My Fort Explore – Vasai Fort – With Log Gate

With Log Gate

Half Destroyed gate, located inside the fort. The gate is great example of Portuguese Architecture, As they build the fort and later it is capture by Mughals and British respectively and control the Western Region of Maharashtra.

With Log Gate
With Log Gate

4 thoughts on “My Fort Explore – Vasai Fort – With Log Gate

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    1. Please increase the fruqceney of trains.Atleast on Sundays as they r very crowded on weekends.I hope railway will make fruqceney of atlease a train in an hour.People dont travel by this route much as there r very less trains. As the fruqceney increases crowd will automatically increase

    2. the more they show one area as protected, hgehir will be attraction of that location for potential damagers .sad. Sad that these 90 year old men in govt. cannot realize their mistakes? Openness’ is the only way forward huh. who cares anyways.

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