How To Make Portable Aquarium – DIY

portable aquarium

Carrying the Aquarium fish is one of the biggest challenge for us. Carrying a fish in small tiny plastic bag may be not suitable always. “So what to do ?” 

The answer is having some portable aquarium.

But from where I get Portable or compact Aquarium?

The portable Aquarium is not easy to get and if get it is so costly to buy for carrying fish because very rarely we need this, so, investing on this is better than adding new fish or decorate tank…Right!!

So, why not we self create the portable aquarium. Just imagine if you can make a COMPACT FISH CASE by DIY method, which easily can carry to anywhere without worry of short of OXYGEN in water or malfunction to fish.

It is very simple and very quick. Can be make in just 20 mins of work. It is so simple and very easy a 8 years kid can do.

Requirement –

  1. One Empty Chocolate Jar – Glass or Plastic with Plastic Cap (size depend on size of fish.)
  2. One Aquarium Pipe Joint – ‘T’ Shape
  3. One meter Aquarium pipe
  4. Battery Operated Portable Air Pump
  5. Air Stone
  6. Electric Tape
  7. Drill Machine to make holes
  8. Battery for Battery Operated Portable Air Pump
portable aquarium

Steps to Assembling –

Step 1 – Drill the cap of Chocolate Jar cap with 2 holes in gap of one inch.

Step 2 – Now insert the T shape aquarium pipe joint in one of hole.

Step 3 – Cut half meter aquarium pipe equally and insert the into to the inserted T shape joint.

Step 4 – Now take a Battery Operated Portable Air Pump and join the remaining half meter aquarium pipe.

Step 5 – Inset the Battery Operated Portable Air Pump pipe into another hole on cap.

Step 6 – Join the Air stone and make sure that the height of air stone not disturb the fish. Adjust accordingly.

Step 7 – Add battery to Battery Operated Portable Air Pump and check it.

Step 8 – Now just cap the bottle, stick the electric tape make the open pipes (not oxygen pipe) down, you can stick the pump to bottle too and done !

This is so simple that we made a portable aquarium in just few minutes of efforts. Now you can carry your fish to any where in world until unless your battery keep powering to Battery Operated Portable Air Pump. Use some good material jar so you can use it as much you can.

A portable aquarium can be use for carry fish from Fishers to home. Migrate fish to some another place. Fish is so delicate that they quickly get scared and ill. Most of time while travelling fish in inadequate carrying jar or in plastic bag make them stressful and inactive. Which cause illness and even sudden death or not acceptance of new home.

But if we make some small portable aquarium which keep pumping air to fish with sufficient amount of air and keep water in balance oxygen than fish never feel stress or scared. A fish can be survive without food for more than three days but difficult to be keep life without proper oxygen in water.

You may be worried from where you buy the  Battery Operated Portable Air Pump, not an issue. It is easily available with every fishery shop or online shop too. If you fail to get any Battery Operated Portable Air Pump than please contact me on +91 90286 59210


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