Honda Activa Mileage and Maintainance

Honda Activa is one of the famous scooter brand in India. Almost 70% scooter in India is Honda Activa. It is known for heavy duty engine and great performance. Honda Activa is only bike which has high resell value too. Till the date Honda Activa is still performer.

I own Honda Activa for last four month and this is sweet gift from my cousin Jittin and Pratin. Though Honda Activa is one of the best scooter but still it fight with mileage till the date. Last year Honda claim 60 KM/Ltr for Honda Activa, but it failed too (I guess). Activa User still believes it gives only 30 KM/Ltr only.

But I believe that Honda Active gives much more mileage than Honda Activa users think. Since last week (November 2015 Last week) mine Honda Activa gives less than 28 KM/Ltr average. In month of November 2015 I filled 14 times and used 54.81 Ltrs of petrol. Unfortunately I don’t have any meter reading for kilometer.

After my First Paid Honda Servicing at Aditya Honda Service Center, Nallasopara West everything is changed. My servicing involved –

  • Changed Engine Oil
  • Engine Flushed
  • Kick Fixed
  • Break Fixed
  • Basic Bike Wash
  • Air Filter Cleanups
  • Oiling and Greasing

With above changes my Activa gives 39.87 KM/Ltr average mileage.. Hurray !! Miracle happened. I am so happy that till today (6th December, 2015) I only used Rs. 310, petrol only. First filling was done on 1st December, 2015 and next I did on 4th December, 2015 which is still going on….

So with this we understand how to increase the Honda Activa performance and mileage too. I guess Engine Flush and Engine Oil changing work better. So regular clean ups always better and saving too. Also you need perfect mechanic who understand your vehicle well and loyal job.

I wish to say thanks to Honda Supervisor and Mechanic who transfer my Honda Activa to super bike. Also who lived between Vasai to Virar than please do Honda Activa monthly maintenance at Aditya Honda, Nalasopara only. Don’t do local mechanic maintenance, they might spoil the engine. One small charges you can really keep engine active always.

How Aditya Honda, Nallasopara West is best?

They have very talented Mechanics who know bikes and scooters very well. They are very much aware about the problems about the bike. So solution is very much sure.

Few Tips –

  • Do Schedule Maintenance – either once in 3 month or 2500 KMs which is earlier
  • Engine Flush and Changing Engine oil increase engine performance
  • Keep Breaks and Kick active and smooth
  • Each day first do choke up and start engine with Kick only
  • Never tries to Accelerate bike and start together, this will burn the clutch pad
  • If bike doing misfiring than it is sure your bike consuming more Patrol than decided
  • Immediately show to mechanic and resolve it
  • The reason to this is problem with Starter
  • Keep Bike or Scooter cover always

Bike Perform more now and do more….. Happy Biking

7 thoughts on “Honda Activa Mileage and Maintainance

  1. Sir, I I have a Honda activa 3g scooter, last service was done at 3000 km. Plz suggest me that after how many Km. Scooter require service.
    ThanX ?
    Mahesh Bhardwaj

    1. Hello Mahesh,

      In every 1000km you need to do Basic Servicing and Every 2000Km you need to change Oil. If you’re Honda Activa 3G is in warranty than do servicing in Gap of Two months.

      It is recommended that Once in 3 month Honda Activa need some servicing like break, Lights and other basic check.

      Thanks for asking question,

      Yashwant Nai

  2. Dear friends,
    The only solution for Mileage and Performance for all scooters is “MAGIC WHEEL”



    1. Thanks Darshan for sharing information. I would like to make the on this. Please share thoughts.


      Yashwant Naik

    1. Hello Lalitnagrath,

      You need to do monthly servicing for Activa withing 3 months or before it reach 4000 KMs running in cycle.
      3 months Servicing – less than 4000 KM drive –
      1) Need check breaks
      2) Need to Do oiling and Greasing
      3) Need to check Lights and Signals
      4) Arranging the Nuts and Bolts of each part of Activa
      5) Bike Wash to remove dust and rust on bike

      2) Servicing for 4000 KMs and above

      1) Need check breaks
      2) Need to Do oiling and Greasing
      3) Need to check Lights and Signals
      4) Arranging the Nuts and Bolts of each part of Activa
      5) Bike Wash to remove dust and rust on bike
      6) Engine Flush
      7) Brake and Clutch Pad check
      8) Change in Engine Oil
      9) Wax Coat for Activa

      Once in year you have to do Tank Flush, Belt Check, Battery Check, Tyre check, Clutch pad check.

      Keep your Honda Activa maintained to get big Millage. I am getting 55 KMs average now days for Activa. But to maintain this you need to lots of precautions.

      Thanks for reading blog and finding it useful. Keep visiting to here for more information about the Bikes.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

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