good and will grow in a good way. But after feeding Grand sumo Red his head growth decreased. I have been feeding Grand sumo from past 2 weeks. But from Yesterday I started with the XO humpy head again.

    Kindly let me know what needs to be done to improve his head growth and size?? Should I use the same XO humpy head or Grand sumo??

          1. Yeah ok thank you 🙂 and one more clarification, nowadays the climate is changing very often in Bangalore very hot in the noon and cold in night and raining too, so I have kept the heather temparature as 29C. so it that ok?


  24. Can you help me yashwant my Flowerhorn is sick from two days, it was active till sunday from yesterday its not responding properly. its color has changed, siting quitly in a corner of tank..

  25. my flowerhorn fish is not swimming and stay in a same place. not eating. scales are removed. what can I do sir? please send me how to treat it and medicine name

    1. HI Jaya,

      Your fish may be suffering from infection due to bad water. You need to follow below steps –

      1) Clean entire water with warm water
      2) Clean Filter and Oxygen stone and pipes
      3) Now add De-chlorine water to tank
      4) Buy OceanFree Gill, Fungus and Parasite Special and add five drop (if 2ft Tank) to water
      5) Now Install Aquarium Hearter with 28′ temp.
      6) After Twenty mins add fish to tank and turn off heater.

      Once you done with this. Observe him for three days. He will recover soon. Dont feed during treatment period.

      DO let me know in case if you have any doubts.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  26. Hi!..can u help me find a correct way the right way to cure swimmers bladder. ..I had put my Thai Kamfa flowerhorn on Paraclear for 5 days now and it is not helping. .is their another solution?..thx

    1. Hi Tammi,

      You making confusion Here. Paraclear is for white poop. It won’t treat your swimming blade problem.

      For swimming blade kindly use Ocean Free Gill, Fungus and Parasite Special.

      Please don’t confuse.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  27. Hi yashwant Sir,
    i have brought Flowerhorn Fish..
    Which Fishi need to feed to them,
    and continuous oxygen is require for Flowerhorn,
    Please Guide..

    Manoj G.Narvekar

  28. Hi Yashwant,

    I like to thank you for all the patience, assistance and support you gave during the course of treatment of my flowerhorn (RUDY). I am happy to inform you that Rudy is back , his infection is cured and appetite is normal.

    If it was not for you, i am sure he would not have made it.
    Thanks again

    1. Hi Somesh,

      Your case was most difficult to treat as you know how his health goes worst in between.

      But after all odds Ruddy successfully recovered from all. I wish he keep growing and being healthy.

      And in this you also part of all hard work you do in course of treatment, and blessing of our lord too.

      Thanks for your compliments and appreciation.

      Yashwant Naik

  29. After going through all the websites on the internet regarding flowerhorn care and maintenance, this blog has been the best one that i have come across with.
    Yashwant Naik sir, does a great job in explaining it in a simple and systematic way about treatment and care of flowerhorns.
    Your solution regarding my problem with flowerhorn worked really well. I have asked to a lot many people on other websites and I have always got complicated answers. But the answers/solution you gave me was a life saver.
    Thank you for your advice and kindness.
    Excellent blog, will keep visiting

    1. Thanks Bhavna for compliment. I am very happy that your flowerhorn is safe and doing good. Also my creation of blog now going to worth.
      Thanks for your timing you spend here. Keep visiting blog.
      Thank you very much.
      Yashwant Naik

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