Fresh Water Aquarium Filter – AQUAB Multifunction Filter

Maintaining Aquarium is not easy task.  You need a filter which can do quick water clean up, work 24/7 without fail.

You can many types of Aquarium Filter, but does all of them are suite to your requirement?

Presenting all new multiplication submersible pump. This filter can do –

  1. Water cleaning / filtering
  2. Air Pump for Aqurium
  3. Aquarium Water Circulation
  4. Water Remover and Re-filler

Yes it is possible and today what I am talking about the Multi-Function Filter Aquab F-1000 filter. This filter is built with all new function which can work 24/7 all days non stop. Following is detail for Aquab F-1000 Aquarium Multi Function Filter –

  1. Aquarium Water Filter
  2. Aquarium Air Pump / Oxygen Supplier
  3. Aquarium Water Circulation for Temperature Control
  4. Non Stop Function
  5. Water Remover and Water Filler
  6. Submersible – Total Safe Filter
  7. Run Non Stop all days
  8. Low Energy Consumption
  9. Low Noise
  10. 10CM Long Thick Sponge for filtration

Aquab F-1000 come up with following Functions –

  1. Dual Nose
  2. Sponge Case
  3. Exit Air Pipe
  4. Water Remover Nose
  5. Pump
  6. Sucker Knob


How to use them –

Water Circulation –

Aquab F-1000

This is very unique with Aquab F-1000 Multi-Function Filter. This filter is come with dual nose which make it enable to Water Circulation. From one nose the water can enter and from another nose  it goes out. The water Circulation can help to balance the water temperature. For breeding Water Circulation is required.

Big Sponge –

Aquab F-1000 Sponge

This huge size sponge make easy to clean tank in very short time. This enable balance pressure on tank.


Aquarium Filter Specification

  1. Unique Patented design for appearance and modeling, with independent intelligent property right.
  2. Made with special technology, outstanding effect of aeration.
  3. Durable, high efficiency
  4. Low Energy Consumption
  5. Low Noice
  6. 24 hours non-stop use
  • Best Suite for 60CM – 90CM Tank (2feet – 3 feet)


  1. Ensure the service voltage / Frequency consist with data marked pump
  2. Do not keep the pump working without water. Ensure the pump fully soaked in water when using
  3. Disconnect the attaching plug before installing, cleaning or maintaining the pump
  4. Do not use the pump if there is any damage or crack on the cable, pumpbody or the pouring sealant

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22 thoughts on “Fresh Water Aquarium Filter – AQUAB Multifunction Filter

  1. Floweron fish not well need your help kindly WhatsApp me on 990XXXXX91 as I have formatted my old phone n lost ur contact details

    1. Hi Manish Naik,

      Thank you for commenting on blog.

      Flowerhorn sample means what?

      Do you need Flowerhorn? Or are you looking for more details about Flowerhorn?

      Please provide details.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  2. Hey yash.

    From the last one week one of my fh is a quiet lazy and tries to hide sometimes, but eating the food well, wen i changed the water before that she was all ok till 3-4 days, but now she seems stressed may be and lazy, her pink color is still there and fine but one side black spots are getting a little faded, yesterday i switched on the heater coz in delhi its monsoon so sometimes the temperature drops, water temp-30degree. After heater she seems a little ok but nothing better. What should i do ?

    1. Hi Alok,

      The stress increased to flowerhorn because of water change.

      You need to do following treatment –

      Medicine Required –

      1) Tetracycline
      2) Epson Salt


      1) Add Tetracycline 250 mg to tank and one spoon of Epson salt to tank.
      2) Turn on Heater
      3) If possible use separate tank for treatment,

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  3. HI, Mr. Yashwant,
    Vijay here.
    Want to purchase Multi-Function Filter Aquab F-1000 filter. From where i can purchase? Do you have any outlet in Mumbai, where i can come?

  4. We have read this page, found 2 filter , please clear me for below filter in details, want to purchase by given links
    1)Multi-Function Filter Aquab F-1000 filter
    2)Aquab F-100 filter

    As per your description F-100 have 10 functions, F-1000 have 6, please clear us


    1. Dear Praful,

      The post is about the Multi-Function Filter Aquab F-1000 filter only. It is typo error that we missed “0”.
      Please dont confuse between Multi-Function Filter Aquab F-1000 filter and Aquab F-100 filter.

      Let me know how can I help you apart form this.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  5. Hey Yash
    A information bro that both of my fhs are female coz they have grown a lot but no sign of head,instead the bigger one’s head is protruding towards forward but not going round so still its a female i think so. Anyhow i m still happy, coz i want them to be good with there health and color. Anyhow the question is regarding my koi carb fishes,i have three koi fishes out of which two of them are loosing there orange color and fading away but eating and roaming like their previous behaviour. What to do to get there strong orange color back ? Also anything for FHs ?

    1. Hi ALOK,

      How old is your Koi fish?
      A female Flowerhorn never ever have head, so, bit doubt on your statement.

      For color you need best food.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

      1. hey
        its been 7-8months for one koi fish in my tank and 2.5months for the smaller koi fish. I was feeding them the same food since i got them but recently last one month two of them out of 3 are loosing color. If i change the food to more good quality will ithelp to get the color back ? Tell me the food name buddy. If u say i ll mail u the fhs pics.

        1. Hi ALOK,

          This means Koi is young bit. So, color loss is because of food and water.

          Did you observe any fight or bites between fish…

          Also changing food can give more results

          Share which food are you feeding them

          Thank you,


          1. Hello YAsh
            Well there were never any fights between any of them whether its my tiger shark bala shark,sucker(placo),timfill bar,milky but i have a knife fish as well and he likes to hide most of the times but whenever he comes out h disturb some of them, but that was not much big issue coz all of them run away from him instantly and also he is there in my tank since feb and that time the color of koi was good. I am feeding them taiyo fish food,once week i feed them dried worms cake, and sometimes optimum ciclids packet.

          2. Hello ALOK,

            I can figure out that your community tank is not with proper tankmate.

            Tankmate is extremely important for community tank.

            If fish is not comfortable with their tank than their is ample chances they remain stress, loss of appetite, loss of growth and color as well.

            So, this might be a reason for same.

            The food you feed is perfect.

            Please rethink on this.

            Thank you,

            Yashwant Naik

  6. Hey yash.

    The smaller one is now started growing good as compared to its previous growth. But sometimes he stays very lazy and stays near the oxygen ball, today as well it happened the same but i dont know whether its me or what whenver i come near by and stays there for 3-4 mins and knocks the glass with the same way i m doing since i got them, try to play with him then after 5-7 mins he started moving and gets active again and eats. Today he reacted to me more lately so i put some GENERAL AID into the tank after half hour he is back to his same old running bussiness which is good. Do u think i need to bother about his lazyness much ???? Due to some financial problem i m still keeping both of them in same tank with partition. Bigger one is getting more aggressive day by day. Soon i will seperate them both in diffrent tank.

    1. Hi ALOK,

      Did both Flowerhorn see each other?

      If yes, than one will grow better and another will not grow much due to truth that Flowerhorn is territorial fish. If he kept in group than only one fish grow… Rest accept his dominance

      Add black sheet so no one can see…

      Waiting for your reply…..

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

      1. hey yash.
        Got u bro. Soon both will be separated in different tank, coz now they are growing big and need space.
        Today I was cleaning the tank and when i opened the filter to clean i saw some left out food stuck in it which i think was polluting the water as u always suggest to remove the excess food. I think this may be the reason that both of them were little lazy. Now they are back to there bussiness.
        Do you have details for other fishes as well like koi and shark fish as i have 18-19 fishes in other tank ?
        waiting for your reply.

        1. Hi ALOK,

          Yes that could be problem.

          Yes I can provide solutions for every fish.

          Also want to know are you having shop?

          Thank you,

          Yashwant Naik

          1. Hey yash.
            No bro, i dont have any shop. But i like to keep fishes as they are more stress buster with less care as compared to dog which i used to have. I just want my every fish whether its my FHs or other 18-20 in other tank to grow, to be happy and live till there full age AND grow like hell. I m ready to give them more space. I am planning to make a 4-5feet tank as well.
            In which city u r bro ?

          2. Hi ALOK,

            I like your interest to keep Fish. My all blessing and support with you all time.

            I am stay at Mumbai, Nalasopara region.

            In case any help let me know.

            Thank you,


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